"Third, I am afraid that Pi two dog is playing tricks on me?"

"Second, I assure you that Boss Pi will not play tricks on you!" Li Xingju in distress situation way
This sentence is a dialogue between the two people in front of two dog. two dog listened to this guy. Seeing Xu make him look so stunned, he said, "I am not such a person." This is all a rumor made by the village chief’s skin cannon. He has the nerve to say that he is stealing chickens and dogs! "
Xu Qing over there thought about it for a moment and said to Li Xingju, "Second child, okay, I’ll take this job!" "
"Great, then please take a leave and come to Da Nai Village! Boss Pi asked for the best control plan in three days and completed the control of Skynet in one week. Is there any problem? " Li Xingju overjoyed way
"Let’s talk about it when I come!"
After the phone call, Li Xingju suddenly leaned on the charming way, "Boss, they all say that you like stealing chickens and dogs. I didn’t see you peeking just now." Strangely, people will believe that it sounds convinced of those malicious rumors! "
"Sister Xingju, do you believe it?" Pi two dog is a big color and a ghost, yes, but he won’t go against the will of women, but he will get a kiss with the consent of the other party. What a pity that he is a big color and a wolf, but few people in the outside world know that he is still a place-level cadre!
"Boss, I think it’s nothing to be a good copy, color and ghost. Men are not good at this. Is that still a man? If everyone is Liu Hui, who can we women find to be happy? " Said Li Xingju, whose eyes are blurred, making eyes at him.
"I didn’t expect you to cheer up, Elder Sister Xing Ju!"
"Boss, what do you think of me?" After that, Li Xingju put on a wind and coquettish shape and turned around to show herself to two dog.
"Sister Xing Ju, what is it like?" This guy plays dumb.
"I mean, do you want to steal?"
"This ah XingJu elder sister I just said? I never casually embezzle oil, which is disrespectful to women! " Two dog righteousness is words way
"Well, boss, my lips are a little dry. Can you help me moisturize them?" Li Xingju is full of a look I want to say
"ah? Is this a robbery? "
"This is not helping to moisten. How can it be said that it is stealing oil?" Li Xingju thick peach yan li denied.
"Well, I think it doesn’t count! Then I’m respectful. I’d better eat something to help you moisten one! " Said the two suddenly touch to touch, kiss became a ball.
A few minutes later, Li Xingju’s longing for love rose and said anything, "two dog, I want to … give it to me, ok?"
Hearing this, Pi two dog suddenly dumped her head. A favor was to push Li Xingju away and escape.
This guy walked all the way to the bamboo forest by the river. First, he called two big dog legs and Jiang Juling, and asked them to take shifts to guard the four bases in Danai Village tonight. After the layout, Pi two dog realized that one thousand masked women gave false news.
Thought of here, he felt it necessary to confirm the truth of an information.
And to know whether this information is true or false, only Li Chunzhu can do it.
Li Chunzhu defected to Liang Er because he found a mistress, and now she is someone else. Besides, Li Chunzhu depends on two dog to do business. This woman is credible.
When I heard the phone ring, Li Chunzhu was preparing for breakfast in the kitchen, thinking about Pi two dog. I didn’t expect to call him when I thought about him.
The woman snickered, "Good morning, master."
"Early spring bead elder sister is convenient to talk now? Don’t let your family hear my call. "
"Okay, my kitchen door first." After a while, I heard a creak, and Li Chunzhu lowered her voice. "Master, tell me!"
"Well, I got an intelligence this morning that the skin is strong, please move your son Liang Chaodong. They are going to sprinkle a wave of strong pesticides on my vegetable field tonight in order to spoil my fate vegetable market! Did your family tell you about this in winter? "
"What has this matter? ! Dong didn’t tell me that the king’s egg was really a ghost shaved! "
"Sister Chunzhu, you don’t know about this?"
"Master, I really don’t know? If I knew, I wouldn’t tell you at the first time! I am your person! " Chun-Zhu Li was afraid that two dog would suspect her, and she was so anxious.
"Well, I don’t doubt what you mean. So you find out about it?"
"Good master, I’ll find my horse!" If you put it away, Li Chunzhu went to the winter room on the second floor and pushed open the door. She woke up from her sleep and said, "Dong Dong?"
"Mom, why are you pulling me? I still have to sleep! "
"In winter, I asked you why Pijian wanted to see you last night?" As soon as Li Chunzhu opened his mouth, Liang’s second generation slept with the horse and woke up. Liang’s second generation horse is also a second generation. It takes two days to fish and three days to cast a net and fool around with Liang Chaodong’s ass every day.
The second generation sat up when he saw Ma playing shirtless, and quickly put on a suit for her. Then he said carelessly, "Mom, I was young with Pi Jian, so it’s okay for him to come to me for a drink?"
"You don’t want to tell me that Dongpi is strong. What does he want you to do?"
"Mom, you know and ask! Besides, I’m calling my hand to sprinkle pesticides. I can’t even touch it. Don’t worry! " Liang Chaodong pushed the 256 road
"Dead son, I also hate Pi two dog. I wish he had bad luck early, but you can’t do anything? You don’t know that you can’t do it! " Chun-zhu li frighten face all white way
"Mom is very well paid, and there are 20,000!"
"Even thousands can’t do it? Do you have some brains in winter? Strong skin, why not do it yourself but use you as a gun because he knows how serious the consequences are! Once it happens, is it going to kill people? " Chun-zhu li a coward way
Listen to mom said so seriously suddenly Liang Chaodong also a little scared. "Mom, I’ve accepted this. Will the consequences be serious if I don’t offend Brother Pi?"
"Idiot, you won’t make excuses? Besides, what happened to a wicked ghost who offended him? Can he still eat you? "
"Mom, you know this, you know me, we don’t tell anyone. Who knows who did it?" Liang Chaodong holding a lucky way
Chapter 2 Li Chunzhu’s Credit
Chun-zhu li heart said that the old niang desperate efforts also want to stop her son from taking risks. She is now a secret confidant of Pi two dog. Of course, she doesn’t want to see her relatives become enemies with two dog. Chun-zhu li is busy at the thought of this. She earnestly said, "The two dog base is equipped with Skynet. You say you don’t come forward, but once your hand is found out, Pi two dog can trace it to you! No, no, this can’t be done! "
See mom resolutely opposed to Liang Chaodong dare not not listen because his mom gave him the money in Cary. Dare he disobey Li Chunzhu and cut off his financial resources? This funny ratio means that there is no money to soak up horses. I thought about Liang’s second generation. "Mom is that you don’t let Brother Ganpi talk to him!"
Second generation, this is to be abandoned.
"Dead son ok skin strong that I’ll talk about it! What about you? Give me 20,000 yuan to inform you! " Chun-zhu li flat and agile looking at son way
The second generation of Liang knew that he couldn’t fool his mother, so he went to the safe and took out 20 thousand yuan in cash, and then informed his hand to give up this time in front of his mother