"Not" Aquarius son hurried way

"Sister Hui is also a cousin outside the black wind tunnel. Where she wants to go should be decided by herself."
"My cousin?" Red phosphorus is disdainful.
"It’s just a little snake who has just advanced gas refining. It’s not up to her to make decisions even when the mountain is chaotic."
"Brother Jiuru is lucky to see her!"
As he said, he was about to step toward the hole.
"Live" Aquarius hands stretched out to stop the way.
"Sister Hui is the host and guest, but my host is really close to the four deacons of the court. How dare you force people here?"
The slight change of red phosphorus expression is obviously fearful, but what he fears is not Zhou Yi but the real background behind Zhou Yi.
"Zhou Yi is a deacon of Zi Zhen Xian Shi. It’s a pity that he is not very favored, but he has been with Zhen for more than ten years."
With a wave of his hand, a strong strength emerged, and the Aquarius flew out directly, and the charming body slammed into the stone wall and slipped.
Red phosphorus table feeling unchanged before striding mouth is drink a way
"Yu Hui, I know that you will come out with me if you have something interesting inside. Don’t be unappreciative!"
The emergence of a flank behind her also made her suddenly stop.
Aquarius got up at an unknown time, and a short black knife appeared in his hand. The light throughput of the knife continued, and the black mans sharp qi machine emerged.
She watched the red phosphorus and silver teeth clench.
"Don’t blame me if you take another step forward!"
"Huh?" Red phosphorus turned and eyes fell on the short black knife with a sullen face.
"What’s interesting is that a servant girl around Zhou Yi actually hides an instrument. Brother Zhou is very capable."
When he spoke, he twisted his neck, and a strange red light came through his body, and there was a faint yin evil that made people want to vomit.
At the same time, the back of two snake scales trembled and was ready to move.
The five poisonous killers in the black wind tunnel have their own responsibilities, and some means can refine a part of the body into a kind of instrument.
You need to spend lingshi and lingcai to start the instrument, which can have a lot of lethality.
This is the case with red phosphorus. Since the advanced gas refiner, he has used his lamella as an instrument to sacrifice and refine for many years. The power of refining is comparable to that of a first-order instrument.
Visual Aquarius red phosphorus out long snake licking his lips way
"If you don’t want to die, put away your things. If it’s not Brother Zhou’s servant girl, I won’t dare to kill you!"
"You …" Aquarius heard that her beautiful eyes contracted and her face was full of fear, but her silver teeth clenched.
"Sister Hui can’t go with you!"
"good!" Red phosphorus snake eyes stand up
"It’s very good. Brother Zhou is going to spare your life. Since you want to die yourself, it’s no wonder that I am."
"Stop it"
At this moment, Yu Hui’s figure appeared from the rear stone room. She held a talisman in one hand and a poisonous snake-shaped sword in the other, and glared at the red phosphorus road.
"I won’t go back with you. What’s the chance of winning a pair of two pavilions?"
Red phosphorus looked at sneer eyes also show a trace of fear.
He is not afraid of two people working together, even if the other party has a multiplier and a charm, he has a 70% chance of winning, but he is not sure of the target.
When I came, I specifically woke up to’ completely’ bring people back. If there is a slight mistake, I will ask him.
Aquarius and two women are more afraid to make a move. No one knows that there will be means before this hard-working gas refining scholar.