As if the string connecting heaven and earth was snapped by Yuan He’s left hand, and a lotus flower cut to Fang Yunhan.

Another gray hand stopped him.
When the wind blows, Fang Yunhan appears beside him.
The lotus flower red gas emitted by Yuanhe was injected into other bodies.
Even now, this magic gas is not simply killing, but still retains the structure that breeds lotus seeds.
Before the wind blew, when he tried to break through, his body was already beaten, and the lotus seeds were planted to contain him. It was just providence that nourished him and restored him to a little mobility.
At this time, I helped Fang Yunhan to block the blow, and the lotus seed cried and grew into a deep red vein.
"unwise move. Even so, you still lost all your fighting power."
Yuan he moved forward in vain, pushing the two men in front to retreat with his pace.
His strength is still rising, and the bondage formed by providence is disappearing one by one.
"There’s only one trick left except you two."
"Do you still want to defeat me?"
His voice did not fall when he heard a different answer.
"Who said to kill you today? ! ! !”
Fang Yunhan’s burning flame is thrown away by his right hand
And the wind suddenly leaned forward, and the whole body turned gray and blue, and crashed into the wound pierced by the fairy song.
The two people are in different intentions and say the same thing, but at the same time they press forward.
Yuanhe takes a step back, the whole body is out of control, the innate flame is big, the fate is touched, and a concave hole looms behind the wonderful law.
Fang Yunhan pushed him out of bounds with a hilt.
Three people disappear at the same time.
"Floating clouds-"
I went to the North Pole again.
The anti-five-element exorcism array stops moving forward, and the five-element exorcism immediately moves.
All the laws of vitality in the Arctic magnetic hole are slowed down.
Originally, he had a plan. Although he was shattered by the magic ancestor, he can still have it when the time changes.
However, from the original expectation, the prohibition and containment turned into help.
Out-of-order providence was slowed down by this ban and gradually gathered up to restore peace.
The magic gas is still alive, but the world war I may have ended.
Broken flying fairy pure spirit
Chapter 41 Failure to soar
It’s really hard to exhaust the environment outside the world. It seems that you can witness many worlds and there seems to be nothing.
There may be no time and definition there. When Fang Yunhan "passes by", they carry the concept of time, which affects the surrounding environment.
Therefore, they feel that time has passed, and they have big and small cognition. Light and dark also set off many world backgrounds and lit up the magnificent scenery because of their cognition.
Every world here is like a giant building surrounded by countless crystals. It is difficult to observe the scenery, but most of them are similar in appearance.
Only when we get closer will we find that these worlds are similar in appearance and have their own unique features.
The three of them are so bulky that they wander in the landscape as if drifting in dust.
But the fighting continued.
Although sometimes I feel that I have high-speed moving cognition, I don’t know how long I have been fighting without reference.
But it must be a long way from the original world.
Later, I don’t know what Yuan He did when he threw himself into the wind and blew away. It seems that Yuan He fell into a paradoxical state of indecision and sometimes disappeared.
The immortal song that pierced his body was almost forced out by him, but after several transformations, Yunhan seized the opportunity to completely solidify the wound of this sword.
At that moment, the two were wrongly separated.
Fang Yunhan fell into an unknown world.
The sky is high, the sea is wide and sunny, and Wan Li
The blue ocean is natural, and the fishing boat fluctuates in the gentle waves.
A few ships turned their heads to relax and saw a ray of light falling at the junction of Haitian in the distance.