As a result, Song Tian looked at his hand faintly in the gap between the two front seats. "Did you change your mobile phone?"

"… no, I took the drug dealer’s mobile phone and wanted to find his line from here." An Shi Tong saw that he was concealed and relieved to withdraw his gun and the mobile phone was secretly put into his pocket.
He didn’t wonder what car his partner was in-he had given Song Tian the car keys before to prevent him from prying into the car when he wanted to get in, so he would have to repair it himself.
Song Tian may have finally seen the email and then ran over to him professionally. He didn’t find himself. When he saw the car, he went into the car and waited for him.
Baishi silently stared at the mobile phone and thought that Hu said that he was an ordinary poor college student, and you actually slandered others as drug dealers and took away their mobile phones.
The only comforting thing is that since you kept it from Korena, at least Baishi Law was not stared at by the organization.
Why lie?
Is it about the police or what you have done before to be wanted?
….. shouldn’t it?
Baishi asked Tong "Baishi Law Discipline" what was the situation before he came.
The unified solution is that when parents buy the basic model, they have written the life track of Baishi Law according to the logic of Baishi’s body.
Suo Baishi thinks that Baishi Law and Discipline should not have done anything illegal. The most illegal edge Dapeng will not cross the line.
Think again. An Shitou has always liked his address book tonight.
Moreover, when Mao Lilan described "Akai Shinji" in the corridor to them, he seemed to say that his face "suddenly became" scary. When she screamed, Takeda just talked about Baishi’s family.
….. What major fugitives are hidden in the tool family?
By the way, takeda’s letter …
Baishi looked at his watch and found that it had been seven minutes since the distance was agreed with Takeda.
It’s not a big deal. Takeda Shinji will never go back easily even if he doesn’t pay enough attention to it. It’s also difficult for Takeda Shinji and Conan to be late for chasing "drug thieves".
The safe room car is in a good location, just not far from the warehouse.
Bai Shi An Shi Tou wondered, in the sight, the car climbed over the wall and found a pair of scissors "accidentally" where he was tied with a heavy object.
After Takeda’s letter was attracted by the ghost’s movement, more than a few ghosts put crazy output on scissors. It was approved and passed the joint revenge letter. Several ghosts finally joined forces to put the scissors together and cut the tough fishing line.
The heavy object rolled down the steep slope and Takeda Shin’s neck was pulled back to the room by a noose. The back of his head hit the roof and fell into a piece of steel wire.
Baishi glanced at the screen has been completed.
Although Takeda’s family still has a drug dealer insider, Takeda Yong’s novice road has not hurt many people yet, and ghosts have not targeted him.
We’ll almost finish this time when we call the police and arrest him.
When I was in a hurry, I finished Baishi and planned to go back to the car to continue the rhetoric.
Just over the wall, I just saw An Shitou sticking his head out from the other side of the fence and licking the edge of the wall, as if trying to turn it over to the courtyard.
Seeing him come out, he relaxed his hand and fell back to the wall and asked him, "What was that sound just now?"
"I killed the drug dealer." Baishi took some credit from Rob and the ghost. Anyway, they don’t need a murderer’s name. Why don’t you take it and give yourself a boost?
Who knows, just after he finished speaking, he saw that an Shi Tou’s face turned white for a few degrees.
“?” Baishi doubts and looks at him for a moment. It’s a long time to remember.
Before he left the car, the topic seemed to revolve around himself-at that time, he asked who the mobile phone was and An Tou said, "I took the drug dealer’s mobile phone."
….. An Shi Tou, should Karen have long suspected that after hearing his words, he had evidence and went back to the college to kill him?
An Shi Tong is really such a brain tonic.
But soon he remembered that he had asked Matsuda when he saw his mobile phone, "Did you change your mobile phone?" Judging from the tone, Song Tian has a high probability of not knowing the owner of the mobile phone.
It should be Takeda Shin who was killed just now.
….. the result is still killing people.
However, the police sometimes kill criminals, and there’s nothing they can do to deal with a vicious drug dealer like Takeda Shin …
An Ventilator habitually thinks about how to write it if it is to be included in the report.
I was thinking that I suddenly heard Song Tian ask, "Who am I killing?"
How did Song Tian know what he was thinking just now? That weird intuition again?
….. may also be their performance is too obvious, but around so black pine field should not see the opposite expression.
An Shitou wants to explain a person’s own reaction just now-for example, he is worried that Collen killed ordinary people and caused trouble to the organization.
But before that, Song Tian blocked him back.
An Shitou heard him hit the nail on the head and asked, "Is that the person who came to spend the night? I heard you him. "
"…" An Shitou finally realized one thing.
-Song Tian doesn’t seem to get into the car as soon as he comes.
I’m afraid he also wandered around takeda letter yard for a while and eavesdropped on the corner for a while.
"… when will you arrive?" An Shitou decided to find out the situation first.
"I didn’t find you an hour or two ago, so I acted on my own." Song Tian looked very serious and asked, "Is that man a drug dealer, too?"
An Shi Tou was lost in thought.
Since Song Tian came more than an hour ago, it is indeed possible that he knew the location of Baishi House and happened to see himself smashing the window and breaking into the door …
At that time, although the curtain of Baishi House was pulled, the movement of the hitter was not small.
At this time, it seems that I have no contact with Baishi.
Thinking of Song Tian’s consistent attitude, if he now says that Baishi is a drug dealer, Song Tian may really kill people, whether it is this matter or the follow-up treatment, it will be a big deal …
"Not really" An Shitou cautiously answered.
"I thought it was a little strange for him to stay in this kind of wild ridge, and Takeda was too friendly to him, unlike people he met for the first time. I suspected that he colluded with Takeda to sell drugs … but after checking his mobile phone just now, I found that I was mistaken."
"Not necessarily." Song Tian suddenly became very difficult to fool. "Call records can be deleted or directly recited without insurance. You should believe that intuition can sometimes bring us a lot of inspiration."
"… no" An Shitou crustily skin of head to lie to the circle "I also confirmed from other aspects that it is not an address book"
Song Tian frowned slightly, but it still seems that he is not at ease.
An Shitou always felt that his teammates seemed to be more interested in this matter than usual. Perhaps his intuition told him that there was something wrong with Baishi.
….. can’t let him continue to check.
An Ventilator got into the car and took out the bug detection device. Press.