After getting the opportunity to observe the black hole at close range, some theoretical physics and high-energy physics scientists were very excited, claiming that the development path of human science and technology will save 300 years because of this black hole, and this black hole is capable of pushing the whole human civilization forward a big step.

When Zhao Lan blocked the plan, the chief commander of the base announced that he would restart the slimming plan of the black hole, and when the black hole evaporated in a month … Zhao Lan met several respected representatives of elderly scientists, who were composed of thousands of scientists, and strongly protested that the old men directly rushed into Zhao Lan’s office and spat for a long time. Zhao Lan, a face of these outstanding scientific predecessors, dared not be there to explain patiently with a smiling face.
Those scientists really understand this truth. They also know that a black hole is really important compared with the fate of the whole human race, so they have worked out an extremely complicated action plan. This plan plans to reduce the mass of this black hole to 120,000 tons instead of the original 100,000 tons, so that the life of this black hole will be doubled from about four days to the life of the sky, and then the 120,000-ton black hole will be transported to the third node. In the calculation, the radiation power of a 120,000-ton black hole can also be blocked. After the planned demand is completed, the mass of the black hole is reduced to less than 40 thousand tons, and then the black hole is urgently infused with materials to rescue the dying black hole, so that the human language has completed the blocking plan and kept the black hole.
But this plan is too complicated and too precise, not to mention the difficulties encountered in the specific operation. It is difficult to solve one thing simply by saying that the radiation power of the low-quality black hole is so terrible that the black hole radiation will push the matter before it approaches, which will lead to the situation of eating in other ways. To solve this problem, scientists need to make a set of extremely complicated devices.
However, the more complicated the plan, the more likely it is to go wrong. Even if the implementation of this plan only increases the failure rate of the overall plan by one percentage point, this is why Zhao Lanfa accepted it. Zhao Lanyou refused the scientists’ discussion with a hard heart.
Zhao Lan can understand the fact that these scientists are anxious. Zhao Lan himself is also extremely sorry. Zhao Lan also wants this black hole to be in the hands of human literature forever, so that scientists can study this black hole thoroughly in detail. However, Zhao Lan has to make up his mind to sacrifice this black hole and sacrifice the future. A lot of experimental observation data obtained from this black hole may be very painful to destroy it.
Scientists’ representatives were finally disappointed. After Zhao Lan’s office was rejected, they didn’t take any more countermeasures. Instead, they grasped everything and collected experimental data around the black hole as much as possible. Zhao Lan naturally supported this. Otherwise, Zhao Lan usually approved these scientists’ observation plans.
In this case, the black hole slimming plan has been restarted. Now it is summer, and it has lost the powerful temperature control ability of nature. The working efficiency of thousands of radiators around the layout base has been greatly hindered. However, when Zhao Lan was arrested, the original slimming plan of the black hole was suspended. If Zhao Lan did not reach the current slimming data, the black hole would have to subtract more mass in a shorter time to achieve the intended goal. This is a very difficult task. Even if Zhao Lan reaches the maximum cooling system power, the speed of reducing the mass of the black hole still cannot meet expectations.
At this time, the human government forces came in and solved the dilemma faced by Zhao Lan in one fell swoop. At the same time, Zhao Lan once again witnessed the huge overall strength of human culture. In just five days, the government construction workers doubled the number of radiators and the heat dissipation area was much higher, so the rate of black hole quality reduction finally met Zhao Lan’s requirements, and Zhao Lan’s heart that had been hanging was finally released.
When it slipped away bit by bit, the countdown days finally jumped to the number of five, which means that it is time for the interception plan to be officially implemented in five days. All the hydrogen bomb spacecraft are arranged at the scheduled nodes, and the third node is still swinging.
The mass of the black hole will be reduced to 100,000 tons, and the black hole will have a life span of about four days. At that time, it will be transported to Node 3, where it will radiate its mass freely without artificial interference, and it will radiate its energy for three hours before and after the scheduled time, and finally disappear into this universe.
All the means of transport have been ready, and the heavy spacecraft responsible for transporting black holes have already berthed in the Earth Harbor. In order to welcome the arrival of black holes, martial law measures have been implemented in the Earth Harbor and Taitai five days ago, and all social workers are prohibited from entering the work unless they have special government passes and materials. During this period, the employees have strictly checked every part of Taitai and Earth Harbor to ensure that the black hole transportation operation is lost.
Everything is ready to transport the black hole as soon as the node arrives.
It’s so important that Zhao Lan still tossed and turned to sleep at night. Although everything that can be thought of has been done, Zhao Lan still feels a little uneasy.
So Zhao Lan called Anliya and went around the black hole together, going to walk around at will and see if I can find any loopholes and make up for them early.
But when Zhao Lan and Anliya came near the black hole feeding equipment, Zhao Lan saw a figure.
Chapter two hundred Have a boiling passion
The cooling equipment and feeding equipment of the black hole in the installation base are the two most important tools to control the quality of the black hole. The cooling equipment is naturally the radiator around the installation base, and the feeding equipment is a straight-through field. The black hole is not picky about anything. The things fed to the black hole are usually some rocks, soil or waste. Of course, to enhance the feeding efficiency of the black hole, these things will be processed before being fed to the black hole, such as grinding into powder.
Zhao Lan is here to see the figure. The man is a middle-aged man wearing a uniform white system at the base. It looks normal. Even at night, there are a lot of workers and employees at the base. It is not strange that there is a black hole near the feeding equipment. So Zhao Lan went over and planned to see what this worker was doing.
Zhao Lan went over and Anliya went forward with Zhao Lan. Anliya is a careless woman. Plus, Zhao Lan and Anliya get along very well with women. No matter what they do, they love to be together. This time is no exception.
Hearing the footsteps behind him, the worker in a white coat suddenly turned around and Zhao Langang wanted to ask something, so he noticed that the worker looked a little strange. After a careful look, he found that his expression was a general panic when the thief was suddenly caught by his master.
Generally, few people come here to guard the base and there is no post here, but Zhao Lan looked at Anliya next to him and relaxed. Zhao Lan went over and asked, "Which department are you from?" What are you doing here? "
"I … I am …" The man stammered a little, but after a while he recovered his fluency. "My name is Allen. I’m a high-energy physicist. I’m here to check what kind of substance is fed to the black hole today. Our work group has a topic, which is to study what different phenomena will be produced when different substances rotate around the black hole at high speed. This is my badge."
The worker picked the badge hanging on his chest and handed it to Zhao Lan. Zhao Lan checked it again and found that it was just like what he said. The reason given by the worker was also very reasonable. Zhao Lan was not very proficient in this project, but he also knew that there was such a research topic.
There are no loopholes in everything, and everything is reasonable, but Zhao Lan is still a little strange in his heart. Zhao Lan secretly thinks, "Why will this person panic when he sees me coming here?"
But then Zhao Lan thought, "It’s probably normal for such a quiet environment to suddenly hear footsteps and be startled. I should worry too much."
So Zhao Lan returned the badge and said, "Well, I won’t bother you if you continue."
"I’ve finished my work and I’m leaving," said the worker. "I’m leaving here, but I’ve been quiet at this time. Anya suddenly said," Please wait a minute. "
_ ____w_ w_ w_____ __
The worker turned around and looked more and more unnatural. "What else do you want?"
Anliya said with a smile, "Your facial skin doesn’t seem to be very good. Look, there are dead skin here …"
Zhao Lan’s heart is a little strange. Before he reacted, he saw Anliya’s hand quickly reaching into the worker’s face and then tearing it like magic. The worker immediately changed his face and became completely different from before.
Zhao Lan exclaimed for a moment and then reacted. Just now, the worker’s face must have been masked. He didn’t find Anliya, but now he found that Anliya tore his face mask, and his appearance naturally changed.