It looks very scary.

Xu tuicao clearance AnXiaoXue is introduced to Xu tui.
"This is the head of the black crowned queen bee."
Black-crowned bee is one of the species that has been in a state of rapid evolution since the era of gene.
A hundred years ago, the control of worker bees by a queen bee ranged from thousands to tens of thousands.
However, since this population evolved into black-crowned bees, the number of worker bees controlled by their queens has risen rapidly.
From tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands, and then easily jumped to a million people.
At present, the number of Heiguanfeng ethnic groups in tropical areas has reached 5 million.
Some scientists speculate that the black-crowned queen bee can control the population, which may have exceeded 10 million.
Because of the limitation of natural conditions and living conditions, the population number has always exceeded 10 million.
But in the tropics, where there is a black-crowned queen bee, it is almost a forbidden area for life
According to the research table, the black-crowned bee colony has evolved into a social class, and further division among worker bees.
And all this change is due to the black crowned queen bee.
According to the research, the influence distance of the queen bee on the worker bee with black crown can be as high as 500 kilometers.
Black-crowned worker bees 500 kilometers away can receive orders from the Queen Black-crowned Bee anytime and anywhere.
At the same time, the black-crowned queen bee is also a species with little spiritual variation in nature.
"Theory is the Chinese Gene Committee and the Blue Star Gene Committee have a high reward for the body of the black crowned queen.
The starting price of the reward for Huaxia Gene Committee here is twenty million cash and ten thousand honor points. "
"Twenty million cash? 10,000 honor points? "
Xu back breath a mouthful of air conditioning.
Honor merit points are not included in the personal grade limit, but there is no difference in the normal value of the gene Committee merit points.
Can buy market money can’t buy scarce resources.
"This is a reward. If you take it out, you can get it back." An Xiaoxue said.
Although Xu tui has long guessed that this thing may be to himself.
But at this moment, I am still shocked to hear this value.
An astronomical figure just hit Xu and retired.
Today’s harvest is so great, what about the future?
"Teacher An, is your injury caused by this black crowned queen bee?" Xu asked abruptly.
Smell speech AnXiaoXue cold hum a.
"This black-crowned queen control worker bee colony is very large. Normally, even genetic evolutionists can’t cope with it.
However, it was easy for some teachers to deal with the black-crowned queen in the past.
I this injury is the enemy "AnXiaoXue a face of cold.
"the enemy?"
"How do you have any questions? Don’t you think that the whole blue star can unite and live in peace because of the battlefield outside the earth? " An Xiaoxue said
"I think …"
"Gene new humans are far more cruel than you think, and the battlefield is not what you think.
Far more mysterious and complicated than you think. "
Xu returned what he wanted to say, but AnXiaoXue waved and said, "Go ahead. This thing is not valid for a long time.
Just now, I mentioned those problems that every new human being will face in the future.
You will know in the future. "
AnXiaoXue continue to guide.
"After the black-crowned queen bee takes the mental gene information solution for injection, it will make the injector’s mental gene mutate and strengthen.
But this method is actually very rude and dangerous.
The probability of genome collapse after injection is as high as ninety percent … "
"Are all those clones tested?"
This time, the uneasy light snow said that Xu retired and thought of it.
"That’s right"
"With these clones, you can explore a safe and feasible scheme," An Xiaoxue said.
"There are forty clones. What if one fails?" Xu asked back.
"Spell probability forty clones probability is not low.
If it fails, it will be a wave. We can wait for a chance, "said An Xiaoxue.
Ding’, the work of obtaining genetic information is over.
"Well, we will take one milliliter of the queen’s genetic information solution, inject it into the transcription body fluid of No.1, add one milliliter of the regulatory pathway gas, and then inject it into the clone of No.1 culture chamber after shaking for 30 seconds."
After a few minutes, Xu retired and finally hit the No.1 culture warehouse and saw the clone in the culture warehouse.
It’s this clone. It’s not the same as I thought
Chapter seventy-four Advanced artificial intelligence
Xu tui expected that his clone in the culture barn should be as tall, handsome and handsome as him.
It should be an artistic clone.