Back to the dormitory, Chen Yi first changed back to the key.

The little lizard kept talking about monitoring her life and telling every word and conversation of two girls. It was obvious that she still liked semi-peeping workers.
After listening for a while, Chen Yi found that there was nothing worth noting and threw it back into the bowl by the door.
Crisp "yum" and the little lizard screamed.
Liu Xinyu carefully searched the information on the Internet and asked strangely, "What a strange sound."
"The key is not working. Make one for me one day." Chen Yi said with a smile and sat down on the living room desk as usual, watching and studying.
Real human genes have long been full of thirst for knowledge.
Everyone wants to learn. It’s just learning direction and difference.
Narrow learning, that is, getting knowledge-the essence of human intelligence-is the quickest way, which can help a person get the most knowledge in the shortest time.
Relatively speaking, whether speech is social practice or rich life experience is not enough knowledge-scarcity is easy to understand, everyone can have rich life experience and social practice, but some people can understand the fact that literacy and speaking alone mean that tens of thousands of years are the crystallization of hundreds of thousands of years of wisdom, which can be accomplished through learning.
Before Chen Yi came into contact with the source energy, his intelligence level was only slightly higher than that of ordinary people. His learning motivation was more due to external environmental pressure.
However, after a long period of exercise and high performance, Chen Yi will naturally have an impulse to learn, which is not an innate interest, but is determined by genes.
If you can read it, you are naturally willing to read it often. If you haven’t read it for ten days and a half months, you must be crazy.
Jin Dou Na came to Chen Yi with a file in her high heels. "A graduate student named Han He came to see you. Your monitor Lin Yuan came again. When she saw me, she left. Luo Xiaoshan sent you a letter. In addition, these are important for the organization today."
Chen Yi looked at it first, and finally it turned out to be a standard briefing. Everything was one sentence and two more. When the people and places were located, the events were said in vain.
He couldn’t help praising "this is really good and saves time"
"After all, I have been an assistant for several years."
Jin Douna said and looked at Liu Xinyu.
People don’t even move their ears. They put their breasts on the table and massage themselves
Chen Yi Chou eyes almost straight mouth way "I’ll write a paper outline Han He to find words to give him again"
"Don’t you give it now?"
"Now that I have given it to him, he will definitely revise it and then ask for Excellence. But I can’t carry it. If Lin Yuan comes back for questioning, just say that Professor Lei is doing the project there."
Jin Dou Na Shuang Li said that "Bai" returned to her seat like a real secret.
She gradually found her place in the constant competition.
If Liu Xinyu strives for management skills, despite Chen Yi’s support, it is still difficult for her to persist, but she can do the duties of secretary or assistant well. She is very good at work and can also keep Chen Yi close.
Chen Yi naturally won’t think so much. After dialing the message to Luo Xiaoshan, he smiled and asked, "What is fat?"
Luo Xiaoshan ha ha smiled and said formally, "I heard that Fang Ju was promoted to vice mayor and I was entrusted by Dad to send you sincere greetings."
Fat is a clown to detain provoked Chen Yi a burst of light say with smile "your dad even eyed the division of labor bigger than your eyes!"
As they planned that day, the state-owned assets management, road traffic and other quite oily parts were handed over to Fang Zhenna, which made his vice mayor’s value increase sharply and was not weaker than the fact that the standing Committee member’s title propaganda minister was hanging. Some of these fat meats were originally in the hands of the card deputy.
Fat smiled and acquiesced, "As you said, I found another imam to build a road. The goods have an appetite for some big money, so I don’t care. I want to discuss with you that he wants to be a member of the Council of the Arab Association of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference. Do you have any idea?"
"National level?"
Chen Yi thought, "The level of Jiangning CPPCC members is not low. I’ll give him a chance to feed his wages first. If he doesn’t believe it, he won’t like it."
"Okay," the fat man smiled twice. "Dad also means that he can’t do it. Let him take some money to Arabia and want to be an imam. He wants to be a parishioner and marry four wives."
Chen Yi laughed and recalled the day before the temple.
It’s uncomfortable for the old imam to persuade and warn the city leaders to save his little sister and not to let the family revive.
"Fat must tear down that temple. Making more money and less money is secondary."
Luo Xiaoshan quite understands that "Don’t worry, the elder brothers will definitely tear it down for you."
Chapter one hundred and fifty Demolition plan
Luo Xiaoshan said it was amazing to move fast.
A little bit of land worth 670 million yuan will be enough for the two imams to eat and drink.
This is also the money that Luo’s father is willing to pay.
They didn’t think about making money from the demolition, and they were prepared to lose a sum of money. This kind of silver bullet offensive is irresistible to everyone.
No matter what the two imams boast about, they are still in a temple for more than 20 years. A 4-year-old man must secretly find a lady and have enough money to settle down, and immediately throw away all his teachings and beliefs.
When I waited on someone late, Huang Mi slipped and stuffed an envelope into his car. "Imam, two round-trip tickets to Dubai, first class, please go and attend an international conference invitation."
He can’t even remember that name of the invent meeting, so he just mention it.
The second imam understood and smiled. The Audi A6 flew away with his foot on the gas pedal.
Behind Luo Fu’s education, he said, "Gifts are looking for weaknesses. Their big imam is dying. People are old and don’t lack money. If the name behind him can’t buy off this second imam, who is just over four years old, it won’t be too expensive to take money to hit him in the second spring, but it’s the cheapest to let him be an official. This guy is addicted to thieves and the Jiangning CPPCC member is a breakthrough …"
Luo Xiaoshan mused, but then he turned to the matter. "So when he comes back from Dubai, we will force him to go out for demolition?"
The management Committee is the democratic management Committee, which is equivalent to the board of directors of the temple stock for short.