The queen has been in charge of the harem for many years and smelled something unusual.

"Mother, what’s wrong with this?" It’s a fact that I don’t understand why the queen thinks so, but now he is more popular than the second brother.
Too unhappy, but not showing half a point.
"Don’t you think it’s going too smoothly?" The queen tried to put her son on high alert.
Too eyebrow eye shows some impatience, but he is full of expectation to share with his mother, but she doesn’t understand him.
Too soon, there was no interest in talking with the queen, and she left without taking it long in her palace.
Leave the queen to twist the sad distant eyebrows and worry about watching the tall and straight figure.
Chapter 3 Toffee’s heart dies
Seeing her daughter Shen Beibei’s ruddy face is like Shen Xuefu’s own light pink looming in her eyes, but the two of them are just a little charming and a little immature
Not as pale as the one that grieved her.
When she saw Shen Beibei, she felt a big hole in her heart. Even if the warm wind blew, the biting cold and astringent warmth disappeared, and only the water overflowed and the mountains mourned.
She can’t wait to be a substitute.
Fortunately, Beibei’s life should not be divorced from her mother. As for her, Shen Xuefu won’t let it go. She owes them a hundred times.
Even if Shen Xuefu’s distant eyebrows knit slowly and form a small "Sichuan" word, it doesn’t affect her whole body charm at all, but adds a few minutes to the antique in the lady’s picture.
After appeasing her daughter, Shen Xuefu’s body was tight and visible to the naked eye, and she sent her spare time to take care of her muscles. Because of sudden looseness, she hurried into the room.
Letter to my husband Shen Xuefu not only never gives a fake hand to others, but also grinds it herself.
Whether it’s the scenery in the room or the beauty’s tea, it’s ground gently and slightly as if there is a small husband sitting beside it.
It’s really wonderful that the window has formed a graceful silhouette of a woman.
At this time, Shen Xuefu and others didn’t appreciate Shen Xuefu’s concentration.
I am afraid that my husband will be distracted by the fact that I am anxious and not anxious to explain clearly the specific situation of my daughter and myself.
At the end of the letter, I hope my husband won’t be distracted, and his wife will be your help. Since Beibei’s situation has improved and she has recovered, my husband is at ease and cares about the great cause, otherwise he will lead the wolf into the room.
The letter was signed with his wife Shen Xuefu.
The last word in the letter is slightly deformed and stable.
After all, a little careless waiting for what my husband is planning is the abyss.
I didn’t stay long. This letter with ink fragrance was quickly sent to Jiangmu Cold by Shen Xuefu.
The four scarlet pens of "My husband is dear to me" draw the outline of the hairpin flowers in small letters, which are delicate and graceful, and they are from my wife’s hands at first sight.
Wrapped around the forearm, slender and vigorous, shaking slightly, the envelope was picked up by the river curtain, and after reading the letter word by word, she understood her meaning.
If he makes a rash move at this time, the party will fight back. I’m afraid this rash consequence will bring him safety and illness, but it will make Shen Xuefu and Beibei in trouble again.
The anxiety in my heart was soothed and ironed by this Wang slowly flowing clear spring.
Smelling Shen Xuefu’s unique ink, her Jiao Jiao shadow seems to be floating in front of his eyes, and her smile is breathtaking.
His eyes were flirtatious, his eyebrows were frosty, and the soft light in his eyes flashed across the corners of his mouth. He smiled, and the ice and snow melted in a flash, and that smile disappeared forever in the corners of the mouth of a real person and remained in people’s hearts forever.
It won’t be long before they wait for him, and their family will be together forever, worried and happy.
Living like that is the biggest reason why Jiangmu Cold is so exhausted now.
Think of this cold river curtain swept away tired properly put the letter in his heart close-fitting clothes, where he paused and turned around and resumed the whole body cold feeling.
After a few days.
Shen Beibei’s health has been properly taken care of, and she will be raised for a few days. Although she is not well, it is July 7th.
Shen Xuefu couldn’t get rid of her daughter Shen Beibei, so she moved out of her home, and finally took her bodyguard to go shopping with her daughter Shen Beibei.
The two men dressed up in disguise and brought a curtain hat. This time, they felt at ease and came to the busy market.
After all, in fact, Shen Beibei is not pestering her, and she is going to buy something.
However, Shen Xuefu did not move forward, but came to the busy market.
Although this busy market is noisy, the quality and style of things are uneven, but the people behind it always have to take care of the people around them if they want to do it, which will cause riots among the people, which will be greatly detrimental to the pursuit of their mother and son
The two men sat in the carriage on the gloomy road before they swept away and enjoyed it enough before they got to the carriage.
And then seriously do what you need.
"Toffee is not optimistic, please don’t worry too much about all her health." Doctor Tai took the pulse and prescribed something taboo for the palace maid to take medicine on time and cultivate with peace of mind.
Then Doctor Tai went to the palace to report to me.
Toffee is lying on the bed, her mind echoing in front of her eyes. This is a very high medical skill in the doctor too much. The doctor too much stroked his goatee sadly, but he was so secretive that a sadness came to his mind.
Even though this extremely sad emotion in her heart made her want to say something to laugh at herself.
But she found herself doing everything except blinking slowly, and she thought it was really a wish to die.
I’m so tired. What has she done in her life?
She treats her husband sincerely, and she thinks that their young husband and wife are in heat. In the end, it is because she is sentimental and really wrong to pay Lanyin.
Tears filled the eyes and flowed down the cheeks. When they were left in the mouth, they knew how bitter it was.
When her most sincere servant girl saw it, she rushed out her handkerchief and gently wiped the tears from Toffee’s face.
"Empress, don’t be too sad. We must take good care of ourselves. Now our body is the most important thing." The servant girl looked at Toffee’s haggard face, and her eyes were full of sincerity, beauty and sadness.
She tucked Toffee in the corner and tried to make Toffee sleep comfortably.
Yes, even a maid treats her more sincerely than he does. It’s a real failure that her generation has lived well. Now it’s a shame to die. It’s really unwilling, but what to do? Her body knows best that she … can’t hold on.
Doctor Tai truthfully reported the situation of Toffee to the emperor.
If the usual emperor can’t manage his daughter-in-law, no matter how wide he is, but Toffee is already dead, secretly stealing the death and curing too much, and truthfully reporting the situation of Toffee to the emperor.
"Toffee’s situation is worrying, and I am also capable." Cure too much, and his whole body is also full of depression. After all, doctors will feel negative emotions in the face of such a situation
Emperor Gaotang was silent, how many eyebrows were hidden in the mask, and the dark light flashed in his eyes. I don’t know what he was thinking. This waiting brought some food for thought.
Chapter 39 eventful autumn

After indulging, Ma Yun seems to feel a raging fire, which can’t help himself. His hand wandering has gradually become a bit dishonest. The raging fire also seems to have given Zhao Jingniang more and more tremors. Her breathing is getting shorter and her heart is getting faster and faster. Her mouth is blurred and she says, "Please don’t be here again."

Ma Yun took Zhao Jingniang in his arms and went to the back room (here, 1262 words are omitted (excluding 126 ellipsis), including 96 ah words and 6 oh words, such as touching, white tender, red, and shortness. If there is a fire in the future, you can easily search for this omitted text in Baidu. If there is no fire, you can think about it yourself. O ∩ _ ∩ O ..)
Chapter 52 escape strategy
When Ma Yun got up early the next morning, he went directly to drag Zhao Tong out of the bed and looked around and whispered, "Brother Zhao, how do you think we should get out?"
Zhao Tong slept soundly and was awakened by him. He was so impatient and said, "Brother Ma, I’ll sleep again and talk about it later."
Ma Yun still talks endlessly, "Zhao Dage will shine on his ass if he sleeps in the sun again."
Zhao Tong gave him a confused look and said, "Don’t worry, Mountain Man, I have my own sleeve to get away."
It’s all right if he doesn’t say it. When Ma Yun said it, it was even more unbearable. "Brother Zhao, do you have any clever plans?"
Zhao Tong said vaguely, "Just say that you will continue to practice and leave me here, so the court will definitely let you go."
Ma Yun also thought that this wonderful plan was not very interesting. After all, he really regarded Zhao Tong as a friend. At this time, Zhao Tong said that Ma Yun could not help but hesitate, "Brother Zhao, is this too dangerous? This magic stick is very difficult to handle. Once you are punctured, it will be very dangerous?"
Stay to say that Zhao Tong over there is already fast asleep again.
Ma Yun paced up and down in the courtyard and thought for a long time. After all, he felt that Zhao Tong could not be too risky. He was about to discuss with Zhao Tong again. At this moment, Zhao Jingniang was carrying a red lacquered wooden disk with a blue and white porcelain bowl and two dishes of side dishes at Ma Yun and smiled. "I made some porridge and side dishes. I don’t know if they are to your taste?"
Zhao Jingniang seems to be more beautiful than yesterday. If the roses are in full bloom, I don’t know the beauty. It’s better than last night. Ma Yun, returning to his absolute being, hurriedly walked over and smiled for her with a wooden tray. "Then I’ll just try your craft." She was pulling her to go back to the house with one hand.
Suddenly, Zhao Tongyin came over there. "jing xing Huancai Yaoboudoir is auspicious and auspicious, and the family members are in love with each other, and the water and the moon are perfect for eternity."
Zhao Jingniang turned with a flying face and entered the house. She refused to come out again. Ma Yun turned around and criticized, "Are you too divinatory?"
Ma Yun didn’t good the spirit and said, "This divination is not the other divination. It refers to making trouble, spreading gossip and embellishing it for fear of chaos."
Zhao Tong laughed. Ma Yun looked at him and said, "This porridge is quite a lot. Let’s eat it together. There are some things I can talk to you about."
Zhao Tong is also welcome to fill a small bowl of porridge with side dishes. Ma Yun looked at Nai with relish and said, "Zhao Xiong, it is too dangerous for you to stay in Bianjing. We are like duckweed, and we will be beaten sooner or later by luck."
Zhao Tong said with a smile, "Look at you. You’ve been hugging Lang lately. You don’t know the danger?" After a pause, Zhao Tong added, "We have three dangers in Bianjing now."
Ma Yun was worried that the magic stick could not play, but he didn’t think too much.
Zhao Tong looked at Ma Yun’s puzzled expression and said, "When the emperor comes back, he will definitely test whether we really have a way. This is a mouth, but it is not sad. The first danger is that many people have stared at the Tang Dynasty after Jing Yanguang’s bad things. At present, Sang Weihan is the best candidate. Unfortunately, Feng Yu’s power is too great, and no one dares to recommend Sang Weihan. People are suffering so much that we can’t let another Jing Yanguang sit in this position. Once we recommend Sang Weihan, we will naturally offend Feng Yu; Second, Buddhism is flourishing now. Sokokuji is the leader of Buddhism in the Central Plains. They have close contacts with the officials of the DPRK and China. If the emperor appreciates us, then those monks will definitely worry about their position. "
Looking at Ma one leng Zhao Tong laughed, "Didn’t you call yourself maoshan taoist? The emperor appreciates you, so doesn’t Taoism rise in the eyes of others? This third danger comes from the emperor. Now our army has repelled the Khitan emperor. It is a taboo to think that one goal must be to separate the buffer region, that is, Liu Zhiyuan and them, while we are close to Liu Zhiyuan’s Zhao Xiner and daughter. "
Listening to Zhao Tong’s analysis, Ma Yun kept nodding and watching Zhao Tong to see if he had any way out. Now there is another way for Ma Yun to inform Liao Renyong that they will mix out of the city and flee back to Yuezhou, but this is too embarrassing. It is not in line with Ma Yun’s identity as a little prince of Chu.
Zhao Tong smiled and said, "Although it is very dangerous, it is not impossible."
Ma Yunxi said, "Brother Zhao, do you have any idea?"
Zhao Tong said, "Now it depends on two people, one is Feng Bao and the other is Sang Weihan."
Ma Yunleng said, "That man Feng Bao is too honest. We really have a way. If we let him help, I’m afraid it will be harmful."
Zhao Tong laughed. "Because of his honesty, the queen and emperor believed what he said. It depends on Sang Weihan as soon as he passed the emperor. He was also a prime minister. What should he do? After all, the emperor believes in us and we will recommend him before he can become a Tang Dynasty emperor. Someone must have recommended Sang Weihan, but what emperor doesn’t? Because the emperor believed in Jing Yanguang and Feng Yu at that time, if the emperor didn’t believe us, we couldn’t say anything. What we have to deal with now is to do a good job with Sokokuji and let the emperor let us be such a master with their influence. "
Ma Yun leng leng said, "We have to dress up as Taoist priests!"
Zhao Tongnai shrugged. Isn’t that what you came up with? maoshan taoist, you can come up with it.
In the past two days, Ma Yun often went to Feng Bao to visit his disciples and give directions. Because of the uproar in Zhao Kuangyin, Zhao Ziying was completely out of ideas. Zhao Zongtong and Sang Qianmin went to Sokokuji several times to discuss Buddhism and Taoism.
On this day, the sunset has just gone, and the clouds are shining all over the sky, and the temples are red. Ma Yun is dragging his long figure back home and is about to call his family to lock the door when he hears someone behind him saying, "Ma Yun, what do you say about this person? My lady has been waiting for you at home for two days. Why don’t you go!"
Ma Yun hurriedly turned back, but Qiao Niang Ma Yun wondered in his heart that Zhao Kuangyin had made it clear, didn’t he? Does Zhao Ziying want to live in monogamy? Didn’t I meet the requirements?
Ma Yunzheng wanted to ask clearly, he saw a man coming from behind far away, but his face was gaunt. The man said lightly, "Qiao Niang, why are you here? We’re going back?" He still couldn’t help but look at Ma Yun.
It is Zhao Ziying.
Chapter 53 An audience with the emperor
Ma Yun never expected that Zhao Ziying would come to see him again. Seeing her haggard expression at the moment really had a taste. Seeing Zhao Ziying twist her head to leave, Ma Yun quickly said, "Ziying, are you okay?"
Although I have a lot to say and a lot to tell in my heart, I don’t know that it will turn into a shallow sentence "Are you okay?"
Zhao Ziying stopped, and it seems that Qiao Niang next to him is still a little trembling, but he can’t help it. "What’s ok?" Our lady is not good at all. You tell a good story. How come it’s your turn not to do it! Don’t you miss Bai worry! "
Ma Yun was even more at a loss when Qiao Niang showed off her female power, but Zhao Ziying didn’t look back and said faintly, "Don’t blame Ma Gong. Let’s go."
It’s all right if you don’t see Zhao Ziying. Ma Yun naturally can’t let her go back so easily. Ma Yun quickly walked to Zhao Ziying and took Zhao Ziying and said, "Ziying me."
Before Ma Yun "I" came out with anything, Qiao Niang added, "Didn’t you decide to call on the young lady the next day? Why didn’t you come later? Do you know that our young lady is eager to wait for you, and our wife has specially ordered people to prepare meals, but you just won’t say what you are going to do? "
Ma Yun was said to be full of sweat and murmured, "Didn’t Zhao Kuangyin say Ziying didn’t like me?"
Zhao Ziying one leng asks, "My brother said? Did he come to see you? What did he say? "
Ma Yunbai and Zhao Kuangyin came by himself. This guy must have seen Jingniang. Ma Yunjing said, "Didn’t you send him? He said that you don’t like this type and that we are not suitable. "
Zhao Ziying said bitterly, "Did he really say that?"
Ma Yun said with a bitter face, "If he didn’t say so, how could I not visit my uncle and aunt?"
Zhao Ziying looked at Ma Yun with a sudden face of flying clouds, shook Ma Yun’s hand and roared off. Qiao Niang said, "Then come quickly at night and don’t keep us waiting." She quickly followed.
Ma Yun nodded and promised in the back.
Early the next morning, Ma Yun was ready to inform Liao Renyong Street to buy some gifts and prepare to go to Zhaofu. Before he went out, he saw Feng Bao come in and said far away, "Master, are you ready before we go to meet the emperor’s triumph?"
Ma Yunxin secretly called it bad that he forgot about the emperor’s return to Beijing and asked, "When will you return to Beijing?"

"I’m sorry I met some troublesome guys." Zhang Lan apologized like a husband who came home late.

"I know that you have already notified the world before you came. Is it Ye Chang?" Hera tilted her head to one side.
"The situation is very dangerous now. The Bawang Regiment has consigned the gun of grace to Antarctica to stop them from advancing. The snowstorm has also been killed by the gun of grace. Now the purgatory will turn into hell." Zhang Lan’s eyebrows are locked deeply
"I know that there is still my home, and the frozen mass has disappeared." Hera put away her photo display with a wry smile.
"Hera, calm down. I know you are angry now. I am as angry as you are, but hurting each other is not the solution to the problem." Zhang Lan tried to persuade him, but even he was swallowed up by anger. Ten thousand people breathed and turned to ashes. Zhang Lan tried to protect things, but nothing came alive.
"Have you seen where I am not calm?" Hera looked back at Zhang Lan.
"What you did is like I’m sorry," Zhang Lan apologized unconsciously.
"You don’t need to apologize. You didn’t do anything wrong. It was Guxuan, the beast. You always wanted to protect the earth from the great extinction, but now you can’t protect anything." Hera shook her head.
"I assure you that Guxuan will pay the price today, but now is not the time to be patient with violence." Zhang Lan was careful to appease.
"Violence violence? Do you mean this? " Hera took out a detonator from behind, and the bright red button covered the crystal cover, which needed to be gently pressed to the ring area of the overlord group emperor.
"Is it ready?" Zhang LAN shocked way
Galileo kept telling me and debugged a lot of parameters that I didn’t understand, but I knew that the laser matrix gun was ready. Hera pushed the detonator cover. Should I press it? This is that arranging a good play is a punishment from God and the heaviest blow to Guxuan. "
"no!" Zhang LAN stop way
"Are you worried that I will press? I really want to press it from the bottom of my heart … This is what I have been planning in my dreams for the past year, but … At last, I was afraid that a button would end 30,000 lives. 30,000 is equal to 10,000 families, 10,000 children and 10,000 old people. When they are together, they look out for 1 km. "
"Zhang Lan, we are not gods! How can we decide the life and death of so many people? How can you ignore other people’s feelings? Kill so many people easily? " Hera can’t hold on to all the strength any longer. She has collapsed at the moment she saw Zhang Lan. "I’m so scared. What must I bear all this? What! "
"It’s not your fault. It’s never your fault! Don’t blame yourself. "Zhang Lan quickly took Hera in his arms.
"no! It’s my fault! I let them go! I am the chairman of the board! If I hadn’t been so naive, they wouldn’t have died even if they were deprived of the ability to communicate with the outside world! My group is my friend! My citizen! None of them will die! ! !”
"No matter how painful it is, no matter how self-reproach …" Zhang Lan hugged Hera’s hand and almost made her breathe, making her forget the pain in her heart. "We must live and remember what is right and what is wrong and unfair. We will never forget right and wrong."
"My world has collapsed! I have nothing! " Hera growled.
"You still have me," Zhang Lan insisted. "No matter what the result is, I will be by your side."
"cheat! If this is my detonator! Give it to you! " Hera said to throw the detonator into Zhang Lan’s hands.
It should be said that up to this moment, all Zhang Lan’s ideas have been realized, and he has the keys to stop the end of the world or to hit the hell gate.
After thinking for a second, Zhang Lan put the detonator back in Hera’s hands.
Crying like a crybaby Hera suddenly stopped crying. Looking at Zhang Lan with consternation, I don’t understand.
"This is your life-saving charm and your only chip to deter the overlord group. Holding your hand is safer than holding mine because you have many reasons and motives to kill the overlord group according to it, and I … can’t threaten anyone because Gu Xuan knows I won’t do it." Zhang Lan’s analysis is more accurate than that.
"Because of dancing snow around him, you dare not." Hera collapsed and the brain circuit was reconnected.
"It’s more meaningful for you to hold it than me," Zhang Lan said calmly.
"But if I press? You said you would protect the world and it would disappear, "Hera wondered."
"Not because you are a good man" Zhang Lan smiled.
"You are calling me a good man, which is the biggest insult to those who are in charge. Those who are in charge should be fierce to the enemy, to themselves and to the world, and those who are in charge can truly protect their own people at their peak." Hera laughed at herself.
"What must be vertex? What must be fierce to protect others? You have saved the world without pressing this button, haven’t you? " Zhang Lan’s fallacies made Hera smile so brilliantly.
"What’s your plan?" If we don’t start the laser matrix gun, Hera will do everything for the world.

His corner greedily looked at Shen Xuefu’s face.

Shen Xuefu didn’t notice that she was more at ease because of the dark wind.
She was absorbed in admiring the moon and the beauty of the sky.
But the dark wind is not like this. How can you enjoy the moon with peace of mind when you are sitting next to a woman who loves you?
He finally asked Anna, "What do you like about Jiang Muhan, Princess?"
Shen Xuefu listen to hand slightly clenched as didn’t hear.
I haven’t given a response for a long time, and the dark wind heart has cooled half.
She is not white than Jiang Muhan where she is …
Perhaps I feel that my problem is a little abrupt and dark, and I apologize. "Princess is my big mouth."
Shen Xuefu pulled the topic without looking at the dark wind. It seems to be mumbling to the moon, "I’m going to take a trip to Yaogu during this period."
Say Shen Xuefu paused before dark wind said something, she continued to himself; "With Mu Han"
Words fall dark wind face a live.
He looked at Shen Xuefu.
Chapter 254 Refuse
The rustling of fallen leaves adds a touch of uncertainty to people’s hearts.
Dark wind looked at Shen Xuefu and rested in the room at this time as if thinking about something, and a pair of beautiful eyebrows wrinkled.
The emotions in my heart can’t be suppressed when I see the person in front of me.
Those are careless feelings that make people keenly aware.
Dark wind knocked on the door and walked beside Shen Xuefu.
"will you take me when you go to the medicine valley?"
As if worried that Shen Xuefu would refuse, the dark wind added.
"It’s a long way to go, it’s difficult to meet danger, and it’s not bad to have one more person to protect you."
If you think about it carefully, it sounds ridiculous. With the cold status of the river curtain, even if there is one less dark wind to protect Shen Xuefu, you can get well.
But sometimes people won’t give up if they don’t hit the south wall, just like the dark wind at this moment
It is impossible for two people to be servants for so long if they don’t have the heart to the dark wind.
Shen Xuefu hesitated for a final determination.
"When the time comes, you don’t have to follow me. You’re bound to be free to follow me for so long. You can go wherever you want."
Set yourself free? Dark wind froze.
Maybe I wanted this before, but now what do I want? Freedom is no longer important. Losing a heart and having some forms of things is no longer what you want.
"I …"
Shen Xuefu this time it is with his back to the dark wind know dark wind is not willing to part with or leave is not turned around.
Two people have been servants for so long, not only knowing Shen Xuefu from the dark wind, but also knowing some thoughts from the dark wind.
Shen Xuefu already has a cold river curtain and two children, and it is so redundant to set off the dark wind friendship in these settings.
There was a wind rustling outside the window, and before I knew it, it was dark enough to be opaque, and the lights in the house were burning.
The warm yellow flame kept flashing but never went out.
This beam of light shines in the eyes of the dark wind, but it can’t warm the eyes of the dark wind, and it instantly cools the heart.
Even if I’m the one who was abandoned, so what? I can’t be the master.
Since it is abandoned, step on your own way home. Dark wind gave a wry smile
"I wonder if the master will leave in a few days."
"It’s not decided yet, but it’s only in these days. You go."
Shen Xuefu knows that if he doesn’t talk, the mood in the dark wind doesn’t know how to stay.
There are some things that can be done by yourself. The bad guy is cruel. Maybe things that shouldn’t be there will break. This is also the best ending.
For Shen Xuefu cruel dark wind where can not white? A lot has been said about a refusal.
Even if the river curtain is cold, it is another matter to ask Shen Xuefu not to refuse his own dark wind and believe that maybe he will have a chance to get it by himself.
Emotions in my heart sometimes drive people crazy, but the ending is doomed, and it’s time for some things to be released.
"In this case, the master should go to bed early."

My Lord is in the mountains!

First, a National People’s Congress shouted, but soon thousands of people were vibrating and yelling. One sentence was louder than the other. Su Jing heard it white. It was his own play from the middle-earth Yin Cao Shenzhou elite taxiing bone pool … wronged Lang
Su Jing’s eyes are red, so he replied with great joy, "Su Jing’s eyes are red, and he’s wronged. Hurry into the array and break the stealth!"
Come on, red eyes answer. First, the northwest cheers loudly, and then it kills the sky!
3,000 wronged Langs are wandering in the underworld, wandering for half a month, sneaking around, hiding and forbearing. Even though they are first-class and first-class soldiers, bring up the rear suffered several times to kill the Yin soldiers, and lost 20% of his troops.
Although it was only later collected from the ghost robe and military forces, Yuan Zhen Lang was not inferior to the Great Sage Jun’s demon slave to Wang Zhongxin, but he also wanted the king to drive together even if he was dead or dead, which was the only true meaning of Yuan Zhen Lang in the world.
In a short time, they broke through the enemy lines and rushed into a messy valley. The Lord of the wronged Lang was already on his way to die, and now his troops are lieutenant, a fierce ghost named Red Horned One-horned Red-faced.
Red horned, tall, with a dumpling bone and a cloud-shocking stick full of ghosts and evil spirits, quickly came to Su Jing’s face with a big stick in his hand, threw himself into the ground with a fuels, and said, "At the end of the day, the escort will come late and tired, and my king has been injured, which has committed a great sin! But the enemy is not exhausted, and the red horn dare not apologize and ask the king to drive me to the battlefield! "
Su Jing shook his head. "Kill more if you have made meritorious deeds, and reward yourself on the day of triumph."
Red Horn reported a "thank you" and then grabbed a long stick and jumped back to the army. Yang Yang roared, "Since the middle-earth ghost entered the middle-earth sun, from the middle-earth sun to the control world, from the control world to the control world, Yang entered the control world. My family has been wandering for thousands of miles. Today, when serving, Red Horn asked who is the champion of the middle-earth devil, the real king, the real soldiers, the yin soldiers and the pseudo-enemies? ! I will solve the problem … kill! "
Heavy drinking should be sharp to kill the enemy!
The fierce battle rolled outside the valley, and Lang wanted to defend Wang Jia ‘an, but they were by no means defending more than 2,000 soldiers and horses. Many teams moved forward and retreated, and the dispatch was orderly. As soon as they saw the flaw in the enemy line, they would suddenly have a sharp knife to settle their grievances and go straight to the point.
At this time, we can see that there is a gap between the two sides’ military forces. On the battle line, the comrades echo or the timing, Lang Du is far better than killing the Yin soldiers. The reason is so simple. The Middle-earth nether world has never stopped fighting the war since the three-body ancestors were happy, but it is peaceful in the end.
On the one hand, there is a bloody battle, but on the other hand, there is less battlefield, and the township Yong Yong ying is like a military force. After the war, the situation was temporarily stable, and the killing of the Yin soldiers relied on the numerical advantage and stormed again and again, but they could not break through the defense line. Occasionally, they rushed in, only to find that it was a trap and there was no chance to retreat.
Su Jing stopped paying attention to the war calmly and prepared to settle down again, only to close his eyes. There was another chaos in the southwest of the enemy line … What would it be like for a crazy rhinoceros to rush into the chickens?
Visible to the naked eye, Julius lifted the huge air billow array, and killed the Yin soldiers in his direction in a straight line, and thousands of troops scattered and flew away, but they stopped the array.
Calling in from outside the enemy lines is naturally Su Jing’s friend’s red eyes and joy. He asked, "Su Jing, who is this newcomer?" Master Shadow or Master phase liu? " Being trapped in the valley for reinforcements is a noble person’s red eyes crossed and respected.
"Abandoned disciple Ye Fei" is not as loud as the opposite answer, but every word clearly falls into the red eye.
During the registration period, Chimu also saw the sword darting in the enemy line, and the Yin soldiers in the place where they passed were all beheaded, and the middle of the sword regiment did not dash all the way
I heard that Ye Fei came, and Su Jing opened his eyes again and finally guarded the flowers around him. He immediately asked, "Will you stop it?"
Red eyes also came back on a small coffin, and the question was the same, "Will it be stopped?"
Su Jing will put his hand into the bag and pick out two pieces of the most powerful sword symbols, and hand them to two short gods respectively. "Let him in and be more careful." The three corpses will live together with the same life, and his sword symbols can also be launched.
I got a baby, and I was overjoyed. "One more!"
It was a cheap test. Unexpectedly, Su Jingzhen gave him another red-eyed smile that made his eyes blind. "Another one?"
Su Jingzhen obeyed and gave him another one. At the same time, he laughed, "I’ll keep the last one."
Since I came to Yu Jie’s Red Eye, it is the most important thing today. The three swordsmen shook their hands and looked around and looked at the sky.
Ye Fei went into the valley after a light tea scene. Lang’s red eye order didn’t stop him from going into the valley, and he looked no worse than Su Jingqiang. He was injured at sixes and sevens when Yang Dou defended the altar spirit king.
However, there is one thing that Su Jing doesn’t notice a trace of anger. He seems to have a special spell to cover up all the yang and qi, which makes it much easier for him to walk in the shade.
Into the valley, Ye Fei put away a large protective sword with double sleeves and followed Ye Fei to raise his hand and slap his shoulder. "The spell is closed."
With his virtual shot, Ye Fei’s shoulder gleams and quickly outlines a small figure, then blinks, and the figure becomes clear. A pair of fine ghost sisters have lost contact with Su Jing since they came to the nether world.
She is riding Ye Fei’s neck.
Only a loving father and a young girl can have the scenery of "letting a baby ride her father’s shoulder". It is even more surprising that Ye Fei has two heads.
With eyes closed, it is this little pearl-born kid who casts spells to cover up Ye Fei’s anger. It’s not easy to know that Yin and Yang are separated, and there are different rules to cover up the popularity of the body. It’s not easy to do things by force, and I don’t know what foreign things are like at the moment … After a while, I will look around with my eyes open, and soon I will see Su Jing cheering "Meet him!"
It seems to be a little hesitant to call on Liu Liu but still ride Ye Fei’s neck without jumping off the ground. "Report to me that Ye Fei, the traitor, was captured alive …" Ye Fei had no heart to say "Don’t take credit for it!" Ye Fei whisking grabbed the collar and carried her to the ground.
Su Jing beckoned the little baby to her side. There was a scratch on her left shoulder blade, which was not shallow, but it had been crushed and smeared evenly by the treated elixir. Look at the wound position. It won’t be that Liu Liu applied medicine himself, but it was Ye Fei’s.
Except for a shoulder injury, Su Jing can rest assured that it is intact.
Flowers, red eyes, a left hand, a right hand, a star rope and a sword. The swordsman still has a sword in his heart. Ye Fei is eyeing Ye Fei, but he doesn’t care. He stretches his feet and kicks a few pieces of gravel to clear up a three-foot flat place and sits down directly to "drink water."
Su Jing pulled out a bottle of water from the bag and threw it to him. "Are you captured alive by my family?"
Chapter one hundred and seventy-two A candy eats a sword to board.
Su Jing and his party fell into the underworld, separated from each other, and the little boy was alone.
It’s a simple thing for Liu Liu to swim into the sea, but she’s really unlucky to fall directly into a ghost spider’s nest. Liu Liu, a monster who specializes in eating ghosts and monsters, also tried to cover up her anger. After a big battle, all the treasure sacs fell, but her back shoulder was scratched by a 10,000-year-old spider. Soon after she escaped from the ghost spider’s territory, the poison fell to the ground and she fainted until three days later.
On one side, the Yin soldiers are killed, but there are a large number of them. On the other side, a person dances alone with a hundred swords to kill the enemy lines. You can tell who the owner of the sword is by looking at the light of the sword. Ye Fei, a traitor from the mountain.
Ye Fei’s fierce manpower just washed away a whole team to kill Yin Jun. After the enemy left the body and fled, Ye Fei took a step forward in his sword sneer, but he just walked out of the distance and suddenly heard a tender, weak voice. "Bold Ye Fei … where are you going to escape when you fall into my hands today! I ….. dia cleaning door traitors die "
Wheezing and panting for a while, I heard that Ye Fei, the executioner, was not seen. I turned around and looked for a long time. The "melting art" in the nether world is not a joke. This is her gift. Ye Fei can’t find her nearby.
For a long time in the past, Liu Liu finally saved up enough strength to get up and came at Ye Fei with a long knife with a sharp tooth. Liu Liu felt that he was fit and fell on the enemy with a blow.
Since the temperament such as the theory of ghosts and things can achieve a practice, the general manager of the heart is always angry, and it is no exception. Of course, she can’t kill Ye herself, but she also lays down her life because she has calculated the account for herself, and she is suspected of being poisoned by spiders. How can she clean the door and die in glory?
Figured out how to die is more valuable, and the rage in her heart rushed her out. After a knife stab, the poison gas attacked and fainted again.
When she woke up for the second time, she opened her eyes and saw this place. She knew it. The dark cliff was covered with cobwebs to make up for the stinking smell everywhere. It was the nest of the ghost spider that she had fallen into before.
However, it was quiet around, and when the poisonous insect moved, his footsteps rang and he screamed sharply. After that, his shoulder wound was cool and the poisonous gas in his blood was swept away. Ye Fei, a traitor, was folding and folding a piece of ghost spider web, pressing it into a bandage, and wrapping it around his chest and abdomen layer by layer to bandage the wound.
Not only did she not kill Liu Liuye, but when she was in a state of confusion, she made it clear that she was injured and Ye Fei, a ghost spider’s nest, came back carrying a baby. It was not revenge and saving people. There must be a detoxification spirit in the poisonous insect’s nest. The blade of grass swept away the poisonous insect and found the spirit grass to save Liu Liuye’s life.
In this way, Liu Liu can’t understand. What kind of truth is the fugitive rescuing the police officer?
Is really take yourself as a cop, although Ye Fei didn’t look at her …
Before Su Jing in the valley, she always said that her voice was tender but full of gas. Obviously, after Ye Fei met her, she not only recovered her life, but also recovered well. Ye Fei killed several fierce ghosts and dug up the ghost Dan, and then directly gave it to the little baby for food. It was strange that she did not recover well.
When I heard this, Su Jing nodded to Ye Fei, "I owe you a favor and I will make a supplementary payment in the future."
Ye Fei is in a good mood at the moment. An old friend seems to shake his head at Su Jing and say with smile, "Don’t be polite. How can you not know the misery of Yang Shen?"
It’s really hard, too hard. It’s like the whole body is covered with blood, and the bait is thrown into the shark bay. There are a lot of evil spirits smelling the smell, and there are places to hide. In those few days, he seemed to be down a peg or two, and he really complained in his heart. Even if he played like this, he would be exhausted sooner or later. Now the basin of water falls in front of himself in Middle-earth, and he is badly hurt.
Ye Fei is not afraid of death, but the kid who eats human flesh is not too wronged. He saved Liu Liu just by watching the little girl’s "melting into the shadows" and asking for a "boarding". Liu Liu came back to life and naturally didn’t want to die again. Unfortunately, she lost her treasure bag in the spider’s nest and repeatedly searched for it several times, but she failed to find her partner again. For the time being, she went all the way with Ye Fei.
That’s it. After Ye Fei is no longer hunted by evil spirits, he will, in turn, kill the fierce ghost. It seems that this is also a help to Ye Fei. Ye Fei means that he has been assassinated by him along the way, and it has also hit a "tooth".
The day before, Tooth was ordered by Mo Ju to be killed by Su Jing. It was a bad way. Ye Fei got hurt and dragged half of his body away.

This is a world of debris. For him who is pregnant with spiritual rain, it is natural to be stingy with as much as possible.

On the contrary, the ice source marrow is of great benefit to him, which can greatly reduce the practice time
To take advanced level 6 …
Even in the face of strong people like Aoli, they have self-protection ability.
"I’ll leave it to you."
Get up Zhou Jia and flick his sleeves.
"If you need the source medicine, you can get it from Tianhe. You three brothers and sisters can also get some every month. Don’t delay your practice."
"Yes" Li He was overjoyed.
"Thank you!"
Time goes by
Before you know it, seven years have passed.
It is still a long time before the debris world is completely integrated into the market world.
It was thought that this process could be completed in a hundred years. Now it seems that the conjecture at that time is far less cruel than the reality.
A hundred years?
Even more than three hundred years!
Without silver, generations may have to adapt to this world.
The biggest change in the residence occurred in the Imperial Ghost Sect. Four years ago, an elder who was good at guarding animals successfully domesticated a number of exotic animals.
The price of exotic animal meat is lower again!
Although it is not enough for everyone to fill their stomachs, starvation has rarely been heard.
Taobao House is officially on the right track.
Unfortunately, with the increasing availability of exotic animal meat, fewer and fewer people are willing to live longer.
Zhou Jia doesn’t insist on this.
The quantity and quality of the gold and iron gas required by the seventh advanced weight of the plough are improved, and the original method is no longer suitable.
Although refining low-grade gold iron gas can improve the physical strength, the progress has been very few and will eventually lose its effect completely.
He has also changed.
The two characteristics of enlightenment and commanding troops, blessing the holy spirit bow, have broken through the third aspect, namely, the skill of transforming false gods from others.
And Tian Peng’s vertical and horizontal method …
Tianpeng Vertical and Horizontal Method dzogchen (96/1)
The blessing without the characteristics of commanding troops comes from the top posture of the workers. After so many years of display, it is finally about to break through.
Once the posture is advanced, his speed will increase sharply again.
God is good!
It’s thunderous!
These two are the basis of their own speed. If the basic speed is increased, the explosion of two layers of force can be doubled.
The gap is like a world apart.
And repairing …
The Fifth Heavenly Seven Xuangong (93/1)
Thanks to almost every month, we can start with two ice marrow, and the sixth breakthrough is just around the corner.
There is also an extra distraction in the detention tablet.
Zhao Kuo!
A gifted third-order silver was taken in because he was hunted down and took refuge in Zhou Jia’s divinity.
Similarly, the divinity of his hand is still the deity of ice.
"Shout …"
Gangfeng is stirring
Li Hefu stepped behind the clouds and stood two people, Li Xian and Zhao Kuo.
Zhao Kuo is only a hundred years old, but his face is cold and his eyes are cold. Because of his practice skills, his life is comparable to that of fourth-order silver
"Here we are!"
Gently waving sleeves, three people fall somewhere on an iceberg.
There are two people waiting here early.
"Xue supervisor" Li He hand laughed
"Why did you come so early today?"
"I happened to have something to go out, but fortunately I came here." Xue Tianmai was a slim-looking old man with a falling eye.
"Did you bring anything?"
"Of course" Li He threw a bag in the past.

"You this little guy really when the old man I here is a slush fund, but this time you’re right I really have a great method here" light smile ling old mysterious looked Han Chen.

"Hey, that brother thanked the teacher first" and scratched his head. Han Chen laughed.
"But there is something strange about the evil smell in your soul-eating stick, but there is an old man, I am a seven-seal talisman, and I will help you to re-refine this soul-eating stick. Of course, the evil smell will be extinguished by instilling dragon force into it to replace the soul-eating gas." Ling Lao faint said that when he took over the soul-eating stick, a soul force of the earth quickly spread and turned out to be re-forging this soul-eating chapter 460 Long Qidan.
At this time, Ling Lao’s strength has been restored, which is even more earth than before, and he is the master of refining. Therefore, it takes less than an hour to forge the soul-eating stick, which is to expel the original black breath.
"Ha-ha, little guy, now I will replace the original soul-eating gas with the breath of the purple god dragon. What do you think?" Eyes swept the hands that is still a black soul-eating stick Ling Lao is also a carefree smile, but at this time, this soul-eating stick has no evil breath, pure soul force, and it is still Ling Lao’s own re-cohesion of the talisman.
"That’s troublesome for the teacher." Grinned Han Chen’s eyes flashed with joy. When he was also looking happy, a wisp of purple flame appeared in his hand, and he flew away at Ling Lao.
"Well, now I’ll graft the purple deep and remote Shenhuo Purple Fire into it." With a satisfied smile, Ling Lao always stretched out his hand to grasp the heart of the purple deep and remote Shenhuo. As a soul force of the earth, he wrapped the package, and then the purple deep and remote Shenhuo disappeared with a purple streamer, which devoured the soul stick.
Buzzing …
Purple deep and remote shenhuohuo entered the soul-eating stick, and a strange resistance was suddenly produced, but Ling Lao’s face remained the same, and when he drank lightly, a dragon phase force slowly ran out, and then he was instilled into the soul-eating stick.
"Coagulation" and a light drink, the terror fluctuation in the old eyebrows quickly swept through, and the waves were like the top of Mount Tai, which made people breathless.
But soon the wave of terror was that Ling Lao helped to condense a little quickly and then turned a bit of time to oppress the soul-eating stick.
The soul force of the earth abruptly squeezes the breath of the purple god, the fire dragon, and bursts of gas and explosions suddenly pass it to me. Then the two energies of the soul-eating stick seem to blend together and slowly flow, and the golden purple light interweaves together and looks quite magical.
"Well, little guy, now this soul-eating stick is gone. Now you don’t have to be as careful as before when you transport it." Ling Laoyin leisurely came and then threw the soul-eating stick to Han Chen.
Carefully took the soul-eating stick, Han Chen, a drop of refined blood, and then collected it into Kirin Ring.
"Teacher, thank you for your family." Hey hey, smile. Han Chen’s eyes are looking forward to looking at Ling Lao. The saliva is almost flowing out.
"You this little guy is so big temper didn’t change at all." Learn to Han Chen to turn over their eyes. Ling Lao is also old and disrespectful and said, "Well, now that this soul-eating stick has been condensed again, it’s time for me to give you that great method."
Speak ling old mysterious smile a finger suddenly leaned out soon is the point to Han Chen eyebrows a strange wave of light disappeared Han Chen eyebrows.
Strange light disappears Han Chen eyebrows Han Chen is also a happy face, and he also feels that information flow is like running water, and he constantly bumps into the sea. Then he also quickly combs the information flow and wakes up from the state of uniting.
"The teacher didn’t expect that you really have the advanced stick method. Hey, hey, it seems that I didn’t come in vain this time." Han Chen grinned and seemed to be very satisfied with Ling Lao’s granting himself Wushu.
"Ha ha, you little guy, now that your eyes are high, I can’t fool you with any cheap goods." Ling Lao smiled faintly. "This Tianyuan stick method belongs to the top power of the advanced martial arts, which is much more earth than your royal magic golden gun. You will know the mystery when you display it in the future."
"Hey hey, thank you very much for your teacher." Hey hey smile Han Chen seems to have thought of something and hesitated for a moment before asking, "Teacher, after three days, I will ask Ye Cheng, the Lord of the Night House. I don’t know much about her yet."
Hearing Han Chen’s words, Ling Lao also nodded gently before saying, "This night mansion is good at sneak attack, which you must know, and that Ye Cheng is the night mansion whose strength is at the double peak of becoming a god. You must be careful if you can be promoted to the triple peak of becoming a god."
"Ha ha into god double? That’s ok. "Shrugged his shoulders. Han Chen’s so-called smile is a smile at Ling Lao and said," The teacher had been at ease. This guy is not my opponent. "
"Ha ha good little now you don’t need the teacher your umbrella, you can have this growth is really my holy Mongolia … it’s really my soul division alliance." Ling Lao laughed.
"I’m flattered by the teacher, but there’s one more thing about my brother." Although there are some doubts about what Ling Lao just said, Han Chen didn’t order it.
"Ask" ling old nods.
"Teacher, can you tell me what the Night House wants my soul division alliance to deal with the Nanio Empire?" Some hot eyes asked
"Well, since you asked me that, I’ll tell you what." Sigh and look at Han Chen slightly strangely.
"Teacher, you said," Seeing Ling Lao like this, Han Chen’s face also has a smile.
"Do you know what other empires existed outside this Neo-Europe thousands of years ago?" Ling old looking at Han Chen mysterious asked
"This teacher told me before that Ling Lao’s time that Neo-European continent had four empires, besides the Neo-European empire, there was also Saint Mongolia, Arangun, Finland, Finland and the West." Han Chen said slowly, but he didn’t know what he was asking.
"Ha ha, then tell me which country the teacher is from?" Ling old still asked
"Teacher, you are a saint Mongolian," Han Chen said slowly, but then suddenly remembered something, and his face was a little horrified. "Does the teacher mean the night house?"
"Ha ha, little guy, you are really smart. In those days, the three empires were destroyed by Neo Empire, but each of them has a lot of strength to live, and my pulse is to form this alliance of soul divisions, and the predecessor of the Night House is a secret organization in Aram." Ling Lao said with a light smile on his face, which is also a bit weird.
"That teacher didn’t want to tell me the identity of Ziling before. What is this?" Han Chen finally asked his most heart problem.
"Ha ha, you will know after this" is not too much for this old Ling.
"Well, anyway, I know that so much is enough now. After three days, the teacher will watch my performance." Hey, hey, smile, Han Chen’s face is full of smiles. Although he wants to know things, he is not in a hurry. Anyway, these things will be known in the future.
"All right, little guy, you’d better practice for three days. I have a six-Dan medicine, Long Qi Dan, which is very helpful for you to practice the dragon physiognomy. Now you will be a teacher to support you in the battle three days later." Speaking, there is a golden Dan medicine in Ling Lao’s hand, and Han Chen feels a little palpitation because of the direct spread of the golden Dan medicine, but then the little inflammatory sound is actually passed to scatter the dragon spirit.
"Call" pale Han Chen eyes surprised to see that Long Qi Dan is looked up at the old ling just said "teacher, do you know what is Xiaoyan’s identity now? After so many years of experience, I also found that this little guy has no fear of what dragon veins and phoenix veins are, and those ordinary Warcraft are afraid of its blood oppression and it can actually produce and refine those heterogeneous smells. "
"I really don’t know about this little guy’s identity, but I also consulted a lot of classics and found that this little guy should belong to the spirit beast," Ling Lao Nai said.
"Oh, forget it. After this little guy wakes up completely, he will remember everything." Han Chen shrugged his shoulders and chuckled when he swallowed the dragon qi Dan.
Dragon Qi Dan’s belly is full of medicine, which is the spread of terror. Dragon Qi also makes Han Chen feel appall, but soon he is also mentally moved and slightly inflamed, and his soul force quickly diffuses, that is, he quickly moves those dragon qi to the science of uniting the dragon hermetic meridians and quickly integrates them into Long Li.

Nine people almost shouted at the same time to get the federal chairman Zhu Yu and those senior federal officials one by one. I don’t know what happened. These nine ares are crazy here. One person is crazy. It is enough for this person to mobilize all the troops of the Capital Star. If these nine people are involved, it will not let people live!

Of course, although they want to speak out to stop this matter, they dare not dare to say that it is not their turn. These people are talkative here, although their status is already very high, but in their view, the roots are not worse. Each of these ares represents a huge power, and the roots are not what they can compete with.
"No way! You guys! Don’t even think about it! " The other party sliver Li Zegu dared to come out at a glance and took a look at the people around him. He immediately shouted to talk and cut off the screen image without saying anything.
Several other people didn’t say much about this, but they cut off the images one by one and ordered to investigate who Li Zegu was looking for. The information images of Tang Ziyan have been all over the hands of every soldier in the Federation for a long time. This is convenient for finding Tang Ziyan, but it is not difficult for these individuals to find out if they want to find out. After they got the news, they immediately mobilized their troops to query Tang Ziyan.
The whole federal machine is running like crazy. Almost all spy detectives, military police and family experts have searched for Tang Ziyan through a variety of spider webs. The whole federal force has been launched. Of course, several ares and Tang Ziyan didn’t want to blackmail Ye Guchen. They didn’t dare to lose the courage. They wanted to find and send it out first, so they might be able to get a breakthrough by playing well with this mysterious master Li Zegu, the 19th or 20th grade. This is their dream!
Want to have a little hope, even if it is to pay more, these ares masters are willing, so all the federal forces are almost instantly adjusted to find Tang Zi smoke, which is several times higher than that.
Ye Guchen smiled and didn’t say much after he got the news, but Li Zegu was not in such a good mood in this prison command room. At this moment, he couldn’t wait to show off the news for himself with two big mouths. This time, nine shameful old guys are shameless to find this Tang Ziyan. If they find it well, what can they do if one of these old guys finds it? Even if your master doesn’t talk about himself, he’s embarrassed to tell his old man that he wants to break through the method. Even if he can’t do this well, he still has room for himself under the guise of others.
After listening to the news, Li Zegu’s eyebrows here are wrinkled into a Sichuan word. Looking at the surrounding generals, he shouted, "It’s been two hours! You are eating for nothing! Why haven’t you heard anything yet? Others have already started to look for you guys, who are always awesome. Now, if you find someone, you will be fine. If you find two million troops and find someone, you will find no news for two hours. What are you doing? If those old guys find Miss Tang Ziyan first, I’ll lose all my face! The army company has been lost to you, and I will shoot you myself! "
That said, none of the generals dared to refute their sufferings and smiled one by one. Then they lowered their heads and cheeks. Two hundred thousand army members mobilized to find a little girl, including the Military Justice Department of the Military Intelligence Department, and so on. Now there is no news, which is really shameful. Although I don’t know who this little girl is, other forces have stepped in to find the news. They already know that if people really let them find them first, the military will lose their adults this time. This time, the military is so serious, martial law and search, and it will take action more than an hour before others.
Of course, the director of military intelligence, who looks the most embarrassed in his early fifties, buried his head like a peach, and the head of the military intelligence machine was looking for someone with so many people to cooperate and make such a big noise. He has not been found so far. It is really shameful.
Seeing such a scene, Li Zegu took a little breath away after a burst of swearing and then closed the screen. Now, no matter how anxious this situation is, I can’t sit here and wait for news quietly.
Li Zegu scolded these senior military officials one by one. These guys are angry and naturally want to go back and scold the helper for oppressing the army layer by layer. The speed of action is getting faster and faster, and the efficiency is suddenly several times higher. Otherwise, those guys are trying to find it now, especially after hearing about the supervision of the military personnel street. Those army soldiers of fortune are more energetic than anyone else.
"Du ~" Five hours later, a screen in the place where Li Zegu is located suddenly lights up. The military intelligence agency will appear in the screen with a red face. After giving a military-like salute to Li Zegu, he shouted, "Marshal Marshal, I have found it! !”
"Brush ~" is still listless. Li Zegu blinked and said, "Did you find it? Where is it! "
"In the city of Tang D, Tang Ziyan was caught in their home. According to our intelligence, this Tang Ziyan should be the illegitimate daughter of the Tang family, but it has been discarded. Now they are catching Tang Ziyan back, which is said to be due to the accidental death of their ex-daughter, because they want to marry the minister of finance. It seems that the minister of finance saw it the day before yesterday and liked it very much. This Tang Ziyan horse is about to get engaged, but according to our intelligence, it seems that Tang Ziyan is not very willing to be imprisoned by the Tang family now, just in the Tang family!" The intelligence minister, beaming, said that he was able to get the news by accident and found out the location of Tang Ziyan with the investigation. He immediately came to report!
"Pa ~" Li Zegu slapped me on this table with a big smile and said, "Ha ha ha, it’s good to find it. You report to the military immediately. I’m also going back to order your military intelligence personnel to keep a close eye on Tang. By the way, there’s that stupid wealth minister. Lao shifu also dares to move. I think he’s tired of living. Let the Military Justice Department catch Tang’s father and two bastards for me. In addition, let people control their family. Right, let the special forces block all intersections near Tang. Is it an order to forbid people to travel? All the troops entered D city and ordered Taijun to martial law. Don’t let other forces near there. Damn it, this can’t let other old guys beat me to it. I’ll go to Tangjia immediately and I won’t go back to the army. You also go there. Haha, it’s a good job this time. Wait for the old man to arrange a fleet commander for you! "
Chapter two hundred and fifty-seven Sorrow Tang
Chapter two hundred and fifty-seven Sorrow Tang
He left the prison as soon as he turned around. At this time, he didn’t want to delay the old guys’ means. Others didn’t know him. Li Zegu was very clear. After getting the news from his side, they would know it in half an hour or less. If they hadn’t arrived by then, it would be in trouble.
Li Zegu, the first marshal of the Federation, did not hesitate to go to Tang immediately after hearing this. On the other hand, he had reported the news to Ye Guchen, who played the screen. Li Zegu looked at this sitting in the military office with a cup of red wine in his hand. Ye Guchen was immediately excited and said, "Master, we have found the situation."
Speaking Li Zegu immediately told the whole story without hiding anything, explaining in detail this Tang Ziyan and this Tang family. After hearing these things, Ye Guchen frowned and got up lightly and said, "You wait for me to go at once, and you have done a good job in this matter. I am very satisfied with the promotion to the 19th level method, and I will award it to you after rescuing Ziyan."
"Thank you, master!" After hearing this, Li Zegu flashed his eyes and said that he seemed to see a rare treasure. Ye Guchen smiled and immediately said, "I don’t want to be an apprentice for the time being. My apprentice can’t do it that simple. I will give you a complete set of achievement methods. Let’s talk about it if your performance makes me satisfied."
Say that finish cut off the screen Ye Guchen in this Li Kai led to tang now Li Kai for Ye Guchen that is more respectful, after all, this is the granddaddy, his granddaddy, isn’t that his granddaddy? Although Ye Guchen seems to be very relieved, please come on, everyone knows that a master of fifteen can change his age, and a super master like Ye Guchen simply can’t tell from his appearance that he is young. For others, changing his age is just a piece of cake, and he naturally has to show great respect.
Out of the military gate, dozens of military flying cars, hundreds of military master guards, left and right leaves, and a line of people went straight to this D city Tang family.
This Tang family is famous in D city. Although it is not the top first-class family in this Federation, it has been able to be discharged into the ranks of second-class families. The family flag has dozens of cities and almost occupied 30% of the federal catering industry. It has become a hero in a certain field. The strength of the earth is hundreds of billions more than the family assets. Therefore, this Tang family is quite famous in this D city and has an independent mansion with footprints.
The Tang mansion is located in the most prosperous Suzaku block in D city. There is a mansion garden covering an area of more than 200 acres in the central position of Suzaku Street, and there are hundreds of high-rise buildings around it, which is in fresh contrast.
At the moment, a middle-aged man in a room in Tang Mansion looked at Tang Ziyan with a cold face, and his eyes looked at Tang Ziyan, who was sitting in bed with a face of self-effacing, and said, "Ziyan, you are also my daughter. Your sister died unexpectedly now, but we can’t break the engagement with the Warnes. Now Master Walter values you very much, so don’t be stubborn. It’s good for you to listen to me and marry in the past. You should be a Tang family. I hope you can think clearly and stop fighting!"
Tang Ziyan didn’t speak to this. Qiao face immediately responded with a hint of indifference. "I said I won’t marry that Vaughan. I won’t marry him. You have no power to manipulate my life! And I don’t have to pay Tang! How about Tang Jia? I do. I don’t even admit that I am a Tang family. I know that my mother died when I was three years old. I don’t have a father. I was raised in an orphanage and didn’t have a Tang family! "
"F * * king! What are you talking about? How can I have you without the Tang family! Now let your family pay, how dare you say such a thing! " When the middle-aged man heard this, his face turned cold and he immediately said that he had no feelings for the so-called daughter in front of him. At that time, her mother and herself were just a one-night stand. At that time, when she was drunk, a female college student heard that she was pregnant, but she didn’t care about herself. How could she care about a person when she had too many debts? If it wasn’t her daughter’s accidental death and she happened to get the news of Tang Ziyan, how could she be ignored?
"There is no tang can have me I long so datang family gave it to me? It was the orphanage that raised me, and I have been able to live until now. It is my own efforts to live with Tang without Tang Long’s trouble. Please don’t say more here and let me go immediately. I will not agree to your request! " Although Tang Ziyan is weak in appearance, she is very strong in heart, especially when such a matter of principle is involved. There will never be any concession!
"Hum! It’s not up to you! I tell you that you are going to attend the wedding with Master Walter in three days. You’d better behave yourself then, or don’t blame me! " Tang Long got up with a cold face and said that there had been a trace of cruelty in his eyes.
"Ha ha, I don’t blame you, but I won’t agree with what you can do to me. I would rather die than promise you! " Tang Ziyan’s eyes flashed a little decisively and then responded coldly to tit-for-tat.
There was a flash of anger in Tang Long’s eyes, and then his mind flashed and he remembered that he had obtained an intelligence before. He sneered and said, "Tang Ziyan, if I remember correctly, then you should have a little lover. You killed people and were sent to Landao prison, right? There are many words in the wrong novel network. Hehe, do you think if I touch me, can he live in the Blue Island prison? "
This one export Tang Ziyan suddenly got up to Tang Long shouted "don’t you hurt him! If you dare to deal with him, I’ll kill myself at once! "
"Ha ha, if you don’t want to die, then you should do as I say. Marry Master Walter and help our Tang family get through the current situation. Otherwise, I can’t guarantee that your little lover will die!" Tang Long sneer at a noncommittally said.
"mean!" Tang Ziyan gnashed her teeth and said that she really couldn’t believe that the person in front of her was her own father. Although she vaguely remembered the resentment before her mother died, she still had fantasies about what her father was like, but now she finally knows that she was full of resentment before her mother died in that snowy night. This person ruined her mother’s life and now she wants to destroy herself.
Tang Ziyan has never hated anyone so much, but now she hates Tang Long more than she hates Tang.
"Inside the Ministry of Human Resources, give me weapons and surrender. Everyone is not allowed to stay in the room in the hall. Don’t walk around at random or shoot! !” Suddenly, there was a noise outside the Tang family mansion, followed by a sound. The number of special forces operating in the capital garrison wearing green camouflage has surrounded the Tang family courtyard. Thousands of elite soldiers armed with guns rushed in and surrounded the Tang family mansion. At the same time, powerful tanks have blocked the whole street and hundreds of small warships have covered the whole Tang family. All traffic people are not allowed to approach the Tang family gate.
"Gentleman bad bad! Please go and see us quickly. We are surrounded by the army! " Butler in a flurry rushed in to the front of Tang high call way
“! How come! How can the army surround us, Tang Jia! Let’s go and have a look! " On this side, Tang Long showed one leng, then his face suddenly changed a few times, and then he said that he would go out when he spoke. He really didn’t know that Tang Jia was a businessman and rarely had contact with the military. Now the military is surrounded by Tang Jia?
However, after taking a few steps, Tang Long seemed to think of taking a look at Tang Ziyan and immediately said to the housekeeper, "Keep an eye on her and don’t let her leave the door for half a step. Just stay here and I’ll take care of this!"
Soon, when Tang Long walked downstairs, he was startled to find that less than one thousand soldiers rushed into the Tang mansion with weapons, which was comparable to the hall of a five-star hotel. At this moment, the Tang mansion hall was full of people, and at least 500 people, including servants, bodyguards and their families, were taken to the center of the hall. One thousand soldiers took weapons at them, and when they came, a large number of soldiers continued to enter and search the rooms from all sides.
"You are people! How dare you make trouble in my Tang mansion? Is your military really legal? Be careful that I complain to the Federal Parliament and the Military Justice Department about you! " Tang Long shouted at the central steps when he said this. The Tang family lives in Tangjia. Now he can’t show any weakness, and now he is the only leader in the family. No one else is qualified to speak if he doesn’t speak himself.
Of course, he said this with confidence. A second-rate family, the Tang family, is very powerful. With the police department and the federal parliament, they can directly deliver the news to the parliament. Now they are very close to the Warren family. That’s an absolute first-class family. There are people in this federal power, both military and political circles, who are more powerful than directly being able to work with the military special agency, the Military Justice Department. This is where he dares to say so much.
But it’s a pity that no one responded to his words. Those soldiers didn’t look at him after they finished. They still did what they should do. They didn’t look at this Tang Long at all. They looked at this Tang Long at all, which made Tang Long very angry.
Also want to say when a voice suddenly sounded at this time "military? If you want, you can always go to the military court to complain and tell them that I am General korol of the Military Intelligence Department and let them come, but I’m afraid you don’t have this thing and they don’t have the guts! "
This let Tang Long first one leng and then face changed a face of disbelief. Looking at General korol in front of him, he was surprised to find that General korol turned out to be a real marshal of the third rank in the Federation. The most real person is equivalent to the level of commander-in-chief of a fleet and the other party signed up for military intelligence. It is certain that the present person must be the mysterious military intelligence director!
Tang Long’s face changed. He didn’t know that the military real person would come to his home, and it was obvious that he was looking for trouble. Tang Long really couldn’t figure out where Tang had offended the high-ranking military intelligence chief and let the other side kill him with the army.
"General pavilion with all due respect, we don’t seem to have sinned against you, do we? There are many words in the wrong novel network. Now you send troops to surround our Tang family? Didn’t Ge forget the imperial law, and the army could not be mobilized unless a chairman ordered it? Aren’t you afraid that I will sue you in parliament? ! Besides, I should know that our Tang Jiama is going to marry the Warren family. General, the Warren family will be very unhappy if you do this! " Tang Long hesitated for a moment call noncommittally said.

"You have to do something to pass the time, don’t you?"

"Say yes" Cuomo grinned to express goodwill, and Nai Ta Zun let the smile show a sense of horror.
"Listening to Master Jia Tang’s mysterious and unpredictable manipulation of the Thunder Method by Zhou Xiong’s spiritual technique is even more powerful for ghosts and gods."
"Brother Zhou’s strength in the fourth-order silver is hard to count."
"Jia Tang Lord flatter me" Zhou Jia smiled faintly.
"It’s just a little gain after being immersed for a long time."
"So that’s it." Cuomo nodded and then asked casually.
"Real Zhou Xiong strength even deep city can also find a good job to trudge here?"
"This ….." Zhou Jia hesitated a way
"Zhou wants to get credit from Bianhuang to see if he can start a life-prolonging medicine."
"Life-prolonging medicine?" Como nodded slowly.
"It seems that Zhou Xiong is very interested in his Shou Yuan?"
"Good" Zhou Jia is outspoken.
I don’t want to die yet.
"Brother Zhou" Como straightened his back and primly said
"Take my advice. It’s okay for Bianhuang to want anything, but don’t be paranoid, especially for people like you and me."
"The dark mother emperor always tempts the yogi. I have seen too many demands in these years and no one can join in the darkness."
You will lose your freedom if you go into the dark, and you will often get many things you dream of.
such as
This is a great temptation for many strong silver people, and the strong who tend to plunge into the dark is a bomb that may explode at any time for Tianyuan Alliance.
"Please rest assured" Zhou Jiakou.
"Although Zhou doesn’t want to die, he doesn’t want to be a vassal of others. It doesn’t make sense for a slave to live or die."
"Good," Cuomo grinned.
"I’m just asking Zhou Xiong casually. Don’t mind."
"By the way, Zhou Xiong probably doesn’t know that if he wants to join the darkness, he needs to sacrifice something. The higher the sacrifice order, the greater the reward of the dark mother."
"If you can sacrifice one is more than one silver …"
He stopped talking with a gentle smile.
Cuomo has left Zhou Jia and is still sitting in a thoughtful position.
Such as the dark Lord of the divine realm
Near Luan Luocheng, there is also a dark master who is called as the mother of darkness, and has the same terrible and unpredictable power.
The dark mother emperor can’t go near the ancient gods.
However, directing the dark ethnic group belonging to it often invades it, which is even more tempting for practitioners to defect and erode the territory of ancient gods.
Over the years, the scope of ancient gods has been shrinking, and the dark mother emperor has contributed a lot.
It’s so far from Luan’s falling into the city that it’s impossible to contact, but judging from the meaning in Como’s words,
The influence of the dark mother emperor is not
"main home"
A gradual sound interrupt his thinking.
"Three people from outside the hospital said they thanked you for saving your life."
Zhou Jia raises eyebrows
"Let them in."

The schedule is not good for Valencia

This is a team-level achievement.
Changsheng brought new tactics and football concepts to the team after coaching Valencia.
It also benefited many players.
In addition, he advocated the introduction of players and played an important role in the team, which once again proved that he has a precise eye for players.
A very important feature of mad dog tactics is that the attack points are scattered. Because of frequent running, it will always be pulled out. If a player appears there, it is possible to score goals.
Adding a striker is the most important thing in mad dog tactics, not shooting, but running, which involves attracting the opponent’s defensive attention and pulling out of the door to create opportunities for teammates.
In addition, Valencia is a team that is very good at attacking from the back.
Ba Laha will score a lot of long-range shots if he is not injured.
All these characteristics determine that Valencia spends more and many people have a prosperous situation of scoring goals.
In the league, the top scorer of the team is still suspended by the winning team, Ibrahimovic, who has seven goals and two assists.
Villa took advantage of Ibrahimovic’s suspension and now has five goals and one assist.
The No.3 shooter is the captain of the team. mendieta scored four goals, but mendieta’s greatest contribution was not to score goals, but to assist. He had six assists, second only to aimar.
Then aimar and Vicente both scored three goals.
Left-back Aurelio scored two goals.
There are as many as five players who score a goal.
There are eleven players who have scored many goals in the league …
In terms of assists, aimar’s seven assists are the highest in the team, but now he has been driven to the side wall of team B by the constant victory, wondering if it is possible to be surpassed by mendieta.
The King’s Cup played a game, which has no statistical significance or reference value.
On the contrary, Valencia scored a lot of goals in four UEFA Cup matches, just like the league, and the scoring points were still evenly distributed.
Apart from Villa’s four goals, five people scored one goal and one person scored two goals.
The assists are equally scattered, because only 442 got the chance to start. Kalou did well in the UEFA Cup. One goal and three assists were the most assists for the team.
From this dispersion to goals and assists, it can be seen that the winning team does not rely too much on a certain scorer in Valencia. Maybe there is no top scorer in his team, but it minimizes the possibility that the team will eventually fail because the team’s top scorer is stared at.
This is the embodiment of football that you can’t put all your eggs in one basket.
The league didn’t go on until the beginning of November, when it was only 11 rounds. Valencia had scored 42 goals in various competitions, which shows how powerful their attack is.
Valencia definitely didn’t have such an excellent offensive performance last season.
The arrival of the winning streak really made Valencia look brand-new and full of vitality.
Even when pitarch, general manager of Valencia Club, chats with President Oti, both of them will think of the wild words that Changsheng said before signing with them.
Maybe this Valencia team led by that China … can really win the championship?
Chapter 60 Sorry, Coach
Valencia is leading the way with victory.
This is the happiest thing for Valencia fans.
At the beginning of winning the coaching team, they expressed doubts about this young China who had never had the experience of teaching in the first division.
They do have reason to doubt, because there are too many suspicious places in Changsheng.
First of all, he is 29 years old. Which first-division team coach is so young? He’s not as old as many players on the team. Don’t you expect him? It is better to count on those veterans. The head coach is a position that needs experience, and experience needs to be accumulated by age.
What is the real material of this young man without accumulation?
Secondly, he experienced that he had never coached a team in a place like the first division before, and before that, he had a season of first-team coaching experience or was in the second division.
Such a pale resume really makes people wonder how many brushes he has.
Thirdly, he is from China, which makes Valencia fans feel even more uneasy.
Table tennis in China is very strong, but football … Is there football in China? Can people in China also play football? Can China people also be football coaches?
They feel that it is better for Valencia Club to find an African witch doctor than an China head coach …
But now there is no such doubt.
Winning an amazing achievement proved his ability to everyone.
Nine wins and two draws, first in the league!
If anyone still doubts such a good grade, it must be brain damage!
Now Valencia fans not only don’t doubt the constant victory, but also sing praises.
Valencia fans are proud of the performance of Valencia team.
But not everyone will do this.
Some people are not happy to see the team being so kind.
Zahovic is a kind of.
Ibrahimovic is the second.
Ibrahimovic has been very unhappy recently. He feels that he has been forgotten and will slowly rot in team B, and no one will ever know.
He scored a hat-trick against Villarreal a few weeks ago, and he was so beautiful at that time.
When I went out, I was surrounded by fans asking for autographs, and his giant advertising poster was posted on the outer wall of the mall.
The media praised him.
What about now?
The media can’t find his name anywhere, but the advertising pictures on the exterior wall of the shopping mall are still there, but why does it give him a shabby feeling every time I see it?
When I go out, I rarely meet crazy fans asking for his autograph.
And what are the reasons for all this?
It was after he was demoted to team B.
Ibrahimovic is in a very bad mood now, perhaps knowing this, his agent Raiola has come from Italy.
As soon as I saw my agent Ibrahimovic, I poured a bitter water on him.
"I can’t stand it anymore! I have to leave the team here! I’m training in team B and I can’t play in the first team … "
Ibrahimovic’s father also said, "maybe we can ask the players’ union for help?" Don’t they give players dimension? "
Raiola didn’t mean to help Ibrahimovic. He shook his head. "Forget it. The players’ union is mainly responsible for economic disputes. Does Valencia owe you salary?"
Ibrahimovic shook his head. "No …"
"Did you get fined?"
Ibrahimovic also shook his head. "Er, there is still no …"