The room was full of Chang ‘an Aquila, sitting leisurely in the soft seat, smiling and greeting Norton who came in

"Train 50,000′ elite’ to ride’ shoot’ and kill qualified cavalry. This is the position to be handed over to our general. If you are not in the body, I am afraid the overall training goal will be achieved within the scheduled time limit."
There was Anquilla in the room, and Norton casually replied, then went straight to his desk and sat down on the right. The latest parchment recorded his daily training progress in detail, and Norton drew a copper pen from the ink box. Norton added today’s training completion at the back of the column marked with yesterday’s date.
"Why? So busy, why don’t you ask me? " Wait for a moment to see Norton out of Aquila is not’ dew’ out of a nai expression got up and walked to the front of the buried record Norton hands on the table and asked
"If you have business to talk about, please say it quickly," Norton replied without looking up. "If you have time to talk, please help yourself. I don’t have time to lead a team for a field tour myself."
"No!" I heard that Aquila exaggerated, "Are you busier than me as the chief instructor of cavalry training?"
Norton ignored the noisy guy in front of him.
"Okay, okay, I’m really sorry for you, but I just want to make a joke to help you adjust." Ankui straightened up and finally became serious. "Let’s talk about business. You should hurry up and find someone else to take charge of the afternoon training. Your horse and I will leave for’ Bo’ Znanbao. There are important things to discuss."
After saying his word, Norton has closed his pen, rolled up the parchment and put it aside. He got up and set out "to".
When I saw Norton’s business, she immediately became alive and kicking. Aquila couldn’t help but smile and took his eyes and glanced at his costume. "Are you wearing this nondescript dress to attend the emperor’s meeting?"
Norton bowed his head consciously. When he saw that Mao Qiu, his solemn face was rarely embarrassed.
"Ha, ha, ha, I didn’t expect to see this expression on your face." Aguilera patted Norton on the shoulder with a surprised smile and said, "Go and change your generals. I’ll wait for you outside the base." Then she turned and left.
At dusk, the Imperial Teutonic province’ Bo’ Znanbao.
More than a dozen fast horses galloped to the front of the towering fort, where the soldiers greeted him immediately when they saw the golden eagle flag held high in the hands of the first rider.
"hey!" Qi qi reined in Aquila, Norton and the accompanying’ Shi’ guards turned their horses and walked to the hall, where the horses were led by the guards at their own fort to feed them.
Just walked to the steps, Adjutant Aguilera just came out of the hall to meet him.
"General!" The adjutant bowed to Anquilla.
"Are Lord Ence and other adults here?" Anquilla asked.
"Report to the general, your adults have arrived and are waiting for the general in the conference hall."
"Good," said Aquila, tilting her head to one side. "Come with me. It seems that we are going to talk about business first with an empty stomach."
A group of people immediately entered the fort and went through layers of defense to the secret meeting room, where there were already several people.
"General Norton comes to introduce you to these adults." Aguilera smiled and greeted the first few moments, then turned to give up Norton and held out his hand to point to several people.
"From now on, the director of Xiongnu Special Affairs Department of Imperial Intelligence Department of Lord Ensi will be responsible for the contract of our frontier defense regiment military intelligence department, and will also be responsible for and assist us to form and train exclusive military intelligence personnel. In addition, this mission also needs the cooperation of Lord Ensi."
"The general’s flattery is just a general’s saddle urging." The respondent is Ens, tall and thin, with bright eyes. Indeed, there is a kind of’ door’ from the most confidential department of the empire, and his words are also round and round.
"This is Master maggs, who was originally attached to the Special Intelligence Department of the Ministry of National Defense. Before the Xiongnu War, he repeatedly pretended to be a caravan and went deep into the grassland empire to spy on many important secrets. A year ago, the news that the Xiongnu Zuo Xianwang Department tried to launch a surprise attack was that Master maggs personally went to the insurance to obtain this title, and maggs Pavilion was awarded the title of Baron’s real imperial hero!"
On the left side of Ens, with a smile on his face, maggs gave a military-like salute to Norton quite humbly and said, "Aquila Pavilion really praised the official. This little achievement can be compared with the fact that he can take the trouble to attack thousands of Huns and capture general Norton." It is an honor to be able to fight side by side with the generals in the future. "
Smell speech has always looked awed by Norton’s "color" and quickly replied.
"And this general Horatius, although not under my jurisdiction, is the latest car camp in corps commander. The main force of our army’s plan this time is General Horatius’s."
"General Horatius hopes that you and I can work together to fight for the empire!"
For someone like Horatius, who can see at a glance that he is brave and honest, Norton is less restrained and directly has a military’ private’ etiquette with the latter, punching each other in the chest.
"Ha ha, that’s what people in our army should do!" Aquila smiled and looked at the two men. Through Norton, she introduced the remaining officials who were relatively minor, and then everyone sat in a secret military meeting
Aguilar, who holds the highest position among the people, is also directly instructed by the emperor to preside over the meeting. There is not so much red tape in the military meeting, so Aguilar also came straight to the point and said the core of the meeting, that is, Oka secretly sent people to order the implementation of the armed caravan plan during the cruise.
According to the treaty signed by the Huns after the war, the bilateral trade was changed from the free trade of the pre-war caravan to the fixed trade of the monopoly field. At the same time, those who are eligible to go to the trading caravan must also be supervised by both sides, especially for the spies who may be’ mixed’ in the caravan.
This treaty was naturally deliberately set up by the Huns to guard against the imperial green’ color’ empire, which showed more and more strong intelligence acquisition ability in the war, and the fighter capture ability has become more and more feared by the Huns. However, it is too taken for granted that this small treaty alone wants to really stop the imperial intelligence tentacles.
This time, Oka secretly sent people to Aquinas to formulate a new soft invasion strategy for monopoly trade. The so-called soft invasion, as its name implies, is to infiltrate, destroy and invade grasslands by economic and political methods as opposed to direct military action. This soft invasion strategy will be a new strategy for the empire to systematically and systematically weaken the strength of Huns in a foreseeable period of peace.
The so-called guiding the Oka according to the situation is to let the Huns know that the military may be evenly matched in Rome, but in other respects, the Huns will be able to stop the flood of Rome! Please remember the website. If you like snowy romance, write Glory to Rome.
Section 60 New Strategy ()
"You made a copy of this strategic plan according to your requirements, and now I send it to you. Please read it carefully."
In the meeting room, Aguilera looked solemnly around the crowd and said, at the same time, he raised his left hand and saw that his thumb and forefinger were holding a short copper key.
The two adjutant who had been standing in that room immediately took the key in Aquila’s hand and went to the door, where there was a small wooden box with a lock on the table. As it was the only special thing in the room, everyone present had noticed that the top secret document of the original plan was inside when they first entered the room for observation.
The two adjutants locked the key and took out a stack of scrolls. They each took half of them in their hands, then turned back to the conference table and distributed the scrolls to everyone present. After doing this, the two adjutants didn’t stay in the house any longer, but went straight out and gently took the’ door’.
Flip the scrolls and click one after another. Everyone carefully browses the plans except Aguilera, because he has already read them and this plan also contains some of his ideas. At present, the high command department, the first person in the Emperor’s team, the only decorated count and the supreme commander of the border guards, has sent people to seek his advice at the beginning of the plan.
It takes a while to read the whole plan, but there is nothing to do. Aquila’s face is not impatient. She waits quietly or her eyes occasionally fall on the documents. Everyone seems to be observing the subtle changes in their expressions.
As time went by, he finally sat on the right. The first one, Enes, first put the scroll, raised his head, and the thoughts in his eyes flew. Then the rest of them sat up again one after another and turned their attention to Aquila.
When I saw that everyone had finished reading, Aquila cleared her throat and nodded, "Good, you have all read the plan, so now we will enter the confirmation link."
Aquila’s flashing eyes first fell on the last two young officials on maggs’s left, saying, "The main part of the plan is achieved by trading, and this first needs to be covered for us in terms of identity, caravan formation, goods, etc. You two are representatives of the Ministry of Finance and Commerce. Tell me about your preparation."
The two young officials looked at each other and one of them immediately replied, "General Aguilera has personally reached a secret plan with the Ministry of Finance and Commerce through the Prime Minister’s Cabinet. We have made early preparations. According to the treaty, Xiongnu can have up to 50 business groups in each trade, and according to our arrangement, three selected business groups have changed from outside to outside, and there will be no flaws in the identity, goods or details."
After speaking, Aguilera’ shows’ satisfaction’.
At this time, maggs took the initiative to pick up the road, "The formation of the business group has been completed in half, and I will personally be responsible for one of the business groups."
"Well, then, General Horatius, how are you going?"
Sitting as Zhong He Latus heard Aguilar’s inquiry, he immediately said, "The car camp at the end of the general’s pavilion is already ready, and you can escort the business group at any time after you lack some basic training in anti-interrogation."

"Shut up" Ripple’s face changed and his eyes pointed like a cone. A bunch of silver needles was expected to fly away towards the leading black man.

"Ding" black men naturally don’t slow to pull out a meniscus knife and turn back the silver needle of ripples, and they all set aside. The pillar was silver and almost dazzling.
"Shadow god needle? How can you stink? How can you make a shadow needle? " When the leader looked at the silver needle, his tone suddenly changed and he was shocked. "No, it’s not like the master’s shadow needle. Who are you?"
Ripple looked at the black leader with disdain as if he didn’t see a silver needle in his hand.
Provocative. This is definitely provocative.
Sure enough, when the leader in black robe saw the ripple, he immediately became furious. "His mother, the king, the lamb, the turtle and the grandson answered the old question."
"Who is turtle Sun cursing?"
"turtle sun scolds you"
"Ha ha, yes, yes, turtle Sun doesn’t have a tutor at all." Ripples sneer at the black leader.
"You, you, you", the black man, realized that he was rippling. When he scolded himself as a turtle, Sun was so angry that his eyes almost popped out.
"Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha." Old Eleven laughed unceremoniously, gave a thumbs-up to the ripples, and wiped the corners of his eyes. It seemed that tears were laughing, and he felt that the ghost name was born to be a turtle grandson. It was really gratifying!
"Don’t leave one", the leading black man, was completely angered and waved his hand at the already arranged formation.
The scene changed instantly. It was called tight encirclement Array, which was a movable frisbee descending from the middle, and everyone cooperated well, waving their weapons like a mechanical super flywheel.
Gradually approaching the ripples, quietly looking at the flying human flywheel behind Chihiro, thinking about the cracking method, it seems that you can hear the huge airflow blowing through the air with a silvery white knife, and it seems that you can spin people into the knife’s sharp sword to strangle them into mud faces, but you can feel the cold breath in the gasp and Pentium rotation for a long time.
"Do you still want to stay?" At this time, Chihiro doesn’t seem to be worried at all that the so-called tight encirclement formation is looking at the ripples deeply. A pair of eyes are as deep as the sea, and if the concentration is not enough, they will be deeply trapped. The starlight is very beautiful.
Ripples looked at this and looked at it with a sigh. The generous and slightly cold hand that had been gathering in the white robe sleeve firmly held it.
Tone than sincerity "don’t go"
It seems that I’m still not sure that the ripple sounds seem to come from far away. "If you stay today, you may die here. It won’t be difficult for you to leave them." This means that if you don’t stay, you may be dead and still be alive. This is betting on only one life in your life.
One side has already come with a clash of weapons. Obviously, Chu Qiao and Lao Eleven have been fighting with the black-robed man and others to make room. It is really not allowed to talk about the mood at this time, but so what? They are willing to give this time desperately, and obviously they have done it.
"Didn’t you say I was your man?" Ripples ask
Chihiro narrowed his eyes and then ordered a head.
"Good. Since I am your person, you are also my person. Since I am my person, I naturally want to protect my person from harm. Now I will not leave. I will fight side by side with you and teach this group of uneducated turtles a lesson." Ripple said with great pride.
A thousand miles away, my eyes squeeze out a little warmth, and I hold the rippling hand. "Good fight together" is also a pair of high spirits. I am not wrong about the wrong person.
See ripples falling away with his back to his back Chu Qiao old eleven is tightly covered beside them.
See they were trapped in a silvery white sword shadow, with swords spinning around their heads to draw the mans.
Ripples shot the silver needle in the sleeve as the top secret weapon toward the silvery white sword, followed by a bang bang. Obviously, the silver needle hit those swords.
Chihiro slowly patted his hand flat on his chest, and his five fingers turned into talons. His wrist kept spinning and then spinning, and then the palm gradually showed a cherry blossom that was transformed by force. It was still a rare golden cherry blossom. With the rotation of his wrist, the palm turned into more and more cherry blossoms, one after another, and they were different in size but dazzling.
The spike happened in this instant.
Seeing that the original cherry blossoms are still spinning in the hands of Chihiro for a second is like a split flower, mixed with broken sounds, and it doesn’t matter whether it can hit people or not
Two people cooperate well, as if they were born with each other. The petals of golden cherry blossoms are rippling, and the silver ferns and needles are golden, and the silver ferns are mixed with gold, and one move is followed by another.
Gradually the situation changed.
The petals and needles of several hidden weapons-like golden cherry blossoms heard a loud bang when they were in contact with the silvery airflow. The perfect silvery white sword fern seemed to break the mirror and cracked with the petals hitting.
"Bang" a head of silver sword awn exploded like a bomb.
Knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock
Of course, the silver sword awn around them was no exception, and it was hit by the golden cherry blossom petals and hit the ground.
"Oh," some men in black were lying on the ground with painful faces and heavy injuries. They covered their chests and gasped, while others were stuck in the silver needles in the hands of ripples and fell to the ground as if they were dead. Of course, this was due to the fact that the silver needles in the ripples were filled with materials.
Turned to see his face a little pale and Chihiro frowned deeply.
"You" ripple looks a little bad. Look at this wandering heart and secretly curse: Is this guy really desperate? How dare you hurt someone so badly?
"Lord" Chu Qiao has rushed to Chihiro’s side in the ripple mouth for a second, and he started to worry and watched Chihiro’s face change.
"Ahem, I’m fine. All these chop suey still think of me coming to Weifu to die. Ahem," said Luo Chihiro coldly. It’s very disdainful to look at those people who are crying in black robes.
"Lord, you can’t do it again." Chu Qiao withdrew his pulse hand and solemnly said that the restless airflow of the main body has been escaping. If you do it, the recurrence of the injury will be more serious than before. The pills you are refining now can’t get up at all.
"I know my own body," said a sentence.
Chuqiao’s impulse to hit people is all there. You know, you know, you know, you still do it casually. You know, you still don’t listen to dissuade you. You know, Chu Qiao listed many dangerous things in his mind. Oh, then he frowned. He is really like a street sister-in-law. No one is willing to listen to his advice.
The leading black-robed man saw that he should be proud of tight encirclement, so he was lost in a thousand miles and that smelly little trick was killed and half of them were killed in flight. Suddenly, his face was as green as summer leaves, and it was difficult to see the pole.
"Chihiro" gnashed her teeth
The black man was completely furious, and his left and right hands kept paddling around him, and then the body crashed like a meteor ball, and as he got closer, it became more and more like a cone.
"Hum Diao Bug Skill" looked at the cone-shaped meteor ball with a cold hum, but it was blocked by ripples.
"To deal with this little chop suey Lao Gong, I can do it myself." Ripples said lightly, making eyes at Chu Qiao. That Chu Qiao is also a fine girl, and together with the old eleven, she will fall in love with him.
"Smelly little boy, you’re getting impatient, aren’t you? I’ll send you to see your grandmother today." When the black man saw the ripples, his eyes were burning with anger, new hatred and old hatred.
"Yo yo turtle grandson is really a big mistake. I’ll teach you a lesson for God today, you long-eyed turtle grandson."
"Bang" a ripple smoked Chu that has been pinned to the waist with a lux whip. Speaking of this whip, everyone is not unfamiliar. In the jungle, the skin of the slaughtered boa constrictor was made into a lux whip mixed with ripples. It was more skillful to hit the cone-shaped meteor ball, which seemed to be the target whip.
But when the whip touched the cone-shaped meteor ball, I clearly heard a cry of pain. Obviously, the whip of the ripple really hit the leader of the black robe. The leader of the black robe snorted and fell to the ground. A carp turned up and resented watching the ripple and the whip in her hand.
Ripples are even more puffed up. It’s obvious that I’m going to slap you today. Even your mother doesn’t recognize you.
"Hey, you can hit it like this." Old Eleven was surprised and opened his mouth with a face of disbelief. Looking at the red whip in the hands of ripples, I couldn’t believe that it was born to be a cone ball. Where is it? You can’t see clearly. Look at the ripples. The whip just hit the black man’s forehead. It’s not a coincidence or something.
The black man took a look at the ripples and rose faster and faster again. This would not make him into a cone, but cut him with a strong airflow like a sword towards the ripples.
Even watching Chu Qiao is frightening. But he knows that the ripple body has no power. What does she take to resist the strong power of the ghost hall master? It seems that she has to do it herself.
Just like this, I was thinking that the figure of the black man was getting closer. Chu Qiao was about to pick up this recruit. The figure of Nai ripple dodged like a ghost, leaving a ghosting image in the air. People couldn’t see how she moved, but she had already disappeared. However, the black man, who was mixed with vigorous force, chopped hard on the ground and threw the ground out of a pit more than one meter deep.
Chuqiao was surprised when the ripple figure miraculously swooped down from the back of the head of the black man.
The black man seemed to feel the danger and was about to flicker to avoid it, but the ripples didn’t give him the chance. All the strength of the palm mixed with ripples hit the black man in the middle of the back.
Poof! One mouthful blood gushed out from the black man’s mouth as expected.
"What’s this wonderful martial arts skill? It’s fast enough. It’s bizarre to explain how ripples are powerless." Chu Qiao pondered over how she did it. She asked herself if she could avoid a fatal blow at such a close distance and then give the enemy a move. He answered honestly and couldn’t be more excited. Great! But it is their own, of course, the better.
"I think this should be the first time that she played against the killer door in Talomon. It was a good move. It was indeed my chosen person." Looking at the high-spirited ripples in the battle with a face of admiration, I didn’t find how proud and spoiled I was in my tone, even the corners of my mouth reminded me without knowing it.
Ripples on this side can see that their hands are really hitting the black-robed man, and the satisfaction evokes the corners of the mouth.
Girls, don’t worry about jumping into the pit!
Ask for support! Ask for a first order! Ask for a collection! Well, all kinds of pursuits
124 ripples are terrible
The black man is like an angry mad lion, roaring in the same place towards the ripple. The trick is mixed with vigorous force, but it all hits the wall and ground column.

Go to Chunjiang, enter the capital, and kill the emperor!

However, he changed his mind when he came to the vicinity of Beijing. He heard one thing. After 211 years, his ancestors unified the whole day and anniversary in ten thousand!
Ten thousand years, even if you have a long life span, you can’t wait for one. Ten thousand years have passed, and you can see the city covered in rust. The fisherman pondered for a while and smiled and felt that he was lucky. It will take three and a half armor to catch the big excitement.
It’s not long for 211 years. Ye Fei turned back to Qiujiang and went to his heart, so he forgot that 60 years ago, he visited the palace at night and boasted that he had killed the emperor for a hundred years.
Stop this "one hundred-year promise"
This kid’s qualifications are average, but he’s ordinary.
Shuang Shu Qi Qi sighed. Two girls and sisters are honest and lively, but they are all exactly the same. They said softly to their parents, "It’s the right way to go away from the mountain, but it’s not a bad place. If you say no, it’s no good. You’re so persistent and you’re not hurting the child. Go home quickly. The scenery around here is not bad. Now that you have brought the child out, let’s take a tour when you come out."
Chapter one hundred and forty-two A smile flying fairy head justice
But the mother shook her head.
She didn’t notice that Shuang Shu came back from the outside, saying that they were also ordinary gatekeepers, but strange faces also meant new hope, so she didn’t get tired of telling Shuang Shu what she had said many times before.
This child’s nickname is fish fry, which is more than four years old this year. Everything has been fine since he was born healthy and lively, but there is only one strange thing. This child never smiles.
I’m so worried about a pair of parents who are floating in the world. On whether to study for an official position or to be an agricultural businessman, it’s always necessary to deal with others. The most important expression to mix up is "smile". He doesn’t laugh and will interact with others in the future.
Is it ridiculous to say that there is no future without laughing? Reality is not funny at all.
Please see the doctor. Please explain to Mr. Nai that the fish fry never laughed until one day last year when the baby was playing in the yard. Suddenly, she looked up and smiled at the sky.
It’s a smile, not a real laugh, but even so, it’s enough to surprise parents and look up at him. There’s nothing hanging around together … After the tea ceremony, suddenly a sword light flashed across, and it turned out that there was a repairman passing by here.
When the light of the imperial sword disappears, the practitioner disappears, and the smile in the eyes of the fish fry disappears. Continue to play and continue not to laugh.
Is it because the child wants to practice that he smiles at the practitioners passing by? Besides, he looked up the day before. Isn’t this kid talented?
Others say it’s a coincidence that only parents are gifted. They really brought dolls around the famous mountains to ask for help … How dare ordinary people come directly to ask for help from the mountains? They don’t have that extravagant hope. They laugh from ear to ear when they look forward to having a small Sect to take them in.
I traveled all over the place, willing to take in Huigen Xiuzong and accept him.
My parents didn’t give up and finally came to Lishan, but it was still the same ending.
On this day, no one is a real fool. With a little smile from my baby, I don’t hesitate to borrow money to travel all over the world. Aren’t those two words the most pitiful and ridiculous parents’ hearts-children can’t laugh, and the best result in the future is to live in solitude and live a lonely life. What if … He is really talented and can practice?
Ask him for a good future, no matter how hard his parents work.
In the tone of the nagging words, the eyes are full of eager anticipation. The fry are too young to speak, and the hands are tightly holding the mother’s sleeves.
At this time, the younger brother on duty at Shanmen once again came to persuade him to be a "uncle". It turned out that the fairy was a master in the mountain, and his eyes lit up, but he repeatedly said that he was still "talented, really talented"
Shuangshu looked at each other, and Jiansui frowned and whispered, "Why don’t you … invite Master to see it? Maybe it’s really talented?"
The tip of the sword is much more "practical" than his sister. "If you don’t want to be talented, you should beg the elder sister Fu Su to take him to Lingshui Peak, and ask Elder Feng to come and see if the kids won’t laugh."
It’s not a merit to be unable to seek the Tao and cure the baby’s strange illness.
For hundreds of years, kannika nimtragol has also become an evil mother-in-law, with a sharp sword and a sharp ear. The two maids have quite a position outside the mountain, especially the door. The gatekeeper’s younger brother greeted his parents with gratitude and took three people into the mountain boundary. It was also a coincidence that they were driving Elder Gong out as soon as they entered the mountain.
Brother Li Shan is afraid that the elder Zhang Xing is far better than the leader Shuang Shu. When he was a child, Gong forehand suffered a lot, so he could write a thick story. When he saw Elder Gong, he rushed to give in and salute.
Gong Zheng glanced at the three mortals and frowned slightly. "Take them into the Sect?"
Shuang Shu immediately told Gong Zheng what had happened before and after, and looked at her carefully. Xiaowa didn’t blame Jiansui, the tip of the sword. "You don’t have to take it to the Red Elder. Take my order and go directly to Lvshuifeng to ask the wind elder for consultation." Said Gong Elder, a red symbol floated out of his sleeve and flew into the hand of Jianjian.
The child is not qualified to practice, just give him a doctor directly.
Shuang Shu nodded, but at this time, the fry suddenly burst out laughing!
Eyes flashing light, little face full of arms, hands pointing in the direction of the dimly discernible star peak in the depths of the mountain, fish fry laughing loudly and crisp and full of happiness.
Don’t say that my parents even got a fright at Elder Gong. "Isn’t this a laugh?"
The mother of the fish fry was a little surprised. "Did he laugh for the first time … did Xian Changxin believe it?"

The factory flashed in vain, as if it were shrouded in night.

It was directly dragged into the shadow by Daniel.
And another factory suddenly fell into despair.
Before it, a huge spherical factory appeared.
But there is another factory that has escaped far away and is going to jump after opening the light door.
Suddenly …
"Boom" exploded and destroyed the village. It was blown halfway by the side explosion, and the Guangmen blew away.
"What person?"
Swallowed the sugar balls in this factory, and the factory turned around.
I saw a familiar factory floating far away.
Chapter 146 Pack to force duo
Sugar ball factory slowly turned around and turned the muzzle.
The man who was familiar with the factory slowly retreated, and then a potbellied hammer man leaned out of the factory and waved his hand far away. "Brother, don’t shoot one of your own!" "
Zhuang’s brow wrinkled tightly. Why is this guy getting old? Still so calm? Isn’t he afraid that he will be smashed by a bombardment not far from Zhuang?
Then the factory operator woke up not far from Zhuang and said, "The other party wants to talk!"
Zhuang hesitated for a while or connected to the other communication channel.
He really doesn’t know what this guy sells.
"Gee, Brother Zhuang, you are really hidden." After the connection, the hammer factory owner was amazed. "I told you that such a magical output is definitely not an ordinary small factory. You can have a brother as expected. Do you have other backgrounds …"
"Aren’t you afraid I’ll blow you off with a gun?" Zhuang is not far away. I don’t know what medicine this guy sells in the gourd. He is the owner of the manor. You have to be careful if you show any flaws, even you will be besieged by everyone.
He raised his hand to signal that the operator had pressed the main gun button.
Sugar ball factory can blast this level of factory into slag with one shot of the main gun.
"I’m here to say hello first. I hope my brother doesn’t get me wrong. I sincerely want to be with my brother." The factory owner with a pot-bellied hammer laughed. "Brother, please step back a little."
Zhuang wondered not far away, but ordered the sugar ball factory to back off.
Then a huge force came to the back of the hammer factory, and a huge light door appeared, and a huge horse factory slowly emerged
The factory as a whole presents a cubic shape with criss-crossing lines like a huge Rubik’s cube.
It is thousands of kilometers in diameter and several times larger than the factory not far from Zhuang. I’m afraid it is already a star-rated factory.
Zhuang swallowed a mouthful of saliva not far away.
Although he also has a strong fighting capacity and Daniel, the Indiana Jones, is not necessarily afraid of each other, but the real face-to-face confrontation with the star-rated factory still makes him a little nervous
"Don’t be nervous, don’t be nervous. My brother and I hit it off immediately. We want to do business with him and buy more sugar." This potbellied man patted his belly. "And brother, you seem to have the same hobby as me. It’s rare to meet a kindred spirit. I really want to talk to you more."
Zhuang is not far away or frowning.
I saw that the hammer factory opposite slowly changed its shape into a small square and put it into the Rubik’s cube factory.
The small cube Rubik’s cube factory slid to the most central position, and the color slowly turned into gold, just like the king ascended the throne and the emperor was crowned. The whole process was particularly slow and gorgeous, and it was as awesome as it was forced.
The owner of the potbellied factory has his waist crossed, and his hands in front of the Rubik’s Cube factory are akimbo, which is quite a kind of arrogance.
Not far from Zhuang "…"
I always feel that there is something wrong with this painting style.
Xiao Wei clapped his hands next to him and said, "Ah, ha, ha, ha, Lord Zhuang, you met someone who likes to pretend to be aggressive as much as you do. No, you met someone who can pretend to be aggressive even more than you!"

"But … michel platini, if you don’t send him out, if you hold him up, it’s not good for us to explain, especially when this key is used …"

JiXiaoRong wonderful look show eyebrow not tightly cu up.
His three smile "Rong Er this matter you don’t have to worry about the Lord and other great talents? He will understand our difficulties. For the Lord, it is actually small for us to deliver information. Can we root here? Is that big for you? "
JiXiaoRong at this time also white qi three meaning heart couldn’t help but andao "no wonder this old thing so winner ye letter in speculation master ye mind she JiXiaoRong is no match!"
"michel platini, Rong Er, why don’t you do less work? This firewood chopping job hurts your hand the most in this day."
Qi San ha ha a smile "Rong Er people are too old to be idle, but don’t worry, let’s work here for three or two years at most. My old man will help you fulfill your wish."
JiXiaoRong heart also slightly moved at the moment.
Qi San, the old man, is tough and terrible, but he is really a letter in people’s life. Maybe he can really avenge his father and brother …
"michel platini, you remember Rong Er Ender Rong Er."
Qi San ha ha a smile "Rong Er, although you are not my own, you are better than my own. Relax. There will be nothing with michel platini."
At this time, the second child outside shouted "Yo ~ What can I get for you, sir?"
JiXiaoRong busy laughed "michel platini guests to the daughter first went out to greet the guests".
Qi San smiled kindly. "Go and be careful."
JiXiaoRong quickly came to the front hall only to find a tall man with a beard and a luxurious fur coat, accompanied by two tall attendants, smiling and looking at the hall and other diners’ dishes. A small two was waiting on him diligently.
JiXiaoRong is young, but he has been in this business for several years, and his eyes are already as hot as those of critical eyes.
This gentleman is definitely a real rich man.
His fur coat, which is pure black and without a shaggy hair, is worth several thousand taels of silver.
This is a big money man.
JiXiaoRong also dare not neglect busy jiao to meet with a smile "this guy what would you like to eat? The best food in our store is fish, but other dishes are more colorful than other stores! "
This tall man is naturally disguised as Li Yuanqing.
Li Yuanqing smiled faintly. "The boss’s wife has a big tone, but I don’t eat too much by myself today. I will pick the most famous and best three dishes in your store and prepare some delicious meals for my two brothers."
Said Li Yuanqing smiling, sitting next to a small table by the window directly took out a piece of cobblestone-sized gold enamel on the table.
JiXiaoRong eyes can’t help but shine. She really guessed it. It really is a big financier.
Busy jiao smiled. "The second chef steamed fish head, a stir-fried kidney flower, a plate of boiled mountain eggs, six and two stewed flowers, three pounds of meat and five pounds of sauce mutton!"
"Come on! Please wait for the horse! "
Xiao er ma Liu ran to the kitchen
JiXiaoRong is smiling, charming is spruce like Hua Hudie stood beside the Li Yuanqing charming smile "I can’t spend 125 money for this meal, but there are too many gold cocoons for me to accept."
Li Yuanqing smile "wife of shop-owner since I take out this gold, I’m not ready to take it back. I just don’t know if the wife of shop-owner wants it."
"The big ye you …"
JiXiaoRong qiao face to detain a red "big ye nu house here is just business big ye if bullying nu house this orphans and widows that ~ that nu house but want to call patrol guard big ye you are new to also don’t know? This patrol guard on Changsheng Island is by no means a big place. If someone dares to make trouble here, there will be no good results! "
Li Yuanqing couldn’t help laughing "wife of shop-owner where do you want to go? Not far from the door, there is a gold-selling cave, and someone must go far and near to find the proprietress here. Are you scratching? "
JiXiaoRong entranced language qiao face is not more red some really attractive.
She really didn’t expect this man to dare to tease her like this. Did she suffer such a big loss when she was JiXiaoRong?
For a moment, she seems to be deliberately picking things up and leaning against Li Yuanqing’s side. "Then ~ I don’t know what you want me to do?"
Chapter 97 Dally with the flirt …
Sniffing Qi Xiaorong’s body and smelling faint fragrance, Li Yuanqing smiled faintly. "It’s nothing. I just came to Changsheng Island and wanted to do some business on the island, but I was a stranger. I couldn’t find the practice for a while, so I wanted to ask the proprietress to accompany you to chat and solve the problem. I wonder if the proprietress would like to join us?"
Li Yuanqing smiled and pushed this piece of gold to the table at JiXiaoRong’s small hand.
JiXiaoRong qiao face cried and red in the heart is some hate.
At present, the dead man’s eyes are annoying and tight, but when he talks, he is’ with thorns in his hooks’, just like a loach, which makes people unable to hold the roots.
But Qi Xiaorong is human?
She has been in business all the year round and has been engaged in secret activities. Is her eyes waiting for the old age?
Regardless of the fact that this dead man is dressed in luxury, it is by no means ordinary people who can pretend that he is indifferent but high in momentum.
Wealth is something that no one can have without silver, but momentum is something that can never solve the problem with silver.
At this time, although they didn’t get along for a long time, JiXiaoRong had a clear conclusion in his heart that this dead man was not only afraid of silver ~ ~ but also used to be a risk-averse all the year round …
However, although JiXiaoRong hated Li Yuanqing from the bottom of my heart and even tickled his ribs, he was not very cold, but Li Yuanqing’s "virtue" clearly lifted JiXiaoRong’s interest.
Not to mention such a big piece of gold.
"Ha ha, who will give Kim a hard time? Since the uncle thinks highly of the slave family, it’s natural that the slave family can’t say anything. What does the uncle think of the slave family? "
JiXiaoRong hands hemp slip will this gold held in the hand conveniently and sat down opposite Li Yuanqing.

Back to the dormitory, Chen Yi first changed back to the key.

The little lizard kept talking about monitoring her life and telling every word and conversation of two girls. It was obvious that she still liked semi-peeping workers.
After listening for a while, Chen Yi found that there was nothing worth noting and threw it back into the bowl by the door.
Crisp "yum" and the little lizard screamed.
Liu Xinyu carefully searched the information on the Internet and asked strangely, "What a strange sound."
"The key is not working. Make one for me one day." Chen Yi said with a smile and sat down on the living room desk as usual, watching and studying.
Real human genes have long been full of thirst for knowledge.
Everyone wants to learn. It’s just learning direction and difference.
Narrow learning, that is, getting knowledge-the essence of human intelligence-is the quickest way, which can help a person get the most knowledge in the shortest time.
Relatively speaking, whether speech is social practice or rich life experience is not enough knowledge-scarcity is easy to understand, everyone can have rich life experience and social practice, but some people can understand the fact that literacy and speaking alone mean that tens of thousands of years are the crystallization of hundreds of thousands of years of wisdom, which can be accomplished through learning.
Before Chen Yi came into contact with the source energy, his intelligence level was only slightly higher than that of ordinary people. His learning motivation was more due to external environmental pressure.
However, after a long period of exercise and high performance, Chen Yi will naturally have an impulse to learn, which is not an innate interest, but is determined by genes.
If you can read it, you are naturally willing to read it often. If you haven’t read it for ten days and a half months, you must be crazy.
Jin Dou Na came to Chen Yi with a file in her high heels. "A graduate student named Han He came to see you. Your monitor Lin Yuan came again. When she saw me, she left. Luo Xiaoshan sent you a letter. In addition, these are important for the organization today."
Chen Yi looked at it first, and finally it turned out to be a standard briefing. Everything was one sentence and two more. When the people and places were located, the events were said in vain.
He couldn’t help praising "this is really good and saves time"
"After all, I have been an assistant for several years."
Jin Douna said and looked at Liu Xinyu.
People don’t even move their ears. They put their breasts on the table and massage themselves
Chen Yi Chou eyes almost straight mouth way "I’ll write a paper outline Han He to find words to give him again"
"Don’t you give it now?"
"Now that I have given it to him, he will definitely revise it and then ask for Excellence. But I can’t carry it. If Lin Yuan comes back for questioning, just say that Professor Lei is doing the project there."
Jin Dou Na Shuang Li said that "Bai" returned to her seat like a real secret.
She gradually found her place in the constant competition.
If Liu Xinyu strives for management skills, despite Chen Yi’s support, it is still difficult for her to persist, but she can do the duties of secretary or assistant well. She is very good at work and can also keep Chen Yi close.
Chen Yi naturally won’t think so much. After dialing the message to Luo Xiaoshan, he smiled and asked, "What is fat?"
Luo Xiaoshan ha ha smiled and said formally, "I heard that Fang Ju was promoted to vice mayor and I was entrusted by Dad to send you sincere greetings."
Fat is a clown to detain provoked Chen Yi a burst of light say with smile "your dad even eyed the division of labor bigger than your eyes!"
As they planned that day, the state-owned assets management, road traffic and other quite oily parts were handed over to Fang Zhenna, which made his vice mayor’s value increase sharply and was not weaker than the fact that the standing Committee member’s title propaganda minister was hanging. Some of these fat meats were originally in the hands of the card deputy.
Fat smiled and acquiesced, "As you said, I found another imam to build a road. The goods have an appetite for some big money, so I don’t care. I want to discuss with you that he wants to be a member of the Council of the Arab Association of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference. Do you have any idea?"
"National level?"
Chen Yi thought, "The level of Jiangning CPPCC members is not low. I’ll give him a chance to feed his wages first. If he doesn’t believe it, he won’t like it."
"Okay," the fat man smiled twice. "Dad also means that he can’t do it. Let him take some money to Arabia and want to be an imam. He wants to be a parishioner and marry four wives."
Chen Yi laughed and recalled the day before the temple.
It’s uncomfortable for the old imam to persuade and warn the city leaders to save his little sister and not to let the family revive.
"Fat must tear down that temple. Making more money and less money is secondary."
Luo Xiaoshan quite understands that "Don’t worry, the elder brothers will definitely tear it down for you."
Chapter one hundred and fifty Demolition plan
Luo Xiaoshan said it was amazing to move fast.
A little bit of land worth 670 million yuan will be enough for the two imams to eat and drink.
This is also the money that Luo’s father is willing to pay.
They didn’t think about making money from the demolition, and they were prepared to lose a sum of money. This kind of silver bullet offensive is irresistible to everyone.
No matter what the two imams boast about, they are still in a temple for more than 20 years. A 4-year-old man must secretly find a lady and have enough money to settle down, and immediately throw away all his teachings and beliefs.
When I waited on someone late, Huang Mi slipped and stuffed an envelope into his car. "Imam, two round-trip tickets to Dubai, first class, please go and attend an international conference invitation."
He can’t even remember that name of the invent meeting, so he just mention it.
The second imam understood and smiled. The Audi A6 flew away with his foot on the gas pedal.
Behind Luo Fu’s education, he said, "Gifts are looking for weaknesses. Their big imam is dying. People are old and don’t lack money. If the name behind him can’t buy off this second imam, who is just over four years old, it won’t be too expensive to take money to hit him in the second spring, but it’s the cheapest to let him be an official. This guy is addicted to thieves and the Jiangning CPPCC member is a breakthrough …"
Luo Xiaoshan mused, but then he turned to the matter. "So when he comes back from Dubai, we will force him to go out for demolition?"
The management Committee is the democratic management Committee, which is equivalent to the board of directors of the temple stock for short.

Even Fang Zhou said with a sigh and a warm heart.

Aunt Zhang smiled with relief. "I’m not afraid of you saying that I’m leaning on the old and selling my elders. I really take you as a daughter!" "
"that’s my blessing!" Said both of them laughed.
Lian Fangzhou suddenly asked, "By the way, Aunt Zhang, how did you know this?"
As soon as the couple arrived at Zhang Xiuer, they should have come to tell themselves. Aunt Zhang knew how to perform in Chapter 458 of Chapter 458.
Aunt Zhang sighed, "They don’t know that you moved to the compound and went to your previous place to find you! Your brother Sanhe went back to tell me specially! I’m afraid half the people in the village know! Others also just you have to prevent your big uncle, aunt don’t collude with them one thousand … "
Even Fang Zhou had a headache but called Aunt Zhang to wake up and nodded, "I see!"
Even Fangzhou changed her mind all the way, and got some words from Aunt Zhang, and finally settled down and became less completely blind.
Aunt Zhang accompanied her back to the compound, but instead of going in with her to see Liu Gu and Chiang Kai-shek, she gossiped with Lee at the concierge and asked Zhang Xiuer to secretly watch and call her again if there was anything wrong.
Someone else is here, so at least you can say something soothing.
When Lian Fangzhou stepped in, he saw a man of medium build in his thirties and thirties, dressed in white indigo and short brown, and a tall and thin woman in a burgundy floral dress.
Men have square faces, dark skin, wide foreheads, and deep horizontal wrinkles. When they look honest, they are treacherous when they smile. The woman’s thin lips, pointed face, big eyes and deep eye sockets are very neat.
The man sat in a chair with his legs crossed, drinking tea and eating snacks was very rude, while the woman kept smiling and talking with Qin steward, asking questions about all kinds of things in Fangzhou’s house, which was very uncomfortable to listen to.
Qin steward face expression almost would be visible to cope with two people is waiting for suffering.
He is not afraid to deal with people, but he is shameless and doesn’t treat himself as an outsider. It is really difficult to deal with it.
This is the kind of person who asks questions about everything, regardless of whether he should ask or not, forcing him to answer "I don’t know" or "I don’t know"
Rao is so, but she doesn’t believe it. Did she ask herself if she deliberately kept it from her?
Really funny!
She’s an outsider. What do you mean "keeping it from her"?
Qin steward also can not consider what reserve, what polite can not consider what face to maintain, hard carrying just don’t know!
And keep looking out.
Even fangzhou appeared, he immediately saw it and secretly breathed a sigh of relief at the same time.
"The girl is back!" Qin steward interrupted Jiang’s words and immediately got up and fled, as if to meet him out and smiled. "Girl, you can come back!"
Even Fang Zhou has never seen Qin steward with such a sorry comfort smile at him. He walked into the living room accompanied by Qin steward.
Liu Gu and Chiang Kai-shek looked at the door and their eyes were bright. I haven’t seen this girl like this for years!
Lazy and tired, leaning back in the chair, Liu Gu, seemed to grow a bone again and smiled and said to his daughter-in-law, "It’s back!" Then get up.
His style. A stare he made at him expression of eyes bass fast way "sit down! We are elders. What are you doing out? "
Elders have to be like elders! There has never been a younger generation who respects and welcomes the elders. Without the elders, they have to go out to meet the younger generation!
Liu Gu suddenly realized that scratching his head hey hey smiled and really sat straight and pulled his skirt.
Even Fang Zhou and Qin steward came in and saw that these two men were sitting upright with great momentum. His style will even look at Fang Zhou and rush even Fang Zhou to nod and smile. "Are you Fang Zhou?" Come back! Azeri, what about them? Why not? "
It seems that they are the masters!
Qin steward’s cheek muscles twitched severely, and even Fangzhou lamented how girls are such relatives! Fortunately, it’s good to have a Su family!
Even Fang Zhou feels funny. An outsider is an outsider. Their master is an outsider no matter how flamboyant he is! I don’t know. What is this? For Ma Wei? It seems the other way around, doesn’t it?
Lian Fangzhou nodded at Chiang Kai-shek and smiled faintly, which was a response. He sat in the square and ordered, "Pour some hot tea for my uncle and aunt and see if there are any snacks!"
Nowadays, these things at home are never broken. I often go to town and buy them in the city.
Qin steward ready and agreed and went out to command Zhang Xiuer Zhang Xiuer busy.
After a while, Zhang Xiuer brought in a tray with tea lamps and snacks.
Liu Gu’s eyes lit up at the sight of delicious food, and even Fang Zhou’s eyes swept away and saw it. With a smile, let Zhang Xiuer put snacks in front of Liu Gu and laughed. "Uncle, please! You’re welcome! "
"You’re welcome, you’re welcome! Hehe! " Liu Gu is really welcome.
"Does it taste all right?"
"Very good, very good, hehe!"
"Eat more if you like!"

As a result, Song Tian looked at his hand faintly in the gap between the two front seats. "Did you change your mobile phone?"

"… no, I took the drug dealer’s mobile phone and wanted to find his line from here." An Shi Tong saw that he was concealed and relieved to withdraw his gun and the mobile phone was secretly put into his pocket.
He didn’t wonder what car his partner was in-he had given Song Tian the car keys before to prevent him from prying into the car when he wanted to get in, so he would have to repair it himself.
Song Tian may have finally seen the email and then ran over to him professionally. He didn’t find himself. When he saw the car, he went into the car and waited for him.
Baishi silently stared at the mobile phone and thought that Hu said that he was an ordinary poor college student, and you actually slandered others as drug dealers and took away their mobile phones.
The only comforting thing is that since you kept it from Korena, at least Baishi Law was not stared at by the organization.
Why lie?
Is it about the police or what you have done before to be wanted?
….. shouldn’t it?
Baishi asked Tong "Baishi Law Discipline" what was the situation before he came.
The unified solution is that when parents buy the basic model, they have written the life track of Baishi Law according to the logic of Baishi’s body.
Suo Baishi thinks that Baishi Law and Discipline should not have done anything illegal. The most illegal edge Dapeng will not cross the line.
Think again. An Shitou has always liked his address book tonight.
Moreover, when Mao Lilan described "Akai Shinji" in the corridor to them, he seemed to say that his face "suddenly became" scary. When she screamed, Takeda just talked about Baishi’s family.
….. What major fugitives are hidden in the tool family?
By the way, takeda’s letter …
Baishi looked at his watch and found that it had been seven minutes since the distance was agreed with Takeda.
It’s not a big deal. Takeda Shinji will never go back easily even if he doesn’t pay enough attention to it. It’s also difficult for Takeda Shinji and Conan to be late for chasing "drug thieves".
The safe room car is in a good location, just not far from the warehouse.
Bai Shi An Shi Tou wondered, in the sight, the car climbed over the wall and found a pair of scissors "accidentally" where he was tied with a heavy object.
After Takeda’s letter was attracted by the ghost’s movement, more than a few ghosts put crazy output on scissors. It was approved and passed the joint revenge letter. Several ghosts finally joined forces to put the scissors together and cut the tough fishing line.
The heavy object rolled down the steep slope and Takeda Shin’s neck was pulled back to the room by a noose. The back of his head hit the roof and fell into a piece of steel wire.
Baishi glanced at the screen has been completed.
Although Takeda’s family still has a drug dealer insider, Takeda Yong’s novice road has not hurt many people yet, and ghosts have not targeted him.
We’ll almost finish this time when we call the police and arrest him.
When I was in a hurry, I finished Baishi and planned to go back to the car to continue the rhetoric.
Just over the wall, I just saw An Shitou sticking his head out from the other side of the fence and licking the edge of the wall, as if trying to turn it over to the courtyard.
Seeing him come out, he relaxed his hand and fell back to the wall and asked him, "What was that sound just now?"
"I killed the drug dealer." Baishi took some credit from Rob and the ghost. Anyway, they don’t need a murderer’s name. Why don’t you take it and give yourself a boost?
Who knows, just after he finished speaking, he saw that an Shi Tou’s face turned white for a few degrees.
“?” Baishi doubts and looks at him for a moment. It’s a long time to remember.
Before he left the car, the topic seemed to revolve around himself-at that time, he asked who the mobile phone was and An Tou said, "I took the drug dealer’s mobile phone."
….. An Shi Tou, should Karen have long suspected that after hearing his words, he had evidence and went back to the college to kill him?
An Shi Tong is really such a brain tonic.
But soon he remembered that he had asked Matsuda when he saw his mobile phone, "Did you change your mobile phone?" Judging from the tone, Song Tian has a high probability of not knowing the owner of the mobile phone.
It should be Takeda Shin who was killed just now.
….. the result is still killing people.
However, the police sometimes kill criminals, and there’s nothing they can do to deal with a vicious drug dealer like Takeda Shin …
An Ventilator habitually thinks about how to write it if it is to be included in the report.
I was thinking that I suddenly heard Song Tian ask, "Who am I killing?"
How did Song Tian know what he was thinking just now? That weird intuition again?
….. may also be their performance is too obvious, but around so black pine field should not see the opposite expression.
An Shitou wants to explain a person’s own reaction just now-for example, he is worried that Collen killed ordinary people and caused trouble to the organization.
But before that, Song Tian blocked him back.
An Shitou heard him hit the nail on the head and asked, "Is that the person who came to spend the night? I heard you him. "
"…" An Shitou finally realized one thing.
-Song Tian doesn’t seem to get into the car as soon as he comes.
I’m afraid he also wandered around takeda letter yard for a while and eavesdropped on the corner for a while.
"… when will you arrive?" An Shitou decided to find out the situation first.
"I didn’t find you an hour or two ago, so I acted on my own." Song Tian looked very serious and asked, "Is that man a drug dealer, too?"
An Shi Tou was lost in thought.
Since Song Tian came more than an hour ago, it is indeed possible that he knew the location of Baishi House and happened to see himself smashing the window and breaking into the door …
At that time, although the curtain of Baishi House was pulled, the movement of the hitter was not small.
At this time, it seems that I have no contact with Baishi.
Thinking of Song Tian’s consistent attitude, if he now says that Baishi is a drug dealer, Song Tian may really kill people, whether it is this matter or the follow-up treatment, it will be a big deal …
"Not really" An Shitou cautiously answered.
"I thought it was a little strange for him to stay in this kind of wild ridge, and Takeda was too friendly to him, unlike people he met for the first time. I suspected that he colluded with Takeda to sell drugs … but after checking his mobile phone just now, I found that I was mistaken."
"Not necessarily." Song Tian suddenly became very difficult to fool. "Call records can be deleted or directly recited without insurance. You should believe that intuition can sometimes bring us a lot of inspiration."
"… no" An Shitou crustily skin of head to lie to the circle "I also confirmed from other aspects that it is not an address book"
Song Tian frowned slightly, but it still seems that he is not at ease.
An Shitou always felt that his teammates seemed to be more interested in this matter than usual. Perhaps his intuition told him that there was something wrong with Baishi.
….. can’t let him continue to check.
An Ventilator got into the car and took out the bug detection device. Press.

Wind Luo remembered that he nodded gently.

Chloe angrily up "what’s the difference between that and killing us? Can’t we sleep and not move? I don’t agree! "
Unicorn Luo Luo said, "Different ghosts can choose to be resurrected at any time when they sleep in hot springs. We can choose 500 years or 1000 years."
Wind Luo frowned and didn’t speak. Those beautiful blood eyes shone with light brilliance.
Feather Zhen struggled to raise her head from Feng Luo’s arms. Her little hand tightly hugged Feng Luo’s neck and said affectionately, "Feng Luo wants you to stop killing human beings and let the world have a peace, even temporarily. I am willing to sleep with you in the hot spring. Believe me, I am willing!"
Everyone froze and looked at the wind in order.
Feng Luo pondered for a long time, and his bloody eyes stared at Yu Zhen tightly. "Are you really willing to accompany me to sleep in the hot spring?"
Feather Qian smiled weakly. "This is something I should have done three thousand years ago, but it’s a little late. I believe Jingxuan will let me do it."
Looking at that distressing face, Feng Luo finally nodded, "Well, I promised that the ghost family would be buried in the hot spring or killed."
The Hunger Fengluo’s orders must be obeyed whether they are willing or not.
The door of the ice and snow palace slowly hits
Wind Luo led many vampires slowly came out from the inside, and the red shawl wind Luo still looked down on the sky and despised the domineering of the whole life.
He held the feather tightly in his hand, and the slender waist of the feather leaned pale against his arms, and the two men looked so right together.
The breeze gently blows the wind, the red volume and the feather bow, and the black ink pupil hurts in the eyes.
He got up slowly and didn’t speak, but his eyes asked the feather.
Did you choose Feng Luo?
Wind los corners of the mouth with a smile glanced at shura line he smile a little scorn.
"I’m a little flattered that the underworld shura came to crusade against us in such a huge scale. You keep saying that you want to keep the balance of the human world. Maybe it’s because you’re afraid that the underworld forces will be replaced by our ghosts?"
Shura Shenjun smiled coldly "joke!"
Feng Luo went on to say, "If it weren’t for Yu Zhen and Jing Xuan, I wouldn’t miss this opportunity. Unfortunately, I promised Yu Zhen to sleep in Tianshan Hot Springs for 1000 years, and then I will be born again to see if you can stop me again?"
Sleep? A thousand years? Ling Mo’s pupil, Xiaoxi and Brahma Xuan all opened their mouths in surprise.
"Yes, and Yu Zhen has agreed to accompany me and accompany the ghost family to sleep together. This was our agreement three thousand years ago." Feng Luo said quietly.
"Is it true?" Shura looked at Yu Zhen in disbelief.
Feather Zhen nodded. "Yes, yes, I volunteered to accompany Fengluo Hall to sleep in Tianshan Hot Springs. This is what I promised him in my previous life. I have to fulfill my promise."
Ling Mo’s green eyes became like deep pools. "Then what do you promise me?" Always proud and conceited, Shura Shenjun will feel like a knife at this time.
Feather bow, I’m afraid my tears will drip for a long time. She looks up. "I owe you back!"
Feng Luo smiled. "Well, then please go to Tianshan Hot Springs to witness our final sleep!" He made an invitation gesture quite gracefully and led the ghost clan to the back hill.
All the ghosts and gods in the underworld look for the opinions of Ling Mo Pupil. Shura Shen Jun paused and said, "Let’s follow."
Chapter one hundred and ninety-five You are not my goddess
This is a huge hot spring, like a bead embedded in a wide cave behind Tianshan Mountain.
The steam curling spring is clear and the bottom of the spring can be seen at a glance.
Feng Luo waved Fei Ying and Lan Xue led many vampires to the hot spring first, then children, then women and then men. After they entered the hot spring, they closed their eyes quietly with their hands on their knees.
After a long sleep, they won’t eat here and don’t have to wake up for a long time. They are so peaceful and quiet as if they were fetuses in the mother’s body.
Feng Luo said lightly to Shura Shenjun and others, "After we sleep, unicorns will seal this cave. After 1000 years, we will wake up. At that time, maybe the world will still be us. Maybe we will fight. Now I can say that I regret it for a long time."
Shura Shenjun deeply stared at the wind and said, "I want to say a few more words with Feather."
The wind nodded "please"
Ling Mo’s pupil stretched out his hand to Feather. Feather hesitated and followed everyone in the underworld to the outside of the cave.

Fang Ji shook his head. "If you get a new tour, even if the sugar man goes back, you can wait."

Yan Bo nodded, but he waited for two hours when he was impatient. Fang Ji rushed to report that "I have reported to my adult that he has traveled back to the spirit news. He has left the White Crow City. Let’s do it and introduce him to my adult."
"Go and wait for me!"
Fang Ji was ordered to leave for a cup of tea and then turn back.
When Yan Yanbo saw Na Xinyou in his luxurious mansion, he couldn’t help but be surprised. "Mr. Na … how did it end up like this?"
Ding people’s broken horns were badly hit, and their faces were full of strange purple. The white crow city in Naxin Tour was badly injured and could not hide it from people.
Na Xin’s wandering voice is hoarse. "White crow sugar man is serious! But I’m fine. Thank you for your adult’s sympathy. "Say goodbye to Yan Yan" according to the world’s race and class rules, and drag the stump to lie limply on the ground.
Fang Huahu waved his hand, "Please stand up quickly", refused to put on airs with the "worldly master", and ordered Fang Ji to move a seat for Ding, and another executioner and slave will offer fragrant teas.
After taking a seat, I took the initiative to say, "It seems that the city is quiet but hidden in the dark. It also blames me for being weak and contemptuous at the end of the road …"
Party painting tiger tone heavy "cough! This white crow sugar man is different from those miscellaneous people. If it weren’t for this, I wouldn’t have driven Mr. Labor to spy on Mr. Cheng’s carelessness. "
"The adult lesson is that the villain told me from the beginning that after I entered the city, I first broke a few spells and banned it, and then I launched a spiritual search. Soon I realized that there was a strange array. The white crow city base was slowly moving. It was a coincidence that I followed my teacher to refine various arrays when I was practicing in Mount Wangu. Although the white crow array is rare, I can’t hide it from me. I took it from the array and asked the adults to have a look." When talking, Ding took a new swim and took out an epidermis Zhan Qing jade small shell from his sleeve and held it in his hands before delivery.
"Xuan clam?" Fang Zhihua recognized this spiritual object and took a closer look at several cracks in the shell. This treasure has been abandoned.
A new swim nodded "good! White crow city large array Xuan clam is not hidden deep and difficult to detect. "
In the heat, there are still some thoughtful people who don’t wake up. "Adults remember that Xia Lishan said that he had lost seventeen years of improper practice …"
"Fang Ji is right." I don’t have to waste my time thinking about taking a new tour. I directly gave the answer. "Clam Xu Li will raise clams in the secret array in the city. Summer is away from the mountain. There is a lack of dharma yuan in his body. Most of his repairs have hidden the white crow in the city. Usually, once in danger, he can transfer the huge mana hidden in the city to launch a thunder strike!"
Fang Zhihua suddenly realized, "So that’s it. No wonder Xia Lishan must take the White Crow City with him …" After a pause, Sir Alex was very happy. "Does that mean that Xia Lishan, who destroyed the White Crow City while it was no longer there, was a real waste?"
"Adults see that Wan Li is just like this" compliment a new tour and continue to talk about exploring the city. "After exploring the secret array in the city, I went to the Xia family’s old house to explore it carefully. There is a forbidden law guard and all kinds of instruments needed for practice. I think it is Na Xia’s practice place that is closed from the mountains. There are too many abnormalities here, except for a strange secret room with a small shrine, a incense to raise the red statue of Wu Xian and the Emperor Lang Qi."
In liu er, Langqi was honored as "Red Martial Immortal" when he killed the ancestor of the Mifeng Immortal. Among all the Buddhists in Middle Earth, Galand was one of the protectors.
Worship the gods, worship the ancestors and worship the Buddha of Sanqing. Even the small gods who are protected by the law rarely see an example of painting a tiger in a single school. "Is it true that the Red Wu Xianzun and the Langqi Emperor are the immortals in the summer?"
Fang Ji and Na Xinyou responded at the same time, ignoring the necessity of this kind of discussion …
"I’m almost ready to get away from this strange place where I don’t see him again, and I’m about to leave and report to the adults, only to find that another blue sugar man in the chamber of secrets secretly attacked me and took me by surprise …" Na Xin lobbied to show ferocious in it. "He didn’t end up in a good situation and was hurt more than me! It may not be difficult for the opposing party to call Tang Guo’s adult to rest assured that although I am badly hurt, Tang Guo is even more unbearable. After I hit him hard, it may not be difficult for him to play some tricks in a sneaky way, but it will take Fang Ji a finger to kill him! "
Seriously injured, I spoke too much. I coughed up, took a few fragrant teas and drank a few mouthfuls, barely suppressing the retrograde breath.
"Hot" and confused "you and Tang Guo to fight? Not Tang Guo follow summer from the mountain to Wang Yunjia how can the city … "
"What adults saw before was his shadow. The sugar man stayed in the White Crow City. The villain just said that Tang Guo could play with some tricks of pretending to be ghosts." Na Xinyou continued to say, "When I beat Tang Guo in Tang Guo, atrix delayed a lot, it coincided with the summer leaving the mountain to start the secret array and fight with me. I know his tricks. Does he get what he wants?"
Yan Bo was slightly surprised. "Did you kill Xia Lishan?"
Na Xinyou shook his head. "At that time, it was not difficult for me to kill him, but I didn’t dare to kill myself without the permission of the adults. It was just a spell to stop him from walking in the array. In the summer, I was enchanted by the villains in the mountains and vomited blood in class. This also confirmed my previous guess that he didn’t have much money and hid the secret array of the city. Later, the villains didn’t dare to stay and drive out of the White Crow City. Because of serious injuries, it was difficult to adjust their breath. It was hard to see that the adults were too rude and settled in the snow field for a
Fang Huahu nodded and praised a few words, and then the conversation revealed his intention to attract Naina, a new tourist, and received the reward. He also needed Fang Ji to send him away.
Struggling to fly out of the scorching clouds, the new tour took a small and steep turn, making sure that the people behind him followed and quietly returned to the ground and the white crow city.
Su Jing Xiao phase liu, who was "wounded" by him, was waiting for him to see him come back. Su Jing smiled and said, "Did you make it clear to Yan Bo as I taught you?"
Phase liu, who was captured in the former Naxin Tour City, left Su Jing with the errand of asking questions. What was Su Jing’s background? Every little police officer, Tianzong, the elder, and the ghost sentenced him to a big sentence … On weekdays, he forced such a rough job, but he didn’t do it himself. This doesn’t mean that he was not good at torture. When he didn’t have much time, he asked the truth from the Ding population, followed a fierce ban, and then gave a set of rhetoric, ordered him to take a new tour and go to Yan Bo to report to me.
Na Xinyou nodded. "Everything happened as you said. Yan Bo knows." Being banned by King Agu can’t violate Su Jing’s order.
Su Jing smiled "very well …" Speaking of which, his eyes suddenly flashed a surprise "You are poisoned …" The words didn’t finish, but before Su Jing and phase liu asked for advice, Na Xinyou suddenly screamed. A jack-o’-lantern was burned into a coke from his belly in the blink of an eye!
Tian Yun drives the side to draw a tiger with a calm face and asks Fang Ji beside him, "What do you think of the income from exploring the city?"
Fang Ji replied, "The sugar man is injured and worships Chiwu. These things are not worth the real key. The secret array of White Crow City is the soft spot of Xia Lishan. If he is not disciplined and destroyed before he is prepared, he will never turn over!"
Fang Huahu was noncommittal. "That’s the truth, but it’s not a soft spot. I want Xia Lishan to be loyal to me, but I’m not afraid of his rebellion … Do you think Xia Lishan will be afraid of the white-toothed bodhi old zu of Wanshan?"
The question was abrupt and Fang Ji was stupefied before he replied, "If a younger brother beat Xia Lishan and Tang Guo badly, if the white-toothed bodhi old zu kissed the white crow sugar man, even if he had to account for ten lives, how can he not be afraid!"
Fang Huahu asked again, "Do you think the white-toothed bodhi old zu dares to be my enemy?"
Fang Ji a sneer at "Yu Huang governance level solemnity of ancient mountain again how great, in the final analysis, it is still Ding Renmen longitudinal lend white tooth bodhi old zu three bravery he also dare not adult enemy want to rebel? Uproot his eternal mountain! " It’s not a compliment to kill the monkey. That’s the truth. Even if the declining Earl’s Office really wants to be serious, it’s not something that Wanshan can afford.
"So I’ve poisoned Naxinyou tea, and now he’s almost a piece of coke."
Fang Ji was surprised!
Seeing the hand surprise, Fang Huahu laughed and picked up his tea and gently took a sip of it. "Naxin swims to explore the city. Naxin swims dead. Can the white-toothed bodhi old zu in the sugar man’s hands leave it at that? You can say that the patrol guard found Naxin’s body when you go again, and then you can tell the sugar man about Naxin’s swimming to inherit the ancient mountain master … and he has to be so white that I can shelter them to survive; If I ignore Mount Wan Gu, I will step over White Crow City in an instant. I don’t know the little sugar man, so I have to give him a tight grip. "
Follow the words in Yan Bo’s mouth and then turn to "Do I do something in our family Tingding?"
"It is their blessing to stop scoring," Fang Ji replied carefully.
"That’s the identity of Ding people. It’s already a capital crime for our family to accept remuneration for doing things. Take a new tour. Damn it!" Fang painted a tiger and laughed ha ha.
Su Jing is staring at the charred Ding people’s bodies to rescue them during the hot laughter. Not only are we not friends, Su Jing is not annoyed. He said to Xiao phase liu, "You really underestimate the painting of a tiger …" Here, he suddenly waved his hand and took out the joyful Lohan French stick. He gently heard a string of silvery bells laughing on the ground. Two little dolls curled up with their hands on their heads and rolled over with their sticks. After landing, they bent over and bowed to Su Jingna’s head. "Be a darling, visit them."
Su Jing was amused by a pair of fine ghost stories and asked, "Just the two of you? Haven’t you Eminem and master elder brother come out? "
"Report to my dia Eminem that our practice can come to an end and let us out first. Eminem, her old man’s house still has a secret dharma body, and it will take a while to be complete; The master elder brother’s homework has not been completed yet, and he has been left to continue his practice. "
The two little girls responded to Su Jingyan’s grin, but soon she noticed a frown … Pink and tender little girl’s chubby face and round eyes. What do you think at ordinary times? How cute is the little girl? Because of this frown, her face is abrupt and piercing, but her air suddenly changed. She really climbed out of the underworld and wanted to choose someone and ate the fierce soul!
Chapter seven hundred and forty-seven Never lost
The little darling highlighted the ferocious Su Jing and asked, "What’s wrong?"
It seems that when going out to play and returning to the nest, I found that my home was destroyed and the murderer was not far away from the little female wolf. My body was bent down at six or six volts, and my castrated lips would be saved at any time. Because of the piercing expression, a pair of immature voices that were not longer than ordinary people but far sharper than tiger teeth became hoarse and low. "Someone moved the iron law of the underworld to tamper with reincarnation! The sin is extremely evil, when the eyes are gouged out, the tongue is pulled out, the ears are tapered, and the soul is peeled off. The hot oil rises and falls for a thousand years and then immerses in the nine ice caves to suppress eternal suffering and never live! "
The ghost from the nether world has a talent for understanding the nether world, and when he came out of Agu Palace, he realized that there was something wrong with reincarnation, and his heart was full of anger. Another little baby obediently reached out and put a pair of short daggers in his little coat and gave them to his sister, so he was ready to pursue the murder.
"This is not Middle-earth." Su Jing stretched out his hand and touched the braid, indicating that she should not be nervous first.
The four seasons of this world’s six clans are different from those of the Middle-earth Gankun, and the rules of Yin and Yang reincarnation will also be different. Sure enough, I heard that I didn’t come to Middle-earth to breathe easily, close my dagger, and smile happily, and the evil spirits turned back into good babies from childhood.
Phase liu Jr. asked from the side, "Is Middle-earth different in this reincarnation?"
"The child kowtowed to Uncle phase liu". The two children knelt side by side and knocked to salute their elders before shaking their heads. "I can detect something wrong, but I can’t find the child in front of us … I just don’t know that I can’t go."
Middle-earth fine ghosts can shuttle between Yin and Yang at will. Is this good enough for them to get here? They don’t know until they try. As they speak, the two little ghosts lift their eyes to Su Jingxing at the same time, only at the command of Ah Sa.
"Hey, hey, rest assured that you can go and come. If you really meet a difficult person, we can come back to you at any time." Darling saw Su Jing hesitate and said.
Su scenic spot nodded, "If you can keep yourself safe, you might as well go and have a look."
Being a brother is very conscious of saying to his sister, "I will go first and you will follow me!" "
Being a sister doesn’t argue and nods, but the girl doesn’t say anything more. She pinched a spell in her hand and jumped up high with her legs. When she turned her head, she slammed into the ground and listened to a thump. Half of the kids disappeared!
Disappeared half a waist and sank into the ground, leaving two legs on the ground, kicking and kicking, kicking and flying a pair of chubby little feet in vain.
Su Jing "ouch" I don’t know whether I should be angry or laugh. I grabbed the little girl’s side and stretched out my hand and grabbed his foot. I tried to drag him out, but my strength was like a mud cow into the sea.