One-horned dragon is already level 20 Warcraft. For example, Lin caught you bright and evil, and it is still level 4. However, in this chaotic world for so many days, almost everyone has been Wu Amon. Fang Lin doesn’t want to recklessly fight with these knowledgeable Warcraft, and he doesn’t want to kill too much. He thinks that he has also got a fairy-level lance. Fang Lin immediately flashed the Tiankan reverse blade seal to these one-horned dragons.

Slightly condensed spirit Fang Lin can remain absolutely calm even if he is highly nervous and excited to chase after the battle, which is also a little state of mind cultivated by him after several life-and-death wars.
Shaped like a half-day ridge blade connected with Fang Lin Nianli, Fang Lin immediately sent out a strong light. After Fang Lin succeeded, he carefully studied this fairy soldier. He was very surprised to find that the idea and power of this ridge blade were very close to that of Bai Dun Royal Spirit Avatar Seal, which was almost a magic weapon with the same performance and efficacy.
Although the power quality of Tiankan Inverse Blade is quite different from that of Baidun Imperial Spirit Avatar Seal, the power it produces is almost equal and the way it is made is similar. With the experience of Yuan Shen’s integration into Baidun Imperial Spirit Avatar Indy, Fang Lin’s control of Tiankan Inverse Blade turned out to be unprecedented.
"TianKan inverse blade! Give me a seal! "
Fang Lin’s mind caused a one-horned dragon to rush, and was immediately shot by Tiankan Inverse Blade. Guanghua enveloped this head of Warcraft, and it was reduced and absorbed into Tiankan Inverse Blade by this Guanghua.
Fang Lin was very happy when he tried it successfully, but if the original owner of Tiankan Inverse Blade knew that Fang Lin had painstakingly sacrificed a super magic weapon to seal this dirty Warcraft, he was afraid that he would sigh with regret that Tiankan Inverse Blade’s original seal of Warcraft was a super powerful creature, even if Frodam was such a Warcraft, he was not qualified to be sealed.
After Fang Lin sealed a one-horned dragon, he was full of interest. His hands and feet were fast, and the white dragon deer jumped left and right to avoid the one-horned dragon. Fang Lin sealed seventeen heads one after another and went in to see his compatriots, so he disappeared and chased Fang Lin’s one-horned dragon. It was also afraid to approach again.
Played some kind of Fang Lin also lost interest in this kind of low-level Warcraft and drove the white dragon deer to rush through the one-horned dragon habitat. Wen Yi, their dark United entered the one-horned dragon habitat and immediately met the most tenacious resistance.
Since it is the purpose of catching mounts, the Dark United can capture the one-horned dragon alive. It is meaningless to kill these Warcraft. The captain of the Dark United is also a good person. He is well prepared in advance
As soon as Pu contacted the one-horned dragon attack, everyone retreated and laid a magic trap.
If Wen Yi had rushed ahead regardless of the captain’s order a few times ago, but recently several players were dissatisfied with Wen Yi and broke out intentionally. In the total battle, Wen Yi was prevented from getting ahead, and sometimes he deliberately accidentally released powerful spells to intimidate Wen Yi.
If Wen Yi is a fool, he has wronged him. In the face of this situation, even if he loves the present, he has to swallow Chen Bin more than Wen Yi. The captain of the Dark League has already said that any player will get a mount, so we are required to work together and not try to be brave.
According to the captain’s arrangement, in addition to constantly releasing the dust blown by sandstorm to confuse the one-horned dragon, Bin Chen didn’t want to fight recklessly. The one-horned dragon was fierce and magical, and only a fool like Wen Yi would be eager to try.
Ye Lisha can think of preparing an anesthetic bomb. The members of the dark United team are not idiots. Naturally, they have long thought of this means. Therefore, after the war, all the members equipped with psionic firearms occupied favorable terrain and their fighting capacity was stronger, so they held off the one-horned dragon in groups of several people.
The rest of the players know how to assist magic and help their own players or interfere with the pace of one-horned dragon running.
After a burst of chaos, the dark United relied on personnel reorganization and had already had best laid plans’s one-horned dragon. After being hit continuously, he was anesthetized and bounced up a one-horned dragon. He was not willing to roar for a long time and slowly fell down. After that, he had several one-horned dragons in a row and was put down by the dark United players
Wen Yi wanted an enchanted weapon, the flame sword, to show off when he joined the Dark United. His flame sword has good lethality, but because the emissary’s kung fu is not so good, it will be an obstacle for the group to cooperate with Wen Yi.
The Dark United is to capture the living one-horned dragon and use it as a mount. Wen Yi’s flame sword is lethal enough in the world, but he can’t guarantee that he won’t hurt his prey. This requires superb combat skills, so he was sent out intentionally by everyone after fighting.
Every time Wen Yi wants to help, he will be reprimanded and left by others. He doesn’t want to capture the one-horned dragon by himself. Where is it cut by Wen Yi’s sword? Even if it doesn’t affect the action of one-horned dragon, it will make the sale worse.
On the battlefield, Wen Yi ran around like a fly, but he didn’t dare to deal with the crazy one-horned dragon on his own. Level 20 Warcraft is not a joke. One-horned dragon is full of thunder and swift wind speed. At present, Dinahus can win one-on-one in the dark league.
Dinahus, a genius of the inflammatory lion family, also disdains to join hands with people. Although his spiritual power has only recovered by one or two percent, Dinahus’s boiling point is enough. In the face of rushing to him, he rushed to Rondina Hues to stroll around the battlefield and fired at will. With his condensed and efficient curse bomb, it was almost a shot.
Dinahus, like Fang Lin, doesn’t have to load anesthetic bombs. The oldest family in the Lion Family Hunting Regiment is a secret spell, and Wushu is also calculated to be profound and profound. Such a mind bomb is higher. He should be much higher than Fang Lin who just learned the teaching material of Hunting Regiment.
Although he doesn’t have the ability to change spiritual attributes, one shot compresses several different curses and properties continuously, but he has learned that the hunting group has accumulated many years of fighting skills and the mature mind bomb technique to condense out the hypnotic effect of the mind bomb. Few high-end dragons can last for ten seconds.
The Dark United has strong players such as Dinahus, who have resisted the impact of most one-horned dragons. This habitat has only lived for more than 200 one-horned dragons. The Dark United is still at a disadvantage, but with the increase of one-horned dragons, Dinahus has gradually reversed the situation. Seeing that this time it has achieved great success, every player is in high spirits.
Wen Yi also somehow saw the excited expression of his teammates, and he was greatly indignant and wanted to show his ability.
At this time, Bin Chen no longer has to help his players get out and join the battle. Although it is said that everyone will have a mount as a result of the final distribution, there must be a limited possession of the one-horned dragon by himself. Individuals who are strong and weak also have the difference between appearance and beauty and ugliness. Bin Chen is no exception.
Wenyi intends to coincide with Bin Chen.
The most powerful one-horned dragon is stronger than the one-horned dragon, so it has been resisted until the end. Bin Chen winked at Wen Yi, and Wen Yi got the message. Two people immediately rushed to a roaring black-red one-horned dragon, which just besieged it. Several dark United players have been collided by it. Bin Chen and Wen Yi immediately filled the defensive position.
That a few players saw Wen Yi rushed to look at each other, unwilling to fight with Wen Yi, and turned to help their familiar friends to go to Wen Yi to drink a "Bin Chen! I’ll stop it. You shoot at the right time! "
Bin Chen is not as pushy as Wen Yi, so the Dark United chose a powerful long-range shooting gun when it said it would give weapons, and it was also a Griffin sniper rifle from Krupp, the world’s only psionic martial arts manufacturing company.
The length is 50.7 cm and the weight is 60.66 kg. The appearance is simple and fast, showing the simple design concept. One charge can reach 160 rounds. Because it is popular production, the high-priced material of Diablo refined gold has not been replaced by the latest magic-breaking alloy. The psionic metal has been made into the latest magic-breaking alloy. At first, the alchemists made great efforts to develop the magic-breaking alloy formula. Although this metal is much worse than the natural magic-breaking property, it is not as good as Diablo refined gold, but it is cheaper and can be synthesized artificially.
The vulture-type sniper rifle department is inlaid with a convenient messenger who fits the psychic magic. Although it is not long enough, its accuracy is not lost to the sniper gun. The effective range has reached two kilometers.
Although the performance parameters are much inferior to those of high-priced goods such as vampire kiss, the reality is not bad at all
Bin Chen is not the same as Wen Yi Ma Jingjie. Although he has also acquired the supernatural ability, he has worked harder to practice Fang Lin’s adventures, which is a comparison of his methods. However, after Bin Chen gradually learned about the world, he firmly believed that his hard work would be compensated one day. There is no shortage of genius in the dark world, but monsters and practitioners who can stand up for thousands of years are rare.
"Maybe I can’t reach that level soon, but I will one day reach the point where it’s ridiculous who can persist until the end."
Therefore, Bin Chen Lingli has surpassed Wenyi and Ma Jingjie to have vampire kisses and try to train their marksmanship. Now it’s time for Bin Chen to be unambiguous. One shot and two strikes of the psionic sniper rifle hit the key parts of the one-horned dragon.
The high-performance anesthetic bomb immediately went off. At this time, Wen Yi also realized that his flame sword was in the way, and he could neither cut the beast nor defend himself. Put it away, and the flame magic bomb blocked the impact of the one-horned dragon.
Bin Chen teamed up with Wen Yi to cooperate. Although he was lazy, Wen Yi’s flame magic still had a deep accomplishment. The flame magic played the fire wall, which made Bin Chen’s marksmanship accurate and the wind magic accomplishment made him have a special experience in the control of the play and the speed enhancement. When they put down the third one-horned dragon fight, they gradually approached the team members of the tail dark United captain to call the seal spell to help their companions complete the summoning contract.
Summoning magic has always been very developed in western magic bodies. This means of controlling Warcraft is very simple and practical.
Wenyi and Bin Chen were quite excited to choose their own mounts. They put down three heads and were all very strong. Their figure was also stronger than that of the general one-horned dragon. However, when Wenyi saw that the last one had not been controlled, he winked at Bin Chen and wanted to step in.
This one-horned dragon is the leader of this group of one-horned dragons. Its collar is twice as big and half as tall as that of other one-horned dragons. A few players under strong siege have not been able to knock down this Warcraft yet. It seems that its skin has been specially strengthened. All anesthetic bullets have penetrated the tough skin of this one-horned dragon king.
Wen Yi’s idea gave Bin Chen a categorical rejection of the coveted team members of this one-horned dragon king. No one can see that all the competitions for this head of Warcraft are very fierce. It is even worse for the two of them to join the notification. Besides, even if they rob this mount of Warcraft, it is not necessarily good. After all, everyone is here to pass the exam, not to play treasure and train.
Wen Yi refused to listen to Bin Chen’s words and said, "We are fighting for and afraid of who will come to Bin Chen. Wen Yi has already rushed away. Although he is fat and fat, Wen Yi’s speed is not slow. His professional class is a magic warrior. Flame magic is his auxiliary means of improving combat effectiveness. Wen Yi forced other players to attach one to himself. He can use the strongest flame magic fighting spirit to burn.
The burning of fighting spirit is improved. Western magic is a new type of magic that combines the East and the West. It can attach a layer of high-temperature flame to the caster before it hurts the caster. The attack lasts about fifteen minutes.
Wen Yi’s whole body was ablaze with flames, and the momentum was amazing. Several players were strangled by Wen Yi and couldn’t help but let him round up the one-horned dragon king gap. However, it happened that he had been rounding up the one-horned dragon king with Wen Yi all the time. When he felt the heat wave rolling behind him, he immediately took a step back. When he saw that it was the Oriental he hated the most, his dissatisfaction finally broke out.
"We fought hard. What’s he doing here?"
The boy’s hand flashed slightly, and a magic bullet hit Wenyi in the back.
Before coming, the way of flapping was already very fierce. This magic bullet not only hit Wen Yi hard, but also made Wen Yi, who was close to the one-horned dragon running, stop and hit the toe of the one-horned dragon running.
Besieged for a long time, he has been attacked one after another. The one-horned dragon king is furious and finds a big ball of meat rolling in the sky, and he steps on it without thinking about it.
If Wen Yi can compare his strength with such a behemoth, he tries hard to roll, but he can’t hide from the one-horned dragon’s feet. He presses his thigh hard and a sharp pain makes Wen Yi cry miserably.
When the boy saw Wen Yi’s miserable experience, he felt quite ill at heart and finally got rid of this annoying guy, which made him feel happy and relaxed his vigilance.
Bin Chen’s eyes immediately turned red when he saw this scene. Although he had a lot of dissatisfaction with Wenyi, after all, years of friendship and friendship were profound. Seeing Wenyi being assassinated by Chen Bin wanted to and didn’t want to wave his hand and cut out with a sharp wind blade. The boy was unprepared to detain and was cut by Chen Bin’s wind blade to his back. A fountain of blood gushed out. The boy tried to turn back but could not see his wound face. Before he could speak, he plopped down.
Several members of the dark league around this change were stunned, but the only one who was not shocked by the change was the one-horned dragon king, but he was unceremoniously stepping on the foot again, but this time the goal was to fall to the ground.

"Bang" A black man was shot in the leg, but then the sniper’s position of the blade directly blew up a mass of blood. "Bang" The black man sniper is not a vegetarian.

The blade sniper was obviously not as lucky as King Arthur. He was killed by a sniper in black as soon as he shot the gun. King Arthur’s eyelids were slapped and then he swept away at the gun position.
Sure enough, a figure was withdrawing his gun, but King Arthur didn’t hesitate to directly "bang" at the black dress person, that is, a gun suddenly blew up King Arthur with a blood flower and didn’t look at his achievements.
Decisively carrying a gun, rolling and hiding behind him, "bang" exploded a cloud of dust. Obviously, there was more than one sniper in black. If he had left slowly, he would have been hit by now.
"Ta-da-da-ta" Suddenly, the bushes behind King Arthur came again with guns. As soon as King Arthur gripped his hand, the gun suddenly fell down.
Rolling and crawling forward, King Arthur once again entered another shooting position. At this time, there was a short tired voice in his earphone. "Boss, don’t be busy. If you can break through, you can break through first. We are surrounded."
"The men in black have blocked the periphery, and we have been discovered now." The low voice on the other end of the earphone is hoarse. "The plug, pine cone and stab sword are all dead, and now there are five of us."
King Arthur sipped his mouth and said nothing, but he bent slightly and said to the dwarf, "You can count as many as you can go out when you break through."
Then he pulled out his walkie-talkie and headphones and dropped them on the ground. He just grabbed a sniper rifle and walked back to the depths of the forest. He made several booby traps along the way.
Then continue to retreat, only to see him quickly retreat to a small river, and then bend down and gently sink into the bottom of the river to swim and escape to the Woods, and continue to fight bloody.
Short at the side of the last blade was shot directly hit the waist "pa" a crunchy that blade waist like a broken tofu.
Scarlet blood and steaming dirty were smashed by the warhead and splashed all over the floor. The blade screamed in his mouth and tried to cover his wound. However, there was nothing too big.
"Give me a good time." This is the last request of the blade. The short pain covered his forehead and pulled out a pistol to resist the blade’s forehead. "Bang"-the blade’s head was punched with a small bullet hole and the other side of the head was blown up with a blood hole the size of a fist.
Gray brains and scarlet blood splashed all over the floor, and those gray eyes were gradually losing their spirits. They glanced at the blade and whispered, "Dude, you won’t be lonely. I’ll accompany you now."
Said the short pistol muzzle into his mouth, and then suddenly pulled the trigger, but heard a "bang" shot short the whole crown was rapidly shot into the warhead and the whole lift.
The gray brains and splashes of scarlet blood "shout" spread to the half-lost brain control body twitching and turned to the ground about 50 meters in front of the short body. Groups of men in black are constantly touching with the help of bunkers.
"This morning, the patrolman found a group of unarmed men on the outskirts of Paris. Due to the large number of the other side, the police immediately notified the relevant departments to deal with it. A gun battle broke out at the scene and a total of 30 armed men were directly killed."
"The police said that they have not found out the identity and intention of the other party at present. All departments will follow up the investigation and we will continue to report the situation."
Chapter one hundred and ninety-two Heavenly Road into the Underground Gate
"Horse evacuation" is the only sentence that the giant wolf gave Hou Dasheng. When he heard this sentence, Hou Dasheng didn’t ask anything. He chose to rush directly into Lisa’s room and call all Bao to leave here quickly.
Everyone did not board the bus, but according to the evacuation route planned by Otto before, and after being dispersed in disguise, they evacuated directly through the secret door at the back of the house and at the corner about 200 meters in front of the secret door.
There is a coffee shop. Hou Dasheng took Lisa directly into the coffee shop. The employees in the coffee shop seem to turn a blind eye to their arrival and continue to wipe their coffee cups.
There are no guests in this coffee shop, Hou Dasheng. They walked out of the back door of the kitchen directly through the coffee shop without causing any interest. There is a common Citroen car in Paris quietly.
Otto got into the co-pilot seat without telling his face to be painted a sallow elixir, but with a glance at his face and a belly.
Lisa, who has a gray eye pupil and a silver gray hair color, is now very old with wrinkles and age spots. She got into the car with Hou Dacheng, who has blond hair, a deep European face and blue eyes.
"Whoops!" When the car started, the siren sounded in the middle of the night. Hou Dacheng and others looked up and saw several vehicles approaching the house where they were in front.
Lisa didn’t ask what happened, but she kept her head down and said nothing. So far, she has been at a disadvantage. Obviously, Albizi Jr. has found a helper who helped him get rid of the political dilemma.
What’s more, he won the support of official channels, otherwise so many bad guys wouldn’t suddenly appear here and surround Lisa’s house. With political resources, Albizi Jr. has now completely occupied the wind
When the car slowly got out of the tens of meters, some poor guys set up roadblocks to intercept it.
"I’m sorry, sir, please show me your ID." The elixir stopped the car inexplicably at the other party’s conductor and then shook the window. "Is there anything wrong? My wife still needs to attend a dinner party. I hope you won’t delay too long."
"No, no, no, no,no." The poor guy glanced at the car. Although the lights were not very bright, he still saw Lisa in her doddering state and Hou Dacheng with a face of awe.
The poor guy glanced at the elixir again and Otto looked at Otto with a briefcase in his hand and said with a smile, "Can I see your ID?"
Otto frowned and gave the certificate directly to the policeman without saying anything. "Mr. Policeman, I respect you very much and cooperate with your inspector, but I need your warning number now. Can I have it?"
The poor guy immediately glanced at Otto and handed him the certificate. Looking at Otto’s certificate, he couldn’t help but gulp down the water. Otto said that he was a big lawyer.
It’s definitely not a good thing for a barrister to ask you for a warning signal. This policeman is a bit difficult to ride a tiger.
"Well, we have to go to the dinner party, so we don’t have to be difficult." Sitting in the back seat, Lisa blurted out at this time, but she heard her voice getting a little old. "This is also his job."
"As you wish, your honor." Otto shrugged his shoulders like an ant who offended an elephant but was stopped from stepping on it by a herd of elephants.
The poor guy who checked the papers was grateful to look at Lisa. He is not an idiot. This area is either rich or expensive. No one can be provoked by this little poor guy.
At this moment, he is a little annoyed that he is loyal to his duty, but he still meets a good heart. If he meets a stingy person and gives him a crooked mouth, he will really get more than one bargained for.
"All right, Mr. Poor guy, can we leave now?" Lisa smiled at the poor guy and said, "My guest is still waiting for me to be late. It’s not a good habit if you need to see my ID."
"No, no, no, it’s not necessary, madam. You can go to the appointment now." With this, the poor man quickly returned the ID department to the elixir and Otto, and then waved to his colleague for release.
The car slowly left the area and the sirens and roadblocks were left behind them. Hou Dacheng was holding the staff in his hand. Just now, they came up to the police from the moment and several deputy armed men in black.
If you check that they are these men in black, can you walk away? This is really unknown.
The car left this area and then disappeared. In the darkness, it turned left and right a few times. These two humble cars immediately entered an alley, where they skillfully drove and hit the rolling gate at the end of the alley.
After the car was put in, everyone unloaded the camouflage rolling gate, which looked like a warehouse. There were boxes and sundries piled up everywhere. It seemed that a box was taken out at random, and a lux holiday was given to Lisa, and then another pair of slightly green contact lenses was given to her.
Hou Dacheng changed the golden wig elixir and handed it to him. He must have a slightly longer gray wig. Without looking, Hou Dacheng went to the corner with a tight leather coat and quickly changed himself.

"So that’s it. Is everything doomed?"

Qin Changfeng muttered to himself, looking at the front, the increasingly gray curse color flashed in the eyes of the emperor, and no one knew what he was thinking at the moment.
A moment later, I saw him put away the eternal symbol of the emperor’s bone and put it away. At the same time, God read and issued an imperial edict.
"Emperor!" Jade slave fairy was called soon.
Qin Changfeng front kiss xiu Yang a shimmering star light bead flew out and fell to the front of the fairy.
Fairy gazed at it carefully and found that the light bead was impressively a palace condensed by runes, but it was too bright to hide the fairy palace.
"Emperor, this is …"
Qin Changfeng said, "From then on, in the Taitian Emperor’s Palace, there will be eternal dharma practice in the main palace of your palace, and any monk who decides to be mysterious can be selected to practice in the Emperor’s Palace."
"Yunu thanked the Emperor!"
Jade slave smiled and smiled, and she has realized her own transformation from the fairy princess to the heavenly emperor palace master.
"Everything in heaven is still up to you. When I leave for a while and come back, it will be the emperor’s period!"
Qin Changfeng gently nodded to leave this sentence and then disappeared in a flash.
Chapter one thousand and thirty-four The Emperor of Heaven arranged
Qin Changfeng, the celestial genkai Tiangong, lost his hand in the sky, and the stars on the top of the heavenly palace stood out.
"At the end, I will visit the Emperor Taitian!"
Bearer is at the end of the YuJun army master ink Hailan meticulously respectful salute.
"Do you know why the Emperor came to see you?"
"The Emperor of Heaven has his own reasons and will not dare to speculate at the end."
Qin Changfeng laughed, "Your son Sheng Tian died at my hand, and your mother should not let go of this killing place. If you don’t die, my heart will be restless."
"If the Emperor of Heaven wanted to kill me, he would have done it directly long ago, and he would not talk much."
Mo Hailan’s face was full of bitterness. She never dreamed that Qin Changfeng would not only become the final winner of the first monarch war, but also directly become the Emperor of Heaven. What she didn’t expect was that he turned out to be the reincarnation of the first immortal emperor.
It is impossible for Sheng Tian to die, but it is impossible to say how painful it is, but it is not necessarily because of the twists and turns. Needless to say, it is impossible to convince the Emperor that she has no revenge.
Today, the Emperor of Heaven has no resistance to the different roots of the fairy king ant, and it is obvious that the Emperor of Xianyu will not, and she will have a conflict with the Emperor of Taixian.
Qin Changfeng’s facial expression took out the cursed emperor’s bone, intercepted it from the source, turned it into a black light, directly printed the eyebrows of Mohailan, and immediately turned it into a final curse mark.
"It’s a curse that if you can carry on, the past will be forgotten."
Qin Changfeng’s purpose is obvious. He wanted to borrow this fairy king to explore the mystery of the curse of final silence. Although he had a lot of gains, he made a decisive breakthrough when he pondered it alone.
Although there are many celestial fairy kings, it is rare to make him justified and curse.
After all, he is now in the name of the Emperor of Heaven, and if he chooses, he will persecute a statue whose name belongs to him, and it is difficult to influence his reputation.
"Di Chu, you watch her. If you can prove the secret of your cursed silence, I will send you to Eternal Fuyu!"
Since Qin Changfeng arrival, Emperor Chu Jun has been behind him, and naturally he has repeatedly obeyed at this time.
In the eternal Fuyu nature, it is not anyone who wants to enter Qin Changfeng. Now, once the Emperor of Heaven enters Zhongdu, it can be said that it is detached. If he does not start cleaning up, it will be eternal and immortal, and the collapse of the world will not be critical to them.
This has incomparable attraction for Chu Jun, the emperor who has long known and personally experienced the death disaster, and thinks that it is the only refuge in the world to avoid the death disaster.
Moments later, Qin Changfeng disappeared from the Heavenly Palace and was sent to the No.1 test tower in genkai.

"Ha ha, your master, do you remember that it was your master who was good? All this is that we were blind and your conscience was eaten by the dog." Mu Zun stared at the stream with a cold face and seemed to look into it.

"You go close to falling away. It was really at the beginning that your master didn’t ask you to save Chu ripples. You let you come to Jing State. You gave them instructions behind your back. Your master didn’t punish you. Your master spoiled you so much. Is this how you repay? Ah? "
"Now Chu Ripples is leading Middle-earth to make an attack. We didn’t know that you were in it. Your master and we are very glad to know that your heart is still in the holy land. It is still in your master’s place, but we are all wrong."
"You ungrateful thing actually led the troops to attack yourself and brought outsiders to destroy the place where you grew up to harm yourself. Master led the enemy to attack your relatives. Don’t you forget that there are still many friends who are related by blood in the holy land? You ungrateful thing actually led the enemy to beat your relatives and friends and raise yourself as a father." How much hatred and anger is included in the roar? How much bitterness and disappointment is it to be hurt and betrayed by your closest relatives and favorite people? It is the most painful thing in the world.
"You ungrateful thing. Did your conscience go to the dog? It is better to do such a thing than to be a beast. "Fierce words accompanied by angina pectoris are displayed in this cold sea area."
Behind him, the holy land warships are marching forward step by step under the command of the dharma protector, so familiar with black and red as well as dazzling.
How fascinating it is.
Come quietly, no horn, no cry, not even the sound of beating the sea. There is a kind of silence.
It was a sad disappointment, and everyone was disappointed with this former darling.
The sunshine falls on the stream, and it is not necessarily the slightest warmth, but the biting chill.
Looking at the past from the perspective of ripples, the straight figure is still standing so straight. It is the five fingers that are hard to grasp on the ship’s rail, and the fingers are already bloody, which shows how strong it is.
But all these ideas are not noticed at all.
She never understood and never knew what this man was thinking, and she never could see through which side he presented in front of her.
Maybe … maybe …
The stream stood still for a long time, not even a refuting word.
That’s what he admitted. He admitted it
How can proud brook Li admit it like this?
He admitted that he was heartless and ungrateful.
The wind flow in the dazzling sunshine is still deep and bitter, and no one can see it or understand it.
Ripples frowned at the stream and thought about it in her heart, but she thought about the stream and thought about it to explain that he was not said to be such a person, which she was convinced.
"Boss, what the hell is going on?" Zhang Cheng asked, although he said that the Emperor Xiliang didn’t impress him very much, he shouldn’t have been said that way. What the hell is going on? Isn’t he the Emperor Xiliang? Why is it so deep with the holy land?
"Want to know what’s going on? Let’s listen to what people said at that time." Ripple said, but his eyes finally fell on the stream.
"By this time you have to hide something from us? Although I don’t know why the red robe monster said that about you, I also believe that you are definitely not such a person. What on earth did you do? " Have a firm eye
The stream ideas did not move for a long time before slowly twisting a neck and looking down at the sea.
"The thing is that I am an ungrateful animal when you see that. In fact, I am close to you with a purpose."
"You beast, I’m going to get rid of you on behalf of the Lord today." Mu Zun roared through the ceiling.
"Shut up, Queen. What are you talking about, you old shaggy?" Ripples are absolutely swearing back.
Scenery night behind several people suddenly wiped their noses, turned their heads and rolled their eyes …
This is too fall in price. How can I say it? Ripple is also the commander-in-chief. Why is Queen Wang Linglan, the palace maid, so rude?
"You" Mu Zun was about to yell when he jumped up, but he was stopped by people.
"honour person has a tip-off" behind the red messenger holding a golden roll.
"How can this happen? The Lord already knows who will tell the news?" Wood statue eyes a fiercely look around a circle of eyes have been red cover the back of the head.
"It’s me"
In the silent crowd, a rough sound started, followed by a yellow-robed old man, and fell in front of the wooden statue.
"Brother, why are you here?" Wood statue to see bearer first surprised and then gently to meet.
"Brother Tu, you don’t know that we were all wrong before. The ungrateful beast came to attack our holy land with Chu Ripples and others. You came just as we joined hands to get rid of this ungrateful beast winner today."
"Mu Zun, you old miscellaneous hair, you bite a beast. Who are you cursing?" On a scenic night, hold down the shoulder of a stream and say with malicious intent
"Beast …"
"The Lord already knows," said Tu Zun, who had to make a joke by holding down Mu Zun’s shoulder at the right time.
"What? Who will inform? " Wood awe-inspiring face a white.
"Your Lord really didn’t notice such a big thing? As early as when the protector of heaven and earth was defeated and returned, the Lord already knew what had happened, and this was the tip-off. "Tu Zun said and looked at the stream."
"Small ideas, no matter what you want to do, but you Tu Shibo always believe that you are not a bad-hearted child, so why don’t you report to your master yourself?" Tu Zun said, looking at the stream and looking at ideas, he was responsible but firm.
"Tu Shibo!" The light flashing from the eyes of the stream was complicated and bitter, so I took a look at Tu Zun.
"Brother, what did you say at this moment? Stream ideas are an ungrateful thing. We were deceived by him before. The Lord must be very disappointed," said Mu Zun mercilessly.
"Well, don’t talk too much. Now that the Lord knows what to do with it, the Lord has his own decision. You have read the cable just now, so just do what the Lord wants."
"But why is it so cheap for them? Is the Lord confused? Doing so is tantamount to dedicating the holy land to them." Mu Zun said with a full face of anger
"Well, stop it," said Tu Zun, who was tired. His face was pale now.
"Brother, what’s wrong with you?" Mu Zun clasped his wrist in his future reaction in a flash.
"The pulse is so weak, who hurt you?"
"No one"
"No one. Then are you wavering again?" Wood stare big eyes and then god looked at the east.
Tu Zun took a look at him, withdrew his hand and nodded. "It’s the Lord and the other three brothers who are there, and the situation is not optimistic. That’s why they let them go."
Swallow a sigh and nod, "Brother, I’m white. I’ll do it."
Step by step, step by step, step by step toward the bow, and blazing with anger looks at the stream.
"It’s not that easy for you to attack the holy land, but now we’ll give you a chance."
"We withdraw our troops and let you enter the holy land, but only four of you."
"Don’t you dare to follow" Mu Zunda said defiantly and looked at Chu ripples.
"What tricks do you want to play again? The queen doesn’t want them to be fooled." Chu Qiao frowned and hurriedly persuaded him that it was always a bad thing. This is probably a conspiracy in the Holy Land
"Ha, ha, ha, I didn’t think that Middle-earth and Tiangong people are all cowards. Come or not, whatever you want." Wood statue of cold hum a ripple and others are rushing to call on warships to retreat quickly.
In a few blink of an eye, I have already retreated so that I can vaguely see a shadow.
"Really? Did they really retreat?" The land rover ape looked at his eyes on the deck and couldn’t believe it.
"What shall we do now?" Candle away also frowned, looking at will disappear holy land warships this change came too fast, they can’t accept it.
"Yes, the boss can’t believe that they are deliberately conspiring," said Zhang Cheng.
"The queen still needs to consider this matter carefully." The ripples in the scenic night are that their queen is their follower and their backbone, and nothing is allowed to happen.

There is no evidence for this explanation, but it is also sloppy.

If this force is really mastered by the magic clan, whether it is directly used to bombard the eastern continent to kill powerful enemies or to make some crazier plans, it is possible, but it is always impossible to make such an arrangement.
She added, "It is more likely that this place is a form of deposition and solidification in the long-term confrontation between the ancestors and his enemies."
"I think it should have been like this since the red-violet star fell into this canyon."
"Every landscape here represents the will of the founder and one of those people."
Overlooking the far-off Tianfo City, Night Sword Pavilion and other scenery seems to support this point.
However, Fu Li pointed a little at the hill across the river and said, "But who has any reason to show the scene that our home was destroyed?"
They looked at the familiar and strange objects in that direction together, and they fell into a long silence at the same time
A strange building in ancient times fell on that hill.
The building body is a whole, which seems to be much bigger than that hill. At first glance, it looks like two silver-gray discs are buckled together.
But the lattice windows on the edge of the building and the steel stairs extending from the door show that the building once contained tens of millions of living things
This is a tool that can travel through the sky.
The four realms in ancient times were completely established and announced that day. The year calculated by the new calendar was called the first year of the holy calendar.
And in 2772, when Liesheng fell from the sky and smashed into a small mountain.
At that time, Fu Li and her sister were little girls who didn’t know how to practice and would be excluded by others in the village.
Their mother died when they were both born.
When they were three years old, a giant python climbed into her house and scared their father to death.
At that time, there were many people in the simple village who were kind enough to support them for several years.
However, as they get older, the abnormality of these two sisters becomes more and more obvious.
Fu Li can communicate with wild animals, and she can understand the language of those wild animals. The fiercer they are, the more willing they are to get close to her, and they often occupy the side of her house, which makes the villagers nervous.
Sister seems to be able to see through other people’s minds, and what others don’t say at ease will be heard by her.
There are elderly people in the village who are seriously ill and die in one breath. After my sister went, she was able to talk to the dead old woman and let the body close her eyes.
This is really a symbol of outstanding qualifications.
If it’s birth news, the two of them are gifted in developed cities, and it’s very likely that they will be recruited by six famous people. If they go to some small sects, they will be immediately trained as the main force of a generation.
However, the more they grow up in the village, the more they can feel that the villagers are alienated and afraid.
So when they are over ten, they can move outside the village.
The huge silver-gray saucer was farthest from them when it fell from the sky next to the village.
They watched as many freaks jumped out of it.
Those monsters are about the height of 13 or 14-year-old children, with slender limbs, round bellies and big eyes, and a flat black nose with two small holes and sharp ears.
Their hair seems to be naked, and their skin presents a gray and smooth texture, but their hands are carrying strange crossbows.
I can’t see where the crossbow is placed, but if I raise my hand, a luminous arrow will shoot out from the small crossbow and sink into the villagers’ bodies.
The monsters chattered and talked and jumped and cheered in the village.
People in the village fled in horror and screaming, and then they were put down by monsters one after another.
Some young adults were transported to the door of the dish by monsters, and monsters in clothes came out and stabbed short glass tubes into the back of the villagers’ heads.
Soon, the young and strong bodies in the village became deformed, cheering, hugging each other and crying.
An aggressive monster found the Fu Li sisters and rushed to their residence.
Fu Li is close to those wild animals who want to help her but can’t resist the monsters’ weapons.
Probably because they can understand the words of wild animals, monsters can understand their language even when they are near.
"It’s strange that the technology of the highest intelligent race here is very poor. Their living conditions and methods of harvesting food are so original. Why is there remote control and low intelligent race technology?"
"It’s heterogeneous, isn’t it? There is a mutation in the evolution of a population."
"this mutant individual may be able to catch them by turning down the power in a more complete way."
Those glowing arrows slowed down a little.
But the two sisters still can’t escape far.
Operator from my sister’s body to resist an attack is limp.
Fu Li fell off the cliff. She fell into a coma and was saved by her brother Fei Sheng.
That brother can’t deal with those monsters alone, so he is going to go back to the city and try to inform the elders of Zongmen.
Is flying holy mountain elders haven’t arrived there is another message.
A demon master happened to pass by and killed all the monsters there, taking away the strange tools.
Operator from almost cried blind before the cenotaph.
But then when she realized that her sister was not dead, the two sisters were already in different camps.
"Even my master doesn’t know the scene in those days. Does your master who has been closed for thousands of years know such a thing?"
Fu Li said, "Even the power of escape is manifested in this way?"
I really can’t figure this out.
When a generation of Yan Tu door lords passed by, they didn’t kill all the monsters as they said.
The curious woman grabbed all the monsters and stuffed them into that tool, ready to go back to Zongmen to study with it.
The whole body was devoted to the goddess, and she was also stuffed together.

"This …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

"Chloe, I hope you don’t blame me, but it may not be possible, but I still want your forgiveness," said Liu Ruoying.
"Teacher, are you kidding? How can you see Li Yi? How good your figure is! How can you be a heartthrob when you go out?" Lin Keer still doesn’t believe that it is impossible for a teacher to like a student.
"Chloe, I didn’t lie. When Li Yi saw me, I knew I should follow the three obedience and four virtues to marry him, but I still had some reluctance. Just like you said, why should I marry such a person willingly? I knew I was white before," Liu Reying said lightly
I don’t know what feelings Liu ruoying always has in her words.
"Go on, I want to hear a story!" ? I don’t know when Li Lu came quietly and sat down beside Liu Reying.
"Little heron, why are you here?" Liu ruoying asked
"I saw you telling stories, so I came to listen to stories. Listening to stories is the most interesting." Li Lu nodded.
"You don’t understand the story of Little Heron Sister, so don’t listen. It’s not good for you." Lin Keer spoke.
"No, no, I just want to listen to it. Is it because Chloe’s sister doesn’t like me? Want to kick me out? " Li Lu looked at Lin Keer with watery eyes as she spoke.
"How is it possible! Little heron has always been the most popular. Since little heron wants to listen, listen! " Liu ruoying hugged Li Lu and said
Suddenly, Lin Keer thought of one thing. It seems that he forgot to ask Li Yi and Xiaolu’s sister what they are.
"Thank you, Sister" Li Lu has learned nothing, but her mouth is getting sweeter and sweeter.
"In fact, I don’t know Li Yi very well, but the first time he joked with me and I was not serious, I got to know him. Li Yi is not a penny-pinching person. He is humorous and kind, and occasionally our girl loses her temper. He can tolerate it when I cry. If other boys see the girl crying, they will run away! If you want to say when I like Li Yi, it is the time when he went to my office. "Liu Reying’s face became more and more red.
At this time, Lin Keer was also very touched that he didn’t have much contact with Li Yi, but he liked to joke with me and take advantage of me. But when I was in trouble, he helped me. Although he asked for some benefits, he really tried his best. When he cried, he never comforted himself by his side. Although he couldn’t comfort girls, he had that heart, which many boys didn’t have.
Li Lu’s IQ is not enough. Why are Sister Kerr and Sister Ruoying blushing? What, the more Sister Ruoying talks, the redder she gets? What Chloe’s sister is getting redder and redder?
Li Lu is full of doubts and ready to let her sister Chloe explain one.
"Elder sister, what’s wrong with you? Why is your face so red? Is it hard? Do you have a fever? " Li Lu asked
Are you horny? Wrong, wrong, how can a pure and lovely little heron say such a thing? It must be a fever. It must be that the little heron can’t pronounce correctly. Liu Ruoying thought to herself.
Gao Fushuai, get ready to rise. I like you.
Chapter ninety-nine Talking in the living room ()
"No, no, nothing happened with your sister Ruoying," Lin Keer said.
"Little Heron, go to Li Yi first. He can give you delicious food," said Liu Ruoying.
"Oh, it’s delicious," said Li Lu.
"Chloe, actually, I really like Li Yi," said Liu Ruoying.
"It’s no use telling me these words!" Lin Keer was ready to listen to Liu Reying silently, but still didn’t hold back.
"I can see that Li Yi often bullies you in other people’s eyes, but he may care most about that you love you the most. How can I tell Li Yi if I don’t talk to you?" Liu ruoying asked
"That’s what I should do?" Before Lin Keer, I never thought about these problems. Before Li Yi only had a little heron sister, but she didn’t know anything.
By the way, I have to ask Li Yi a few questions when he sees me off.
"I … this … I …" Renee Liu didn’t know what to do at the moment.
"Mom, I finished washing my hands. I served food!" Li Yi said
"Hurry up, so many dishes need to be served," said Li Yi’s mother.
"Xiaoyiyi, where are you?" As they walked along, Li Lu asked
"Li Yi, who is she?" Li Yi mom pointed to Li Lu and asked
"She is Lin Keer’s sister, and we often meet at school," said Li Yi.
"Oh, well, you can’t be sorry for being clever!" Li Yi’s mother said
"Oh, I know, I certainly can’t," Li Yi said vaguely.
"It’s good to know that there are not many beautiful and lovely girls. Cherish them!" Li Yi’s mother said
"Little Heron, I’m here," said Li Yi.
Li Lu found Li Yi along with Li Yiyin, but Xiao Lu Lu also saw Li Yi’s mother.
What can I do? What should I say?
Suddenly, Li Lu thought of her sister Chloe and her sister Ruoying. Isn’t it called Aunt when she sees Xiaoyi’s mother? She can also say it according to the cat and draw a tiger!
"Good aunt!" Li Lu weak weak said 1
"The little girl is quite shy. It’s okay for you and Li Yi to play!" Li Yi mother smiled and said
"Mom, I took all the dishes first!" Li Yi asked with two dishes.
"Then you can go to the front!" Li Yi’s mother said
Li Yiduan went out with those dishes.
Li Lu came alive as soon as she left the kitchen.
"Small art what is this? Why is it so fragrant? " Li Lu sniffed and asked
"I know my lovely little heron has learned a lot recently, so guess what it is?" Li Yi smile happily asked.
"I don’t know!" Li Lu shook her head, just as cute as she wanted to be.
"You must know," Li Yi said with a smile.
"I smell it," said Li Lu after a while.
"How is it?" Li Yi smile happily asked.
"Wow, it smells good. Is this delicious?" Li Lu smelled it and almost drooled.

After getting the opportunity to observe the black hole at close range, some theoretical physics and high-energy physics scientists were very excited, claiming that the development path of human science and technology will save 300 years because of this black hole, and this black hole is capable of pushing the whole human civilization forward a big step.

When Zhao Lan blocked the plan, the chief commander of the base announced that he would restart the slimming plan of the black hole, and when the black hole evaporated in a month … Zhao Lan met several respected representatives of elderly scientists, who were composed of thousands of scientists, and strongly protested that the old men directly rushed into Zhao Lan’s office and spat for a long time. Zhao Lan, a face of these outstanding scientific predecessors, dared not be there to explain patiently with a smiling face.
Those scientists really understand this truth. They also know that a black hole is really important compared with the fate of the whole human race, so they have worked out an extremely complicated action plan. This plan plans to reduce the mass of this black hole to 120,000 tons instead of the original 100,000 tons, so that the life of this black hole will be doubled from about four days to the life of the sky, and then the 120,000-ton black hole will be transported to the third node. In the calculation, the radiation power of a 120,000-ton black hole can also be blocked. After the planned demand is completed, the mass of the black hole is reduced to less than 40 thousand tons, and then the black hole is urgently infused with materials to rescue the dying black hole, so that the human language has completed the blocking plan and kept the black hole.
But this plan is too complicated and too precise, not to mention the difficulties encountered in the specific operation. It is difficult to solve one thing simply by saying that the radiation power of the low-quality black hole is so terrible that the black hole radiation will push the matter before it approaches, which will lead to the situation of eating in other ways. To solve this problem, scientists need to make a set of extremely complicated devices.
However, the more complicated the plan, the more likely it is to go wrong. Even if the implementation of this plan only increases the failure rate of the overall plan by one percentage point, this is why Zhao Lanfa accepted it. Zhao Lanyou refused the scientists’ discussion with a hard heart.
Zhao Lan can understand the fact that these scientists are anxious. Zhao Lan himself is also extremely sorry. Zhao Lan also wants this black hole to be in the hands of human literature forever, so that scientists can study this black hole thoroughly in detail. However, Zhao Lan has to make up his mind to sacrifice this black hole and sacrifice the future. A lot of experimental observation data obtained from this black hole may be very painful to destroy it.
Scientists’ representatives were finally disappointed. After Zhao Lan’s office was rejected, they didn’t take any more countermeasures. Instead, they grasped everything and collected experimental data around the black hole as much as possible. Zhao Lan naturally supported this. Otherwise, Zhao Lan usually approved these scientists’ observation plans.
In this case, the black hole slimming plan has been restarted. Now it is summer, and it has lost the powerful temperature control ability of nature. The working efficiency of thousands of radiators around the layout base has been greatly hindered. However, when Zhao Lan was arrested, the original slimming plan of the black hole was suspended. If Zhao Lan did not reach the current slimming data, the black hole would have to subtract more mass in a shorter time to achieve the intended goal. This is a very difficult task. Even if Zhao Lan reaches the maximum cooling system power, the speed of reducing the mass of the black hole still cannot meet expectations.
At this time, the human government forces came in and solved the dilemma faced by Zhao Lan in one fell swoop. At the same time, Zhao Lan once again witnessed the huge overall strength of human culture. In just five days, the government construction workers doubled the number of radiators and the heat dissipation area was much higher, so the rate of black hole quality reduction finally met Zhao Lan’s requirements, and Zhao Lan’s heart that had been hanging was finally released.
When it slipped away bit by bit, the countdown days finally jumped to the number of five, which means that it is time for the interception plan to be officially implemented in five days. All the hydrogen bomb spacecraft are arranged at the scheduled nodes, and the third node is still swinging.
The mass of the black hole will be reduced to 100,000 tons, and the black hole will have a life span of about four days. At that time, it will be transported to Node 3, where it will radiate its mass freely without artificial interference, and it will radiate its energy for three hours before and after the scheduled time, and finally disappear into this universe.
All the means of transport have been ready, and the heavy spacecraft responsible for transporting black holes have already berthed in the Earth Harbor. In order to welcome the arrival of black holes, martial law measures have been implemented in the Earth Harbor and Taitai five days ago, and all social workers are prohibited from entering the work unless they have special government passes and materials. During this period, the employees have strictly checked every part of Taitai and Earth Harbor to ensure that the black hole transportation operation is lost.
Everything is ready to transport the black hole as soon as the node arrives.
It’s so important that Zhao Lan still tossed and turned to sleep at night. Although everything that can be thought of has been done, Zhao Lan still feels a little uneasy.
So Zhao Lan called Anliya and went around the black hole together, going to walk around at will and see if I can find any loopholes and make up for them early.
But when Zhao Lan and Anliya came near the black hole feeding equipment, Zhao Lan saw a figure.
Chapter two hundred Have a boiling passion
The cooling equipment and feeding equipment of the black hole in the installation base are the two most important tools to control the quality of the black hole. The cooling equipment is naturally the radiator around the installation base, and the feeding equipment is a straight-through field. The black hole is not picky about anything. The things fed to the black hole are usually some rocks, soil or waste. Of course, to enhance the feeding efficiency of the black hole, these things will be processed before being fed to the black hole, such as grinding into powder.
Zhao Lan is here to see the figure. The man is a middle-aged man wearing a uniform white system at the base. It looks normal. Even at night, there are a lot of workers and employees at the base. It is not strange that there is a black hole near the feeding equipment. So Zhao Lan went over and planned to see what this worker was doing.
Zhao Lan went over and Anliya went forward with Zhao Lan. Anliya is a careless woman. Plus, Zhao Lan and Anliya get along very well with women. No matter what they do, they love to be together. This time is no exception.
Hearing the footsteps behind him, the worker in a white coat suddenly turned around and Zhao Langang wanted to ask something, so he noticed that the worker looked a little strange. After a careful look, he found that his expression was a general panic when the thief was suddenly caught by his master.
Generally, few people come here to guard the base and there is no post here, but Zhao Lan looked at Anliya next to him and relaxed. Zhao Lan went over and asked, "Which department are you from?" What are you doing here? "
"I … I am …" The man stammered a little, but after a while he recovered his fluency. "My name is Allen. I’m a high-energy physicist. I’m here to check what kind of substance is fed to the black hole today. Our work group has a topic, which is to study what different phenomena will be produced when different substances rotate around the black hole at high speed. This is my badge."
The worker picked the badge hanging on his chest and handed it to Zhao Lan. Zhao Lan checked it again and found that it was just like what he said. The reason given by the worker was also very reasonable. Zhao Lan was not very proficient in this project, but he also knew that there was such a research topic.
There are no loopholes in everything, and everything is reasonable, but Zhao Lan is still a little strange in his heart. Zhao Lan secretly thinks, "Why will this person panic when he sees me coming here?"
But then Zhao Lan thought, "It’s probably normal for such a quiet environment to suddenly hear footsteps and be startled. I should worry too much."
So Zhao Lan returned the badge and said, "Well, I won’t bother you if you continue."
"I’ve finished my work and I’m leaving," said the worker. "I’m leaving here, but I’ve been quiet at this time. Anya suddenly said," Please wait a minute. "
_ ____w_ w_ w_____ __
The worker turned around and looked more and more unnatural. "What else do you want?"
Anliya said with a smile, "Your facial skin doesn’t seem to be very good. Look, there are dead skin here …"
Zhao Lan’s heart is a little strange. Before he reacted, he saw Anliya’s hand quickly reaching into the worker’s face and then tearing it like magic. The worker immediately changed his face and became completely different from before.
Zhao Lan exclaimed for a moment and then reacted. Just now, the worker’s face must have been masked. He didn’t find Anliya, but now he found that Anliya tore his face mask, and his appearance naturally changed.

"Not" Aquarius son hurried way

"Sister Hui is also a cousin outside the black wind tunnel. Where she wants to go should be decided by herself."
"My cousin?" Red phosphorus is disdainful.
"It’s just a little snake who has just advanced gas refining. It’s not up to her to make decisions even when the mountain is chaotic."
"Brother Jiuru is lucky to see her!"
As he said, he was about to step toward the hole.
"Live" Aquarius hands stretched out to stop the way.
"Sister Hui is the host and guest, but my host is really close to the four deacons of the court. How dare you force people here?"
The slight change of red phosphorus expression is obviously fearful, but what he fears is not Zhou Yi but the real background behind Zhou Yi.
"Zhou Yi is a deacon of Zi Zhen Xian Shi. It’s a pity that he is not very favored, but he has been with Zhen for more than ten years."
With a wave of his hand, a strong strength emerged, and the Aquarius flew out directly, and the charming body slammed into the stone wall and slipped.
Red phosphorus table feeling unchanged before striding mouth is drink a way
"Yu Hui, I know that you will come out with me if you have something interesting inside. Don’t be unappreciative!"
The emergence of a flank behind her also made her suddenly stop.
Aquarius got up at an unknown time, and a short black knife appeared in his hand. The light throughput of the knife continued, and the black mans sharp qi machine emerged.
She watched the red phosphorus and silver teeth clench.
"Don’t blame me if you take another step forward!"
"Huh?" Red phosphorus turned and eyes fell on the short black knife with a sullen face.
"What’s interesting is that a servant girl around Zhou Yi actually hides an instrument. Brother Zhou is very capable."
When he spoke, he twisted his neck, and a strange red light came through his body, and there was a faint yin evil that made people want to vomit.
At the same time, the back of two snake scales trembled and was ready to move.
The five poisonous killers in the black wind tunnel have their own responsibilities, and some means can refine a part of the body into a kind of instrument.
You need to spend lingshi and lingcai to start the instrument, which can have a lot of lethality.
This is the case with red phosphorus. Since the advanced gas refiner, he has used his lamella as an instrument to sacrifice and refine for many years. The power of refining is comparable to that of a first-order instrument.
Visual Aquarius red phosphorus out long snake licking his lips way
"If you don’t want to die, put away your things. If it’s not Brother Zhou’s servant girl, I won’t dare to kill you!"
"You …" Aquarius heard that her beautiful eyes contracted and her face was full of fear, but her silver teeth clenched.
"Sister Hui can’t go with you!"
"good!" Red phosphorus snake eyes stand up
"It’s very good. Brother Zhou is going to spare your life. Since you want to die yourself, it’s no wonder that I am."
"Stop it"
At this moment, Yu Hui’s figure appeared from the rear stone room. She held a talisman in one hand and a poisonous snake-shaped sword in the other, and glared at the red phosphorus road.
"I won’t go back with you. What’s the chance of winning a pair of two pavilions?"
Red phosphorus looked at sneer eyes also show a trace of fear.
He is not afraid of two people working together, even if the other party has a multiplier and a charm, he has a 70% chance of winning, but he is not sure of the target.
When I came, I specifically woke up to’ completely’ bring people back. If there is a slight mistake, I will ask him.
Aquarius and two women are more afraid to make a move. No one knows that there will be means before this hard-working gas refining scholar.

After the game with red was over, the game was already over, and his game with ud was delayed. There was a League of Legends semi-final in this throne competition, which was arranged in late gold time, which proved the popularity of League of Legends.

Later, when I arrived at the backstage player lounge, I found that Wang Yang was waiting for him, and another uninvited guest, Park Youhuan, was talking to Wang Yang. It seems that the expression of the two people is not bad, which makes Liu Feng have a new understanding of Park Youhuan. It seems that this person is not as difficult to get along with as expected.
"Liu Feng, you’re here. Park Youhuan has something to talk to you alone. My game is over. I’ve already booked a ticket to the Imperial Capital. I’ll tell you, don’t send me off. Talk to Park Youhuan." Wang Yang said to Liu Feng when he saw Liu Feng coming in and smiled freely.
"Wang Ge … then I won’t say much. Bon voyage, rest assured, I will definitely leave the competing emperor behind." Liu Feng didn’t care about Park Youhuan’s presence, but directly said his goal. In his view, there is no need to hide it. He or Park Youhuan both know what the other party really wants. Their goal is to compete with the emperor!
"mikyo, or should I call Liu Feng, don’t worry. I’ve always been very concerned about money. This two million euro prize is mine."
"Oh, I’m sorry, this sentence is also what I want to tell you. It’s a pity that you have to make a trip in vain!"
"Really?" Park Youhuan’s lazy expression became serious, and her eyes narrowed at Liu Feng.
"Of course!" Liu Feng is also unflinching, keeping a close eye on PiaoYouHuan. Two people’s eyes seem to have sparks.
"Hey, I said that you two don’t perform in front of me. What do you mean by staring at each other? Do you know that I am very hurt?" Wang Yang joked when he saw the tension between the two people.
Wang Yang’s words really made both of them give up eye contact and Liu Feng coughed awkwardly, while Park Youhuan resumed his laziness.
"Park Youhuan, although I feel like talking to you, I still want to tell you that this title of competing emperor will definitely stay in China!"
"Ha ha, don’t you think you, a former loser, are very weak to say these words now?" It’s rare that Park Youhuan didn’t look so lazy when facing Wang Yang, but joked with a big smile. I have to say that Wang Yang’s social skills are really sighing.
"Ahem, don’t say this. I’m going to be sad now, but you have to hit me like this … just know that you’re not friends enough. Xiaofeng, remember to teach him a good lesson then!"
"Well, just watch!" Liu Fengshuang, promise me quickly.
"I don’t think he has the strength to achieve the results you want!" PiaoYouHuan is opposites replied.
Wang Yang couldn’t help but sigh that this may be a special way of communication for the same level of experts. When Wang Yang looked at it, he found that it was really late, so he directly said goodbye to two people and left freely.
"He’s a good and respectable opponent … Meet me again. My name is Park Yoon-hwan, the chief ad of the captain position of the sb team in China."
"Liu Feng idmikyo, the chief ad of gb team captain position"
"Hello!" "Hello!" Two people hold hands together!
"Wang Yang said just now that I have something to tell you that you should not forget it?"
"Of course I’m not so forgetful."
"Good, so it’s time for lunch. Let’s talk while eating. It’s not a big deal. What do you think?"
"Of course I have no problem if you have no problem."? What would you like to eat? This lunch is on me, right? After all, you are a guest ~ "
"Since you are so serious, of course I can do it. There is a good Korean barbecue near here. I have been eating there these days. I think we can go and try it."
"Well, let’s go!"
The two quickly found the store that Park Youhuan said. After sitting down and ordering food, Park Youhuan pushed his glasses at Liu Feng and said, "Actually, it’s very simple for me to find you. I hope to reach an agreement with you. If one of us loses the League of Legends project, I hope that the department that loses the remaining competition will give up the final championship!"
Chapter 215 Meet backstage
"Oh, tell me what you think?" Liu Feng eyebrows a shrug a little surprised and asked him if he really didn’t expect PiaoYouHuan to make such a request for himself.
"It’s simple because the two of us need World War I. Other games are redundant, aren’t they? I always don’t like to do unnecessary things, "said PiaoYouHuan indifferently.
"…" Liu Feng mused that he knew that Park Youhuan said that it was reasonable for him to reach the point where he wanted to make rapid progress. It was almost impossible for them to have a game with 10 games and 100 games. Either Liu Feng developed a method to restrain Park Youhuan or Liu Feng still lost to Park Youhuan.
"Yes, what you said is very reasonable. There is no problem on my side. I am confident that I can beat you once, and I can beat you nine times left. But as far as I know, your H National Competition Association is very strict with the management of players, right? Aren’t you afraid that you will be taken away as a professional player if you choose to end the game like this? "
"Ha ha, this is not something you worry about. I need to know your opinion. Have you decided yet?" Park Youhuan smiled proudly when he heard Liu Feng’s words. That sample was that H Guojing Association dared not eliminate his identity.
Liu Feng shook his head and smiled, but got up and held out his right hand and said, "It’s a deal!" "
"It’s a deal!"
Having said what to say, the two people suddenly became silent, but neither side took the initiative to break the silence, so the meal was finished in strange silence.
After lunch, Liu Feng and Park Youhuan had a game in the afternoon, so Liu Feng went to the competition venue with Park Youhuan and arrived outside the competition venue. When fans in country H and China saw Liu Feng coming out of the car with Park Youhuan, their eyes widened.
Everyone feels a little messy in the wind. Shouldn’t these two be the biggest enemies now? Why did the car come together …
What do fans think? Liu Feng and Park Youhuan naturally don’t care about two people’s cars, and then they don’t say hello to each other. This makes the fans in country H and the fans in China messy in the wind. It’s really incomprehensible that they really don’t understand this mysterious world of two people …
It was still early before the game. Liu Feng decided to go to the backstage players’ lounge first. No trace of Park Youhuan was found, but he saw an acquaintance who was dany. At this time, he was talking and laughing with a boy who looked fourteen or fifteen years old. Liu Feng had a good impression on dany, so he took the initiative to say hello.
"Hi dany!"
"Hey? ….. Oh, it’s Liu Feng! " Dany was also very happy to see Liu Feng coming over and said hello. On that day, the two exchanged ideas in the competition field, which made them feel a little appreciate each other.
"I also you have been back to M country? I didn’t guess wrong. Is this ud? " This teenager’s identity is still very good. I guess there are two games in the afternoon. The opponent of Park Yoon-hwan’s game he has seen is naturally ud.
"Ha ha, I haven’t introduced ud yet. This is Liu Feng mikyo. Liu Feng, this is Li Zaicheng ud. My former teammate in wb is now called the first order in country H!"
"Hello, I’m Liu Feng, please give me more advice!" Liu Feng shook hands before hearing dany’s advice. As a result, ud didn’t know what was hostile to Liu Feng. When he saw Liu Feng’s outstretched hand, he was cold-tongued, but he ignored Liu Feng’s kindness.
"Well … you don’t care about him when he was a child … windy was dismissed as a professional player by Jin Zhengde because he failed in the game with you. It’s always difficult for children …"
"I am not a child!" Ud heard dany yell, "Senior dany left wbwindy, and senior Dany was dismissed as a professional player because of this person in front of him. Are both seniors gone wb or former wb?"
As he spoke, ud broke into tears. I think this sentence has been in my heart for a long time. dany looked at ud’s heart and felt guilty. It really brought a lot of pressure to this 14-year-old child.
"I’m sorry again, but please forgive me. I also have my dreams …" dany looked at and cried ud, and his heart was a little sour. He watched ud grow up step by step, and he was the first single player in H country. However, things have changed, and now ud is left to support Dany, and he feels a little sad …
"Sure enough, it’s still a child!" Liu Feng primly said 1
"What did you say?" Are you crying ud or hearing Liu Feng’s words? Raise it directly and stare at Liu Feng with tears in your eyes.
"Isn’t it? Isn’t it that your predecessors left the team? So you can make excuses for your weakness? If you are a professional player, you should try your best to lead wb to higher glory, so that a real man can do it! Do you understand? "

The fact that the night feather forcibly set up the passage is much stronger than the passage between unstable insects and gods in the passage of time, and the fact that the insect world is unified with the insect world and the human world is unified.

"That …"
After walking for a while, Timothy hesitated and asked, "My Lord, has something good happened to you recently?"
"Ah? Why do you ask? "
"My Lord, your smile has never been broken until now … Night feather touched his face and really laughed all the time.
No wonder he was in such a good mood. He didn’t expect Xuan Ming to take the initiative to seduce him that night.
For fear of his physical condition, Xuanming suddenly gave up the attack in the middle of the time and took the initiative to wipe himself with sesame oil and invite him to enter.
Red face, waist and legs, blinking misty eyes, inviting him to enter Xuan Ming’s romantic scene, which has made the night feather blood swell until now.
"Well, something happened."
Xuan Ming’s figure in qi is unstable and can hardly maintain invisibility.
Timothy shook his head in doubt and followed the cheerful night feather to the biggest building in the city.
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Chapter 32 Mobilization
People learned a lot of information from Hugh and Noah leading Lobby to carry out the trial of Mitchill.
Worms and monsters have their own classes and their own systems. The highest level of the worm emperor is twelve worm generals, then twenty-four worm soldiers, and then thirty-six worm soldiers. Of course, these are all humanoid worm demons. Mitchill was the worm soldier who was eaten by the worm soldiers before he was recently promoted to worm soldiers because of provocation. If there is a threshold between ordinary worm demons and worm soldiers, then the worm soldiers and worm soldiers will be three or four thresholds apart, not to mention the comparison between worm generals and worm emperors.
Night feather frowned after listening to Xiu and Noah’s narrative.
Because these worms and demons are not originally from this place, their ability roots are not bound by this law. Although the night feather connects the worm and demon world with this one, the ability of these worms and demons to be bound by the law is quite small.
In addition, even the night feather is not allowed to destroy a race. Although the night feather has the ability to directly destroy their departments, it has to adopt the method of analyzing the weaknesses of insects and demons and eradicating this race with the help of Noah and Xuanming.
The same is true of the battle between the human world and the demon race. The stronger it is, the more you can’t intervene in some things. This is the so-called sorrow of the person.
"There are at least 100 million worms and demons, and the protoss currently has hundreds of thousands of people. The Zerg all have their own unique abilities. If we really want to go to war, the situation is quite unfavorable to us."
According to Noah’s consideration, if the night feather and them solve all the bugs and demons, then the protoss will have a dependence.
Since Night Feather told the three people that he was building a channel to connect the two worlds, Noah had an idea that he could no longer distinguish between the gods and the protoss of the human world and communicate with human beings like ordinary people.
It’s rare that this idea has won deep approval.
Now that the protoss is so weak, it may be necessary to learn from humans in turn, and it may be trampled on by humans. If the protoss sees that the protoss is oppressed by ants before, it will definitely be tearing his hair out. I hope that the protoss will be unlucky again. Who let the inferno and the protoss have always been sworn enemies?
Night feather doesn’t quite agree with the idea of repairing, but he also thinks that the war can’t be fought by them. After all, they can’t take care of the protoss generation. After the passage is opened, human beings and protoss must learn how to protect themselves. Let this campaign be the protoss training ground.
Although one is that Ulysses made a mistake, it is his father who really needs to take responsibility, but in the final analysis, it is still the consequences of the protoss’ own disappointment. w w w thinks how high-spirited the protoss was when White Dad was still there.
"Lord Noah, have you forgotten that there are still our demons?"
While Robbie hurried forward and volunteered.
You know how many souls there are in a worm’s body. If you can eat them, just imagining them will make Robbie drool.
Night feather knocked on his head. "Don’t I don’t know what you think."
"Can those polluted souls eat?"
Lobby spat out his tongue.
"But the night feather …" Noah interjected
"This time, maybe we really need the demon clan’s power."
"Just now, we have done a lot of experiments and found that humanoid worms are very resistant to physics and attack magic."
"I can divide the common insect into several wind blades, but I can cut his lichen. I have tried all kinds of wind magic, including energy bombs, and the results are either bounced or absorbed."
Night feather nodded, "Come to the protoss body and get the ability after eating the ancient protoss."
"But dark magic seems to have no effect."
Xiu frowned. "I corroded his body and destroyed his dirt, but he is still alive."
"And if something is given to him, his body will recover slowly."