Zhou yi surrendered

He’s under the jurisdiction of the Jade Fairy Master, but he can live a comfortable life if he doesn’t make a big mistake.
Such as Xiang Shen, I don’t expect to go further, but I also pay attention to enjoyment. Even the achievement method is too lazy to practice. After all, it is detrimental to my life.
This is also the status quo of most people.
There is an endless stream of visitors.
Zhou Yi finally realized the feeling of Fan4 jin4 Zhong4.
Before being rude all day, everyone can be bullied, and now all sides are flattering, and the hands are weak.
It is also a kind of’ worry’ to have to widen the abode of fairies and immortals when giving gifts.
Aquarius is full of red excited voice trembling.
"Today again three days pretty send …"
"got it"
Zhou Yi closed his eyes and gently waved his hand.
"You go."
"This ….." Aquarius one leng then carefully ChuiShou.
Zhou Yi bowed his head and sighed lightly.
"I will be tired of receiving gifts one day?"
"However, hundreds of mountain barbarians really have too little knowledge, and gifts are almost always repeated without any new ideas."
The gifts he receives these days are either red sands or various refining materials, elixirs or not-so-fierce pills.
The only special thing is that Yu Yin Tian Man sent antiques and ornaments.
Even enjoyment lacks creativity.
There is always a time when gifts are delivered.
At this time, someone will invite Zhou Yi to various parties, and it is not appropriate to refuse because he has just received a gift, and it will be inappropriate for Shuo De and others not to go.
Taste wine, have fun …
The day is so slowly killing away.
Many days are quite enjoyable. After all, to come to this world once is to have a heart and to make up for the first half of your life.
Thinking about the law makes your heart the most important thing.
Half a month later.
Zhou Yi broke away from all kinds of banquets and parties, and calmed down and tidied up his energy.
Different from others
He Zhi Avenue will never stop because of the immediate pleasure, and even worse, he is really difficult to adapt to many kinds of wild games.
Just like …
Barbarian women, especially those who have cultivated the Five Poisons, inherit women’s appearance, but their aesthetics are different.
Don’t say skin blind date is to be careful when touching it.
"The three heavens are really different from others."
Pick up a book on Monday and stroke the cover.
"It’s very thoughtful of this lingering voice to be able to find a yogi outside the mountain to write travel notes, which happens to be great for me."
21 Travel Notes of Nanyang-A Brief Talk on Various Laws
There is nothing top-notch in it, but there is an introduction from the spiritual world. For Zhou Yi, who has just achieved Tianman, we can learn about the spiritual environment outside the mountain.
Moreover, some simple methods are based on common sense for practitioners, but they are just what he needs.
such as
Sacrificial refining method
"It is too difficult for the Taoist body to become an imperial instrument. It is better to display Wushu than the physical body. After all, there is a difference between the refined gas and the physical body."
"It’s not surprising to kill the refined gas in close quarters."

The trees remembered that she did get up a little late, but Green Bud was embarrassed to tease her like this.

I scratched my hair. "This guy didn’t tell me such a big thing."
"Maybe he had plans. He didn’t seem surprised at all and left me alone. Mr. Give way took me home."
"Well, it’s considerate of him. Is this your outfit?"
"Oh mom is not retired? I’ll be a nanny later? "
"Nanny? Then how can I do it? How can I let you be a nanny? "
"I’m embarrassed to be a nanny, and I think being a nanny can perform better in front of old ladies."
Lin Mubai said, "Well, I wronged you."
"I don’t feel wronged. I think today is my most heartfelt day for so many years."
"By the way, I haven’t asked you. Didn’t you say you would look after her grandmother for Luya? Why did you change your mind again? "
Green Bud’s face turned pale, and she hung her head and covered her finger with "Grandma, she’s dead"
"ah? So soon? What’s the matter? " After they left, the green shoots came back, but it was only more than twenty days before and after.
"Grandma’s health is not good. Every time I see her, she always says nothing. This time, I stayed at home for a few days before I found out that she was lying to me. I knew that she was unwilling to spend money. I dragged her to the hospital to find out that the terminal stage of lung cancer was hopeless. My father and brother took advantage of my absence to accept a gift from others to sell me. My grandmother didn’t want to be rescued when she fell at the table. How can I stay at that home?"
"The father and son incredibly how hateful? Treat your own mother like this? "
"He has his son in his eyes. No one else has ever had any scruples about me after grandma died. They wanted to sell me on the same day. Fortunately, I escaped in a hurry."
"What about Murray? Didn’t he say he would protect you? Why are the two fathers so bold? "
"Murray? Farewell. I haven’t seen him since I returned to the village. "
"Don’t be too sad when grandma goes."
"I know that living in that way, dying at home is like this before liberation, and now grandma is like this."
"Well, this is your home after you figure it out."
"I said what are you whispering at the door? Is there anything you can’t say in? It’s blocking my light. "
The master wore a pair of reading glasses and sat by the window with a newspaper in his hand. The sun just came in through the door and shone everywhere, but the trees and green shoots just blocked the light. They didn’t want to move.
"Grandpa wouldn’t you say it’s eavesdropping on our speech? Otherwise, isn’t it better to have sunshine outside? You have to sit here. "
The master looked up. "Who eavesdropped on your conversation? I’m used to doing it here, okay?"
"Don’t you like sitting outside the pavilion? You still have to take it. You said that smelling the flowers can keep out the cold in summer and bask in the sun in winter is the best place in the whole courtyard, "said the green bud."
Master let go of the newspaper carefully looked at the green shoots "how do you know this little girl? Mumu told you? Hey, I used to like it there. The gazebo or Chloe’s girl helped me choose the location. She also helped me build it. Since she left, I rarely went to that girl. Although I didn’t talk much, I missed a lot of things, but my old man thought she was more pleasing to the eye than that wine. Now I want to come to her and do something wrong. It may be that the wine framed her. That girl never argued or excused. It’s really distressing. "
Green Bud suddenly got a little excited and squatted down beside the master in a few strides. "I … don’t worry if I have this sentence from the master. It’s worth it if she is wronged."
Her move startled the master, and she was even more surprised to see her eyes full of tears. "Did you once know Kerr?"
Green Bud reacted by overreacting, almost scaring the master to droop his eyes and sniff. "Yes, I know her, too. She told me."
The master looked at her suspiciously. "Didn’t Mumu say that she only knew you in the cottage?"
Trees walked over and said, "Yes, Grandpa, she knows Chloe, and I know Chloe’s office. We just hit it off. We became attached to Chloe."
"So that’s it. Chloe used to love to play around and know a lot of friends." The master didn’t doubt what he thought, so he imagined that this person was Chloe, but what can’t he tell him at this time? We have to scare him or they are abnormally possessed by spirits.
194 is stained with her husband’s light
After Luya breathed a sigh of relief, she should be cautious and rational, and she should not get excited easily.
"You are a good friend of Chloe and Mywood. Isn’t it too wronged for you to be a nanny in my house?"
"No, no injustice, Green Bud feels very good."
"After that, if you need anything, just tell Mumu that our family will not treat you badly."
"Okay, I see. Thank you, sir."
"Grandpa hasn’t arrived at the cooking point yet. I’ll pull the green shoots to say that I will whisper."
Master thought for a "well", but he didn’t want to accompany him after all.
The trees took Green Bud to the house where Chloe lived before. Green Bud looked at everything in front of her, so familiar and strange, and her eyes could not help but turn red.
"it’s naive for me to look at what I liked before."
Section 325
All kinds of dolls are pink. She was happy before, like a princess who lived in a castle and didn’t know what to worry about. Now she has experienced life and death, rebirth and humiliation in that family. She has already seen through everything and her mentality is completely different.
There is no color in her life, and now she likes the dark colors of gray.
"Slowly, you will regain your original heart. I have come over like this before, and now I am doing well."
"By the way, why don’t you tell me how you and your third brother met? I’m so surprised. It’s incredible that such a person will get married one day."
"Well, let me tell you something about it, mainly because my personal charm is too great, and secondly because you start with Shengshi Hotel …"
The trees deliberately relaxed their tone, so the experience was too heavy and they endured so many humiliations and twists and turns. How can they bear all this if they are not humorous?
From Cedric’s deception to dumping, from his fierce pursuit to the destruction of alcohol, I suddenly found out that in recent years,
She doesn’t even know how she survived.
Green shoots followed her, sad, sad, happy and happy. The wonderful degree of their lives can be equivalent to several reincarnation of others.

But why coke this time?

Is it because of that red pillar of fire?
There’s also a transient in Phobos’ communication!
What does this transience mean?
What happened?
Just as Xu retreated from Yan Lie’s indecision, there was an emergency announcement on the Phobos World War I channel.
"The planet eye full energy consumption detection found that transient overrun power may fit has been one point six.
There are six alien races that may have limited access to the transfinite power and have entered the battlefield of Mars!
Please be on high alert!
Please be on high alert! "
This warning made Xu tuiyanlie look at each other.
Six alien races that may have limited access to transfinite power
That is to say, six elite foreign stars whose strength is close to genetic evolution have entered the battlefield of Mars!
You know it’s energy fluctuation detection!
It’s like a retreat, which may be the peak power of gene mutation, but in fact, a retreat may erupt into the lethality of A-level gene evolution
At the same time, the detection of the planet limit found that the energy fluctuation of the elite of foreign stars has reached the peak of gene evolution when the six strength limits are close to gene evolution.
The real power can definitely burst into gene transmutation environment power!
Six genetic transmutations have entered the arena!
This is an alien race reinforcement?
Or because of the red light beam?
Xu tuiyanlie’s heart is full of doubts.
"Emergency wake up six close to transfinite power planet eye has detected the five approximate position.
Has been urgently pushed to all units.
Please be on high alert for all units. If there are no two teams with genetic evolution, please stay away from these five positions immediately.
Wake up again. There are no two gene evolution teams. Please stay away from these five points immediately. "
Five red dots flashed on the map of the aircraft in an instant.
The five red dots are widely distributed from the third district to the thirty-fourth district.
Almost randomly distributed to the battlefield of Mars.
But Xu retreat YanLie eyes fell in a red dot.
This red dot is in the 22nd district, which is less than 200 kilometers away from Xu tui from the map of spacecraft!
Very close
Yan Lie swallowed a mouthful of saliva and looked a little nervous at Xu tui. "Is this unit close to the overrun strength close to us?"
"Close to the over-limit strength unit?"
Xu retired and thought.
Ann’s way is to keep the horse away.
Re-engage in intelligence exploration
But Xu tui has just answered the request to assist in the construction of the second Mars base in Huaxia District.
Then these units that are close to exceeding the limit are very important.
What if their goal is really the red light beam at the overflow channel of the second source energy?
Then they will definitely kill the second energy surge channel war circle.
And Xu tui is also very likely to treat them!
When the time comes, it may be six units that are limited to over-limit strength.
There is one!
"Reconnaissance a we try? Look at this overrun strength unit? " Xu looked back at YanLie tone has asked.
You can’t make a decision alone, but you must ask Yan Lie for advice.
"No problem, I also want to see what this so-called alien race is like!" Yan Lie said
In an instant, Yanlie drove the spacecraft towards the nearest red dot.
It’s 200 kilometers away, and the speed of the spacecraft is three minutes away.

Chapter 12 Yu Zhanghang (5)

Chapter 12 Yu Zhanghang (5)
I heard that what is this girl across the street? Yincui gorge Ma Yun hurriedly looked at it carefully for a few times, and secretly thought that this person would not be the princess I was going to marry on this trip//Update the fastest 7s // Ma Yun was kicked out of the duck rack, so he didn’t agree with this marriage, of course, and he didn’t bother to ask whether it was the marriage. Moreover, since he came to Li Tang, he has been thinking about how to escape or how to deal with Li Tang officials all day, and he didn’t care about this marriage at all.
However, when suddenly facing a princess in Li Tang, even if you are preoccupied, Ma Yun can’t help but wonder what kind of person the other half of this political marriage is. The slender willow eyebrows can’t help but make people dream of white women. At that moment, Ma Yun seems to be a little crazy.
Being * * naked staring at random aiming at the girl can’t stand it, not to mention that this person is Princess Li Tang. Soon Hongxia will be full of the whole face, and her heart is naturally shy and slightly angry. When she can’t help but cough gently.
Ma Yun suddenly woke up from this cough. He quickly withdrew his eyes and looked around as if nothing had happened. Then he thought that he was embarrassed and couldn’t help secretly looking at the woman across the eye, but it happened that the woman’s eyes seemed more embarrassed than this scene.
Li Yu seems to suddenly think of something like cocked his head and smiled. "Are you the king of Chu? Isn’t that my third brother-in-law? "
Ma Yunwen one leng didn’t expect it to be her.
Yincui gorge suddenly became a little embarrassed and added, "Sixth Brother wants you to talk nonsense." She said, pulling Li Yu straight out of the hospital without looking at Ma Yun.
Cangsong left Ma Yun alone.
Suddenly, he suddenly thought that he was lost. He hurriedly dropped out of the courtyard and looked at it again. It was the same when the courtyard was quiet. The cloister, rockery and pavilion mom were too big.
Ma Yun came from one hospital to another and finally saw a man coming in a hurry and said, "The Five Sovereigns have found you. Our Sovereigns have already hosted a dinner party for you."
So Ma Yun followed this man and finally came out of this maze-like place connected with the courtyard.
In the main hall, Li Jie, Zhao Pu and Chen Jue accompanied several local officials in Hongzhou, such as Li Hongji and Hongzhou Secretariat, and none of them were there.
Seeing Ma Yun’s questioning eyes, Li Jie said, "The five princes, Wang Nanchang and Chen Daren, have gone to pick up Song’s adult, so they should come back."
Lord Song won’t be Song Qiqiu?
An accompanying official said, "It was the imperial edict of Song Qiqiu Song’s adult a few days ago that ordered Nanchang Wang Zhen Navy to make our time, and now Song’s adult has come to the place." The official said that he suddenly remembered something and secretly looked at Chen Jiao. Shut up and stop talking. This expression change was more or less a little uneasy.
Ma Yun nodded with a smile in his mind, but he couldn’t help but see that Jinling Tea House had information about Song Qiqiu. When the civil servants in the Southern Tang Dynasty pushed Song Qiqiu and Li Bian to be in power, Song Qiqiu’s official residence, the prime minister, and Pingzhang took various measures to show agriculture and mulberry, which made Li Tang "open up all the land to explore mulberry fields", that is, there was no wasteland where every family raised silkworms and planted mulberry. Li Tang was rich. After Li Bian’s death, Li Jing acceded to the throne, and Song Qiqiu, such as Chen Jue and Cha Wenhui, became more and more marginalized in Li Tangzheng.
Chen Jue asked Ma Yun to sit in the guest seat and then stayed with him. After chatting for a few words, he actually enjoyed tea.
Soon Li Hongji came in with an old man in gray in his fifties. Ma Yun quickly got up and walked a few steps to greet Song Qiqiu, followed by Zhao Pu, who secretly kicked Ma Yun’s shoes first. Ma Yunxin was surprised that he didn’t do it when he stopped.
Li Hongji laughed at the moment when Ma Yun bowed down and respected himself. "Lord Song, let me introduce you to Ma Guangyun, the five kings of Chu. Behind him are Li Jie, the messenger of Chu and Mr. Zhao of Zhao Pu."
What a coincidence! It just happened that Ma Yun was embarrassed. Song Qiqiu squinted at Ma Yun’s mouth and snorted. I don’t know what to say or what to say. I didn’t say it. Even if I said hello, I didn’t look at Chen Jiao’s self-care and went straight over. I sat down in the position of subject and guest, and then I said with a big smile, "Chen Jiao, you have made a great contribution this trip."
Chen Jue’s eyes flashed with anger, but he said with a smile, "It’s a long way from Jinling to Hongzhou. It’s a hard journey." He also asked earnestly, "I heard that the adult was ill the other day, but it’s a pity that the emperor didn’t come to visit today. Seeing that the adult must still look much better?"
Song Qiqiu strange eyes a turn said, "you don’t say I’m sick as soon as you leave. Today I came to Hongzhou and suddenly felt bored."
Before Chen Jue could speak, Li Hongji laughed again. "Please sit down, my lords and five lords. We’ll talk over dinner."
Song Qiqiu, however, ignored Chen Jue and said to Ma Yun, "I heard that the five princes are training elite soldiers in Jingnan, paying taxes and attaching importance to agriculture. Is Sang Qizhi afraid that it is not just four States?"
Chen Jiao is looking on coldly. Li Hongji is just testing Song Qiqiu’s words. This is a bit of a whole heart.
Ma Yun’s face changed slightly and secretly looked at Li Jie with a smile. "Song’s adult joked with me. This training is to prevent the north."
Song Qiqiu smoothed her beard and pie mouth. "When did the Khitan and Dajinzhong attack each other?"
It was born when Li Bian was alive. Once, Emperor Yeludeguang of Qidan sent an envoy to Li Tang. At that time, Song Qiqiu offered a plan to prevent Dajin from coveting the Jianghuai area. When the envoy returned to Qidan Road, he sent someone to pretend to be a Jinn to assassinate the envoy. As a result, Qidan did have a gap in Dajin, and Song Qiqiu often became complacent afterwards.
Ma Yun shook his head and said, "The soldiers and horses in Dajin are strong and the sergeant Chu is weak. If there are enough soldiers in the south, how can we not train for the enemy?"
Song Qiqiu laughed. "I’m afraid I’m not in the wine."
Looking at Li Jie and Ma Yun, Chen Juekuan said, "Don’t take it seriously when adults in Song Dynasty are drunk and joking."
Song Qiqiu glanced at Chen Jue coldly and said, "Lian Po can still eat meat for ten pounds in his seventies. What about me? Chen Er pour me wine, "said staring straight at Chen Jiao who was holding a hip flask and preparing to pour Ma Yun wine.
Chen Jue, the second child, was originally a diner in Song Qiqiu. In the past, Song Qiqiu could kindly call him "Chen Er". It’s a pity that Chen Jue is still a Tang Dynasty envoy today, but Song Qiqiu is not as good as a phoenix. This "Chen Er" is also called him a little embarrassed.
Ma Yun also recalled that there was something wrong with these two people. Li Hongji, of course, was even more aware of it. He personally gave Song Qiqiu a glass of Song Qiqiu, got up and gulped it down. After putting the glass down, he also clapped and read, "Although the tortoise is still alive; The snake rides the fog and ends up in the dust, and the old horse crouches in a thousand miles; The martyrs are full of courage in their twilight years. "
Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, all kinds of colors keep flashing in Chen Jue’s face, but eventually they turn into a smile. "Song’s adult, you were really a hero at that time. In fact, the south of the town is in danger. It is really a blessing for the people of Hongzhou to be here."
Look at Song Qiqiu’s sample. Today, I want Chen Jiao to look good, but Chen Jiao has already developed a pair of iron faces. The so-called man who stretched out his hand and didn’t smile, Song Qiqiu, stared at Chen Jiao’s eyes and sighed and said nothing.
This noisy banquet was actually quiet, and there was no sound at all. Everyone here was a bit tasteless. Li Hongji was the host and was ready to speak with a strong smile. At this moment, suddenly a samurai with a knife came in quickly outside and whispered a few words in Li Hongji’s ear. Li Hongji looked at the crowd in the hall and waved his hand to let the samurai go.
Li Hongji smiled and raised his glass and said, "Today, it’s really a pleasure to have friends coming from afar to celebrate the marriage of Da Chu and Da Tang, and secondly, the adults of Song Dynasty have come to you to welcome us to drink this cup."
This meal was so salty and tasteless that everyone had their own worries, which was beyond concealment. Ma Yun took advantage of drinking to block the toilet and came to the hospital. Before he left, he secretly gave Zhao Pu a color.
A little while later, Zhao Pu also came out of the west wall of the courtyard. Ma Yun asked quietly, "How is Mr. Today?"
Zhao Pu laughed. "Is your majesty worried that Song Qiqiu will see through our plan?"
Ma Yunshen said, "When you come, you will be safe. This old man has become wiser and I am afraid of him."
"Report rest assured that this person is really good, but this person is still excluded from the imperial center. Hey hey, even if he is narrow in popularity in the imperial court and has made bad friends with Li Jing many times, he is broken. We have no place to say it and no one will listen."

"Don’t ask Mrs. Guo for advice." Zhou Jiayin was indifferent.

"Lord Yu Lingge asked her to come to see me."
"…" Tenga Hajime leng immediately leaned down.
Although Guo Yun is tall, he is afraid of being famous, and his wife is even more jealous. He said that it is really possible to refuse to ask her.
Nowadays, people simply don’t ask.
Lingxiang Lingge’s main name goes out, and there are many male companions to accompany people. The real person is actually elegant as a fairy.
can say
Men cannot be judged by their looks
This bold and unrestrained woman never mind showing her beautiful figure, but she took the initiative to wrap herself up.
Look like a lady.
"Mr Zhou"
She bent down a ritual way
"Tianxiang Ge’s younger brothers mostly gather in the South District nowadays, but some people are trapped outside and can’t come to meet for the time being."
"My brother wuqian is still looking forward to Mr. Zhou’s help in one place."
Wuqian?’ Zhoujiakou
"Is he important?"
"Well" LingXiangQiao face reddish low way
"Although there are many beauties in my harem, they are as deep in my heart as wuqian. If my husband can save him back, Tianxiangge is willing to take refuge in it."
"Of course, no matter whether my husband can get out or not, my wife will help Guo Daoyou."
"Ah …" Zhou Jia is light.
"Come on, where is he?"
"Thank you, sir." Lingxiang’s beautiful eyes lit up and she reached for a finger in the distance.
"over there"
Explained again
"A few days ago, the predecessors in West Asia went to round up and kill the sheep element, but the result was a hornet’s nest. I don’t know how many people were affected by the wave and no one dared to go out easily."
"Well" Zhou Jia nodded.
"Lead us in front."
Lingxiang should be waving sleeves and rising.
The cold wind penetrates one’s bones.
A figure’s eyes are like two bottomless wind tunnels dumping hundreds of miles of cold wind into it.
Drinking low in the mouth is born to control the cold, and the body is fully developed.
Several ice crystals are like wind blades, and thousands of cold awns are like waves rushing away.

Haikui smiled sincerely when he saw the little girl. "Sister in law, don’t worry. It’s Ye Ge’s my treat today. Yuan Yuan, please order!"

Yuan Yuan also smiled and looked at the two of them. "It’s okay for you to eat." He said that he turned over the menu to order.
"An abalone in oyster sauce"
Li Yanbin and his wife quickly went to find abalone in oyster sauce followed by the price of 12.
"lobster sashimi"
Find the price quickly 2
"West Lake Bird’s Nest"
Turn over and see the price of 699.
"Tricholoma matsutake sea cucumber"
They doubled the price by 599.
Li Yanbin’s eyes are staring straight. These dishes haven’t been played yet after his salary for several months. He hasn’t looked at them, and he feels distressed and has a sense of strength.
Haikui looked funny. After Yuan Yuan ordered two more dishes, Haikui said, "Give me a bottle of juice and I won’t drink in my car. You three should drink less red wine recommended by aier."
Sheng is a 27-year-old woman with a tall and beautiful figure. The food in this hotel is so expensive and the quality of the staff is high. If the staff is too ugly, they are afraid that the guests are not in the mood to eat and will not come again. The staff laughs. "There are two years of Lafite wine at present."
"How much is it!" Haikui asked.
"ten thousand"
"How much?" Haikui asked again
"ten thousand"
"Miss, I can’t hear you clearly. How much is it?" Haikui smiling at member beauty said
"Mr. Wan!" Member of a high bay said
Haikui nodded. "I only listened to Bai Wan this time. What a bottle!"
Li Yanbin’s eyes are popping out, and his girlfriend is all at a loss.
Haikui ordered some good food and said to them with a smile, "Don’t mention it later. Let’s continue."
Li Yanbin and Zeng Yulan really didn’t eat much. Although these delicacies are the first time for them to taste in this life, they always feel that they are blocked and heavy, and they are not so happy. They are not as good as they thought, even ten thousand yuan of red wine is very heavy to drink.
Haikui keeps giving two people a bite to eat. Li Yanbin still has a lot of complaints about Haikui, but now he doesn’t dare to take a fancy to hundreds of thousands of dollars. I don’t know how many years it will take him to earn so much money without eating or drinking, but people have a meal.
After dinner, Haikui sent the two men back to school and asked Li Yanbin and Zeng Yulan to return to Yuan Yuan Company Road and gave Zeng Yulan’s telephone number to Yuan Yuan. "After Yuan Yuan, Zeng Yulan, you often ask her out and ask her to go to a coffee shop, teahouse or shopping."
Yuan Yuan looked at Haikui suspiciously. "I feel a little strange about you. You’re not looking at that Zeng Yulan, are you?"
Haikui smiled for a while, but Yuan Yuan immediately said, "Haikui, you really looked at someone else’s girl and then you were going to snatch her from that little hand. Why didn’t I realize that you were such a sensitive person!"
Haikui Khan said, "Do you think I am such a person?"
"I didn’t believe it before, but now I believe it."
Haikui scratched his head "?"
Yuan Yuan sneer at a "one has two, two has three, you men don’t think your women are mostly eating a bowl and looking at the pot".
"I’m not like that!" Haikui guilty way
"Do you believe it?" Yuan Yuan ask again!
"I really don’t have that idea about that Zeng Yulan at present!"
"Listen to the present yourself!"
Haikui found that he couldn’t say anything but Yuan Yuan. "Well, I can’t say that but you and I admit defeat. Actually, I think this girl is pretty. It’s just a flower stuck in cow dung, but this guy has a high ideological consciousness. I just want money bait to test them. If they dare to continue and walk, I will give them money as a reward. If I divide it, I will have a memory."

What’s worse, there will be no effect of exercising the avatar.

Xiaobai Law Yuan Shen is a tree.
Causal world tree!
Qin Changfeng has one of these tree gods in her hand, so she can become a Yuan God in a very short time.
However, compared with the original, Yuan Shen also changed.
Because the fruit tree bears many fruits, each fruit has a person with different characteristics, such as the seductive dancers and fairy emperors in the outside world. In fact, the figures in those fruits are just like her distraction, and the cause and effect are unpredictable.
Only in this way can we help Qin Changfeng temper the spiritual sea to the extreme in ten years.
"Defects and scales are satisfactory; See through the world of mortals; Cause and effect only know cause and effect when they are added to the body … The spirit is poor and massive! "
Then Qin Changfeng is in a breakthrough, and the outside world is also stormy at the moment.
Five years, ten years and fifteen years passed by regularly, and the ghost king made a comeback with the crazy posture of engulfing heaven.
Moreover, after digesting Qin Changfeng’s cup of tea, he made great progress compared with fifteen years ago.
In today’s world, even if he doesn’t start the four spirits blood array, it is difficult to meet his opponent, even Zhang Xiaofan.
Of course, over the years, he has been accompanying Baguio Lang to express his affection for landscape practice, which is naturally a hesitation. Otherwise, whenever he is refined into the law, the Yuan God and the Ghost King will not be an opponent.
The disaster of the ghost king is another disaster of heaven and earth.
The forces of the right path have once again gathered in Qingyun, but it is much easier for everyone to look obvious than once.
After all, the man in Shancaomiao Village has been without him for fifteen years, and the sky will never collapse.
What’s more, in recent years, Tianjiao is far superior to Magic Gate, especially Qingyun Gate, which has a tendency to overwhelm Tianyin Temple once again.
Because in the past ten years, a talented and talented woman has appeared in the door.
Qingyun Mountain Tongtian Peak Jade Qing Temple
Qingyun Gate is the first place where all the pulse of Daoxuan real people gather in the hall, and many elders are also behind the first place, and the masters of Tianyin Temple in Incense Valley are also on the left and right sides of the hall.
"This time, the ghost king has revived the curse. What should I do?" Tao Xuan reality ranks first and looks at the hall and everyone smiles and asks.
Tian Buyi, the first in Dazhufeng, was the first to come out with a grumpy temper and said, "Ghosts are really stubborn. If you don’t uproot the grass, you will be afraid that Yongning Risuo will have to get rid of this cancer even if you endure the pain for a while!"
It’s really necessary for everyone to agree once and for all if they don’t nod their heads, otherwise the ghost king will come here once every ten years. Who can stand it?
Taoist Xuanren looked in the direction of the monks in Tianyin Temple and smiled. "Master Puhong, do you think the one who saw the mountain is willing to do it this time?"
This is also the most important question for everyone. If the mountain people stand by and do nothing, it is a question whether it is possible to protect themselves by destroying the ghost king Zongzhengdao.
Although his identity should not be like this, fifteen years ago, he could completely get rid of the ghost king zong, but he flicked a warning and finally let the ghost king leave safely, which made many questions in everyone’s hearts.
The whole world wants to know why, and has been speculating about what happened in the cabin for a short time, but unfortunately no one knows the answer.
Compared with others, master Puhong was much calmer. He folded his hands and said indifferently, "The old monk once saw him and said that the door would be open."
When the voice fell, the old monk’s expression revealed some nai after all.
When he heard this sentence, he felt complicated and disappointed, but he could also change Qin Changfeng’s mind by other means, because the world has evolved nine times and the door world has decided to be reversible.
What’s more, this world is what he left to Lu Xueqi, and even if the monks in Tianyin Temple are unwilling, they can give in.
At the same time, he listened to the two factions and everyone felt different.
Incense burning valley is more about indecision and doubt, but why does the Buddhist brother want to make the door flourish?
Brother Qingyun doesn’t like to look on his face. Although Qingyun Gate is not the only one, Qingyun Gate is a huge door with no doubt, so it is only natural that the door should be popular.
However, in any case, there is a magic door hidden behind this sentence, which means that everyone can see it, which means that the ambition of the ghost king will be defeated again this time.
With this guarantee, people can really feel at ease.
At this moment, the door owner Yun Yilan, who is dressed in red and looks like a prime of life, said with a smile in the previous step, "So congratulations to Qingyun Daoyou first, but there is another happy event here."
Taoist Xuanren smiled and said, "Then please ask Lord Yungu for advice. Is it something you like?"
No, he’s the only one who’s curious.
Yun Yilan pulled a person from behind and then smiled, "This happy event is to ask my brother Li Xun to propose to your jade girl."
As soon as this statement came out, the whole Jade Qing Temple cried the outcry, and the waves boiled like a frying pan, and the roof almost flew off.
That is, the monks in Tianyin Temple are hung high, and the core masters of Puhong and Faping are also stunned, and they can see a bit of anger and ridicule from the eyes of Fafa.
This kind of expression is really strange in the eyes of Buddhist monks, but it actually appears
Several eyes flashed in the direction of master Xiao Zhufeng Shuiyue … Another protagonist of this marriage proposal, Yu Mo, was always cold at this time. People naturally paid attention to her master.
Master Shui’s face was so indifferent that no one knew what she was thinking, whether she agreed or not …
The atmosphere is a little cold. The real person pondered for a moment, and Lang said, "Li Xun’s child’s youth fame is indeed a dragon and phoenix in the future."
Yun Yilan laughed. "I’m flattered, but I really intend to give the Valley Master to this undeserving brother in the future. At present, we have such a happy event, which makes it even more obvious that our sincere contract will also boost the morale of the heroes. Isn’t it a joy?"
The implication is that this matter is beneficial to both the incense burning valley and Qingyun Gate, but the Taoist priest thinks so too. If there is the support of incense burning valley, the momentum of Qingyun Gate and Tianyin Temple will be even greater … Although they are the same, who is the first and who is the second must still fight.
"Sister Shui Yue?" Dao Xuan, the real person, looked at Master Shui. It is important to know whether this marriage can become her opinion.
Master Shui was noncommittal and asked, "Is Master Yungu serious?"
Yun Yilan fuels and smiles, "I’m so sincere that I still hope my younger sister can become one."
Master Shui slowly looked up at Yun Yilan, and after a round of mentoring, he slowly said, "I quite agree with this marriage, but I’d better forget it for Li Gong’s life."
Jade Qing temple is an uproar. Everyone looks at Master Shui in amazement. I don’t know what she really means.
"Sister Shui doesn’t agree to such a marriage, but there is no need to tease me like this!" YunYiLan tone is very heavy is angry.

Back to the dormitory, Chen Yi first changed back to the key.

The little lizard kept talking about monitoring her life and telling every word and conversation of two girls. It was obvious that she still liked semi-peeping workers.
After listening for a while, Chen Yi found that there was nothing worth noting and threw it back into the bowl by the door.
Crisp "yum" and the little lizard screamed.
Liu Xinyu carefully searched the information on the Internet and asked strangely, "What a strange sound."
"The key is not working. Make one for me one day." Chen Yi said with a smile and sat down on the living room desk as usual, watching and studying.
Real human genes have long been full of thirst for knowledge.
Everyone wants to learn. It’s just learning direction and difference.
Narrow learning, that is, getting knowledge-the essence of human intelligence-is the quickest way, which can help a person get the most knowledge in the shortest time.
Relatively speaking, whether speech is social practice or rich life experience is not enough knowledge-scarcity is easy to understand, everyone can have rich life experience and social practice, but some people can understand the fact that literacy and speaking alone mean that tens of thousands of years are the crystallization of hundreds of thousands of years of wisdom, which can be accomplished through learning.
Before Chen Yi came into contact with the source energy, his intelligence level was only slightly higher than that of ordinary people. His learning motivation was more due to external environmental pressure.
However, after a long period of exercise and high performance, Chen Yi will naturally have an impulse to learn, which is not an innate interest, but is determined by genes.
If you can read it, you are naturally willing to read it often. If you haven’t read it for ten days and a half months, you must be crazy.
Jin Dou Na came to Chen Yi with a file in her high heels. "A graduate student named Han He came to see you. Your monitor Lin Yuan came again. When she saw me, she left. Luo Xiaoshan sent you a letter. In addition, these are important for the organization today."
Chen Yi looked at it first, and finally it turned out to be a standard briefing. Everything was one sentence and two more. When the people and places were located, the events were said in vain.
He couldn’t help praising "this is really good and saves time"
"After all, I have been an assistant for several years."
Jin Douna said and looked at Liu Xinyu.
People don’t even move their ears. They put their breasts on the table and massage themselves
Chen Yi Chou eyes almost straight mouth way "I’ll write a paper outline Han He to find words to give him again"
"Don’t you give it now?"
"Now that I have given it to him, he will definitely revise it and then ask for Excellence. But I can’t carry it. If Lin Yuan comes back for questioning, just say that Professor Lei is doing the project there."
Jin Dou Na Shuang Li said that "Bai" returned to her seat like a real secret.
She gradually found her place in the constant competition.
If Liu Xinyu strives for management skills, despite Chen Yi’s support, it is still difficult for her to persist, but she can do the duties of secretary or assistant well. She is very good at work and can also keep Chen Yi close.
Chen Yi naturally won’t think so much. After dialing the message to Luo Xiaoshan, he smiled and asked, "What is fat?"
Luo Xiaoshan ha ha smiled and said formally, "I heard that Fang Ju was promoted to vice mayor and I was entrusted by Dad to send you sincere greetings."
Fat is a clown to detain provoked Chen Yi a burst of light say with smile "your dad even eyed the division of labor bigger than your eyes!"
As they planned that day, the state-owned assets management, road traffic and other quite oily parts were handed over to Fang Zhenna, which made his vice mayor’s value increase sharply and was not weaker than the fact that the standing Committee member’s title propaganda minister was hanging. Some of these fat meats were originally in the hands of the card deputy.
Fat smiled and acquiesced, "As you said, I found another imam to build a road. The goods have an appetite for some big money, so I don’t care. I want to discuss with you that he wants to be a member of the Council of the Arab Association of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference. Do you have any idea?"
"National level?"
Chen Yi thought, "The level of Jiangning CPPCC members is not low. I’ll give him a chance to feed his wages first. If he doesn’t believe it, he won’t like it."
"Okay," the fat man smiled twice. "Dad also means that he can’t do it. Let him take some money to Arabia and want to be an imam. He wants to be a parishioner and marry four wives."
Chen Yi laughed and recalled the day before the temple.
It’s uncomfortable for the old imam to persuade and warn the city leaders to save his little sister and not to let the family revive.
"Fat must tear down that temple. Making more money and less money is secondary."
Luo Xiaoshan quite understands that "Don’t worry, the elder brothers will definitely tear it down for you."
Chapter one hundred and fifty Demolition plan
Luo Xiaoshan said it was amazing to move fast.
A little bit of land worth 670 million yuan will be enough for the two imams to eat and drink.
This is also the money that Luo’s father is willing to pay.
They didn’t think about making money from the demolition, and they were prepared to lose a sum of money. This kind of silver bullet offensive is irresistible to everyone.
No matter what the two imams boast about, they are still in a temple for more than 20 years. A 4-year-old man must secretly find a lady and have enough money to settle down, and immediately throw away all his teachings and beliefs.
When I waited on someone late, Huang Mi slipped and stuffed an envelope into his car. "Imam, two round-trip tickets to Dubai, first class, please go and attend an international conference invitation."
He can’t even remember that name of the invent meeting, so he just mention it.
The second imam understood and smiled. The Audi A6 flew away with his foot on the gas pedal.
Behind Luo Fu’s education, he said, "Gifts are looking for weaknesses. Their big imam is dying. People are old and don’t lack money. If the name behind him can’t buy off this second imam, who is just over four years old, it won’t be too expensive to take money to hit him in the second spring, but it’s the cheapest to let him be an official. This guy is addicted to thieves and the Jiangning CPPCC member is a breakthrough …"
Luo Xiaoshan mused, but then he turned to the matter. "So when he comes back from Dubai, we will force him to go out for demolition?"
The management Committee is the democratic management Committee, which is equivalent to the board of directors of the temple stock for short.

"Third, I am afraid that Pi two dog is playing tricks on me?"

"Second, I assure you that Boss Pi will not play tricks on you!" Li Xingju in distress situation way
This sentence is a dialogue between the two people in front of two dog. two dog listened to this guy. Seeing Xu make him look so stunned, he said, "I am not such a person." This is all a rumor made by the village chief’s skin cannon. He has the nerve to say that he is stealing chickens and dogs! "
Xu Qing over there thought about it for a moment and said to Li Xingju, "Second child, okay, I’ll take this job!" "
"Great, then please take a leave and come to Da Nai Village! Boss Pi asked for the best control plan in three days and completed the control of Skynet in one week. Is there any problem? " Li Xingju overjoyed way
"Let’s talk about it when I come!"
After the phone call, Li Xingju suddenly leaned on the charming way, "Boss, they all say that you like stealing chickens and dogs. I didn’t see you peeking just now." Strangely, people will believe that it sounds convinced of those malicious rumors! "
"Sister Xingju, do you believe it?" Pi two dog is a big color and a ghost, yes, but he won’t go against the will of women, but he will get a kiss with the consent of the other party. What a pity that he is a big color and a wolf, but few people in the outside world know that he is still a place-level cadre!
"Boss, I think it’s nothing to be a good copy, color and ghost. Men are not good at this. Is that still a man? If everyone is Liu Hui, who can we women find to be happy? " Said Li Xingju, whose eyes are blurred, making eyes at him.
"I didn’t expect you to cheer up, Elder Sister Xing Ju!"
"Boss, what do you think of me?" After that, Li Xingju put on a wind and coquettish shape and turned around to show herself to two dog.
"Sister Xing Ju, what is it like?" This guy plays dumb.
"I mean, do you want to steal?"
"This ah XingJu elder sister I just said? I never casually embezzle oil, which is disrespectful to women! " Two dog righteousness is words way
"Well, boss, my lips are a little dry. Can you help me moisturize them?" Li Xingju is full of a look I want to say
"ah? Is this a robbery? "
"This is not helping to moisten. How can it be said that it is stealing oil?" Li Xingju thick peach yan li denied.
"Well, I think it doesn’t count! Then I’m respectful. I’d better eat something to help you moisten one! " Said the two suddenly touch to touch, kiss became a ball.
A few minutes later, Li Xingju’s longing for love rose and said anything, "two dog, I want to … give it to me, ok?"
Hearing this, Pi two dog suddenly dumped her head. A favor was to push Li Xingju away and escape.
This guy walked all the way to the bamboo forest by the river. First, he called two big dog legs and Jiang Juling, and asked them to take shifts to guard the four bases in Danai Village tonight. After the layout, Pi two dog realized that one thousand masked women gave false news.
Thought of here, he felt it necessary to confirm the truth of an information.
And to know whether this information is true or false, only Li Chunzhu can do it.
Li Chunzhu defected to Liang Er because he found a mistress, and now she is someone else. Besides, Li Chunzhu depends on two dog to do business. This woman is credible.
When I heard the phone ring, Li Chunzhu was preparing for breakfast in the kitchen, thinking about Pi two dog. I didn’t expect to call him when I thought about him.
The woman snickered, "Good morning, master."
"Early spring bead elder sister is convenient to talk now? Don’t let your family hear my call. "
"Okay, my kitchen door first." After a while, I heard a creak, and Li Chunzhu lowered her voice. "Master, tell me!"
"Well, I got an intelligence this morning that the skin is strong, please move your son Liang Chaodong. They are going to sprinkle a wave of strong pesticides on my vegetable field tonight in order to spoil my fate vegetable market! Did your family tell you about this in winter? "
"What has this matter? ! Dong didn’t tell me that the king’s egg was really a ghost shaved! "
"Sister Chunzhu, you don’t know about this?"
"Master, I really don’t know? If I knew, I wouldn’t tell you at the first time! I am your person! " Chun-Zhu Li was afraid that two dog would suspect her, and she was so anxious.
"Well, I don’t doubt what you mean. So you find out about it?"
"Good master, I’ll find my horse!" If you put it away, Li Chunzhu went to the winter room on the second floor and pushed open the door. She woke up from her sleep and said, "Dong Dong?"
"Mom, why are you pulling me? I still have to sleep! "
"In winter, I asked you why Pijian wanted to see you last night?" As soon as Li Chunzhu opened his mouth, Liang’s second generation slept with the horse and woke up. Liang’s second generation horse is also a second generation. It takes two days to fish and three days to cast a net and fool around with Liang Chaodong’s ass every day.
The second generation sat up when he saw Ma playing shirtless, and quickly put on a suit for her. Then he said carelessly, "Mom, I was young with Pi Jian, so it’s okay for him to come to me for a drink?"
"You don’t want to tell me that Dongpi is strong. What does he want you to do?"
"Mom, you know and ask! Besides, I’m calling my hand to sprinkle pesticides. I can’t even touch it. Don’t worry! " Liang Chaodong pushed the 256 road
"Dead son, I also hate Pi two dog. I wish he had bad luck early, but you can’t do anything? You don’t know that you can’t do it! " Chun-zhu li frighten face all white way
"Mom is very well paid, and there are 20,000!"
"Even thousands can’t do it? Do you have some brains in winter? Strong skin, why not do it yourself but use you as a gun because he knows how serious the consequences are! Once it happens, is it going to kill people? " Chun-zhu li a coward way
Listen to mom said so seriously suddenly Liang Chaodong also a little scared. "Mom, I’ve accepted this. Will the consequences be serious if I don’t offend Brother Pi?"
"Idiot, you won’t make excuses? Besides, what happened to a wicked ghost who offended him? Can he still eat you? "
"Mom, you know this, you know me, we don’t tell anyone. Who knows who did it?" Liang Chaodong holding a lucky way
Chapter 2 Li Chunzhu’s Credit
Chun-zhu li heart said that the old niang desperate efforts also want to stop her son from taking risks. She is now a secret confidant of Pi two dog. Of course, she doesn’t want to see her relatives become enemies with two dog. Chun-zhu li is busy at the thought of this. She earnestly said, "The two dog base is equipped with Skynet. You say you don’t come forward, but once your hand is found out, Pi two dog can trace it to you! No, no, this can’t be done! "
See mom resolutely opposed to Liang Chaodong dare not not listen because his mom gave him the money in Cary. Dare he disobey Li Chunzhu and cut off his financial resources? This funny ratio means that there is no money to soak up horses. I thought about Liang’s second generation. "Mom is that you don’t let Brother Ganpi talk to him!"
Second generation, this is to be abandoned.
"Dead son ok skin strong that I’ll talk about it! What about you? Give me 20,000 yuan to inform you! " Chun-zhu li flat and agile looking at son way
The second generation of Liang knew that he couldn’t fool his mother, so he went to the safe and took out 20 thousand yuan in cash, and then informed his hand to give up this time in front of his mother

Ji Dong thought for a moment, "I’ll try."

As he spoke, the dragon’s back on his toes was gently lifted and his body flew into the half-moment. At that moment, the sacred sacred armor of the sacred fire had completely covered his body. It was more intense than the golden red exclusive Guanghua, and it was reserved from Ji’s departure to blossom to his extreme double fire, and it was completely injected into this Guanghua, bursting into a very horrible attribute to suppress the breath.
Ji Dong’s purpose is simple. He wants to subdue these fire crows with his ultimate double-fire earth momentum and make them collapse without fighting.
Ji Dong is now crowned with double attributes and exclusive brilliance. On the whole, even if the Dragon Emperor wants to kill him now, it is not easy and he must pay a certain price. When he keeps his breath, momentum and exclusive brilliance, even the friendly saints can’t help secretly staggering. Reddy Frey can’t afford to compete with this little teacher younger brother. Only Ah Kin and Chen Sixuan can keep their eyes unchanged.
Sure enough, when Ji set off, the exclusive Guanghua release immediately had an effect, and those ravens who had been approaching all stopped coming near.
At this time, Ji Dong is floating like a giant sun, where the atmosphere of the earth is constantly spreading like waves, and this exclusive Guanghua also contains his holy soul fluctuation, which is completely overwhelming.
As Frey said, if it is not difficult for Ji Dong to kill these fire crows, it needs a large-scale super-killing skill, and none of these 100,000 fire crows can survive. However, considering that they are flaming people here, Ji Dong is unwilling to kill them, and he chose the deterrent method.
Through the breath of soul, Ji Dong handed out his thoughts and scattered them in two words.
Strange scene happened personality so stubborn fire crow Ji Dong exclusive Guanghua soul release is a short stagnation after actually so dispersed and is scrambling to disperse as if met what horrible things like scattered for a while is a moment before or tense has been restored to the flat Chapter five hundred and fourteen Ji Dong is equal to the fire crow king?
"Is this ok?" God-dried saints looked at the scattered flamingos and were dumbfounded. Ji Dong didn’t do anything! It is flying in to release his exclusive Guanghua, plus some soul suppression and attribute suppression at most.
Although the effects of soul suppression and attribute suppression are extraordinary, he faces the suppression of 100,000 opponents. Naturally, it is necessary to suppress one or two opponents in large numbers. How can the effect be so immediate?
Let’s just say it’s a dry day. Even Ji Dong is surprised at this time. He really wants to deter the 100,000 fire crows, but he hasn’t really taken out the steel to deter the killer. The fire crows actually dispersed as if they had obeyed their orders. This is really confusing for Ji Dong.
Ji Dong was surprised when he found that not all the fire crows were scattered, but more than a dozen stayed in the middle curtain and approached him carefully, at the same time, they also sent out a friendly soul message
There are more than a dozen flamingos left here, which are much larger than the previously dispersed turkeys. Each of them is more than two meters long, and their feathers are also somewhat golden. Especially, one of them is extremely huge and has a huge body of three meters. The feathers of the flamingos have faintly presented a golden red luster, emitting a soul breath, and are much stronger than other flamingos.
Feeling that these turkeys approached Ji in good faith, the strong golden red light also converged, and the wings behind them relaxed and freehand, controlling the surrounding air and letting themselves float there. Although he didn’t know what was going on, the threat posed by the raven in front of him had completely disappeared, and his soul was bundled up and headed for the biggest raven.
Once again, something unexpected happened to Ji Dong. It was obvious that the fire crow leader did not resist at all, and Ji Dong’s soul invaded its soul and formed communication
The fire crows that had been caught before were violent and stubborn.
"Great Lord, you have finally returned to your people." As soon as the souls of both sides were connected, Ji Dong immediately felt the breath handed over from the raven, which was full of worship and general respect, which made Ji Dong puzzled.
"Are you mistaken? I’m not in charge of what you say," Ji Dong responded.
"Great Lord, do you still want your people? Your people need you to lead! Without your commander in chief, we will always be able to swim on the first and second floors, and it will never be brilliant again. "The message handed over by the fire crow became even more strange.
Ji Dong eyebrows slightly wrinkled "how can you be sure that I am your Lord? Don’t you see that I am human? "
"Great master, you have finally evolved to this point and finally become a human being.
I will never admit that your breath is stronger than before, but it is still so real. Great Lord, we will always be your slaves, even if you let me die at once, I am willing, but you must not leave your people! "
Listen to this fire crow’s words, Ji Dong carefully felt the memory in its soul. Because the fire crow’s soul was undefended, everything it thought was clearly presented in Ji Dong’s mind. Ji Dong finally understood what was going on after seeing an image from its memory.
This fire crow has one of the most memorable images in its mind, that is, a big bird with a perfect body, shining with great strength and the sun background. Isn’t it the three-legged sun that died in the hands of Ji Dong and was swallowed up by Ji Dong?
Ji Dong suddenly realized that these turkeys were not afraid of their own strength and suppression, but of the smell of the three-legged sun! I once swallowed the crystal nucleus of the three-legged sun. When I just released the exclusive brilliance, I belonged to the three-legged sun. Naturally, these fire crows changed their attitude and were so respectful to themselves.
Understand the situation, Ji Dong can’t help but feel a little ironic, but he naturally won’t correct these fire crows. There are so many fire crows. With their recognition, at least the first and second floors of the inner world can bring them great help.
Thought of here, Ji moved to the fire crow and asked, "How many people are there now? Are they all staying on the first and second floors? "
As soon as the fire crow heard Ji Dong say that the word "clansman" had been recognized by Ji Dong, she was immediately surprised and quickly replied, "There are tens of millions of our clansmen on the first floor and the second floor. Just now, you saw that these are my great main network. What’s your command?"
Ji Dong said, "So now I have evolved into an incarnate person, so as to avoid misunderstanding. Come with me for the time being and take me and my friends to the second floor. I have to go deep into the center of the earth to deal with some things."
As soon as the fire crow heard that Ji Dong was going to bring it a big surprise, "Yes, Yes", she croaked a few times. Those behind her were also bigger than ordinary fire crows. The fire crows also called for a few minutes. They had just scattered 100,000 fire crows before, but they were surrounded by Dayan Flame Dragon. But this time, they were very excited. Obviously, the fire crows were going to let these people escort them to the second floor.
Ji Dong immediately handed the message to the fire crow, "You don’t need to bring so many people. Just go with us yourself and let them do what they should do."
The fire crow nodded his head when he was stunned by the drought. He also wanted to use Ji’s breath of three-legged golden birds to show off in front of his clan. Now it seems that he has done it.
Re-demobilize the fire crows, lead the way and fly straight ahead.
The Great Yan Flame Dragon Back Heavenly Immortals have been sharing information with Ji Dong, and everyone can’t help but be a little funny.
When Ji Dong returned to the back of the Great Yan Flame Dragon, he couldn’t help laughing. "I didn’t expect that! It’s amazing that our holy king is still the king of fire crows who can command so many fire crows. Wouldn’t it be an invincible army if we went to our human world? This turkey is as numerous as locusts. "