The room was full of Chang ‘an Aquila, sitting leisurely in the soft seat, smiling and greeting Norton who came in

"Train 50,000′ elite’ to ride’ shoot’ and kill qualified cavalry. This is the position to be handed over to our general. If you are not in the body, I am afraid the overall training goal will be achieved within the scheduled time limit."
There was Anquilla in the room, and Norton casually replied, then went straight to his desk and sat down on the right. The latest parchment recorded his daily training progress in detail, and Norton drew a copper pen from the ink box. Norton added today’s training completion at the back of the column marked with yesterday’s date.
"Why? So busy, why don’t you ask me? " Wait for a moment to see Norton out of Aquila is not’ dew’ out of a nai expression got up and walked to the front of the buried record Norton hands on the table and asked
"If you have business to talk about, please say it quickly," Norton replied without looking up. "If you have time to talk, please help yourself. I don’t have time to lead a team for a field tour myself."
"No!" I heard that Aquila exaggerated, "Are you busier than me as the chief instructor of cavalry training?"
Norton ignored the noisy guy in front of him.
"Okay, okay, I’m really sorry for you, but I just want to make a joke to help you adjust." Ankui straightened up and finally became serious. "Let’s talk about business. You should hurry up and find someone else to take charge of the afternoon training. Your horse and I will leave for’ Bo’ Znanbao. There are important things to discuss."
After saying his word, Norton has closed his pen, rolled up the parchment and put it aside. He got up and set out "to".
When I saw Norton’s business, she immediately became alive and kicking. Aquila couldn’t help but smile and took his eyes and glanced at his costume. "Are you wearing this nondescript dress to attend the emperor’s meeting?"
Norton bowed his head consciously. When he saw that Mao Qiu, his solemn face was rarely embarrassed.
"Ha, ha, ha, I didn’t expect to see this expression on your face." Aguilera patted Norton on the shoulder with a surprised smile and said, "Go and change your generals. I’ll wait for you outside the base." Then she turned and left.
At dusk, the Imperial Teutonic province’ Bo’ Znanbao.
More than a dozen fast horses galloped to the front of the towering fort, where the soldiers greeted him immediately when they saw the golden eagle flag held high in the hands of the first rider.
"hey!" Qi qi reined in Aquila, Norton and the accompanying’ Shi’ guards turned their horses and walked to the hall, where the horses were led by the guards at their own fort to feed them.
Just walked to the steps, Adjutant Aguilera just came out of the hall to meet him.
"General!" The adjutant bowed to Anquilla.
"Are Lord Ence and other adults here?" Anquilla asked.
"Report to the general, your adults have arrived and are waiting for the general in the conference hall."
"Good," said Aquila, tilting her head to one side. "Come with me. It seems that we are going to talk about business first with an empty stomach."
A group of people immediately entered the fort and went through layers of defense to the secret meeting room, where there were already several people.
"General Norton comes to introduce you to these adults." Aguilera smiled and greeted the first few moments, then turned to give up Norton and held out his hand to point to several people.
"From now on, the director of Xiongnu Special Affairs Department of Imperial Intelligence Department of Lord Ensi will be responsible for the contract of our frontier defense regiment military intelligence department, and will also be responsible for and assist us to form and train exclusive military intelligence personnel. In addition, this mission also needs the cooperation of Lord Ensi."
"The general’s flattery is just a general’s saddle urging." The respondent is Ens, tall and thin, with bright eyes. Indeed, there is a kind of’ door’ from the most confidential department of the empire, and his words are also round and round.
"This is Master maggs, who was originally attached to the Special Intelligence Department of the Ministry of National Defense. Before the Xiongnu War, he repeatedly pretended to be a caravan and went deep into the grassland empire to spy on many important secrets. A year ago, the news that the Xiongnu Zuo Xianwang Department tried to launch a surprise attack was that Master maggs personally went to the insurance to obtain this title, and maggs Pavilion was awarded the title of Baron’s real imperial hero!"
On the left side of Ens, with a smile on his face, maggs gave a military-like salute to Norton quite humbly and said, "Aquila Pavilion really praised the official. This little achievement can be compared with the fact that he can take the trouble to attack thousands of Huns and capture general Norton." It is an honor to be able to fight side by side with the generals in the future. "
Smell speech has always looked awed by Norton’s "color" and quickly replied.
"And this general Horatius, although not under my jurisdiction, is the latest car camp in corps commander. The main force of our army’s plan this time is General Horatius’s."
"General Horatius hopes that you and I can work together to fight for the empire!"
For someone like Horatius, who can see at a glance that he is brave and honest, Norton is less restrained and directly has a military’ private’ etiquette with the latter, punching each other in the chest.
"Ha ha, that’s what people in our army should do!" Aquila smiled and looked at the two men. Through Norton, she introduced the remaining officials who were relatively minor, and then everyone sat in a secret military meeting
Aguilar, who holds the highest position among the people, is also directly instructed by the emperor to preside over the meeting. There is not so much red tape in the military meeting, so Aguilar also came straight to the point and said the core of the meeting, that is, Oka secretly sent people to order the implementation of the armed caravan plan during the cruise.
According to the treaty signed by the Huns after the war, the bilateral trade was changed from the free trade of the pre-war caravan to the fixed trade of the monopoly field. At the same time, those who are eligible to go to the trading caravan must also be supervised by both sides, especially for the spies who may be’ mixed’ in the caravan.
This treaty was naturally deliberately set up by the Huns to guard against the imperial green’ color’ empire, which showed more and more strong intelligence acquisition ability in the war, and the fighter capture ability has become more and more feared by the Huns. However, it is too taken for granted that this small treaty alone wants to really stop the imperial intelligence tentacles.
This time, Oka secretly sent people to Aquinas to formulate a new soft invasion strategy for monopoly trade. The so-called soft invasion, as its name implies, is to infiltrate, destroy and invade grasslands by economic and political methods as opposed to direct military action. This soft invasion strategy will be a new strategy for the empire to systematically and systematically weaken the strength of Huns in a foreseeable period of peace.
The so-called guiding the Oka according to the situation is to let the Huns know that the military may be evenly matched in Rome, but in other respects, the Huns will be able to stop the flood of Rome! Please remember the website. If you like snowy romance, write Glory to Rome.
Section 60 New Strategy ()
"You made a copy of this strategic plan according to your requirements, and now I send it to you. Please read it carefully."
In the meeting room, Aguilera looked solemnly around the crowd and said, at the same time, he raised his left hand and saw that his thumb and forefinger were holding a short copper key.
The two adjutant who had been standing in that room immediately took the key in Aquila’s hand and went to the door, where there was a small wooden box with a lock on the table. As it was the only special thing in the room, everyone present had noticed that the top secret document of the original plan was inside when they first entered the room for observation.
The two adjutants locked the key and took out a stack of scrolls. They each took half of them in their hands, then turned back to the conference table and distributed the scrolls to everyone present. After doing this, the two adjutants didn’t stay in the house any longer, but went straight out and gently took the’ door’.
Flip the scrolls and click one after another. Everyone carefully browses the plans except Aguilera, because he has already read them and this plan also contains some of his ideas. At present, the high command department, the first person in the Emperor’s team, the only decorated count and the supreme commander of the border guards, has sent people to seek his advice at the beginning of the plan.
It takes a while to read the whole plan, but there is nothing to do. Aquila’s face is not impatient. She waits quietly or her eyes occasionally fall on the documents. Everyone seems to be observing the subtle changes in their expressions.
As time went by, he finally sat on the right. The first one, Enes, first put the scroll, raised his head, and the thoughts in his eyes flew. Then the rest of them sat up again one after another and turned their attention to Aquila.
When I saw that everyone had finished reading, Aquila cleared her throat and nodded, "Good, you have all read the plan, so now we will enter the confirmation link."
Aquila’s flashing eyes first fell on the last two young officials on maggs’s left, saying, "The main part of the plan is achieved by trading, and this first needs to be covered for us in terms of identity, caravan formation, goods, etc. You two are representatives of the Ministry of Finance and Commerce. Tell me about your preparation."
The two young officials looked at each other and one of them immediately replied, "General Aguilera has personally reached a secret plan with the Ministry of Finance and Commerce through the Prime Minister’s Cabinet. We have made early preparations. According to the treaty, Xiongnu can have up to 50 business groups in each trade, and according to our arrangement, three selected business groups have changed from outside to outside, and there will be no flaws in the identity, goods or details."
After speaking, Aguilera’ shows’ satisfaction’.
At this time, maggs took the initiative to pick up the road, "The formation of the business group has been completed in half, and I will personally be responsible for one of the business groups."
"Well, then, General Horatius, how are you going?"
Sitting as Zhong He Latus heard Aguilar’s inquiry, he immediately said, "The car camp at the end of the general’s pavilion is already ready, and you can escort the business group at any time after you lack some basic training in anti-interrogation."

Zhou yi surrendered

He’s under the jurisdiction of the Jade Fairy Master, but he can live a comfortable life if he doesn’t make a big mistake.
Such as Xiang Shen, I don’t expect to go further, but I also pay attention to enjoyment. Even the achievement method is too lazy to practice. After all, it is detrimental to my life.
This is also the status quo of most people.
There is an endless stream of visitors.
Zhou Yi finally realized the feeling of Fan4 jin4 Zhong4.
Before being rude all day, everyone can be bullied, and now all sides are flattering, and the hands are weak.
It is also a kind of’ worry’ to have to widen the abode of fairies and immortals when giving gifts.
Aquarius is full of red excited voice trembling.
"Today again three days pretty send …"
"got it"
Zhou Yi closed his eyes and gently waved his hand.
"You go."
"This ….." Aquarius one leng then carefully ChuiShou.
Zhou Yi bowed his head and sighed lightly.
"I will be tired of receiving gifts one day?"
"However, hundreds of mountain barbarians really have too little knowledge, and gifts are almost always repeated without any new ideas."
The gifts he receives these days are either red sands or various refining materials, elixirs or not-so-fierce pills.
The only special thing is that Yu Yin Tian Man sent antiques and ornaments.
Even enjoyment lacks creativity.
There is always a time when gifts are delivered.
At this time, someone will invite Zhou Yi to various parties, and it is not appropriate to refuse because he has just received a gift, and it will be inappropriate for Shuo De and others not to go.
Taste wine, have fun …
The day is so slowly killing away.
Many days are quite enjoyable. After all, to come to this world once is to have a heart and to make up for the first half of your life.
Thinking about the law makes your heart the most important thing.
Half a month later.
Zhou Yi broke away from all kinds of banquets and parties, and calmed down and tidied up his energy.
Different from others
He Zhi Avenue will never stop because of the immediate pleasure, and even worse, he is really difficult to adapt to many kinds of wild games.
Just like …
Barbarian women, especially those who have cultivated the Five Poisons, inherit women’s appearance, but their aesthetics are different.
Don’t say skin blind date is to be careful when touching it.
"The three heavens are really different from others."
Pick up a book on Monday and stroke the cover.
"It’s very thoughtful of this lingering voice to be able to find a yogi outside the mountain to write travel notes, which happens to be great for me."
21 Travel Notes of Nanyang-A Brief Talk on Various Laws
There is nothing top-notch in it, but there is an introduction from the spiritual world. For Zhou Yi, who has just achieved Tianman, we can learn about the spiritual environment outside the mountain.
Moreover, some simple methods are based on common sense for practitioners, but they are just what he needs.
such as
Sacrificial refining method
"It is too difficult for the Taoist body to become an imperial instrument. It is better to display Wushu than the physical body. After all, there is a difference between the refined gas and the physical body."
"It’s not surprising to kill the refined gas in close quarters."

The queen has been in charge of the harem for many years and smelled something unusual.

"Mother, what’s wrong with this?" It’s a fact that I don’t understand why the queen thinks so, but now he is more popular than the second brother.
Too unhappy, but not showing half a point.
"Don’t you think it’s going too smoothly?" The queen tried to put her son on high alert.
Too eyebrow eye shows some impatience, but he is full of expectation to share with his mother, but she doesn’t understand him.
Too soon, there was no interest in talking with the queen, and she left without taking it long in her palace.
Leave the queen to twist the sad distant eyebrows and worry about watching the tall and straight figure.
Chapter 3 Toffee’s heart dies
Seeing her daughter Shen Beibei’s ruddy face is like Shen Xuefu’s own light pink looming in her eyes, but the two of them are just a little charming and a little immature
Not as pale as the one that grieved her.
When she saw Shen Beibei, she felt a big hole in her heart. Even if the warm wind blew, the biting cold and astringent warmth disappeared, and only the water overflowed and the mountains mourned.
She can’t wait to be a substitute.
Fortunately, Beibei’s life should not be divorced from her mother. As for her, Shen Xuefu won’t let it go. She owes them a hundred times.
Even if Shen Xuefu’s distant eyebrows knit slowly and form a small "Sichuan" word, it doesn’t affect her whole body charm at all, but adds a few minutes to the antique in the lady’s picture.
After appeasing her daughter, Shen Xuefu’s body was tight and visible to the naked eye, and she sent her spare time to take care of her muscles. Because of sudden looseness, she hurried into the room.
Letter to my husband Shen Xuefu not only never gives a fake hand to others, but also grinds it herself.
Whether it’s the scenery in the room or the beauty’s tea, it’s ground gently and slightly as if there is a small husband sitting beside it.
It’s really wonderful that the window has formed a graceful silhouette of a woman.
At this time, Shen Xuefu and others didn’t appreciate Shen Xuefu’s concentration.
I am afraid that my husband will be distracted by the fact that I am anxious and not anxious to explain clearly the specific situation of my daughter and myself.
At the end of the letter, I hope my husband won’t be distracted, and his wife will be your help. Since Beibei’s situation has improved and she has recovered, my husband is at ease and cares about the great cause, otherwise he will lead the wolf into the room.
The letter was signed with his wife Shen Xuefu.
The last word in the letter is slightly deformed and stable.
After all, a little careless waiting for what my husband is planning is the abyss.
I didn’t stay long. This letter with ink fragrance was quickly sent to Jiangmu Cold by Shen Xuefu.
The four scarlet pens of "My husband is dear to me" draw the outline of the hairpin flowers in small letters, which are delicate and graceful, and they are from my wife’s hands at first sight.
Wrapped around the forearm, slender and vigorous, shaking slightly, the envelope was picked up by the river curtain, and after reading the letter word by word, she understood her meaning.
If he makes a rash move at this time, the party will fight back. I’m afraid this rash consequence will bring him safety and illness, but it will make Shen Xuefu and Beibei in trouble again.
The anxiety in my heart was soothed and ironed by this Wang slowly flowing clear spring.
Smelling Shen Xuefu’s unique ink, her Jiao Jiao shadow seems to be floating in front of his eyes, and her smile is breathtaking.
His eyes were flirtatious, his eyebrows were frosty, and the soft light in his eyes flashed across the corners of his mouth. He smiled, and the ice and snow melted in a flash, and that smile disappeared forever in the corners of the mouth of a real person and remained in people’s hearts forever.
It won’t be long before they wait for him, and their family will be together forever, worried and happy.
Living like that is the biggest reason why Jiangmu Cold is so exhausted now.
Think of this cold river curtain swept away tired properly put the letter in his heart close-fitting clothes, where he paused and turned around and resumed the whole body cold feeling.
After a few days.
Shen Beibei’s health has been properly taken care of, and she will be raised for a few days. Although she is not well, it is July 7th.
Shen Xuefu couldn’t get rid of her daughter Shen Beibei, so she moved out of her home, and finally took her bodyguard to go shopping with her daughter Shen Beibei.
The two men dressed up in disguise and brought a curtain hat. This time, they felt at ease and came to the busy market.
After all, in fact, Shen Beibei is not pestering her, and she is going to buy something.
However, Shen Xuefu did not move forward, but came to the busy market.
Although this busy market is noisy, the quality and style of things are uneven, but the people behind it always have to take care of the people around them if they want to do it, which will cause riots among the people, which will be greatly detrimental to the pursuit of their mother and son
The two men sat in the carriage on the gloomy road before they swept away and enjoyed it enough before they got to the carriage.
And then seriously do what you need.
"Toffee is not optimistic, please don’t worry too much about all her health." Doctor Tai took the pulse and prescribed something taboo for the palace maid to take medicine on time and cultivate with peace of mind.
Then Doctor Tai went to the palace to report to me.
Toffee is lying on the bed, her mind echoing in front of her eyes. This is a very high medical skill in the doctor too much. The doctor too much stroked his goatee sadly, but he was so secretive that a sadness came to his mind.
Even though this extremely sad emotion in her heart made her want to say something to laugh at herself.
But she found herself doing everything except blinking slowly, and she thought it was really a wish to die.
I’m so tired. What has she done in her life?
She treats her husband sincerely, and she thinks that their young husband and wife are in heat. In the end, it is because she is sentimental and really wrong to pay Lanyin.
Tears filled the eyes and flowed down the cheeks. When they were left in the mouth, they knew how bitter it was.
When her most sincere servant girl saw it, she rushed out her handkerchief and gently wiped the tears from Toffee’s face.
"Empress, don’t be too sad. We must take good care of ourselves. Now our body is the most important thing." The servant girl looked at Toffee’s haggard face, and her eyes were full of sincerity, beauty and sadness.
She tucked Toffee in the corner and tried to make Toffee sleep comfortably.
Yes, even a maid treats her more sincerely than he does. It’s a real failure that her generation has lived well. Now it’s a shame to die. It’s really unwilling, but what to do? Her body knows best that she … can’t hold on.
Doctor Tai truthfully reported the situation of Toffee to the emperor.
If the usual emperor can’t manage his daughter-in-law, no matter how wide he is, but Toffee is already dead, secretly stealing the death and curing too much, and truthfully reporting the situation of Toffee to the emperor.
"Toffee’s situation is worrying, and I am also capable." Cure too much, and his whole body is also full of depression. After all, doctors will feel negative emotions in the face of such a situation
Emperor Gaotang was silent, how many eyebrows were hidden in the mask, and the dark light flashed in his eyes. I don’t know what he was thinking. This waiting brought some food for thought.
Chapter 39 eventful autumn

One-horned dragon is already level 20 Warcraft. For example, Lin caught you bright and evil, and it is still level 4. However, in this chaotic world for so many days, almost everyone has been Wu Amon. Fang Lin doesn’t want to recklessly fight with these knowledgeable Warcraft, and he doesn’t want to kill too much. He thinks that he has also got a fairy-level lance. Fang Lin immediately flashed the Tiankan reverse blade seal to these one-horned dragons.

Slightly condensed spirit Fang Lin can remain absolutely calm even if he is highly nervous and excited to chase after the battle, which is also a little state of mind cultivated by him after several life-and-death wars.
Shaped like a half-day ridge blade connected with Fang Lin Nianli, Fang Lin immediately sent out a strong light. After Fang Lin succeeded, he carefully studied this fairy soldier. He was very surprised to find that the idea and power of this ridge blade were very close to that of Bai Dun Royal Spirit Avatar Seal, which was almost a magic weapon with the same performance and efficacy.
Although the power quality of Tiankan Inverse Blade is quite different from that of Baidun Imperial Spirit Avatar Seal, the power it produces is almost equal and the way it is made is similar. With the experience of Yuan Shen’s integration into Baidun Imperial Spirit Avatar Indy, Fang Lin’s control of Tiankan Inverse Blade turned out to be unprecedented.
"TianKan inverse blade! Give me a seal! "
Fang Lin’s mind caused a one-horned dragon to rush, and was immediately shot by Tiankan Inverse Blade. Guanghua enveloped this head of Warcraft, and it was reduced and absorbed into Tiankan Inverse Blade by this Guanghua.
Fang Lin was very happy when he tried it successfully, but if the original owner of Tiankan Inverse Blade knew that Fang Lin had painstakingly sacrificed a super magic weapon to seal this dirty Warcraft, he was afraid that he would sigh with regret that Tiankan Inverse Blade’s original seal of Warcraft was a super powerful creature, even if Frodam was such a Warcraft, he was not qualified to be sealed.
After Fang Lin sealed a one-horned dragon, he was full of interest. His hands and feet were fast, and the white dragon deer jumped left and right to avoid the one-horned dragon. Fang Lin sealed seventeen heads one after another and went in to see his compatriots, so he disappeared and chased Fang Lin’s one-horned dragon. It was also afraid to approach again.
Played some kind of Fang Lin also lost interest in this kind of low-level Warcraft and drove the white dragon deer to rush through the one-horned dragon habitat. Wen Yi, their dark United entered the one-horned dragon habitat and immediately met the most tenacious resistance.
Since it is the purpose of catching mounts, the Dark United can capture the one-horned dragon alive. It is meaningless to kill these Warcraft. The captain of the Dark United is also a good person. He is well prepared in advance
As soon as Pu contacted the one-horned dragon attack, everyone retreated and laid a magic trap.
If Wen Yi had rushed ahead regardless of the captain’s order a few times ago, but recently several players were dissatisfied with Wen Yi and broke out intentionally. In the total battle, Wen Yi was prevented from getting ahead, and sometimes he deliberately accidentally released powerful spells to intimidate Wen Yi.
If Wen Yi is a fool, he has wronged him. In the face of this situation, even if he loves the present, he has to swallow Chen Bin more than Wen Yi. The captain of the Dark League has already said that any player will get a mount, so we are required to work together and not try to be brave.
According to the captain’s arrangement, in addition to constantly releasing the dust blown by sandstorm to confuse the one-horned dragon, Bin Chen didn’t want to fight recklessly. The one-horned dragon was fierce and magical, and only a fool like Wen Yi would be eager to try.
Ye Lisha can think of preparing an anesthetic bomb. The members of the dark United team are not idiots. Naturally, they have long thought of this means. Therefore, after the war, all the members equipped with psionic firearms occupied favorable terrain and their fighting capacity was stronger, so they held off the one-horned dragon in groups of several people.
The rest of the players know how to assist magic and help their own players or interfere with the pace of one-horned dragon running.
After a burst of chaos, the dark United relied on personnel reorganization and had already had best laid plans’s one-horned dragon. After being hit continuously, he was anesthetized and bounced up a one-horned dragon. He was not willing to roar for a long time and slowly fell down. After that, he had several one-horned dragons in a row and was put down by the dark United players
Wen Yi wanted an enchanted weapon, the flame sword, to show off when he joined the Dark United. His flame sword has good lethality, but because the emissary’s kung fu is not so good, it will be an obstacle for the group to cooperate with Wen Yi.
The Dark United is to capture the living one-horned dragon and use it as a mount. Wen Yi’s flame sword is lethal enough in the world, but he can’t guarantee that he won’t hurt his prey. This requires superb combat skills, so he was sent out intentionally by everyone after fighting.
Every time Wen Yi wants to help, he will be reprimanded and left by others. He doesn’t want to capture the one-horned dragon by himself. Where is it cut by Wen Yi’s sword? Even if it doesn’t affect the action of one-horned dragon, it will make the sale worse.
On the battlefield, Wen Yi ran around like a fly, but he didn’t dare to deal with the crazy one-horned dragon on his own. Level 20 Warcraft is not a joke. One-horned dragon is full of thunder and swift wind speed. At present, Dinahus can win one-on-one in the dark league.
Dinahus, a genius of the inflammatory lion family, also disdains to join hands with people. Although his spiritual power has only recovered by one or two percent, Dinahus’s boiling point is enough. In the face of rushing to him, he rushed to Rondina Hues to stroll around the battlefield and fired at will. With his condensed and efficient curse bomb, it was almost a shot.
Dinahus, like Fang Lin, doesn’t have to load anesthetic bombs. The oldest family in the Lion Family Hunting Regiment is a secret spell, and Wushu is also calculated to be profound and profound. Such a mind bomb is higher. He should be much higher than Fang Lin who just learned the teaching material of Hunting Regiment.
Although he doesn’t have the ability to change spiritual attributes, one shot compresses several different curses and properties continuously, but he has learned that the hunting group has accumulated many years of fighting skills and the mature mind bomb technique to condense out the hypnotic effect of the mind bomb. Few high-end dragons can last for ten seconds.
The Dark United has strong players such as Dinahus, who have resisted the impact of most one-horned dragons. This habitat has only lived for more than 200 one-horned dragons. The Dark United is still at a disadvantage, but with the increase of one-horned dragons, Dinahus has gradually reversed the situation. Seeing that this time it has achieved great success, every player is in high spirits.
Wen Yi also somehow saw the excited expression of his teammates, and he was greatly indignant and wanted to show his ability.
At this time, Bin Chen no longer has to help his players get out and join the battle. Although it is said that everyone will have a mount as a result of the final distribution, there must be a limited possession of the one-horned dragon by himself. Individuals who are strong and weak also have the difference between appearance and beauty and ugliness. Bin Chen is no exception.
Wenyi intends to coincide with Bin Chen.
The most powerful one-horned dragon is stronger than the one-horned dragon, so it has been resisted until the end. Bin Chen winked at Wen Yi, and Wen Yi got the message. Two people immediately rushed to a roaring black-red one-horned dragon, which just besieged it. Several dark United players have been collided by it. Bin Chen and Wen Yi immediately filled the defensive position.
That a few players saw Wen Yi rushed to look at each other, unwilling to fight with Wen Yi, and turned to help their familiar friends to go to Wen Yi to drink a "Bin Chen! I’ll stop it. You shoot at the right time! "
Bin Chen is not as pushy as Wen Yi, so the Dark United chose a powerful long-range shooting gun when it said it would give weapons, and it was also a Griffin sniper rifle from Krupp, the world’s only psionic martial arts manufacturing company.
The length is 50.7 cm and the weight is 60.66 kg. The appearance is simple and fast, showing the simple design concept. One charge can reach 160 rounds. Because it is popular production, the high-priced material of Diablo refined gold has not been replaced by the latest magic-breaking alloy. The psionic metal has been made into the latest magic-breaking alloy. At first, the alchemists made great efforts to develop the magic-breaking alloy formula. Although this metal is much worse than the natural magic-breaking property, it is not as good as Diablo refined gold, but it is cheaper and can be synthesized artificially.
The vulture-type sniper rifle department is inlaid with a convenient messenger who fits the psychic magic. Although it is not long enough, its accuracy is not lost to the sniper gun. The effective range has reached two kilometers.
Although the performance parameters are much inferior to those of high-priced goods such as vampire kiss, the reality is not bad at all
Bin Chen is not the same as Wen Yi Ma Jingjie. Although he has also acquired the supernatural ability, he has worked harder to practice Fang Lin’s adventures, which is a comparison of his methods. However, after Bin Chen gradually learned about the world, he firmly believed that his hard work would be compensated one day. There is no shortage of genius in the dark world, but monsters and practitioners who can stand up for thousands of years are rare.
"Maybe I can’t reach that level soon, but I will one day reach the point where it’s ridiculous who can persist until the end."
Therefore, Bin Chen Lingli has surpassed Wenyi and Ma Jingjie to have vampire kisses and try to train their marksmanship. Now it’s time for Bin Chen to be unambiguous. One shot and two strikes of the psionic sniper rifle hit the key parts of the one-horned dragon.
The high-performance anesthetic bomb immediately went off. At this time, Wen Yi also realized that his flame sword was in the way, and he could neither cut the beast nor defend himself. Put it away, and the flame magic bomb blocked the impact of the one-horned dragon.
Bin Chen teamed up with Wen Yi to cooperate. Although he was lazy, Wen Yi’s flame magic still had a deep accomplishment. The flame magic played the fire wall, which made Bin Chen’s marksmanship accurate and the wind magic accomplishment made him have a special experience in the control of the play and the speed enhancement. When they put down the third one-horned dragon fight, they gradually approached the team members of the tail dark United captain to call the seal spell to help their companions complete the summoning contract.
Summoning magic has always been very developed in western magic bodies. This means of controlling Warcraft is very simple and practical.
Wenyi and Bin Chen were quite excited to choose their own mounts. They put down three heads and were all very strong. Their figure was also stronger than that of the general one-horned dragon. However, when Wenyi saw that the last one had not been controlled, he winked at Bin Chen and wanted to step in.
This one-horned dragon is the leader of this group of one-horned dragons. Its collar is twice as big and half as tall as that of other one-horned dragons. A few players under strong siege have not been able to knock down this Warcraft yet. It seems that its skin has been specially strengthened. All anesthetic bullets have penetrated the tough skin of this one-horned dragon king.
Wen Yi’s idea gave Bin Chen a categorical rejection of the coveted team members of this one-horned dragon king. No one can see that all the competitions for this head of Warcraft are very fierce. It is even worse for the two of them to join the notification. Besides, even if they rob this mount of Warcraft, it is not necessarily good. After all, everyone is here to pass the exam, not to play treasure and train.
Wen Yi refused to listen to Bin Chen’s words and said, "We are fighting for and afraid of who will come to Bin Chen. Wen Yi has already rushed away. Although he is fat and fat, Wen Yi’s speed is not slow. His professional class is a magic warrior. Flame magic is his auxiliary means of improving combat effectiveness. Wen Yi forced other players to attach one to himself. He can use the strongest flame magic fighting spirit to burn.
The burning of fighting spirit is improved. Western magic is a new type of magic that combines the East and the West. It can attach a layer of high-temperature flame to the caster before it hurts the caster. The attack lasts about fifteen minutes.
Wen Yi’s whole body was ablaze with flames, and the momentum was amazing. Several players were strangled by Wen Yi and couldn’t help but let him round up the one-horned dragon king gap. However, it happened that he had been rounding up the one-horned dragon king with Wen Yi all the time. When he felt the heat wave rolling behind him, he immediately took a step back. When he saw that it was the Oriental he hated the most, his dissatisfaction finally broke out.
"We fought hard. What’s he doing here?"
The boy’s hand flashed slightly, and a magic bullet hit Wenyi in the back.
Before coming, the way of flapping was already very fierce. This magic bullet not only hit Wen Yi hard, but also made Wen Yi, who was close to the one-horned dragon running, stop and hit the toe of the one-horned dragon running.
Besieged for a long time, he has been attacked one after another. The one-horned dragon king is furious and finds a big ball of meat rolling in the sky, and he steps on it without thinking about it.
If Wen Yi can compare his strength with such a behemoth, he tries hard to roll, but he can’t hide from the one-horned dragon’s feet. He presses his thigh hard and a sharp pain makes Wen Yi cry miserably.
When the boy saw Wen Yi’s miserable experience, he felt quite ill at heart and finally got rid of this annoying guy, which made him feel happy and relaxed his vigilance.
Bin Chen’s eyes immediately turned red when he saw this scene. Although he had a lot of dissatisfaction with Wenyi, after all, years of friendship and friendship were profound. Seeing Wenyi being assassinated by Chen Bin wanted to and didn’t want to wave his hand and cut out with a sharp wind blade. The boy was unprepared to detain and was cut by Chen Bin’s wind blade to his back. A fountain of blood gushed out. The boy tried to turn back but could not see his wound face. Before he could speak, he plopped down.
Several members of the dark league around this change were stunned, but the only one who was not shocked by the change was the one-horned dragon king, but he was unceremoniously stepping on the foot again, but this time the goal was to fall to the ground.

The trees remembered that she did get up a little late, but Green Bud was embarrassed to tease her like this.

I scratched my hair. "This guy didn’t tell me such a big thing."
"Maybe he had plans. He didn’t seem surprised at all and left me alone. Mr. Give way took me home."
"Well, it’s considerate of him. Is this your outfit?"
"Oh mom is not retired? I’ll be a nanny later? "
"Nanny? Then how can I do it? How can I let you be a nanny? "
"I’m embarrassed to be a nanny, and I think being a nanny can perform better in front of old ladies."
Lin Mubai said, "Well, I wronged you."
"I don’t feel wronged. I think today is my most heartfelt day for so many years."
"By the way, I haven’t asked you. Didn’t you say you would look after her grandmother for Luya? Why did you change your mind again? "
Green Bud’s face turned pale, and she hung her head and covered her finger with "Grandma, she’s dead"
"ah? So soon? What’s the matter? " After they left, the green shoots came back, but it was only more than twenty days before and after.
"Grandma’s health is not good. Every time I see her, she always says nothing. This time, I stayed at home for a few days before I found out that she was lying to me. I knew that she was unwilling to spend money. I dragged her to the hospital to find out that the terminal stage of lung cancer was hopeless. My father and brother took advantage of my absence to accept a gift from others to sell me. My grandmother didn’t want to be rescued when she fell at the table. How can I stay at that home?"
"The father and son incredibly how hateful? Treat your own mother like this? "
"He has his son in his eyes. No one else has ever had any scruples about me after grandma died. They wanted to sell me on the same day. Fortunately, I escaped in a hurry."
"What about Murray? Didn’t he say he would protect you? Why are the two fathers so bold? "
"Murray? Farewell. I haven’t seen him since I returned to the village. "
"Don’t be too sad when grandma goes."
"I know that living in that way, dying at home is like this before liberation, and now grandma is like this."
"Well, this is your home after you figure it out."
"I said what are you whispering at the door? Is there anything you can’t say in? It’s blocking my light. "
The master wore a pair of reading glasses and sat by the window with a newspaper in his hand. The sun just came in through the door and shone everywhere, but the trees and green shoots just blocked the light. They didn’t want to move.
"Grandpa wouldn’t you say it’s eavesdropping on our speech? Otherwise, isn’t it better to have sunshine outside? You have to sit here. "
The master looked up. "Who eavesdropped on your conversation? I’m used to doing it here, okay?"
"Don’t you like sitting outside the pavilion? You still have to take it. You said that smelling the flowers can keep out the cold in summer and bask in the sun in winter is the best place in the whole courtyard, "said the green bud."
Master let go of the newspaper carefully looked at the green shoots "how do you know this little girl? Mumu told you? Hey, I used to like it there. The gazebo or Chloe’s girl helped me choose the location. She also helped me build it. Since she left, I rarely went to that girl. Although I didn’t talk much, I missed a lot of things, but my old man thought she was more pleasing to the eye than that wine. Now I want to come to her and do something wrong. It may be that the wine framed her. That girl never argued or excused. It’s really distressing. "
Green Bud suddenly got a little excited and squatted down beside the master in a few strides. "I … don’t worry if I have this sentence from the master. It’s worth it if she is wronged."
Her move startled the master, and she was even more surprised to see her eyes full of tears. "Did you once know Kerr?"
Green Bud reacted by overreacting, almost scaring the master to droop his eyes and sniff. "Yes, I know her, too. She told me."
The master looked at her suspiciously. "Didn’t Mumu say that she only knew you in the cottage?"
Trees walked over and said, "Yes, Grandpa, she knows Chloe, and I know Chloe’s office. We just hit it off. We became attached to Chloe."
"So that’s it. Chloe used to love to play around and know a lot of friends." The master didn’t doubt what he thought, so he imagined that this person was Chloe, but what can’t he tell him at this time? We have to scare him or they are abnormally possessed by spirits.
194 is stained with her husband’s light
After Luya breathed a sigh of relief, she should be cautious and rational, and she should not get excited easily.
"You are a good friend of Chloe and Mywood. Isn’t it too wronged for you to be a nanny in my house?"
"No, no injustice, Green Bud feels very good."
"After that, if you need anything, just tell Mumu that our family will not treat you badly."
"Okay, I see. Thank you, sir."
"Grandpa hasn’t arrived at the cooking point yet. I’ll pull the green shoots to say that I will whisper."
Master thought for a "well", but he didn’t want to accompany him after all.
The trees took Green Bud to the house where Chloe lived before. Green Bud looked at everything in front of her, so familiar and strange, and her eyes could not help but turn red.
"it’s naive for me to look at what I liked before."
Section 325
All kinds of dolls are pink. She was happy before, like a princess who lived in a castle and didn’t know what to worry about. Now she has experienced life and death, rebirth and humiliation in that family. She has already seen through everything and her mentality is completely different.
There is no color in her life, and now she likes the dark colors of gray.
"Slowly, you will regain your original heart. I have come over like this before, and now I am doing well."
"By the way, why don’t you tell me how you and your third brother met? I’m so surprised. It’s incredible that such a person will get married one day."
"Well, let me tell you something about it, mainly because my personal charm is too great, and secondly because you start with Shengshi Hotel …"
The trees deliberately relaxed their tone, so the experience was too heavy and they endured so many humiliations and twists and turns. How can they bear all this if they are not humorous?
From Cedric’s deception to dumping, from his fierce pursuit to the destruction of alcohol, I suddenly found out that in recent years,
She doesn’t even know how she survived.
Green shoots followed her, sad, sad, happy and happy. The wonderful degree of their lives can be equivalent to several reincarnation of others.

In this way, two people don’t have to worry about betraying each other. After all, if they want to betray each other, they may be known by each other.

It is precisely because of this that Zizhen meets the husband and wife.
Breaths match …
Either husband and wife are having an affair!
the former
It’s better
Look at Zhou Yi beside her eyes, she chuckled slightly and put away the picture in her hand.
During this period, the two of them lived together day and night, and she also learned a lot about Zhou Yi. She was calm and lively, but overall she was a different kind.
It seems …
I have my own understanding of heaven and earth, ethics and personnel Zhou Yi.
This kind of understanding is different from ordinary people, and the people in the dark wind tunnel are completely different. If they are in a low position, they don’t feel any respect for her.
And the idea of rubbing images like today is very abnormal, but Zhou Yishen seems to take it for granted.
All kinds of special features make Zizhen curious about him.
"Desert city …"
"Here we are!"
The name of a deserted city is not ideal city, but a general term for a region composed of many cities and mountains and islands.
However, because there is a big city across 100 thousand mountains to isolate the mountains from the outside, it got its name.
The flying boat slowly fell from the surface and jumped two people.
Accompanied by flashes of light, the huge flying boat was palm-sized and was collected by Zizhen.
"You two have just arrived in the desert city."
Gather around alone.
"Chen Liu can find out thousands of miles with his eyes closed, and I can arrange it properly whether I am working, playing or looking for a place."
A tour guide?
Chen Liu’s attitude is diligent, and there are more than a dozen people dressed similarly around him, which makes Zhou Yi pick the eyebrows and have a sense of familiarity.
But in front of this man, he is a gas refiner who should do such a business, which shows the prosperity of the practice style in the deserted city.
"Oh!" Purple really casually asked.
"How to collect it?"
"Seven days a LingShi" Chen six grinned.
"Less than three and a half LingShi more than three days less than seven days according to seven days, two rest assured to hire will surely make you value for money"
How expensive!
Zhou Yi secretly tongue-tied.
If you lead the way, you will get four lingshi in a month, and the brother outside the black wind tunnel will not earn one if he works hard.
Purple true with deep pockets and no bargaining nod should be.
"Thank you"
"Should" Chen Liu’s face lit up.
"The two can have any plans? If I haven’t been to the desert city before, I can introduce several places with beautiful scenery to enjoy. "
"Don’t have to" Zi Zhen waved his hand.
"Find an inn to live in first, preferably in Lingmai."
"Yes" Chen six nodded.
"However, most of the hotels with sufficient aura are not crowded, and the local rent is not low. You’d better have this in mind."
"hinder" zizhen looks casual.
"Just lead the way."
Chen Liuying is
Feiyun stack is located in a spiritual vein node, covering hundreds of acres, with more than 100 courtyards, large and small, and a gathering array method.
One day of cultivation here is comparable to four or five days outside.
of course
The rent is even higher.
Long-term rental for a month at a discount also requires ten lingshi and another plan for eating and drinking. Even Zizhen is surprised.
This is not a deserted city. The core price is so exaggerated.
"Sister Qin"
Arrange Zhou Yi to stay in Chen Liu’s backyard with a smile.
"I brought two more people here today."
"Well," Qin Dajie kind of is holding something similar to a barbell to exercise, and throwing a Lingshi at her hand.

After indulging, Ma Yun seems to feel a raging fire, which can’t help himself. His hand wandering has gradually become a bit dishonest. The raging fire also seems to have given Zhao Jingniang more and more tremors. Her breathing is getting shorter and her heart is getting faster and faster. Her mouth is blurred and she says, "Please don’t be here again."

Ma Yun took Zhao Jingniang in his arms and went to the back room (here, 1262 words are omitted (excluding 126 ellipsis), including 96 ah words and 6 oh words, such as touching, white tender, red, and shortness. If there is a fire in the future, you can easily search for this omitted text in Baidu. If there is no fire, you can think about it yourself. O ∩ _ ∩ O ..)
Chapter 52 escape strategy
When Ma Yun got up early the next morning, he went directly to drag Zhao Tong out of the bed and looked around and whispered, "Brother Zhao, how do you think we should get out?"
Zhao Tong slept soundly and was awakened by him. He was so impatient and said, "Brother Ma, I’ll sleep again and talk about it later."
Ma Yun still talks endlessly, "Zhao Dage will shine on his ass if he sleeps in the sun again."
Zhao Tong gave him a confused look and said, "Don’t worry, Mountain Man, I have my own sleeve to get away."
It’s all right if he doesn’t say it. When Ma Yun said it, it was even more unbearable. "Brother Zhao, do you have any clever plans?"
Zhao Tong said vaguely, "Just say that you will continue to practice and leave me here, so the court will definitely let you go."
Ma Yun also thought that this wonderful plan was not very interesting. After all, he really regarded Zhao Tong as a friend. At this time, Zhao Tong said that Ma Yun could not help but hesitate, "Brother Zhao, is this too dangerous? This magic stick is very difficult to handle. Once you are punctured, it will be very dangerous?"
Stay to say that Zhao Tong over there is already fast asleep again.
Ma Yun paced up and down in the courtyard and thought for a long time. After all, he felt that Zhao Tong could not be too risky. He was about to discuss with Zhao Tong again. At this moment, Zhao Jingniang was carrying a red lacquered wooden disk with a blue and white porcelain bowl and two dishes of side dishes at Ma Yun and smiled. "I made some porridge and side dishes. I don’t know if they are to your taste?"
Zhao Jingniang seems to be more beautiful than yesterday. If the roses are in full bloom, I don’t know the beauty. It’s better than last night. Ma Yun, returning to his absolute being, hurriedly walked over and smiled for her with a wooden tray. "Then I’ll just try your craft." She was pulling her to go back to the house with one hand.
Suddenly, Zhao Tongyin came over there. "jing xing Huancai Yaoboudoir is auspicious and auspicious, and the family members are in love with each other, and the water and the moon are perfect for eternity."
Zhao Jingniang turned with a flying face and entered the house. She refused to come out again. Ma Yun turned around and criticized, "Are you too divinatory?"
Ma Yun didn’t good the spirit and said, "This divination is not the other divination. It refers to making trouble, spreading gossip and embellishing it for fear of chaos."
Zhao Tong laughed. Ma Yun looked at him and said, "This porridge is quite a lot. Let’s eat it together. There are some things I can talk to you about."
Zhao Tong is also welcome to fill a small bowl of porridge with side dishes. Ma Yun looked at Nai with relish and said, "Zhao Xiong, it is too dangerous for you to stay in Bianjing. We are like duckweed, and we will be beaten sooner or later by luck."
Zhao Tong said with a smile, "Look at you. You’ve been hugging Lang lately. You don’t know the danger?" After a pause, Zhao Tong added, "We have three dangers in Bianjing now."
Ma Yun was worried that the magic stick could not play, but he didn’t think too much.
Zhao Tong looked at Ma Yun’s puzzled expression and said, "When the emperor comes back, he will definitely test whether we really have a way. This is a mouth, but it is not sad. The first danger is that many people have stared at the Tang Dynasty after Jing Yanguang’s bad things. At present, Sang Weihan is the best candidate. Unfortunately, Feng Yu’s power is too great, and no one dares to recommend Sang Weihan. People are suffering so much that we can’t let another Jing Yanguang sit in this position. Once we recommend Sang Weihan, we will naturally offend Feng Yu; Second, Buddhism is flourishing now. Sokokuji is the leader of Buddhism in the Central Plains. They have close contacts with the officials of the DPRK and China. If the emperor appreciates us, then those monks will definitely worry about their position. "
Looking at Ma one leng Zhao Tong laughed, "Didn’t you call yourself maoshan taoist? The emperor appreciates you, so doesn’t Taoism rise in the eyes of others? This third danger comes from the emperor. Now our army has repelled the Khitan emperor. It is a taboo to think that one goal must be to separate the buffer region, that is, Liu Zhiyuan and them, while we are close to Liu Zhiyuan’s Zhao Xiner and daughter. "
Listening to Zhao Tong’s analysis, Ma Yun kept nodding and watching Zhao Tong to see if he had any way out. Now there is another way for Ma Yun to inform Liao Renyong that they will mix out of the city and flee back to Yuezhou, but this is too embarrassing. It is not in line with Ma Yun’s identity as a little prince of Chu.
Zhao Tong smiled and said, "Although it is very dangerous, it is not impossible."
Ma Yunxi said, "Brother Zhao, do you have any idea?"
Zhao Tong said, "Now it depends on two people, one is Feng Bao and the other is Sang Weihan."
Ma Yunleng said, "That man Feng Bao is too honest. We really have a way. If we let him help, I’m afraid it will be harmful."
Zhao Tong laughed. "Because of his honesty, the queen and emperor believed what he said. It depends on Sang Weihan as soon as he passed the emperor. He was also a prime minister. What should he do? After all, the emperor believes in us and we will recommend him before he can become a Tang Dynasty emperor. Someone must have recommended Sang Weihan, but what emperor doesn’t? Because the emperor believed in Jing Yanguang and Feng Yu at that time, if the emperor didn’t believe us, we couldn’t say anything. What we have to deal with now is to do a good job with Sokokuji and let the emperor let us be such a master with their influence. "
Ma Yun leng leng said, "We have to dress up as Taoist priests!"
Zhao Tongnai shrugged. Isn’t that what you came up with? maoshan taoist, you can come up with it.
In the past two days, Ma Yun often went to Feng Bao to visit his disciples and give directions. Because of the uproar in Zhao Kuangyin, Zhao Ziying was completely out of ideas. Zhao Zongtong and Sang Qianmin went to Sokokuji several times to discuss Buddhism and Taoism.
On this day, the sunset has just gone, and the clouds are shining all over the sky, and the temples are red. Ma Yun is dragging his long figure back home and is about to call his family to lock the door when he hears someone behind him saying, "Ma Yun, what do you say about this person? My lady has been waiting for you at home for two days. Why don’t you go!"
Ma Yun hurriedly turned back, but Qiao Niang Ma Yun wondered in his heart that Zhao Kuangyin had made it clear, didn’t he? Does Zhao Ziying want to live in monogamy? Didn’t I meet the requirements?
Ma Yunzheng wanted to ask clearly, he saw a man coming from behind far away, but his face was gaunt. The man said lightly, "Qiao Niang, why are you here? We’re going back?" He still couldn’t help but look at Ma Yun.
It is Zhao Ziying.
Chapter 53 An audience with the emperor
Ma Yun never expected that Zhao Ziying would come to see him again. Seeing her haggard expression at the moment really had a taste. Seeing Zhao Ziying twist her head to leave, Ma Yun quickly said, "Ziying, are you okay?"
Although I have a lot to say and a lot to tell in my heart, I don’t know that it will turn into a shallow sentence "Are you okay?"
Zhao Ziying stopped, and it seems that Qiao Niang next to him is still a little trembling, but he can’t help it. "What’s ok?" Our lady is not good at all. You tell a good story. How come it’s your turn not to do it! Don’t you miss Bai worry! "
Ma Yun was even more at a loss when Qiao Niang showed off her female power, but Zhao Ziying didn’t look back and said faintly, "Don’t blame Ma Gong. Let’s go."
It’s all right if you don’t see Zhao Ziying. Ma Yun naturally can’t let her go back so easily. Ma Yun quickly walked to Zhao Ziying and took Zhao Ziying and said, "Ziying me."
Before Ma Yun "I" came out with anything, Qiao Niang added, "Didn’t you decide to call on the young lady the next day? Why didn’t you come later? Do you know that our young lady is eager to wait for you, and our wife has specially ordered people to prepare meals, but you just won’t say what you are going to do? "
Ma Yun was said to be full of sweat and murmured, "Didn’t Zhao Kuangyin say Ziying didn’t like me?"
Zhao Ziying one leng asks, "My brother said? Did he come to see you? What did he say? "
Ma Yunbai and Zhao Kuangyin came by himself. This guy must have seen Jingniang. Ma Yunjing said, "Didn’t you send him? He said that you don’t like this type and that we are not suitable. "
Zhao Ziying said bitterly, "Did he really say that?"
Ma Yun said with a bitter face, "If he didn’t say so, how could I not visit my uncle and aunt?"
Zhao Ziying looked at Ma Yun with a sudden face of flying clouds, shook Ma Yun’s hand and roared off. Qiao Niang said, "Then come quickly at night and don’t keep us waiting." She quickly followed.
Ma Yun nodded and promised in the back.
Early the next morning, Ma Yun was ready to inform Liao Renyong Street to buy some gifts and prepare to go to Zhaofu. Before he went out, he saw Feng Bao come in and said far away, "Master, are you ready before we go to meet the emperor’s triumph?"
Ma Yunxin secretly called it bad that he forgot about the emperor’s return to Beijing and asked, "When will you return to Beijing?"

"I’m sorry I met some troublesome guys." Zhang Lan apologized like a husband who came home late.

"I know that you have already notified the world before you came. Is it Ye Chang?" Hera tilted her head to one side.
"The situation is very dangerous now. The Bawang Regiment has consigned the gun of grace to Antarctica to stop them from advancing. The snowstorm has also been killed by the gun of grace. Now the purgatory will turn into hell." Zhang Lan’s eyebrows are locked deeply
"I know that there is still my home, and the frozen mass has disappeared." Hera put away her photo display with a wry smile.
"Hera, calm down. I know you are angry now. I am as angry as you are, but hurting each other is not the solution to the problem." Zhang Lan tried to persuade him, but even he was swallowed up by anger. Ten thousand people breathed and turned to ashes. Zhang Lan tried to protect things, but nothing came alive.
"Have you seen where I am not calm?" Hera looked back at Zhang Lan.
"What you did is like I’m sorry," Zhang Lan apologized unconsciously.
"You don’t need to apologize. You didn’t do anything wrong. It was Guxuan, the beast. You always wanted to protect the earth from the great extinction, but now you can’t protect anything." Hera shook her head.
"I assure you that Guxuan will pay the price today, but now is not the time to be patient with violence." Zhang Lan was careful to appease.
"Violence violence? Do you mean this? " Hera took out a detonator from behind, and the bright red button covered the crystal cover, which needed to be gently pressed to the ring area of the overlord group emperor.
"Is it ready?" Zhang LAN shocked way
Galileo kept telling me and debugged a lot of parameters that I didn’t understand, but I knew that the laser matrix gun was ready. Hera pushed the detonator cover. Should I press it? This is that arranging a good play is a punishment from God and the heaviest blow to Guxuan. "
"no!" Zhang LAN stop way
"Are you worried that I will press? I really want to press it from the bottom of my heart … This is what I have been planning in my dreams for the past year, but … At last, I was afraid that a button would end 30,000 lives. 30,000 is equal to 10,000 families, 10,000 children and 10,000 old people. When they are together, they look out for 1 km. "
"Zhang Lan, we are not gods! How can we decide the life and death of so many people? How can you ignore other people’s feelings? Kill so many people easily? " Hera can’t hold on to all the strength any longer. She has collapsed at the moment she saw Zhang Lan. "I’m so scared. What must I bear all this? What! "
"It’s not your fault. It’s never your fault! Don’t blame yourself. "Zhang Lan quickly took Hera in his arms.
"no! It’s my fault! I let them go! I am the chairman of the board! If I hadn’t been so naive, they wouldn’t have died even if they were deprived of the ability to communicate with the outside world! My group is my friend! My citizen! None of them will die! ! !”
"No matter how painful it is, no matter how self-reproach …" Zhang Lan hugged Hera’s hand and almost made her breathe, making her forget the pain in her heart. "We must live and remember what is right and what is wrong and unfair. We will never forget right and wrong."
"My world has collapsed! I have nothing! " Hera growled.
"You still have me," Zhang Lan insisted. "No matter what the result is, I will be by your side."
"cheat! If this is my detonator! Give it to you! " Hera said to throw the detonator into Zhang Lan’s hands.
It should be said that up to this moment, all Zhang Lan’s ideas have been realized, and he has the keys to stop the end of the world or to hit the hell gate.
After thinking for a second, Zhang Lan put the detonator back in Hera’s hands.
Crying like a crybaby Hera suddenly stopped crying. Looking at Zhang Lan with consternation, I don’t understand.
"This is your life-saving charm and your only chip to deter the overlord group. Holding your hand is safer than holding mine because you have many reasons and motives to kill the overlord group according to it, and I … can’t threaten anyone because Gu Xuan knows I won’t do it." Zhang Lan’s analysis is more accurate than that.
"Because of dancing snow around him, you dare not." Hera collapsed and the brain circuit was reconnected.
"It’s more meaningful for you to hold it than me," Zhang Lan said calmly.
"But if I press? You said you would protect the world and it would disappear, "Hera wondered."
"Not because you are a good man" Zhang Lan smiled.
"You are calling me a good man, which is the biggest insult to those who are in charge. Those who are in charge should be fierce to the enemy, to themselves and to the world, and those who are in charge can truly protect their own people at their peak." Hera laughed at herself.
"What must be vertex? What must be fierce to protect others? You have saved the world without pressing this button, haven’t you? " Zhang Lan’s fallacies made Hera smile so brilliantly.
"What’s your plan?" If we don’t start the laser matrix gun, Hera will do everything for the world.

"Bang" A black man was shot in the leg, but then the sniper’s position of the blade directly blew up a mass of blood. "Bang" The black man sniper is not a vegetarian.

The blade sniper was obviously not as lucky as King Arthur. He was killed by a sniper in black as soon as he shot the gun. King Arthur’s eyelids were slapped and then he swept away at the gun position.
Sure enough, a figure was withdrawing his gun, but King Arthur didn’t hesitate to directly "bang" at the black dress person, that is, a gun suddenly blew up King Arthur with a blood flower and didn’t look at his achievements.
Decisively carrying a gun, rolling and hiding behind him, "bang" exploded a cloud of dust. Obviously, there was more than one sniper in black. If he had left slowly, he would have been hit by now.
"Ta-da-da-ta" Suddenly, the bushes behind King Arthur came again with guns. As soon as King Arthur gripped his hand, the gun suddenly fell down.
Rolling and crawling forward, King Arthur once again entered another shooting position. At this time, there was a short tired voice in his earphone. "Boss, don’t be busy. If you can break through, you can break through first. We are surrounded."
"The men in black have blocked the periphery, and we have been discovered now." The low voice on the other end of the earphone is hoarse. "The plug, pine cone and stab sword are all dead, and now there are five of us."
King Arthur sipped his mouth and said nothing, but he bent slightly and said to the dwarf, "You can count as many as you can go out when you break through."
Then he pulled out his walkie-talkie and headphones and dropped them on the ground. He just grabbed a sniper rifle and walked back to the depths of the forest. He made several booby traps along the way.
Then continue to retreat, only to see him quickly retreat to a small river, and then bend down and gently sink into the bottom of the river to swim and escape to the Woods, and continue to fight bloody.
Short at the side of the last blade was shot directly hit the waist "pa" a crunchy that blade waist like a broken tofu.
Scarlet blood and steaming dirty were smashed by the warhead and splashed all over the floor. The blade screamed in his mouth and tried to cover his wound. However, there was nothing too big.
"Give me a good time." This is the last request of the blade. The short pain covered his forehead and pulled out a pistol to resist the blade’s forehead. "Bang"-the blade’s head was punched with a small bullet hole and the other side of the head was blown up with a blood hole the size of a fist.
Gray brains and scarlet blood splashed all over the floor, and those gray eyes were gradually losing their spirits. They glanced at the blade and whispered, "Dude, you won’t be lonely. I’ll accompany you now."
Said the short pistol muzzle into his mouth, and then suddenly pulled the trigger, but heard a "bang" shot short the whole crown was rapidly shot into the warhead and the whole lift.
The gray brains and splashes of scarlet blood "shout" spread to the half-lost brain control body twitching and turned to the ground about 50 meters in front of the short body. Groups of men in black are constantly touching with the help of bunkers.
"This morning, the patrolman found a group of unarmed men on the outskirts of Paris. Due to the large number of the other side, the police immediately notified the relevant departments to deal with it. A gun battle broke out at the scene and a total of 30 armed men were directly killed."
"The police said that they have not found out the identity and intention of the other party at present. All departments will follow up the investigation and we will continue to report the situation."
Chapter one hundred and ninety-two Heavenly Road into the Underground Gate
"Horse evacuation" is the only sentence that the giant wolf gave Hou Dasheng. When he heard this sentence, Hou Dasheng didn’t ask anything. He chose to rush directly into Lisa’s room and call all Bao to leave here quickly.
Everyone did not board the bus, but according to the evacuation route planned by Otto before, and after being dispersed in disguise, they evacuated directly through the secret door at the back of the house and at the corner about 200 meters in front of the secret door.
There is a coffee shop. Hou Dasheng took Lisa directly into the coffee shop. The employees in the coffee shop seem to turn a blind eye to their arrival and continue to wipe their coffee cups.
There are no guests in this coffee shop, Hou Dasheng. They walked out of the back door of the kitchen directly through the coffee shop without causing any interest. There is a common Citroen car in Paris quietly.
Otto got into the co-pilot seat without telling his face to be painted a sallow elixir, but with a glance at his face and a belly.
Lisa, who has a gray eye pupil and a silver gray hair color, is now very old with wrinkles and age spots. She got into the car with Hou Dacheng, who has blond hair, a deep European face and blue eyes.
"Whoops!" When the car started, the siren sounded in the middle of the night. Hou Dacheng and others looked up and saw several vehicles approaching the house where they were in front.
Lisa didn’t ask what happened, but she kept her head down and said nothing. So far, she has been at a disadvantage. Obviously, Albizi Jr. has found a helper who helped him get rid of the political dilemma.
What’s more, he won the support of official channels, otherwise so many bad guys wouldn’t suddenly appear here and surround Lisa’s house. With political resources, Albizi Jr. has now completely occupied the wind
When the car slowly got out of the tens of meters, some poor guys set up roadblocks to intercept it.
"I’m sorry, sir, please show me your ID." The elixir stopped the car inexplicably at the other party’s conductor and then shook the window. "Is there anything wrong? My wife still needs to attend a dinner party. I hope you won’t delay too long."
"No, no, no, no,no." The poor guy glanced at the car. Although the lights were not very bright, he still saw Lisa in her doddering state and Hou Dacheng with a face of awe.
The poor guy glanced at the elixir again and Otto looked at Otto with a briefcase in his hand and said with a smile, "Can I see your ID?"
Otto frowned and gave the certificate directly to the policeman without saying anything. "Mr. Policeman, I respect you very much and cooperate with your inspector, but I need your warning number now. Can I have it?"
The poor guy immediately glanced at Otto and handed him the certificate. Looking at Otto’s certificate, he couldn’t help but gulp down the water. Otto said that he was a big lawyer.
It’s definitely not a good thing for a barrister to ask you for a warning signal. This policeman is a bit difficult to ride a tiger.
"Well, we have to go to the dinner party, so we don’t have to be difficult." Sitting in the back seat, Lisa blurted out at this time, but she heard her voice getting a little old. "This is also his job."
"As you wish, your honor." Otto shrugged his shoulders like an ant who offended an elephant but was stopped from stepping on it by a herd of elephants.
The poor guy who checked the papers was grateful to look at Lisa. He is not an idiot. This area is either rich or expensive. No one can be provoked by this little poor guy.
At this moment, he is a little annoyed that he is loyal to his duty, but he still meets a good heart. If he meets a stingy person and gives him a crooked mouth, he will really get more than one bargained for.
"All right, Mr. Poor guy, can we leave now?" Lisa smiled at the poor guy and said, "My guest is still waiting for me to be late. It’s not a good habit if you need to see my ID."
"No, no, no, it’s not necessary, madam. You can go to the appointment now." With this, the poor man quickly returned the ID department to the elixir and Otto, and then waved to his colleague for release.
The car slowly left the area and the sirens and roadblocks were left behind them. Hou Dacheng was holding the staff in his hand. Just now, they came up to the police from the moment and several deputy armed men in black.
If you check that they are these men in black, can you walk away? This is really unknown.
The car left this area and then disappeared. In the darkness, it turned left and right a few times. These two humble cars immediately entered an alley, where they skillfully drove and hit the rolling gate at the end of the alley.
After the car was put in, everyone unloaded the camouflage rolling gate, which looked like a warehouse. There were boxes and sundries piled up everywhere. It seemed that a box was taken out at random, and a lux holiday was given to Lisa, and then another pair of slightly green contact lenses was given to her.
Hou Dacheng changed the golden wig elixir and handed it to him. He must have a slightly longer gray wig. Without looking, Hou Dacheng went to the corner with a tight leather coat and quickly changed himself.

The five poisons must study hard and practice hard, and all of them have learned to succeed in spells, but not necessarily so. It is very likely that they will not be able to enter the door after practicing for many years.

It’s even more rare to be able to master spells in the savage stage.
Shuode’s immortal master took a fancy to it because he had an amazing talent for practicing magic besides martial arts.
But …
Zhou Yixian is even better!
In just three years, even with the help of refreshing marrow, the fit has improved a lot, and the fire eye surgery can be as good as morality
Not to mention that superb stick technique.
Where are these talents that his population says are useless?
"Brother, be careful!"
Just then someone suddenly exclaimed
When everyone was in the middle of it, I didn’t know when Zhou Yi had appeared behind Shuode, and the broken sticks in his hands penetrated into Shuode’s heart.
The club burst into thunder fire and directly blasted a hole the size of a bowl.
Very significant
People can’t live.
A quiet in the field
"You … killed Shuo De?"
Even Xiang Shen froze for a while.
Not far away
Kang Rong suddenly stopped and looked at the middle of the field through the heavy branches, rain or shine.
"Zhou Yi actually killed Shuo De!" Hege’s cheek twitched, his eyes were full of fear, and he could hardly control his expression.
"How is that possible?"
They plan to take action when Zhou Yi insists on not going, which can not only suppress Shuo De’s arrogance, but also attract two helpers.
Never thought …
Before they could start work, Shuo De was killed by Zhou Yi.
Kang Rong squints
"Let’s go back"
"Go back?" Hege nodded repeatedly during the period.
"Go back to us!"
Shuode’s body was lying on his back on the cold ground. When he died, his eyes were wide open and he seemed to still not believe in his fate.
Fat and fragrant, kneeling aside, shivering