Looking at what Muqingfeng said, he couldn’t even speak and kept pointing at me.

"ACTS teacher clothes washed like enlightenment jianfa can have experience? Bring me the wine. I want to show the next door what is the best wine in the day while the iron is hot. "Li Daoling staggered over and picked up the jars and went to the martial arts field.
Soon the playground came and roared.
"Smelly road, how dare you cheat me with rotten water! ! When I was a three-year-old child? I’ll let you taste my wujinjian shield if you don’t make it clear today! !”
"Ah bah! Being original and dreaming for a thousand years is the best wine in the world. Let your turtle and grandson drink half of it in one gulp and then give it back to the old road. When it is sour, it must be that your bad breath has defiled this wine. You are still original! !”
Just now, the words were opposite, and soon the martial arts field came to bang and fight.
Mu Qingfeng and Bai Qiao hurried out without discussing it. You know, it’s rare to see two masters play each other at ordinary times.
Just as they were in high spirits, the dog egg came running.
"Brother, my master and Li your master are fighting. Go and persuade them."
"What do you advise? It’s called learning. It’s hard to watch carefully," Muqingfeng said.
After a while Mu Qingfeng felt a little thirsty.
"Did the dog eggs bring water?"
The dog egg untied the waist gourd.
Muqingfeng took a sip and almost spit it out. A strong sour smell came straight at him, and he had a bad feeling in his heart.
"Where did you get the water?"
"I just heard the two of them fighting. I advised them not to listen. When I came out to find you passing through the corridor, I saw a jar lying on the ground and thought it might be Master’s collection of good wine, so I poured a gourd."
Looking at the dog’s innocent eyes, Mu Qingfeng fought back his urge to vomit and commit suicide.
"That son of a bitch, you Bai Dage just asked me for a drink. Look at you. Give him some of your treasures. Maybe he will teach you some moves." Muqingfeng said with a strong heart.
"Oh, I know," said the dog egg and went to Baiqiao.
"Bai Dage my brother buy you a drink! !” The dog’s egg showed an innocent and evil smile.
Although I watched a good play, my master’s martial arts and the head of the war were really enjoyable, but after all, I have been through the storm in the rivers and lakes, and the old man will know the problem after careful thinking
"Good brother, you can’t be so busy, foolish brother. This time, I let the war uncle abort the half-life," said Bai Qiao, who was lying next to Muqingfeng.
"I didn’t expect these two old goods to have so much strength after fighting with each other. I don’t feel my right butt base now." Muqingfeng also groaned in bed.
"Brother, the master said that you should have a good rest and stop fooling around, so you won’t walk on your own legs." Qing, a dog with eyes, put today’s food on the bed and looked at them angrily
It’s a little embarrassing to look at Muqingfeng’s angry face. After all, it’s a bit of a fire at the gate.
Ordinary day was broken in a report a month later.
After such a long period of practice, Mu Qingfeng seems to have figured out what the trick is. Just when he was thinking about how to cut willow with swallowtail like Master, the dog egg came running in a panic and said, "Brother, brother, my master and Bai Dage asked you to go to the front hall for deliberation. The military situation ahead has changed. Li Daochang has arrived."
After hearing the words of dog eggs, Mu Qingfeng was stationed in the grassland outside the border after a sudden earthquake, but he didn’t retreat, which made him suspicious. It seems that the enemy has a great plan
"Qingfeng-xiangguang fracture xian brother, are you here? It seems that this time we miscalculated "see MuQingFeng entered the hall Bai Qiao said gently.
"Is the blue wolf clan coming to buckle the edge again?" Muqingfeng looked at the map in front and asked
"Not only that, but according to the scouts, it is estimated that they will be back on the wing in three days at most. It seems that the war is far from over." Li Daoling said thoughtfully
"There’s worse news," the war leader said with a secret letter and a frown.
"Actually, there is a barbarian cavalry with a number of about 20,000, who bypasses the defender’s pass behind the Yi Yangshan Mountain. After the soldiers were caught off guard, the mountain gate was burned down by them. I’m afraid it will be difficult for us to find the North Prince to borrow soldiers again."
"This time, barbarians burned our homes everywhere, and people were displaced everywhere. I don’t know if we can survive this time," Bai Qiao said, looking at the blue sky in the distance and worried.
Looking back on these two days, I saw more and more refugees, and I felt a shadow ridge.
"Not good! ! This is the enemy’s deadly trap! !” Muqingfeng big said
Looking at the people in the hall watching Mu Qingfeng, he quickly said, "In the past two days, I found that the number of refugees has increased significantly. Just now, the war leader said that our support has been cut off. The barbarians did not slaughter the people as before, but burned their houses to let them consume our food. If we don’t want to lose the hearts of the people, we will definitely put food in the warehouse, so that our food will soon run out! !”
When I heard Mu Qingfeng’s words, I didn’t look shocked, especially after Bai Qiao heard the report on the commissary. He glanced at the map and said, "This plan must be our summer rape institute. I know barbarian tactics can never be so meticulous. What’s worse, I heard my father say that Han Mu, the leader of the Qinglang tribe, has always been bloodthirsty, cruel, reckless and impatient. It is impossible to think of such a detailed strategy!"
"Bang!" A teacup in a dog’s egg hand was crushed.
Mu Qingfeng and Dog Egg both saw their anger from each other’s eyes.
Hanmu answers! ! ! ! Sanya! ! !
Muqingfeng’s body was on fire when he heard the name Han Mu’s answer. He and the dog egg will never forget the day when Sanwench was arrested. In fact, they have all spent so long in vain. Sanwench may have died, but even if there is a million hopes, Muqingfeng will spend ten thousand efforts because he promised her that he would find her.
Looking at Mu Qingfeng and the dog’s egg, he asked: "Qingfeng Yunxiao looks like you. Have you met Han Muda, the leader of the Qinglang clan?"
"I rescued these two little girls from barbarians. As far as I know, they also have a younger sister named Sanwench. Unfortunately, being original is late and I don’t know where their younger sister has been taken." Li Daoling said that it was obvious that he didn’t want to make the Muqingfeng village public.
"Okay, okay, now is not the time to discuss family feuds. Let’s deal with the barbarian army’s siege first." Zhan Yunyi pulled the topic back to dealing with refugees. No one cared about this little episode except Mu Qingfeng and dog egg Li Daoling.
To tell the truth, Mu Qingfeng lost his head after hearing the name Han Mu’s answer. He should play it. In the next few days, Mu Qingfeng went back and forth into the chamber like a puppet without making comments or thinking. Finally, Li Daoling found him on the fourth night.
"I know that your mind is full of three things now, but according to reliable information, the barbarian army will arrive at noon at the latest. I hope you can calm down. If we don’t get through this, let alone find your sister, I’m afraid we are all clay idols crossing the river. Besides, your state will obviously affect the boy in Yunxiao. Although he is born with divine power, he is still a teenager. If you collapse, he will have nothing to rely on." After that, Master patted Mu Qingfeng on the shoulder and went out.
Looking at the moonlight outside the window, Mu Qingfeng tried to calm himself down. It really makes sense for Master to speak. Impulse is not good for him. You can solve the immediate problem before you think about it.
In the day, Mu Qingfeng cheered himself up and came to the hall for discussion, only to find that the situation was getting worse these days when he was distracted.
"The refugees are no longer entering because of the war, but we are surrounded by barbarians. Our scouts can’t even get out. As far as we know, there are about 150,000 people in the other army. The leading organizer is called Hanmu," Bai Qiao said, looking at the information at hand.
"There is worse news. Our grain can last for about ten days, even if we control the supply of each person, it will not exceed one month, that is to say, one month either we retreat from the enemy or we break it," said the war leader, worried.
"Can’t we send someone out to tell the news?" said a general sitting on the right.
"No enemy is the iron core that surrounds us here. All the scouts we sent in the middle of the night were caught and killed. To be exact, they couldn’t even get a few hundred feet away from the city gate." The scout captain shook his head and said.
"What about homing pigeons? Barbarians can’t fly to the sky to catch them, can they? " The deputy head of Xuanjiamen said
"The barbarians trapped us to death this time and brought grassland falcons, and our homing pigeons became their food."
"We might as well go and fight with them when we die like this! !” A hot-tempered general said
"Qingfeng, do you have any countermeasures?" Bai Qiao asked Mu Qingfeng.
"Not yet. Our biggest problem now is that we can’t send out news and fight a protracted war. I am also at a loss about these two problems." Mu Qingfeng shook his head.
"Good things need to be bold at the last moment. It is estimated that their horses will launch a siege. We can take it one step at a time." Finally, the war leader announced that the meeting was over and the army was preparing for war
At noon, the barbarians really launched an attack, and sharp arrows shot from both positions like rain. Except for the Xuanjia army, which was dressed in thick armor, both the barbarians and the Northern Yan army kept falling as if they had been hit by a storm in the wheat field, but they were once a fresh life.
"Attack the wall with the reward of gold hundred and twenty beauty slaves each ten! !”
"Hurrah! !” "kill! ! Kill all summer dogs! !”
The tragic siege war kicked off.
The barbarian population, biting a sharp knife and struggling to climb the ladder, was rewarded with a red eye. They gave full play to their original animal nature and rushed to the wall with rolling stones and arrows. They were even more mad. Often, three northern Yan troops sacrificed to exchange for a barbarian soldier.
"Come on, let Uyghur Naza be the first warrior to be rewarded! !” A particularly strong barbarian shouted at the wall waving a mace
"Pretty dog Hugh rampant eat me a gun! !” A general of the Northern Yan Army drank a gun and stabbed it at Wunaza, and the silver point of your gun shone brightly in the air.

Zhu Yinzhen saw three people toasting and talking happily, and his face looked pale.

How can it not make people angry that two people who were grounded by him stepped out of the moon-holding building without saying anything and even had a drink with his new wife?
Seeing Shen Menglu’s face smiling like winter sunshine, Zhu Yinzhen was so sick that he wanted to vomit blood. Before and after Shen Menglu’s wedding, it was a luxury for Shen Menglu to give him a good face because of various contradictions, not to mention such a gorgeous smile.
But now Shen Menglu shows such a beautiful smile to these two annoying men without stint! An eyesore! Zhu Yinzhen really wants to shoot them in smoke with one hand! Whether they are dream lifesavers or not!
But Zhu Yinzhen doesn’t take Chu Daian and Yan Yiyi seriously, but Shen Menglu can’t!
"Mom, why don’t you wait for your husband to eat together?" Zhu Yinzhen choked back the impulse to kill, hung a gentle smile and occupied Shen Menglu’s waist and sat next to her
"Are you awake?" Shen Menglu smiled at Zhu Yinzhen and Zhan Yan tenderly. He filled a bowl of soup, "Drink the soup first and moisten your voice."
"Thank you, Mom!" Shen Menglu’s sudden tenderness and thoughtfulness surprised Zhu Yinzhen. He took the soup bowl with surprise and gulped it up.
"Drink slowly and be careful to burn …" Shen Menglu woke up two seconds late, and some hot soup almost made Zhu Yinzhen gush out.
Zhu Yinzhen opened his mouth and breathed a few breaths, then he managed to swallow the soup in his mouth and smiled. "It’s delicious if it’s not hot!"
Zhu Yinzhen’s performance is as small as puppy love, which makes Shen Menglu slightly embarrassed and slightly sweet.
Chu Dai ‘an and Yan Yi looked at each other in unison, and then sighed tacitly and silently at the same time. When Zhu Yinzhen came, they suddenly became the wattage-full light bulb.
"Mom, you just woke up and shouldn’t drink." Zhu Yinzhen pushed the glass in front of Shen Menglu. He just drank a soup bowl and handed it to Shen Menglu again. "Mom, this soup tastes good. Try it."
Shen Menglu reached for the soup bowl and was stopped by Zhu Yinzhen. "Mother, open your mouth and feed you!"
On hearing the word "good mother", Shen Menglu could not help but think that Zhu Yinzhen was such a slightly tough girl who wiped her clean.
Shen Menglu’s face was slightly hot. She glanced at the field of Chu Daian and Yan Yiyi and looked at Zhu Yinzhen stubbornly holding a spoon. This is really embarrassing. "The report has guests! Let male and female servants themselves … "
It’s still 6 thousand today!
A new week is coming again! I wish you all a happy, jealous and loving mood? This man needs a good training!
Shen Menglu’s face was slightly hot. She glanced at the field of Chu Daian and Yan Yiyi and looked at Zhu Yinzhen stubbornly holding a spoon. This is really embarrassing. "The report has guests! Let male and female servants themselves … "
Shen Menglu’s refusal was interrupted by Zhu Yinzhen’s strong words before he finished. "Shiro or her husband and mother-in-law must call themselves concubines."
Zhu Yinzhen automatically ignored the sentence in Shen Menglu that there was a guest. He squinted and handed the spoon in his hand to Shen Menglu’s mouth. "Let your husband wait on your mother when she recovers from a serious illness!" Mother opened her mouth! "
Please! She’s just poisoned and unconscious, not broken hands, feet and soup. It’s not enough to ask Zhu Yinzhen to feed her!
Shen Menglu gave Zhu Yinzhen a reproachful look, indicating that he should stop fooling around. Zhu Yinzhen returned with a koo expression. The spoon in his hand was still attached to Shen Menglu’s delicate and charming lips. "It’s cold if you don’t drink soup!"
This childish man! Shen Menglu nai blushed and opened her mouth with a spoon in her mouth.
Shen Menglu’s soup hasn’t been swallowed yet. Zhu Yinzhen persistently handed the second spoon again and didn’t forget to blow it carefully. "Lainiang soup is not hot!"
Shen Menglu language to the bottom of my heart turned supercilious look! Zhu Yinzhen, dare you be a little more naive? Is this a deliberate show of love rhythm?
He’s not Xiu En Ai! He is trying to tell others that the couple are really in love! Why? Zhu Yinzhen proudly rushed Shen Menglu to pick his eyebrows.
This Zhu Yinzhen is simply childish and outrageous! Chu Daian felt that Zhu Yinzhen was feeding Shen Menglu soup. The picture was too beautiful to look straight at him. He simply turned his head and pretended not to see Yan Yiyi drinking with a smile on his face.
Yan Yiyi’s mouth has been holding a little smile like a spring breeze and raising a glass in response to Chu Daian’s attentive drinking. Seeing Zhu Yinzhen being so considerate to Shen Menglu, Yan Yiyi is half gratified and half disappointed.
Zhu Yinzhen refused, so Chu Daian and Yan Yiyi watched and fed Shen Menglu a bowl of soup. See Zhu Yinzhen and want to make persistent efforts to show her love. Shen Menglu quit. Is it really good to have a guest room where their host is doing this and hanging Chu Daian and Yan Yiyi?
"Yin Zhen, I’m full." Shen Menglu stopped Zhu Yin Zhen from grabbing food. "Yan Gong is my savior. Yin Zhen might as well entertain Yan Gong and Chu Dai ‘an!"
Hospitality? Zhu Yinzhen’s sharp eyes swept through drinking Chu Daian and Yan Yiyi. Even if he didn’t throw them into the dungeon, he still wanted him to entertain them.
"Yan Gong saved Wang Niang’s life. The king is naturally grateful. Wang Ding will send a generous reward to thank Yan Gong, but Wang Niang still needs to cultivate and forgive Wang Niang for not being able to get along! Zhanyang, please treat the two of you on behalf of Wang Wangfei! " Zhu Yinzhen threw this sentence at Zhanyang and stretched out his hand to pull up Shen Menglu and turned to go.
Shen Menglu has a black line. This Zhu Yinzhen is deliberately looking for fault!
"I’m all right" Shen Menglu wants to earn Zhu Yinzhen’s hand, so what does it mean to lose Yan Yi and Chu Daian? Zhu Yinzhen grounded them both enough.
"Mother Yan Gong is your doctor. You have nothing to do but ask Yan Gong to say it." Zhu Yinzhen tightly buckled Shen Menglu’s hand and wouldn’t let her loose. "Yan Gong, do you think Wang Niang still needs a good rest?" Zhu Yinzhen looked menacingly at Yan Yiyi.
Yan Yiyi drinks and drinks. He gently bows his hand at Shen Menglu in his glass. "Empress poisoning has been solved, but it’s always good to cultivate more. Let’s listen to your report and rest at ease!" I will do some solid training for the empress again. "
It’s strange that Yan Yiyi’s superb medical skills and Yan Men’s inscrutable Dan medicine will still have toxin residues in her body!
Instead of feeling uncomfortable, Shen Menglu feels comfortable. It seems that the accumulated garbage in the blood has been cleaned up! I’m afraid it’s Yan Yiyi. She detoxified and recuperated for her at the same time!
Shen Menglu’s natural white Yan Yi’s clearance means that she glared at Zhu Yinzhen naively and blinked at Chu Daian. "Then I’ll go back to the palace and rest in Chu Daian. You treat Yan Gong well for me! If anyone dares to disrespect the savior of the palace, the palace will not be spared! "

"It’s so stupid. How can I have such a stupid master as you? If you rush at it like this, you will just break up the clouds and absorb a fart. You can just stay here and absorb the thunder, so that you can absorb the thunder to the maximum extent!" The little black a pair of hate iron not to produce sample way

"Well, all right!" Any suspection.i Zhantian was also lectured by little black words on a black line nai way
Then suspection.i Zhantian stopped the dark clouds and didn’t rush toward the surface, but quietly waited for the thunder to fall every day.
Huangfu Zhantian doesn’t matter, but it scares Sunny and Xuejinger both of them. What else can they do? But I didn’t expect him to personally attract lightning. Even so, he can drive away the dark clouds, but they have never heard of anyone who can thunder, no matter how strong your strength is, but in the face of this world, it still seems so slim.
"Brother Xiaotian will be all right!" Xue Jinger asked with a worried face. Although she knew Sunny could not answer this question, she still couldn’t help asking [
"I don’t know, brother Xiaotian. It’s too risky!" Sunny a face of nai shake head a way
"What is this dark cloud doing? Why hasn’t it come down? It’s been so long!" Any suspection.i Zhantian twisted one’s own neck full of resentment because of upturned head and asked.
"Don’t worry, the longer this thunder is brewing, the stronger and smaller the energy will be when it bursts out. Just wait and see if you can push your strength to the realm of God in one fell swoop!" Xiaohei is full of expectations
When I hear the little black words, I will no longer travel, but concentrate on adjusting my state to the best, or I really don’t know if it will work in the face of this day.
A ring from heaven and earth finally broke out from the dark clouds, and Jing Er and Sunny Er at the bottom of the snow suddenly changed their faces after hearing the thunder. If Xiaotian can’t carry the thunder this day and let it come, I’m afraid the rain will follow, and then mother will also …
And suspection.i Zhantian finally breathed a sigh of relief after hearing this sound. After waiting for so long, ya, you finally came. If you don’t come to Xiaoye, I’m going to break you up.
Although he thought like this in his heart, he didn’t relax, but held the Thor hammer in his hand high like a lightning rod. On that day, Ray seemed to feel that a small ant challenged its majesty and directly hit the Thor hammer in Huangfu Zhantian’s hand.
Not surprisingly, the thunder directly blasted the hammer face of Raytheon that day, but Huangfu Zhantian was blasted by the thunder that day and fell directly towards the ground.
"What a powerful force!" Any suspection.i Zhantian was horrified and kept his figure steady. He could feel the thunder and thunder roaring inside the hammer, but gradually the sound became smaller. Then a soft Raytheon Qi poured out of the hammer and flowed to his body. I felt this abnormal pure Raytheon Qi. Any suspection.i Zhantian felt a refreshing sensation in my body, as if I had eaten a piece of ice on a hot day. That kind of refreshing sensation went to my bones.
"Haha, it’s so cool! Come again!" After absorbing the thor’s true qi, Huangfu Zhantian shouted at the dark clouds, but Xiaohei didn’t stop it at this time, but encouraged Huangfu Zhantian to be arrogant again. Because just now, the thunder of the sky lowered its quality due to fighting with the three gods, it has once again become a magic weapon. It believes that if it is thundered a few more times, it will definitely rise to the level of the magic weapon, so then it will no longer be afraid that it will be degraded due to excessive loss.
Jixue Jinger and Sunny waited anxiously for a long time after hearing the thunder, but they didn’t see any thunder falling. When they looked at each other, they cheered at the same time.
"Brother Xiaotian is so powerful that even the thunder has resisted!" Snow static son looked at the place in the sky where he couldn’t see the figure, muttered in his mouth, and his eyes were all extraordinary splendour.
Sunny is also a shock and surprise. She didn’t expect Xiaotian’s brother to actually carry the lightning, which made her curious about the mystery of Huangfu Zhantian once again. She was very curious about her unmasked sister’s mysterious magic in judging people.
On that day, the thunder seemed to hear the words of Huangfu Zhantian, as if angry, and it came down like crazy. The thunder seemed to be exhausted towards the thunder hammer in the hands of Huangfu Zhantian, and the posture seemed to break him.
"It’s so cool!" The little black side is busy transforming those thunderbolts into pure Raytheon force, and the seal of Raytheon hammer, which was just bombarded by violent thunderbolts, has been lifted again. Now Raytheon hammer has reached the peak of the earth spirit device, and it will reach the level of the celestial spirit device in a little bit. How can this not make it excited?
And suspection.i war days at this time also feel that the original stagnant state slowly rose up, which made him very excited.
Compared with the excitement of the two people, Jinger and Sunny are both worried, because there may be nothing about a thunderbolt just now, but this time it is so many rumbling and rumbling, which is very scary. Well, they found that these thunderbolts didn’t land together, and the dark clouds are no longer so dark at this time, which makes them feel a little relieved. If they want to hold on for a while, it is estimated that the dark clouds will be dispersed almost, so there will definitely be no more rain.
After thundering for a good half-day every day, I found that this little ant had not been smashed and stopped first [
"Yi how to stop? It won’t be over! " Huangfu Zhantian is dissatisfied. Looking at the sky, the dark clouds say that his realistic power has risen to the level of the higher god. If he wants more, he can rise to the higher level of the higher god. But this day, the thunder is too weak to stop, and he still wants to rise to the level of the god. It would be a pity if he stopped like this. Section 164: Lei Jingling
"Don’t worry, I don’t think it will end. This guy seems to be brewing a big move. Get ready and wait for it." Blackie is a little worried because he can feel a slowly growing breath hidden in the dark clouds. This breath makes him feel very uneasy. If he can reach the level of the celestial body, he will definitely not be afraid of it.
After listening to the little black words, Huangfu Zhantian hurried to the sky, and Thor was really angry because he smelled a little danger from the little black words, and the dark clouds did feel a little dangerous. Now he must consolidate the physical realm while the thunder has not come again. It is less and safer to do so.
Just suspection.i Zhantian has just stabilized his physical condition for a while, and an unusually strong breath broke out from the dark clouds. Feel the breath and suspection.i Zhantian’s face suddenly changed.
"How can I meet it when I’m finished!" The little black tone in some panic way
"What’s the matter with the little black? What the hell is it? " Huangfu Zhantian heard that Xiao Xi ha ha Xiao Hei had a panic tone, which said that the situation was very bad, but he had to know what it was [
"This is an extreme lightning. If I knew it was an extreme lightning, I would let you break up the dark clouds just now, but I’m afraid this extreme lightning has been brewing successfully and it will be locked. No matter where you go, you can’t escape all the hard resistance. Hum, if I reach the level of the celestial organ, I’m afraid of it. I almost missed it. It seems that I have to work hard this time." The little black tone is very dignified.
Hearing the little black words, Huangfu Zhantian also knows that he can’t get away with it this time and can rely on his own strength.
"If I can’t bear it later, then you can summon the heavenly demon armor, so it’s possible to resist it, otherwise we’ll be miserable today!" Xiaohei told him
"Well, don’t worry, it’s okay, and I feel that this time may be an opportunity for me. Maybe if I want to pick up this extreme lightning, then my strength will increase. The greater the danger, the greater the gain." Huangfu Zhantian said with a relaxed smile, but he thought that this would not be the chance that the Green Master told himself. If so, it would be too fucking. This is simply a hard life.
"Look out, it’s coming!" The little black tone dignified way
Hearing the little black sound, Huangfu Zhantian quickly stopped running. Raytheon’s true qi opened his eyes and looked at the dark clouds that day. At this time, the dark clouds have gradually turned into a very small cloud, but the concentration on that side has become dark, just like a cloud of ink.
Huangfu Zhantian suppressed the throb in his heart, held Raytheon’s hammer high and shouted, "Come on, I’m not afraid of you!"
As if in response to the words of Huangfu Zhantian, the ink cloud suddenly churned up and saw a very small body emitting a Taoist spirit coming out of the cloud.
Seeing this situation, Huangfu Zhantian suddenly stared blankly. What is this situation? How did a little thing appear from the cloud?
"No, it’s not the ultimate lightning. It’s Lei Jingling’s death. How can this guy come out? Get ready for defense!" Little black hurried shouted
Hearing the little black words, Huangfu Zhantian suddenly shuddered, and Raytheon’s true qi crashed into operation. He could hear that the panic in the little black tone was not fear because there seemed to be a little excitement.
"Blackie, what is this Lei Jingling?" Any suspection.i zhantian quietly asked
"This Lei Jingling is something that is extremely difficult to breed in heaven and earth. Although it looks like an elf, it is not sane because it can do things. Just now, our actions have angered it. I’m afraid it will find us trouble. This Lei Jingling is a great disaster for others, but it is a great supplement for you, the owner of the Raytheon body. If you can absorb all the energy of this Lei Jingling body, your strength will probably jump directly to the realm of a god." Little black said with some excitement.

What should we do? Now Chloe has become like this. What can I do to stop these vampires from ravaging the weak and poor human beings?

The Hunger Feng Luo said that there is one person who wants to kill others, and that is himself. But do you really have the ability to kill him? How to kill him?
It seems that we can show our closeness and enthusiasm to Feng Luo first, and then get his letter and find a chance to kill him. Even if we can’t kill Feng Luo Shao, we must get rid of Kerr, who has just become a demon, and his vampire.
Yes, let’s do it!
Feather Zhen’s spirit of killing himself was so touched that he felt that saving the whole world fell on his weak shoulders and his whole heart was full of tragic feelings.
If necessary, you can be humiliated and dedicated to Feng Luo. When he is most excited, that is, when he is most vulnerable, Yu Zhen is excited by his own thoughts and thinks that her whole face is red.
Why don’t you explore first?
Feather Beard sat at the table and looked at herself carefully in the bronze mirror. She gently let herself loose like black satin. Black covered her delicate shoulders. Feather Beard gently stroked her long wait for a while trance.
After a long time, she gently got up and walked to The Hunger Fengluo’s bedroom.
Feather came to the front door of Fengluo’s bedroom. There are several vampire girls guarding the front door. When she saw Feather coming, the delicate vampire girl quickly reached out and stopped "Please stay in Fengluo’s temple to practice. No one is allowed to disturb!"
Hum, hum, practice? Don’t also suck the blood of human girls to practice? Feather Zhen stretched out his hand and pushed the vampire girl’s hand and said stiffly, "I have something urgent to find the vampire girl in The Hunger Temple. It is very difficult for them to give in." Please forgive us if we let you into The Hunger Temple, it will eat us alive. "
While arguing, I suddenly heard The Hunger’s majestic voice coming out of the room, "Let her in!"
Heard the command vampire girl hurriedly let the road feather cut across a few ghost girl pushed the door and strode in.
Unexpectedly, Feng Luo turned out to be sitting cross-legged on the bed with no one around. What’s worse, a woman?
Feather and his eyes looked at each other and he couldn’t help but feel a little blushing. Feng Luo looked at Feather and played softly. "You seldom come to me on your own initiative. What is it?"
Chloe stared at the feather eyes tightly. His bloody eyes were full of pain and looked very hurt.
It’s really a little painful to look at Chloe’s sample feather, but at the thought of that scene last night, she simply has an uncontrollable anger, and her heart is always filled with disgust for Chloe
The thought that Chloe’s hands once touched the bodies of the two human girls and clung to them, and now she came to her eyes with a naive face, and she felt like vomiting.
Chloe noticed that Feather’s face was very uncomfortable. He gently stroked Feather’s forehead and said, "Then you have a good rest and I’ll see you later."
Feather contact don’t face to ignore him Chloe sighed and turned and walked out of the feather contact room.
Back to his room, he threw his body into a large recliner, and his hands held his shoulders, and a little gloom floated on his face.
What? Feather Zhen’s attitude towards himself will become so cold?
I used to care for myself, but now I have an icy face as if I don’t want to talk to myself, but I like and rely on myself the most since I was born again, that is, I am careful to approach her, hoping that I can approach the girl I like like like a normal man, even if it is to protect her.
I can give up everything just because I don’t want Feather to treat myself so coldly.
Gently knocking at the door rang and Chloe looked up. Now Fei Ying is asking the door with a sly face, "May I come in?"
Chloe said flatly, "Aren’t you already in?"
Fei Ying’s gentle and graceful body floated in gently, and Chloe still lay there half-motionless, staring at Fei Ying in silence.
Fei Ying’s white and tender face is smiling, and she "giggles" while covering her mouth. "How was last night? Do you feel very happy? "
Chloe’s handsome face flew over a little red cloud, but in an instant, the silk was shy and he was still so calm as water. "I drank a lot of things last night and I don’t remember."
Fei Ying smiled. "Remember it doesn’t matter. Happiness is fleeting. The power you get is eternal. You have just grown up. If we vampires want to get the strongest power, we must learn from purity. This is a threshold for everyone. I must lead you."
Chloe turned her head and said simply, "I know the truth and I have been trying my best to cooperate."
Fei Ying smiled and she owed her body to sit on Chloe’s leg. She gently held Chloe’s face and said, "Good boy, I know you won’t let me and The Hunger Temple down." The posture of the two people looks very ambiguous, but their expression is very uncoordinated with this posture.
Chloe watched Fei Ying for a while and slowly sighed, "Thank you, Sister Fei Ying, but I have always had psychological barriers. If I hadn’t drunk myself, I would have done that with a strange girl, which made me feel very painful."
Fei Ying smiled mysteriously. "Then imagine that you like someone, so you and anyone can be interested."
Chloe said coldly, "forget it. I don’t want to defile her heart so meanly."
Fei Ying’s smile is even cuter. Her beautiful eyes "jabber" and her smile is as clear as a silver bell. "What a pure lover! Then I don’t care. Find a way by yourself, but you have to speed up. Otherwise, how can you have enough strength to compete with Hell Shura?"
Say Fei Ying "sou" to a leap from Chloe and like a lightly white cloud floating out of the room left depressed Chloe sitting there.
Feather, like a violent beast, wandered around in a cage. Her room kept pacing, and her simple little head had mobilized all brain cells to think.
What should we do? Now Chloe has become like this. What can I do to stop these vampires from ravaging the weak and poor human beings?
The Hunger Feng Luo said that there is one person who wants to kill others, and that is himself. But do you really have the ability to kill him? How to kill him?
It seems that we can show our closeness and enthusiasm to Feng Luo first, and then get his letter and find a chance to kill him. Even if we can’t kill Feng Luo Shao, we must get rid of Kerr, who has just become a demon, and his vampire.
Yes, let’s do it!
Feather Zhen’s spirit of killing himself was so touched that he felt that saving the whole world fell on his weak shoulders and his whole heart was full of tragic feelings.
If necessary, you can be humiliated and dedicated to Feng Luo. When he is most excited, that is, when he is most vulnerable, Yu Zhen is excited by his own thoughts and thinks that her whole face is red.

"Alas, don’t say more if you are brothers." Li Zhuang immediately interrupted Li She to speak.

"Thank you, Brother Li!" Li said with tears in her eyes
As expected, everyone in this game has their own feelings, and Li She has personally experienced them.
"Ha ha, now it should be possible to build a village," said Li Zhuang.
Li she took a look at the village drawings in her hand, and sure enough, a button appeared, which made Li she more conscious.
"ding! Amazing news! Congratulations to player Li Shecheng, the 62nd player to establish a village, and hereby announce the day! "
"ding! Congratulations to the players! You have successfully established a village, please name the village! " Unified indication
"Tianmen!" Li involved confused stare at the same scene and said
"ding! Congratulations to the players! Please explore for yourself after naming the successful game! " Disappear immediately after the unified display
"Er, is that enough?" Li involved in uncertainty said to himself
"That’s it!" Li Zhuang said
"Pit dad? That’s it! I * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * "
"ding! Congratulations to the players! Because you abused Tong, you were banned for ten minutes. "
Li she stood in situ with a black line. A breeze blew through the roofs of the ten houses just built, and all of them were blown away by the wind. It was very desolate and miserable to leave a few wooden boards in situ and cooperate with Li she in front.
Chapter V Tianmen Village with One Poverty and Two Whites
"Li Zhuang, the right-hand man, met the master and congratulated him on having his first village as the village head!" Li Zhuangke threw himself down regardless of Li’s loneliness and also got a fright at Li’s involvement.
"Brother Li, who are you?" Li she asked
"Don’t you want Li Zhuang to follow you?" Li Zhuang asked
"No, no!" Li involved hurriedly way
"Then don’t get Li Zhuang to visit the master." Li Zhuang worshipped again
"Brother Li, get up. Our brothers don’t need this. Just call me Xiao Li." Li She said that she would help Li Zhuang up.
"no! The ceremony can’t be abolished! " Li Zhuang’s insistence on refusing to get up means that Li She won’t get up if she doesn’t agree with him to call the master.
"All right, all right, but Li Dage, I feel uncomfortable listening to my master. Why don’t you call me the village chief?" Li is involved in this. It’s just a matter of getting cheap and telling the truth.
"All right!" Li Zhuang bowed their heads and considered some kind of got up and said
"It’s getting late for the village chief. Let’s have a rest first!"
"Well, rest together."
(Why does this sound so awkward?)
"By the way, Brother Li, I still don’t know where this is?" Li she Li Zhuang fell asleep at night (sleeping in two bunks). Li she was so excited about the future that she couldn’t sleep and asked.
"Oh, we belong to jiangling county, the south county of Jingzhou," said Li Zhuang.
"Those who get Jingzhou from Jingzhou will be blessed!" Li involved like talking to himself and thinking, with a little disappointment in his tone.
In fact; when Li She wanted of get a foothold of the local area; the folkways of Liangzhou and Yizhou were very tough and easy of defend and difficult of attack. Whoever owns Liangzhou is like owning an object library. Not to mention the other one, so is the so-called land of abundance
Easy to defend but difficult to attack; And there is one thing in common between the two, that is, if there is a horse, there will be a day
However, Jingzhou can also do it. In those days, Jingzhou was governed by Liu Biao, but Woye was thousands of miles away, which fully reflected Jingzhou’s wealth and its geographical location was very important. It was very convenient to attack the north and south in all directions. If you could,
Getting Jingzhou is not far from the sky.
Liu Bei, the Shu Han Dynasty, took Jingzhou as his overlord. Dongwu Lu Xun Lu Kang’s father, General Feng Hou, commanded Jingzhou to be in the ruling and opposition; Cao Wei Sima Yi’s garrison in Jingzhou was unified by Sima Yi and so on.
It is important for Jingzhou.
"What’s the matter with the village chief?" Li Zhuang asked.
"Oh, nothing. It stands to reason that Jingxiang should have a large population. Why is this place deserted?" Li She said
"How can we have a large population here in the suburbs?" Li Zhuang said
"If there were no people, we should take in villagers and develop villages," said Li She, who was worried.
"This is no problem, there will be some refugees coming over." Li Zhuang has been in a daze but still comforted Li She.
"What if there are no refugees coming?" Li asked again after half a ring, but he didn’t get a response. He turned to see that Li Zhuang had fallen asleep.
Li She smiled and said, "Hehe, who cares? When you cross the bridge, you will find the Duke of Zhou."
In reality, Li She also went to sleep with her helmet at this time. Although a day has passed in the game, it is only an hour in reality. After all, Li She has deeply realized that the game in January is a year.
watch from a height or distance
At this time, the country has already been boiling, and the reality of playing games for one year in January has been proved. This shows what human beings mean, but this method is equivalent to prolonging their life. At one time, Chinese people expressed their desire to buy helmet officers.
Fang has also given a definite answer that helmets will not be sold until January, and when the game warehouse will be available, the Chinese people will hold their breath and wait for the public beta in January
In the game, the sun shines brightly and the roofs of ten cabins are easily installed by Li Zhuang (that is, a pile of grass). At this moment, Li She is quietly looking at the plain in front of her, and Li Zhuang is also chatting and walking the dog.
Li She suddenly remembered that she hasn’t looked at her village attributes yet. Hurriedly bring up the’ village information’ button on the panel to watch. This is a look at the black line and I want to hit the wall.
Cunmingtianmen village
Low-level villages (including imperial city, king city, county city, county town, town and village).
Existing residents, the largest residents 2, 2 (that is, Li She and Li Zhuang)
The surrounding area is 1 square kilometer.
Resident satisfaction
Village popularity information
Li She saw several subsidiary buttons next to the button "Village Information", namely "Existing Buildings", "Constructable Buildings", "Residents" and "Upgrade Conditions".
Li she finished the sentence of "existing buildings" first.
Existing buildings, village head’s office, simple wooden house.
Village head office Village head rest office
Simple wooden houses can give villagers shelter.
Then Li she ordered the’ buildable building’ to meet and wrote
The simple fence of the primary fence can prevent some small animals from harassing, and it takes only a carpenter and a certain amount of wood.
The primary warehouse can hold some things, and the room needs a primary mason and a few pieces of wood.
A primary tailor’s shop can make some simple clothes, which requires a "primary tailor’s shop drawing", a primary tailor, a mason and some wood.

"people! ! ! Depend on yourself! ! ! The strength of others is only an aid. "

"Everyone should learn to grow up"
JiFan sat there and shouted at JiLu sentence by sentence.
Jilu nodded and said, "Brother Fan, give me a chance."
Ji Fan took a sip of tea and said to Jilu, "Then from today you should say,’ Master, give me a chance’"
The deer knelt on the ground and said firmly, "Master, give me a chance!" "
JiFan looked JiQingQing.
Ji Qingqing God "color" complex nodded and said "let him do it"
JiFan sighed and said, "God, I’ll write a call. Go get it. I’ll go first! You pack up and go the day after tomorrow at the latest. "
Jilu nodded.
JiFan walked out of the door and sighed. God’s "color" was complicated. "Let JiLu enter the trap camp. I’ll see if I can get Seibel to let him in. Ah, it’s really memorable to practice favoritism for the first time."
Ji Fan knew that according to Seibel’s "sex" case, there was a great chance that she would not agree, but she tried.
JiFan shook his head and walked towards the palace.
Xun Yu was still there, and JiFan walked over without saying anything, "Write me an order to transfer JiLu to the trap camp as a commander."
Xun Yu blinked some consternation.
JiFan some depressed said, "what’s the matter? No? "
Xun Yu shook his head and said, "First, I know that this is not possible. Second, I am afraid that this is not possible. Third, this is your first time to synthesize three points for personal gain. I must be surprised."
Ji Fan rubbed his head and said, "I can’t help it, my brother."
While the mountain secluded party went to Xiangyang, Jingzhou.
The fifth chapter Cao Min Cheng Xiao
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Today, I took a leave of absence and deducted a lot of money. The evil boss is so inhuman.
You and your party finally arrived in Xiangyang, Jingzhou.
Go directly to Xiangyang Palace after entering Xiangyang City.
The secluded road in front of the palace was blocked by four foot soldiers, and the God "Color" kept an eye on them.
One of them swept the "color" warning on the first face. Four people, three men and one woman asked, "Other people are not allowed to enter."
Shan You asked, "Is Cai Tianhua inside?"
Since the man is one leng calling Cai Tianhua by his first name, he must be a high-minded person or someone close to the master. His tone is much better. He asked, "I don’t know if the master is in there."
Mountain deep and remote tone very insipid said "looking for him to do business in bulletin"
When the man heard that it was a businessman, he shouted, "Go and go, and the businessman ran here to queue up."
You looked at the mountain and said to the three people behind you, "If you don’t kill people, you’ll get hurt. Now we’ll kill them."
When Hong Ming, the murderous blade in his hand, slammed the back of the knife on the man’s back
A few people behind him are also closely following.
All the way to triumph is to kill one person.
Cai Tianhua was looking at the data of Xun Hugh’s delivery of materials, but at this moment, there was a fight outside the door, and his brow wrinkled and his spirit immediately became tense.
Cai Tianhua has got up and sipped "What happened outside?"
One of the guards rushed in, grinning and obviously suffering a lot, saying, "Four people broke in outside but didn’t hurt us. It seems that we didn’t kill anyone."
Cai Tianhua frowned and muttered, "No murder?" Looking up at the guard, he said, "All right, let them in and shout in 500 foot soldiers."
The foot soldier bowed his head and promised.
Cai Tianhua is sitting in a position with a frown and doesn’t know what’s going on.
A little while later, he walked into three men and a woman, and the first one was holding a sword-like weapon, a sword-like weapon and a knife-like weapon, and his face was "licked" with the blood-thirsty god "color" and "color" lips.
Just looking at Cai Tianhua is enough. Cai Tianhua has a very strong premonition of danger.
This man is very powerful.
There is no doubt about this.
Cai Tianhua seems as if nothing happened. "You want to see me?"
The face of the mountain replied proudly, "Yes, we are looking for you to do a business."
Cai Tianhua took a sip of water and glanced at the four people’s hearts, but they were dumbfounded. "They are all top military commanders. Four top military commanders gave me a slot."
A mouthful of water almost gushed out. Cai Tianhua was still "colored" as he often said, "Oh? What business do you do? "
Shanyou frowned just now, and he had a very uncomfortable feeling. He heard Cai Tianhua’s question and Shanyou answered, "I help you kill people and you give me money."
Cai Tianhua face "color" strange looking at the table this information.
"Guiyang has a peerless warrior, and we are defeated."
Cai Tianhua nodded and said, "Ok, how about you go to Guiyang to help the army there kill a peerless warrior? I will give you 520 yuan in gold."
Mountain deep and remote readily nodded.
The two hit it off, and the other 500 foot soldiers stared at each other and didn’t know what to do.
Cai Tianhua hit a huff and said to 500 people, "Go ahead."
But at this moment.
A foot soldier rushed in and said to Cai Tianhua, "There is a man outside the master’s door who claims to be an official."
Cai Tianhua frowned and said, "Let him come in first and let me have a look."
Yecheng in Hebei province
Ji Fan once again issued a recruitment order for Xun Yu to take care of it.
Then JiFan "touch" into the warehouse again.
Many of the aristocratic families, such as Hua Jia, Gao Jia and Tian Jia, were brought from Luoyang, and the rest were bribed.
JiFan thinking about so many families a piece of genocide should be summoned once.
640 thousand
astronomical figure—enormous figure
JiFan thought of here and thought it was too cheating.
Ji Fan sneaked into the warehouse and looked around.
If Xun Yu knew it, he would probably look for JiFan again.

"backache and backache-did I kill this bastard?" Lian son can’t help but go crazy.

Ziyun ao smiled faintly. "It won’t die, but it burned badly and almost spontaneously ignited. Keep working hard."
"No, mother, I must not be your own!" Refined son than resentment was ziyun proudly thrown into the red if evil.
Then instantly turned into a pool of water paralysis.
If the red evil is burned black and blue, but he can’t catch the refined son, once the refined son turns into water, he can do nothing and he can cope with the emperor’s game on his own. It’s good to have two mischief again, which really makes him lose ground.
I didn’t expect Ziyun’s proud throwing Lian Er to be as tired as swinging with him. Emperor Junyi couldn’t help but chuckle. She actually regarded throwing her baby as an interesting thing, and most people would really be dumbfounded.
Red if evil can’t think that he is still purple when he is out of Huang Junyi’s body, but now he has actually broken through the god class, and the highest human can stay purple, and the whole Chinese redbud continent can surpass the purple class, but Huang Junyi has half the blood of God and can continue to cultivate the god class.
Although red if evil has been replenishing physical strength during this period, it is simply delusional to say that there are still Ziyun Ao and Eryao Liquor playing tricks to win.
He wanted to devour the elves with such sweet breath tonight, and they would be lucky and advanced. Who would have thought that they had put it together, let alone recovered, and it was lucky to be weakened?
But if you go like this, you will be defeated by the wind sooner or later. Since you can’t beat it, you will escape first.
A proud Ziyun saw that he had a tendency to gain power and quickly shouted, "Yi, he’s going to escape. Get him-"
A magnificent splash of water rushed to the red evil, and the great pain almost made him lose his breath, but he was too fast and then disappeared into the air.
"Let him get away!"
"Not yet-"Huang Junyi said coldly. "Dry Kun bag-"
The huge water waves keep flowing into the bag.
The original purse was about the same size, and the dry Kun bag now swelled several times-
"Ah-"A sharp roar in the water waves seemed to be as painful as hysteria. If evil forgets to escape, it will keep rolling, but there is water everywhere, which makes him feel pain.
When the water waves and screams disappear together, the dry Kun bag becomes its original size and is shaken by the emperor Junyi.
Lian’s son once again turned into a human form, sucking his fingers, and said with a face of disgust, "It takes several baths to get rid of the foul smell of the magic body just now … It’s disgusting …" A proud Ziyun immediately asked Lian’s son to come back quickly when he saw the effectiveness.
Constantly throwing out Lian Er, if Yao Qian’s charm sees her dear baby liquid being thrown like this, it will definitely crush Ziyun’s pride.
Lian Er also complained, "I’m going to break if I throw it like this!"
"You don’t come and break!" She doesn’t know how to write the word "passion for jade"
Lian Er said piteously, "What if I am not completely broken by you?"
"Let the demon thousand charm rule" Ziyun proudly continued to throw without thinking.
"backache and backache-did I kill this bastard?" Lian son can’t help but go crazy.
Ziyun ao smiled faintly. "It won’t die, but it burned badly and almost spontaneously ignited. Keep working hard."
"No, mother, I must not be your own!" Refined son than resentment was ziyun proudly thrown into the red if evil.
Then instantly turned into a pool of water paralysis.
If the red evil is burned black and blue, but he can’t catch the refined son, once the refined son turns into water, he can do nothing and he can cope with the emperor’s game on his own. It’s good to have two mischief again, which really makes him lose ground.
I didn’t expect Ziyun’s proud throwing Lian Er to be as tired as swinging with him. Emperor Junyi couldn’t help but chuckle. She actually regarded throwing her baby as an interesting thing, and most people would really be dumbfounded.
Red if evil can’t think that he is still purple when he is out of Huang Junyi’s body, but now he has actually broken through the god class, and the highest human can stay purple, and the whole Chinese redbud continent can surpass the purple class, but Huang Junyi has half the blood of God and can continue to cultivate the god class.
Although red if evil has been replenishing physical strength during this period, it is simply delusional to say that there are still Ziyun Ao and Eryao Liquor playing tricks to win.
He wanted to devour the elves with such sweet breath tonight, and they would be lucky and advanced. Who would have thought that they had put it together, let alone recovered, and it was lucky to be weakened?

At this moment, when the door of the guest room was opened for a while, I came to Shuilian Month’s side and asked about the situation of Xiao Er. After that, I scolded Nangong Yuhang in succession.

The shopkeeper couldn’t help it any longer, and others around him scolded him. He suddenly stepped into the door and frowned, pointing to Nangong Yu and said, "This man, I want to say a few words about your mother’s dedication to you, but it’s a bit too much for you to treat her like this."
Shui Lianyue saw that Nangong Yu wanted to open his mouth before he came to the shopkeeper and choked, "The shopkeeper doesn’t want to say that my family’s" xianggong "and he can’t control himself at the moment. I don’t blame him."
This sentence caused outsiders to enter the room one after another, pointing to Nangong Yu. You said everything with me.
"Married such a good wife, you are so dissatisfied. You are lame and have such a big temper. What qualifications do you have to treat such a beautiful and virtuous woman? You are really embarrassing us men."
"Yes, an excellent woman like her is rich if you treat her like this. Which woman is willing to find a disabled person like you to be a" xianggong "?If my daughter marries a poor scholar, it will be enough for her to be a complete person."
"Ah, it’s really cruel to send things to heaven. If this woman marries my baby, will she come? How dare you lay a finger on her? You really don’t know when you are blessed."
Look at Nangong Yu’s face, even if it is covered with thin skin and water, you can feel that his face must be very dark at the moment, but it’s not good now. His dark blue eyes exude bloodthirsty light and he can’t help shivering.
"You bitch, I didn’t expect you to act like this." Nangong Yu raised her finger to the water ripple month, which caused more accusations.
"Girl, you’d better remarry. You’ll suffer a lot after a man like him."
"Yes, girl, you’re so kind to follow him, even if it’s ruined. If you agree, we’ll find you the best matchmaker in town, and you’ll be happy and safe in this life."
Listen to the words of the people around you, and then look at the Nangong Yufa’s dark face. At this moment, the bottom of my heart is laughing. It’s really great to win this time.
My heart is full of joy, but the surface is still weak. I said, "Don’t say it again. As the saying goes, you can marry a chicken even if he is not good to me."
When Nangong Yu heard the last sentence, he called him a dog. It’s outrageous. Everyone reacted in persuasion. No one paid attention to this sentence. If he continues to care about the water, even things will be endless. Just let her hum the damn woman for a while. It’s best not to commit it in the hands of the king, otherwise you will suffer ten times.
In a blink of an eye, Nangong Yu changed his attitude and begged Shui Lianyue to forgive him for coaxing him for a long time. They stopped accusing him of telling him to be nice to his mother and let everyone disperse quickly. Nangong Yu had to nod and admit his mistake, which made Shui Lianyue stunned.
The shopkeeper saw that Nangong Yu’s attitude of admitting mistakes was good, and he no longer entangled to disperse the crowd and gave him two new rooms. The storm was receding.
Fang Nangong Yu gnashed her teeth at the water, and her black eyes were very cold. "You’d better not make it in the hands of the king or the king will make you look good."
Shui Lian Yue leisurely pinched her legs and leaned against the bed and looked at Nangong Yu with disdain. "You have said this to me many times, but in the end, you never succeeded and you were bruised all over. Don’t you think you are a failure? I will cover up for you as a woman." [
A word directly poked the Nangong Yu’s sore spot. He frowned and just wanted to turn around, but he smiled lightly. "Wang can’t compare with you. You lost your wife and lost your soldiers. This sentence is the most appropriate for you."
The same sentence also deeply stimulated the water ripple on the nerve. She rose from the bedside and looked at Nangong Yu coldly. "Nangong Yu, like you, is not as good as a villain. No wonder Nangong Ling doesn’t. If you were a younger brother like you, I might as well strangle you."
"No wonder your dad doesn’t hurt your sisters, and your dad shouldn’t have let you be born with such a bad star, otherwise the family wouldn’t have ended up like this."
""The Nangong Yu’s voice just fell into the room and suddenly it was quiet, and even a needle could be heard ringing.
Water ripple month angry stare at the nangongshan yu but no longer speak eyes a ruddy turn she lay back to the nangongshan yu can’t help crying shoulders trembled slightly.
Nangong Yu’s quarrel was just a struggle, but his words poked at her wound, which made her feel painful. In my mind, I saw the situation that day, and my mother was so weak that she was kicked around by Nangong Ling. Finally, a Hosta was inserted into her heart and saved her life.
After that, all her plans went up in smoke, and all her hopes melted into ashes at this moment, and some of them were full of hatred and resentment.
Tears slipped, and she suddenly missed her mother. She thought that the warm hand touched her and made her feel at ease. She thought that the loving eyes looked at her and made her feel cared for. She thought that she was kind and smiled at her, and each other’s lives blossomed brilliantly.
Now she is left alone.
The nangongshan Yu frowned and looked at the trembling shoulders. Suddenly, some people were stuck in panic, partly because of the ripple of water and partly because her words hurt him.
Aunt Yun didn’t escape the tragic fate this time, did she? The only person in this world who gave his heart to him was implicated again and again because of him. Before that, it was because Shuijia was afraid to take Aunt Yun because of his Nangong Ling. Now, the Queen Mother even hates Aunt Yun. It is worse than death to fall into their hands.
Thinking back and looking at the weak body, Nangong Yu involuntarily wanted to apologize to her, but he blocked such an idea. He should hate her, shouldn’t he?
I struggled again in my heart, and the sentence I’m sorry was never said in my heart.
The next day, Li and his wife left the room and left the town. There was no abnormal water all the way. What should he do as if nothing had happened yesterday?
But there seems to be something slowly breeding in Nangong Yu’s heart. Even he himself is not chapter 194 Hu City.
Left the Jinxi dynasty as peaceful as ever, and many did not have the officers and men to interrogate Shui Lianyue and took Nangong Yu straight to Dongshuo country.
In the middle of the remote farmhouse in Suzhou City, there stood a woman in a plain blue dress with long hair and a white hairpin to sweep away the moth’s eyebrows, which was beautiful and refined. Looking at the distant sky, she was particularly absent-minded
A man in the cabin behind him came out with a bowl of porridge dishes. When he saw the woman’s back, he couldn’t help but stop and said with a sigh, "Come in and eat something. It’s autumn, and it won’t be long before it gets cold."
When the woman heard the male voice, she snorted contemptuously, and her lips turned cold. "After so many years, you once cared about what I would do, and now you will be pretentious" [
The man frowned slightly and turned around and put the porridge dish into the house. He slowly walked to the side of the woman and looked at her. The voice was a little lighter than before. "After so many years, you are still so concerned about the fleeting time, and you have to hold on to it."
The female figure is stiff, the tip of her nose is sour, and she looks at the male eyes with a reddish sneer. "Zhuge Ling, you know my heart, but you repeatedly pretend that you can’t see it. You go your own way and I go my wooden bridge. Now you have rescued me. What is it? You can still pretend that you can’t see it and let me die. What did you tell me?"
Zhuge Ling brushed her eyes and looked at the distant sky. There seemed to be geese flying over one by one, and small black dots were arranged neatly. "You and I are both past the prosperous age in the cloud, and we are clinging to the past. You are also white-hearted. I think you are my sister."
"Stop talking about Zhuge Ling. She has been dead for so many years. You left the living alive and didn’t cherish it. You asked the dead person to keep your heart. Besides, is that person’s love for you stubborn or me?"
"Who is important? In this life, my heart is as calm as water and my heart is as dead as water. I don’t want to ask you again. Believe it or not, she is an indelible obsession in my heart and I will rescue you even if I am a passer-by." The words sound just fell and Zhuge Ling turned and left behind, leaving her eyes full of resentment and looking at his back.
"What do you have to say so absolutely? What? You won’t even give me a chance for so many years, and you are still so indifferent to me?"
Tears fall but can’t call back the tall and straight figure.

Lazio fans gave a blizzard of cheers.

"Juventus is behind-! ! !”
They’re going to pass this sound to the court.
In fact, the stadium players were surprised to see the boss suddenly jump out of the coach’s seat
But then they heard the cheers of the fans, so they soon realized what had happened.
Something happened in favor of Lazio at another stadium!
"Damn it!" Prandelli saw esposito rushing to celebrate the goal, and he angrily punched the coach’s seat ceiling.
But Prandelli was not as angry as he showed.
Because he believes in the strength of Juventus, it should be no problem for Juventus to score a goal to equalize the score in the remaining time.
Juventus can win the championship if they want a draw.
Compared with it, the pressure is really much less.
There’s no time to perform anger now.
His horse called the nearest Juventus player and gave him instructions to reach the goal.
Actually, all Juventus players know what to do without Prandelli’s adjustment.
They can’t be careless now. They must get serious!
They watched Cagliari cheering and celebrating, and there was a murderous look in the players’ eyes!
Well, although you need to win to avoid relegation, you can also say that you are sorry!
Lazio knew that Juventus was temporarily behind and cheered for a while. Lazio people didn’t think their team would win the championship.
With more than 20 minutes left in the game, Juventus will score a goal to equalize the score. Lazio is still a joy in the end.
But Lazio fans suddenly don’t care about seeing Chang Sheng off at this time.
They are as preoccupied with the ownership of the league title as ever.
Is there any hope for Lazio this time?
Esposito’s goal rekindled the hope of Lazio fans!
Chapter one hundred and fifty This is Cagliari fighting Juventus.
Juventus, they will soon break Cagliari’s goal and equalize the score. In the future, they will disrupt Cagliari and go to hell completely.
After the game resumed, they made a fierce attack on Cagliari’s goal exhibition.
They believe that they can score goals soon, maybe one minute, maybe three minutes, maybe five minutes.
It shouldn’t take more than ten minutes at the latest.
But unfortunately, it is counterproductive.
A minute passed and they didn’t score.
Three minutes passed and they didn’t score.
Five minutes later, they still didn’t score.
Ten minutes later, they still didn’t score.
There are about thirteen minutes left before the end of the game, and the score is still 1. The home team Juventus is behind.
Juventus tried almost everything but failed to break Cagliari’s goal. They always thought they could score without blowing off dust.
Now they find that the situation is not what they imagined.
Cagliari is very, very tenacious … every player is just like a fearless hero. Everyone can give his life to catch the eye in the face of Juventus. Every Cagliari player is desperate in the 50-50 chance fight.
Juventus seem to have been dragged into the quagmire by Cagliari, who struggled desperately but achieved little, while Cagliari players were like a duck to water.
In this process, Juventus players are getting more and more restless.
They carefully organize the attack, and when the football reaches the range of about 30 meters, they will choose a rough way to end the attack, either long-range shooting or directly grabbing points in front of the door on the side.
It’s a pity that Cagliari obviously made a detailed study on them, and the tactical arrangement of the game was very targeted
From Cagliari, this game is based on the idea of defensive counterattack, in which defense is the most important.
It is precisely because of this that Cagliari has never conceded a goal in the past. Although Juventus has shown a little carelessness, it cannot be denied that Cagliari players have worked hard.
Cagliari coach Zola looked at the stadium with a serious face on the sidelines.
When Juventus kept attacking Cagliari, he always looked very nervous.
Can Cagliari avoid relegation in this game?
Before the game, everyone was not optimistic. They thought Cagliari would never beat Juventus in the away game.
But Zola doesn’t believe in evil. He made very careful and careful arrangements before the game, and his training was also very targeted.
To his satisfaction, Cagliari players also had excellent tactical execution ability in this game.
This is the result of all people working together and finally getting together.
Cagliari scored a goal and now leads the powerful Juventus by 1.
Zola doesn’t care about the feud between Juventus and Lazio. He knows that his team needs a victory and a three-point score to keep his team from relegation to Serie A. Only in this way can this small club have a chance.
"The score was still 1 Cagliari in the tenth minute." Rudy Gonzalez tried to make his voice sound less excited.
He has been a winning assistant coach for 23 years, and the two of them have experienced various seasons together, but no season has been so difficult to win the league title as this one.
Before, whether in Hertha or Valencia or Lazio, their team always used to take the initiative in their own hands, and they celebrated the league championship before the final round of the league.
As it is now, in the final round of the league, we are still fighting for the league title and it depends on other people’s faces. Rudy Gonzalez has never experienced it …
Does this mean that Lazio is reaching its limit in the regular hand, and it will go all the way to the bottom?
Changsheng nodded when he heard Rudy Gonzalez’s words.
He didn’t comment.
He can’t express his opinion either.
This is no longer a Lazio fight.

As soon as Ink Dye Chen entered the school, his stunning elegance immediately attracted everyone’s eyes. He looked at those women and looked at themselves with amazing anthomaniac eyes. His heart was full of pride. There were quite a few beautiful women in this school, and he didn’t waste his visit.

Saint-yi has never seen such an outstanding stunner, and I’m afraid the school grass Lingmo is not in front of this young man …
When I longed for sugar, I felt a bad feeling. I had a premonition of school, and she really understood what this feeling was.
Looking at the stunning man surrounded by a group of girls in front of her, she was really amazing. Everyone loves beauty, but when she saw him throwing himself at all the women, she couldn’t help but despise him.
What’s wrong with being good-looking? She’s just a scum of the golden jade, a beast with a perfect face. She hates this kind of playboy! I have a bad cold in my heart, and I am longing for sugar chun to keep going. It’s all about her. She’d better go to the classroom quickly!
But if she knew that the man in front of her was her fiance, she would probably vomit blood with anger.
Saint-Louis Noble College, as the name suggests, is the largest and most luxurious high school in the city, with a large area and beautiful scenery. Almost everyone has a secret base of their own, and Mu Tangchun is no exception …
I like this little gazebo next to a small lake full of lotus flowers. When she talks, she likes to sit in the gazebo and watch the fish swimming around the lake. She will feel very comfortable, and the trees around her are very secluded. Almost no one will come here. This is also her exclusive site.
More importantly, it’s very close to the teaching building, because there’s a path that leads to her alone …
Mu Tangchun is going to play in the pavilion as usual, but today things seem to be abnormal!
Looking at this slender figure lying on the stone bench in the gazebo, a small flame in her heart rubbed up, and there was a message in her head that her territory had been occupied!
Meow, do you want to go so far? At home, she was occupied by a black and stingy snake. Now that I’m at school, an outsider has taken over her secret base and slept here so soundly!
I couldn’t help it any longer. The desire for sugar is pure new anger and old fire. She walked past with her hands around her waist and aggressive …
"Hey …" She just said a word, and the harsh words didn’t come out yet, but she swallowed all her words back because she saw the young face.
So … so beautiful! What a stunning face this is!
Although the teenager didn’t open his eyes in his sleep, the delicate face like jade, the beautiful outline like a knife, and the sexy thin lips made him curse the whole face even more confusing … The micro-long silver hair gently covered his face, making it look hazy and charming, which was simply the most shocking thing for the emperor.
If it is amazing to see that playboy just now, what is the feeling that her heart is suffocating with excitement?
Cough, cough, evil smile one summer. Guess who this person is? There’s nothing wrong with that. That’s what you want …
[15] Stupid woman
If it is amazing to see that playboy just now, what is the feeling that her heart is suffocating with excitement?
Mu Tangchun just stared at him, forgetting his words and what he wanted to do. The whole soul seemed to be sucked in by this peerless shock. She felt that her heart could no longer be calm, and her heart was so fast that it seemed that it would burst out in a second …
Fortunately, he should sleep in such a deep and quiet place. If he were outside, he would definitely be besieged by the group of anthomaniac girls. It would be terrible to think of that scene. I was so jealous at the thought of that scene.
Well, let him sleep here and don’t wake him up! After he wakes up for a while, he will definitely leave. She has finished thinking like this without paying attention to a pair of beautiful ice blue eyes.
Mu Tangchun is so hopeless that she makes a decision. She has to go back and look at the evil face carefully and carefully, deeply remembering that she has to look at it once in case she doesn’t see it, then it will not be worth the candle! I made up my mind to go back immediately, but for a second, she screamed directly and then quickly stepped back several steps.
He ….. When will he wake up?
The teenager looked nervous as if he had done something wrong. The young woman’s handsome eyebrows wrinkled deeply. This woman can’t change her rash character anywhere.
Just now, although he was asleep, he still sensed that someone was approaching him with keen senses, pretending that he didn’t know anything, continuing to pretend to sleep and seeing what the visitor really wanted to do, only to find that it was actually her!
Last night, my father entered his dream and told him the way to restore his mana. Before sunrise, he had already left the pure room of Mu Tang. When the first ray of morning light shone on the earth, he had recovered his human body and hidden his long hair, which became more normal in modern society. When he entered this school, he was looking for someone who was destined to restore his mana early …
I wanted to say goodbye to her when I left in the morning, but I couldn’t bear to wake her up because she slept so soundly, so he left directly. I don’t know how this woman reacted when she found out that he was gone.
Mu Tangchun looked at his ice-blue beautiful eyes, which were almost straight. It was so beautiful, but Mao found that these eyes were so similar to her stingy snake.
Hallucinations must be hallucinations!
It’s just a snake, but in front of you is a real person. The roots are not of the same race. How can the two be compared?
"Idiot!" Looking at her face of shame, anthomaniac, Fei Yue rewelding was more than I could bear. My thin lips were tight and precious spit out two words coldly.
God, how familiar the sound is, even the way of swearing feels exactly like a stingy snake. Mu Tangchun leaned forward with wide eyes in amazement. "Have we met?"
Ahem, she really didn’t mean to strike up a conversation. She just felt that he had given her a familiar feeling, but how could she forget such a stunning creature if she had really met her before?
[16] narcissism
Ahem, she really didn’t mean to strike up a conversation. She just felt that he had given her a familiar feeling, but how could she forget such a stunning creature if she had really met her before?
Fei Yue rewelding stared at her for a long time with a slightly complicated look. The handsome face just raised a disdainful look and said coldly, "Seen it? How is it possible that this way of talking is out of date! "
He is not going to tell this woman that he is the snake. On the other hand, he can’t trust her completely. He comes here but he wants to find the imperial concubine as soon as possible and restore her mana, but he doesn’t want to have anything to do with a humble human being.
"I … I didn’t mean that!" It’s too much for someone to say that the other person is still a handsome and terrible handsome guy, who craves sugar, is ashamed and looks good, and can’t be so harmful. She can’t look away from that Uber delicate face and secretly meditate on the narcissistic villain.
"Aren’t all women the same? I don’t know what’s the difference between you and them." Is it just a face that she looked at her spoony heart just now?
"Hey, don’t go too far, okay?" Mu Tangchun finally couldn’t help but get angry. "You are the one who inexplicably appeared in my private base and now you are still yelling at me. Your good-looking personality is so bad that Miss hates it!"